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Heptite Guild

Home of the Heptite Crystals; helping innovation throughout the galaxies.

The Heptite Guild is a Company, that is under the umbrella of the ExoSinian Eldyr Corporation that operates in the Epsus Galaxy. Despite having a parent corporation, the Mining Guild is quite independant and runs things how they like. They mine special crystals that are used in various pieces of technology. Due to the rarity of the crystals, they are usually quite expensive to purchase. The Guild itself does not sell the crystals. Instead, they are delivered to the Trading Station in the Vestibule of Enlightenment system where they can then he purchased by anyone who has the credits to do so.

The system itself is guarded by ExoSinian Corporate Security, with at least six ships at a time on patrol. They do not take kindly to pirates, or those who make any kind of hostile moves towards any of the facilities or workers on the planet or moon base. Thus the main Guild is not easy to attack and pirate. The Heptite Guild is open for individuals to come and apply for membership. They can be quite welcoming, and their hospitality is well known to be good.

Now for information regarding the actual planet where the Heptite Guild is location, which will give more information regarding the actual Guild, its History and facilities. 

Planet Name: Ballybran.

Native species: Humans were the first to colonise this planet, however there are many species living there.

Solar System: Ballybran is the Fifth planet of the star, Scoria [G type star] which is located in the Regulus II sector, Andromeda Galaxy. Scoria is a star with a high amount of sun-spot activity which contributes to the weather on Ballybran.

Planet Statistics: Ballybran has Gravity slightly lower than the galactic norm for human adaptability, a breathable atmosphere, more oceans than land mass, tidal complications caused by three moons, as well as an exotic meteorology stimulated by sunspot activity of the star, Scoria. 

Atmosphere Makeup: 76% nitrogen, 22% oxygen, a variable amount (average around 1.247%, National Centre for Atmospheric Research) water vapour, 0.93% argon, 0.038% carbon dioxide, and traces of hydrogen, helium, and other "noble" gases.

Natural satellites: Ballybran has three natural satellites, Shankill, Shillmore and Shanganaugh. Shankill is the largest of the three moons and is home of the Shankill Moon base. Shanganaugh is the smallest of the three and has an unmanned meteorology station. Shillmore also has a meteorology station, but it is manned by technicians who observe the weather on the planet every hour of everyday. Due to the orbits of these three moons, it causes tidal complications that make navigating the water extremely dangerous. It also contributes to the violent weather seen on Ballybran. When in a particular position around Ballybran, it causes the storms to become extremely violent, even to Ballybran’s standards, a period called “Passover.”

Unnatural Satellites: There are 16 satellites orbiting the planet scanning the atmosphere for changes in the systems that influence the weather on Ballybran.

Natural and Species History
- Natural history: Little is known about the natural history of Ballybran and how the Crystal Ranges were formed, but it is theorised that the extreme heat and the stress of the three moon’s gravitational pull on the planet forced the crystal to the surface.
- Colonisation history: In a routine explore and evaluate search for habitable planets for colonisation, the planets around the sun, Scoria, were scanned. Only one of the planets had a suitable atmosphere and suitable gravity for human habitation. It also gave evidence of crystal and quartz in its inverted ranges. A team was dispatched with a man called Barry Milekey as its leader. The initial findings of the geologists indicated that Ballybran was a planet of immense potential, and samples were rushed back to Sector Research. The first crystal sample to be analysed was a blue porphyry type, proved that, due to peculiarities of its composition, a marvellous optical storage device. It allows computers to have instantaneous access to improbably large volumes of data stored in matrixes of exceptionally small dimensions. For example, the crystals fine grain synapse structure enabled even a 1cm3 piece to store up to 10 Zettabytes of data which is equivalent of 10,737,418,240 Terabytes. It was Milekey's discovery, however, of the so called black quarts, which, under normal circumstances is neither black nor quartz, which led to the complete revolution of interstellar communications. Owing to its thermal characteristics, black crystal is a pigmented rock crystal, is translucent in natural light. Under certain types of magnetic stress, black crystal, for lack of better description, absorbs all light and seems to become matte black in colour, which attributes to its name. Milekey had observed this phenomenon when he chipped the first lump from the black crystal face.
Again by accident, while being examined by the crystallographers, the substance's true properties were discovered.  If two identical segments of black quartz were subjected to synchronized magnetic induction, a two-way communication link was established between the crystal segments.  When investigators increased the distance between the samples, it was discovered that, unlike other electromagnetic phenomena, black quartz eliminated the time lag and allowed for instantaneous communication between the two points in space.
Concurrent with the laboratory discoveries and proposed applications of the new crystals, there came the first of several problems to be solved in the mining of this rich source. The first investigation team had only gathered up loose chips of the various types of crystal, or such larger chunks as had already been fractured from the crystal faces.

In attempts to cut with ordinary carbon-10 blades, the crystal had shattered.  Laser cutters were tried, but they shattered, melted, or damaged the crystal. The habit of one of the crystallographers of singing as he worked led to an unexpected solution.  The man noticed that some crystal faces would resonate to his voice, and he suggested the use of a subsonic cutter.  Though not completely successful at first, experiments along this line finally produced the sophisticated audio pickup that resonated, amplified, and reduced the required note to set the sub-sonic diamond blade.
Once the problem of wrestling unblemished crystals from the face was solved, Ballybran was opened to private miners so that they could make a small fortune selling the crystals to the open market.

During the next spate of storms, those miners who heeded the warnings for oncoming storms, promptly retreated from the crystal ranges and reached the sheltered valley sustained no injury.  The ones who ignored the warnings were discovered in the storm's wake, either dead or completely mad.  Storm winds blowing across the resonant crystal range coaxed enough sonics from the sensitive rock to shatter unprotected minds.
Keenly aware of the unexplained deaths of the nine miners, everyone became conscious of previously ignored physical discomforts. The meditechs began filing reports of disorientation, hypo- and hyperthermic spells, erratic sense perceptions, muscular spasm and weakness among the minors and anyone living on the planet.  

No one in the several base camps escaped the minor ailments.  Most of the symptoms passed within a week, but some victims found one sense or another, in most cases hearing, to be affected.  The medical team was hastily increased in size to deal with the situation, and everyone was put through exhaustive tests.  At first, crystal was suspected of inducing the symptoms. However, those handling the crystal off-planet appeared unharmed by contact, while meteorologists and support technicians who never touched the crystals on Ballybran, were also affected.  Crystal was determined not to be the source of the strange ailments affecting the planet inhabitants.  The planet's ecology then became the prime target for intensive examination, and this area of investigation proved positive.  The spore producing the symptoms was soon isolated, and the planet Ballybran was placed on Code 4 as a preventive measure to prevent anyone from landing on the planet and never being able to leave.

The Heptite Guild was established on the planet surface, with a Moon Base being built on Shankill to act as the planet’s landing point. The Heptite Guild was established to help people adapt to the planet and the spore while supporting the Crystal Singers who mined the crystal. Due to the dangers and the fact that many people going down to the planet surface will never leave again, the Heptite Guild is banned from active recruiting. Currently, only Singers are allowed to leave the planet (Providing they mine enough to afford to go off-world). Support staff cannot leave the planet surface as they do not have enough credits to do so. They are also not subject to the same stresses that Crystal Singers go through.

The Guild in recent years, was purchased by the ExoSinian Eldyr Corporation who immediately got to work improving the facilities of the Guild to make the mining safer for the miners as well as to make life more comfortable for those that live their life on the planet. They now also provide the system protection, as the Guild was subject to frequent raids by the NRSA.

Planet Surface: Ballybran has a lot more ocean to land mass, with a vast majority of the landmass being made up of the crystal ranges over twelve continents. There are some sections of the landmass which is dedicated to research, facility buildings and farming.

Ecology: The ecology of Ballybran is Silicon based, and not Carbon based like many planets and species.

  • Plant Life: The local plant life is inedible due to its silicon based ecology. However Carbon based plant life can be grown on the planet.
  • Animal Life: There is little to no animal life on Ballybran.
  • Insect Life: There is little to no insect life on Ballybran.
  • Sea Life: There is little to no Sea life on Ballybran.
  • Microbiological Life: The most known about microbe on Ballybran is the spore, which is a microbial symbiont. This Spore can form a symbiotic "bridge" between carbon based lifeforms and the silicon based life forms of Ballybran as it is a carbon silicate, able to work with both carbon and silicon based life forms. The formation of the bridge is usually metabolically traumatic: a "Transition Sickness," as it is called, however some recruits have a Milekey Transition which shows no symptoms and allows for maximum adaptation. They are also sensitive to black crystal, but such adaptations are extremely rare (Do NOT have your character have a Milekey adaptation unless it is approved by me). The transition sickness can affect the recruits between ten to twenty days since first day on the planet. When they fall ill, they are immediately taken the medical facility to make them as comfortable as possible as their body adapts to the spore. Anyone going through the adaptation will experience a high fever, flashes of hot and cold, severe convulsions, blinding headaches and coughing fits that will leave you exhausted. Many do not remember much while going through the adaptation illness due to their fevered state. Someone who refuses to allow the spore to establish itself risks death, however deaths are rare in the Heptite Guild as their medical staff are fully trained on how to lesson the risk of death. 

    After adaptation, it can take up to twenty weeks for the spore to establish itself properly within the host’s body. Occasionally after passing through the adaptation, one or more senses may be weakened and reduced, but others may be greatly amplified such as a significant improvement in visual acuity, tactile perceptions, nerve conduction and cellular adaptation. Depending on how the spore affects the senses will determine what position the recruit is placed in. The symbiont affects the DNA/RNA pattern of the body; extending the life span considerably (Some can live more than 200 years. In fact some crabs and worms in the research labs are 400 years old) as well as giving the host regeneration abilities and heal much quicker than other humans/species. It also increases tolerance to extreme heat, cold and pain. Some of the side effects that the symbiont has are that the eyes can see into the UV or IR spectrums, with an ability in some to sense magnetic fields. Increased tactile sensitivity (Which has allowed some artistically inclined Singers to produce some of the most treasured art of modern times) is also another effect of the spore adaptation. There is no way to predict what effect the spore will have on any individual. The Symbiont is also an inbuilt warning for whenever there is going to be a mach storm, alerting the host so that it can get out of the ranges and into the safety of the guild. The disadvantage to this is that the older the host, the less likely the symbiont is of warning the Singer as it becomes less effective through age.

    If the spore does not adapt properly to the carbon based biological system of humans and other species, then death of the host occurs and the body crystallises. Also, when adapted to the spore, it makes the host irreversibly sterile as the genetic code of the host [the parts of the DNA that deal with heredity and propagation] are chemically altered, increasing personal survival traits as opposed to racial survival. If the Singer were to leave the planet, they must return within 400 days [The very maximum they can stay away. It is always recommended to have 250 days away] to allow the spore to recharge otherwise the host will die an unpleasant death as the death occurs from the host aging within a period inversely related to the host’s elapsed life span )As in they age in a very short amount of time. They suffer fever and convulsions before they die). Not long after adapting to the spore, and first cutting crystal, the spore affects the memory of the Singer. It is not long before Singers forget where they come from, who are their friends and family. This can take up to a few decades to affect them. Singers usually keep a log, which is voice restricted so only they can access it. The memory loss occurs more when the Singer is mining crystal. When a Singer has been mining crystal for too long, they get what is called a “Crystal Resonance.” This makes any non-singers (Even support staff on Ballybran) very uncomfortable around the Singer. It can make the body hair for non-singers to stand up on end. This can cause the Singer to become even more irritable and tense. Only going away from Ballybran for an extended period of time can cure this. As well as lots of Radiant Baths.

Planet Access: Warning: Unauthorized landing on Ballybran interdicted by Heptite Guild, section 907, code 4, paragraphs 78-90. No ship can land on the planet directly, and will be required to land on the Shankill Moon Base. 

Applications for consideration of membership to the Heptite Guild requires physical fitness test SG-1, Psychological Profile SG-1, Education level 3 preferred but not required. Perfect and absolute pitch both in perception and reproduction of the tonal quality. Application made only through Heptite Guild office(s): Shankill Moon Base in the Main Reception Facility and the Andromeda One Space Station in the Main Reception Facility. While no longer under the rules of the Earth Alliance, the Heptite Guild require full disclosure of all dangers inherent in profession to prospective candidates once physical, psychological and aptitude tests have been passed to the satisfaction of the Guild Examining Board.. 

If, after all the dangers of Ballybran have been disclosed, the recruit decides not to go through with the recruitment process, then their memory of what they have been told is wiped and the memory is replaced with one of oversleeping and having a leisurely breakfast.

Meteorology: The weather on Ballybran can have the same patterns as planets such as Earth; however there are a couple of exceptions.

Mach Storms: Extremely violent storms that have powerful winds that resonate across the crystal in the ranges, causing strong sonics that shatter any unprotected minds and leaves anyone caught in it mad or dead. As the ranges of Ballybran extend downwards, some would think that going down would protect against the storms wrath, however that assumption is incorrect as it traps the person and it will not protect anyone from the sonics created by the wind.

Passover: When all three of the moons orbits are briefly synchronised. Along with the stars sunspot activity, this causes extremely violent mach storms where the sonics can penetrate deep underground where all the singers and the support staff live. Any singers that can get off the planet are encouraged to do so; however most do not mine enough crystal to get the required amount of credits to get off world at Passover. Before Passover, the symbiont becomes very demanding, causing the host to become extremely hungry every couple of hours and able to consume huge amounts of food during one eating session. Once Passover begins, the hosts appetite dies down and they ‘hibernate’ throughout the whole Passover, although that alone does not protect the host entirely from the Passover sonics.

Political stance: Ballybran is run by the Guild Master who is in charge of the Heptite Guild and deal with all decisions. It is a mining Guild so does not have any political government and deals in the mining and selling of its unique crystal. 

Urbanisation spread: There is not much urbanisation on Ballybran as the planet’s landmass is mainly crystal ranges. There are, however, farms dedicated to growing Carbon based crops. There are not many buildings on the surface of Ballybran, only going up a few stories, as most of the buildings are dedicated to sled hangers and sorting areas for the crystal. Most of the structures are underground where the singers and support staff live. The higher the rank, the lower down their quarters are. This is because the sonics from Passover mach storms can reach deep under the surface. Protective measures are put in place such as sound mufflers worn over the ears. And for some being placed in radiant baths in the medical facility with hearing cut off just to make them comfortable, however they do not cut out everything. The last measure is usually for new Singers who have done their first cut near Passover.

Biomes: Seas and rugged crystal ranges as well as farm lands are the kinds of biomes encountered on the planet.
Inhabitants: The Heptite Guild is led by the Guild Master, with Chiefs of all sections coming underneath him. Then the Crystal Singers rank underneath them. There are currently 4,352 Crystal Singers living and mining on Ballybran. There is 20,632 support staff that keep the Singers in the ranges. 

Recruits: The moment they decide to go through with joining the Guild, they are subject to being charged for any training that they receive. They are charged for the flight down to the planet, the instruction that they receive from their instructor, flight training, accommodation, their first sled and their cutter.  They do not have to pay up front, and can work their debt off. It is usually paid off during the first two years of their employment, which, considering how long they will live is not long at all. If there is an incoming storm, recruits will be rallied to help unload the ships and then to help sort the crystal. And then afterwards cleaning the sleds for the Singers to go back out to the ranges. They get paid for the unloading of the crystal, and even danger pay for it due to the dangers involved. They get paid for sorting the crystal and cleaning out the sleds, both subject to a bonus if done quickly. These can help eat away at the debt of their recruitment. The smallest class the Guild will teach is 30 students, so any applicants will have to wait until there are 30 in the class before they will be moved on. When taken down to the planet surface, they are giving a class designation. The designation is the number of which class they are now (For example Class 425 is the 425th class to be taught on the planet). They are shown to a recruits lounge which has enough seating for the class, a catering unit and private sleeping quarters down a corridor, complete with en-suite bathroom. 

Technology: They have the standard Galactic technology with space ships, Moon base, shuttles, catering units, etc. The Singers each have their own personal flying vehicles, called Sleds. It’s like a shuttle. It contains the pilot’s cockpit, sleeping area, catering area as well as the reinforced storage area that contains the cartons that the crystals are placed. One of the Singers favourite pieces of technology is the baths, which can be found in both recruit and singer quarters, with the Singers baths having more options. The baths can be set for various bath types, including a type called a ‘Radiant’ bath. It is a yellow goo like substance that cleans deeply as well as ease the ache out of very tired muscles. 

Crystals and Crystal Singing: The crystals are mined from the ranges, from large crystal deposits on the surface. To be mined, a special sonic cutter is required. Each Singer has their own cutter that is made personally for them and cannot be used by anyone else. The cutter works by the Singer singing and tuning the cutter to the tone and pitch that they have set (Like A minor). They then cut the crystal in the desired shape. The crystal is tuned to the note that the Miner Sung (So if they sung an A minor note, then the crystal will become A minor). Crystals that come in sets that fit together are more valuable and bring in more credits, especially if they vary in notes (Like A minor, A Major etcetc). Each Singer ‘Claims’ a place where they mine their crystal, through use of using a special paint painted on the rocks that indicates that there is an active Singer there. Singers are not allowed to jump claims and mine crystal in another’s claim. Doing such a thing is subject to being punished severely. Singers can mark where their claim on the computer of their sled (Providing it is not damaged beyond repair), although the mach storms and Passover can change what the ranges appear so it is not 100% reliable. Although after Singers have cut a claim, they can sense when they are nearby as they are attuned to the crystal. To find a crystal face in the first place, the Singer will need to search in the sunlight since sun warmed crystal create sounds and sing which a Crystal Singer can hear. Crystal can react to the singer if they talk, sing, hum or laugh. It is also easier to cut the crystal in the sunlight as it is easier to see the crystal as well as setting the tune.

As soon as they have cut, they must wrap the crystal and place it in the carton. Otherwise the Singer will end up communicating with the crystal for hours on end. When communicating with the crystal, the Singer is unaware of the passage of time. This link can be broken by a cloud passing over the sun or by the sun setting. The sled that they own have many warnings that are both loud and annoying whenever a mach storm is incoming. The best warning that a Singer has is their symbiont as it warns the Singer of a storm hours before the warnings in the sled go off. When they come back to the Guild, their precious load is immediately unloaded by any staff available (Which is a dangerous task if the storm is above them as it makes it dangerous to fly so sleds can crash and the ferocious wind can knock people over). Over the next few days the crystal is sorted and the credits counted for each crystal. What is wanted/needed by the market will determine how much each crystal is worth and therefore what each Singer gets. After the total amount of their crystals is calculated, a 6% tithe is given to the Guild. This is required to keep the support staff paid and also to keep their medical treatment free. When they are fresh from the ranges, Crystal Singers have an extremely short temper and are prone to snapping and irritability. They tend to look gaunt and haggard as they are so involved with mining crystal that they forget to eat. Most also forget to bath.

Code 4: Ballybran has several dangers which must be revealed to all hopeful applicants. There are three main dangers to Ballybran. The Mach storms (Passover is included in this), crystallisation through death after a failed adaptation, and death through fireballs: The crystal ranges can build up localized high-voltage and sonic charges near which ordinary comm units do not operate properly, nor do other types of electrical equipment, some of which are necessary to the operation of sleds and conveniences.  Fireballs can occur.  And, despite all the precautions, a Singer can be volatilized into vapour.

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NPC Characters.

This post highlights some important NPCs that any character visiting or working at the Heptite Guild may encounter during their time there.

Guild Master



Name: Aedan Longton
Age: 57
Rank: Guild Master
Race: Taru’zenari
Will have sex with Singers: Not at this time.
Sexuality: Hetero-sexual.
Description: Aedan is a quiet, strong man. He's very calm in stressful situations but he is always friendly to all staff on Ballybran. However he can be stern if a Singer has errored and will not let anyone get away with causing trouble. But he makes himself available to anyone that has any problems. He's quite open-minded and is always aiming to improve the Heptite Guild. Kira Longton is his sister.

Chief Doctor



Name: Kira Longton
Age: 51
Rank: Chief Medical Officer/ Chief Doctor
Race: Taru’zenari
Will have sex with Singers: Not at this time.
Sexuality: Hetero-sexual.
Description: Kira is a kind, compassionate woman. She treats all medical situations seriously. Even when a patient is having severe convulsions, she will remain calm and clear headed. She works in a very efficient manner, and doesn't like people getting in the way when she's trying to work. She's very friendly, making friends easily and her calm and compassionate nature makes her someone easy to talk to. She's not judgemental and accepts everyone for who they are. She is Aedan's younger sister.

Sorting Officer


Name: Amy-Leigh Jefferson
Age: 62
Rank: Chief of Sorting.
Race: Kitsune
Will have sex with Singers: Definitely.
Sexuality: Bi-sexual, but much prefers men.
Description: She's a fun, bubbly person who loves a good chat and having many friends. She will happily sit with people, chat and have a good time with them. She is also quite promiscuous. When it comes to her job, she is completely serious and does not tolerate foolishness or incompetency and will quickly tell someone when they're doing something wrong.

Student Tutor


Name: Dale Trueman
Age: 110
Rank: Tutor.
Race: Human.
Will have sex with Singers: Yes.
Sexuality: Homo-sexual.
Description: Dale is a very serious man, and doesn't appear to have any kind of fun. When dealing with students, he is very calm and does not react to hostile questions or joking. He is like a walking encyclopaedia and can recite almost everything that is on their computers. He will do so in a manner that is almost robotic, as he had an eidetic memory and simply recites things from memory.

Crystal Singer on the Shankill Moon base


Name: Ebony Keywood
Age: 52
Rank: Crystal Singer.
Race: Neko.
Will have sex with Singers: Yes.
Sexuality: Bi-sexual.
Description: Ebony is a quiet, sultry woman. She likes to flirt, but not the giggly girl kind. She gives off an air of confidence, and is not afraid to say what is on her mind. She has a dark sense of humour, but doesn't laugh that often. She is not a submissive woman, but is willing to have sex with students. She is usually found on the Moon base, Shankill, introducing new applicants to the career of Crystal Singing.

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      Occupation: Bar staff at The Wet Hole. He is not only the bartender, but he also deals with bar security. He is also the hidden attaché of the EPSI Pirates Omega Runes Branch
      Faction: Omega Runes (EPSI Pirate Clan)
      Rank: Officially, he’s a civilian. 
      Physical Appearance
      Height: 2.69 metres (8’10”)
      Weight: 523kg (1153.018lbs)
      Eye Colour: Dark blue
      Hair Colour: He has no hair.
      Physical Description: Unlike his father, grandfather and great-grandfather, Kalnarr is not a Grand Zeta as he falls just short of the nine feet required for the classification of Grand Zeta. From his father’s side, he is a descendant of the great Drake’taour, the Zeta most famous for finishing his father’s work in eliminating their corrupt Kings and leading the Taour Clan through many great victories in many different battles and wars. On his mother’s side, he is the descendant of Temael’ontarr and Drake’taours mother, Jan’taour. Thus, for a Zeta, he has exceptional genes. He is very tall, almost standing at nine feet which does make it difficult at times to move around a station that is more designed to human dimensions, although dragon anthros are common in the Earth Alliance and Ashaea, so often the Andromeda Station has areas that he can easily move around in. His skin is made from scales however he has the ability to switch to that of hide skin due to one of his abilities inherited from Temael’ontarr. Hide is not as strong as scales, but it is lighter and allows him to be more flexible. His scales are primarily black in colour, however he does have more plate-like scales on the front of his torso, the front of his neck and running along the bottom of his muzzle that is red in colour. This also goes down to the base of his cock as well as covering his balls, offering them more protection. 
      He has two large bat-like wings that emerge from his back that allow him to fly however he is able to retract them so that they do not get in the way. His wings are red on the insides, but black on the outer layer, covered in a more scaled hide than either of the two, almost like a blend of the two. His face structure is slightly triangular, but his muzzle is quite rectangle in shape. He has two nostrils at the end of his muzzle, and his mouth extends back towards the main part of the skull, which is lined with a lot of sharp teeth that can easily tear into flesh. His piercing blue eyes are slightly angled, and have a slightly scaled ridge above them. Like all Zeta’s, he has two sets of eyelids. The first is the top later, which is opaque and he cannot see through. It is protected by scaled hide. The second is the inner eyelid, which is transparent and allows him to continue seeing through them while protecting the eye. Underneath the eyes, he has two golden markings that are triangular in shape, but curve upwards slightly. In the very centre of his forehead, is a golden Omega symbol, a symbol of the pirate clan that he has allied himself with. Emerging from the top of his head, sweeping backwards are two thick horns that are black in colour. Unlike most Zeta’s though, he has two ears beneath his horns. This is a feature he received from his great-great-great maternal grandfather, Tal’ontarr who is the father of Temael’ontarr. He has digigrade legs that end in clawed toes, with the claws being black in colour and extremely sharp. His hands are similar to that of most tarunoid (humanoid) species with five fingers and an opposable thumb. He has a long Zeta tail, with the top and sides on the black scales, while the underside is of the same red plating that is present on his chest. From the back of his head, and down his back and along the top of the tail are ivory white spikes that help to protect his spine from attack. 
      Personality, Traits and Abilities
      General Overview: Kalnarr is like most Zeta’s in that he is very honest. He will say what is on his mind without apology, not for considering the feelings of others. If someone becomes offended by what he said, he will laugh at them for not being strong enough to handle a few harsh words. If someone asks for his opinion, he will not sugarcoat it and will simply state it for how he sees it. If one does not want an honest answer, Kalnarr is not the one to ask. Another quality he carries in tandem with most Zeta’s, is the fact that he has a very strong sense of honour. There will be certain things he will not yield on, such as killing innocent people, killing and eating of children among other things. He is also quite protective of his honour, and will become insulted if someone questions it. If they persist in calling him honourless (newt being the worst title for Zeta’s), then he will become enraged and seek your head, or even horns, to satisfy his honour. For Zeta’s, the deliberate removal of one's horns is a sign of stripping someone of their honour. Kalnarr is quite adventurous, and loves going to new places and getting involved in all kinds of trouble. It is why he is on the Andromeda One station, with the pirates instead of with his own people. Like his father, he is quite intelligent although he tends to hide this trait. He is good with technology, computers especially. He is also a good tactician, and is a specialist in combat whether it is hand to hand, ranged, or in a ship. He is quite logical, and tends to look at the facts of a matter rather than relying on faith or heresay. 
      Kalnarr is quite bold, which ties in well with his honesty. He is not afraid to say what is on his mind and will often give his opinion whether it is asked for or not. This trait also ties in well with his adventurous side, as he is not afraid to step into unknown locations with little knowledge of what lies ahead. He is willing to take risks, and expose himself to possible danger. He is also quite confident, and will take criticism from others to heart. He will take responsibility for his actions, even if they have been bad actions. He will hold his hands up and own up to his mistakes. He doesn’t let people’s words and insults get him down, but that is part of Zeta humour, where they often mock and seem to deride each other in good humour. He will respect those that stand up for themselves, and will give as good as they get. He is also one of the Zeta’s that prefers the old, traditional ways of the Zeta’s, such as settling disputes in a Zeta’s arena where he could potentially defeat an opponent and take all their belongings, property and even family as per Zeta law. If he has stripped someone of honour, or defeated someone in combat and he has torn off their horns, he will fashion them into drinking horns. If there was someone else involved in setting up the fight, such as Jen’starr coaching him on how to fight a particular alien species, then he will gift her a drinking horn. As like many Zeta’s, Kalnarr is quite cocky and rowdy. He often makes loud, obnoxious jokes and when drunk or drugged, he can be very loud. But then Zeta’s, as a species, can be very loud and rambunctious however they often mean well and have good hearts. Kalnarr is no exception to this, although he doesn’t take shit. 
      Strengths, Skills and Abilities:
      Zeta physiology: Kalnarr’s biggest strengths lies in his natural physiology as a Zeta. His bones are naturally quite thick and are made from a silicon base, rather than a carbon base like humans which makes the overall structure extremely strong and resistant against damage. They have a honeycomb structure that not only makes them lighter, but also stronger and able to resist more force. He is extremely strong, physically speaking. He is able to easily lift the weight of about one tonne and move it around. Like most Zeta’s, he has incredible eyesight which allows him to be able to see for miles with absolute clarity as his eyes are designed to allow him to fly around in the air and see the ground below. His sense of smell is also incredible sensitive although it is more accurate to say that it is his sense of taste. He has a snake like tongue, which can dart out and pick up scents from the air. The tongue will then draw itself back into his mouth and press up against the vomeronasal organ on the roof of his mouth which can process a wide range of scent molecules. His teeth and claws can be devastating as well, able to penetrate light armour and cause fatal damage to a target. It is for these reasons alone that one should not engage in close quarter combat with Kalnarr. Scales and hide: Naturally, he has both scales and hide. The scales are stronger than the hide and allow him to resist projectile and energy weapons such as bullet guns and other concussive forces. However he is able to willingly change his scales into hide which is lighter and allows him to move faster but not as damage resistant. Retract wings and horns: Kalnarr is able to retract his wings and horns into his body. This can protect them from damage, as well as allow him to move in ways he cannot with them both extended. He can also retract his horns to protect others from being damaged by them, as that chance can be quite high if all parties are not careful.  Combat: Kalnarr is extremely skilled when it comes to combat. Due to his natural strength, he can be devastating in close quarter combat. He can deal a lot of damage through just a punch alone, often fatal damage to species that are susceptible to concussive force such as humans. He also has training in a wide range of weapons, although his favourite to use tend to be assault rifles and gatling guns. Heavy weapons that deal a lot of damage. He is able to use smaller weapons such as phasers and pistols, but he just prefers larger weapons as they feel more comfortable in his hands.  Computer skills: He has quite reasonable hacking skills. Enough to be able to hack into most computer systems with ease. He does not have the skill Jen’starr has, but he is fairly competent.  Intelligence: He has inherited his father’s intelligence. He is exceptionally smart, even for a Zeta to the point where he could qualify for a ‘Starr’ if he so wanted to, which is a set of extremely intelligent individuals in the EPSI Federation. He just chooses not to qualify for the title. He is a combat specialist, and has a keen analytical mind as well as the mind of a tactician. He can outsmart his opponents and will sometimes think several steps ahead of them. He doesn’t display this intelligence though, often leading people to think that he is quite dimwitted, much to their mistake. Ship Piloting skills: He is quite good at piloting a wide range of ships. Due to his quick reactions, he is able to respond quickly to a wide range of situations which makes him an exceptional pilot that can be hell to deal with in a space combat situation. Weaknesses:
      Zeta physiology: Due to the fact that he is so large and heavy, he can be quite slow to move. So someone might be able to outmaneuver him if they are quick and agile enough. His hide is weaker than his scales, but it does cause an increase in his movement speed. Due to how sensitive his sense of smell/taste is, it can be easy to overwhelm his senses with an intense enough smell. Zeta’s also have poor hearing, so it can be easy to sneak up behind him if one is stealthy enough however they would need to avoid his keen sense of smell and eyesight. However due to his ears, his directional hearing is slightly better than most Zeta’s. Lava baths: Zeta’s require special care when it comes to their scale and hide. Every now and again, they require to be submerged in lava. This allows for their scales and hide to absorb needed nutrients and minerals that they get from the lava. If a Zeta goes a long period without one, their scales can become weaker and even brittle. For those with hide, their skin can become dry and flakey, as well as cracking in places. It makes a Zeta overall weaker and more vulnerable to damage. Thus, in order to remain in peak physical condition, Kalnarr requires a lava bath every so often. Luckily, holodecks can provide this need. It is not as good as the real thing, but for a Zeta in his position, it will do. Zeta’s rage: When Kalnarr is stressed, or becomes angry, his body produces lactic acid. However Zeta’s do not have a means to break it down quickly naturally and thus it builds up within their system as it cannot be broken down fast enough. If enough builds up, it begins to flood the brain and send him into a state of rage where he will destroy the environment around him, and attack anyone near him whether they be friend or foe. The only way to deal with this, is to knock him unconscious (such as with a sedative) and administer medicine to break down the lactic acid. Combat: As mentioned in the physiology, he is quite slow as he is a tank that is strong, can take a lot of damage but is slow and doesn’t move as quick as those that are smaller and slimmer. Thus if a smaller and quicker opponent was clever enough, they might be able to defeat him. However despite being a tank, Kalnarr is not stupid and possesses his father’s intellect. Ambitions (Hopes/Dreams): He just wants to make a lot money, fuck a lot of sexy bitches and to honourably serve his Pirate Clan.
      Hobbies and Interests: His favourite hobby is sex, although with the fact that he does not live among Epsian’s, it is rare that he is able to indulge himself. But he likes to party, which often involve taking drugs and drinking enough alcohol to kill an entire room of humans. He likes training in his spare time, finding it not only relaxing but a good way to keep his combat skills in top condition. He has a similar hobby to that of his great-grandfather, Drake’taour who likes to build ship models within bottles. Kalnarr likes to build beautiful landscape scenes within bottles, using his keen Zeta sight to be able to create incredible detail. He creates these from hand, often using empty bottles from The Wet Hole bar and will sometimes sell them on. Each piece can take months to complete and he doesn’t do these on commission. 
      Personal Sexual Information
      Sexual Orientation: Alieapansexual.
      Turn ons:
      Dominating a partner in bed, pinning them down and fucking them hard. He likes very rough sex. Smoothskins, so species like humans, Taru’zenari, Elves, Eldyrannth, Keza’s, etc. Those that aren’t furry or scaly. Masochists. He likes being able to be as rough as he wants without fear of breaking them.  Smaller partners, as he likes having a significant height difference.  Having sex with someone who is cheating on their monogamous partner for him. Fucking someone deep and hard. Having sex with someone he doesn’t love, or even know. Sluts, whores and those with a free attitude towards sex. He loves having sex with a freshly filled pussy, and loves filling a pussy that is to be fucked by another cock. Virgins and those not experienced are certain not to be able to enjoy his large cock. If anything, the only species that are able to handle him are Epsian species. Making love to someone in front of their loved ones, either consensual or willing with the partner. Basically he likes to cuck someone. Having sex with multiple participants, whether it’s threesomes, gang bangs, orgies or swinger partners. Turn offs: 
      Being forced into monogamous relationship. Someone inflicting pain on him. Bitches who think that they’re doing him a favour by letting him fuck them. Having sex with those too young. Gore, Vore, Scat and Necrophilia.  Penis Length: 26” in length and is extremely thick.
      Breast Size: N/A
      Sensitivity: Average for a male Zeta.
      Additional Sexual Information: Kalnarr has an unusual cock for a Zeta. It is a cock that he inherited from his biological father. It is long, and extremely thick with protruding nubs that run along its length on all sides which heavily stimulate the receiving partner. The tip of it also appears to be pointed, almost like a Mako’s, however he is able to flare it out so that it becomes a blunted tip (almost like a horses). He tends to be a dominating partner in bed, and will only take it from those he deems worthy enough to. If he is mating with a desired mate, then he may enter a Zeta mating state where he will have sex with someone for days, possibly weeks on end without stopping to rest. Below is an image of his biological father which shows what Kalnarr’s cock appears like.
      STD History: He’s had one or two STDs in his life, but he has none currently. 
      Kularr: His biological father who he has inherited his cock from.

      Extra Information
      Father: Kularr’taour Zeta’muluri 
      Mother: Fyrae’taour Zeta’muluri
      Siblings: Many, from both of his parents but none of them are full biological siblings.
      Grandparents: Draugaarnarrgh Zeta'muluri and Fae'taour Zeta’muluri on his father’s side. Klaerarr’kynarr Zeta’muluri and Janaerr’zoure Zeta’muluri
      Children: He has had several that have grown onto adulthood, but he has had many that had not even hatched (More information in bio)
      Grand-children: None that he has been particularly close to.
      Ship: He has a Vulture that is called Thor’s Hammer.
      Place of Residence: He has accomodations on the Andromeda Station, in Down Below where he often has shady dealings, or brings people to, in order to fuck them. 
      Pet: He has a holographic fish in his quarters.
      Additional information: Kalnarr sometimes likes to take drugs, and he drinks often. Some of his favourite drugs are cannabis, cLSD and Sparkpowder. Sparkpowder is toxic to most species, however for Zeta’muluri and Mako’demeri individuals it is almost like cocaine on steroids. It also makes them extremely sexually aggressive and they will fuck the first person they see and they will not stop until they are finished.
      Awards/Commendations: None.
      Criminal Record: His official criminal record is as follows… 
      EPSI Federation: Clean. Andromeda One: Clean. Commonwealth: All Pirate Factions Wanted: Dead. Bounty: 8,550,000 Commonwealth Credits (Doesn't exchange well outside of the Commonwealth due to extreme hyper inflation) For: Capturing Commonwealth Pirate Stations, and turning all the slavers into slaves, which was then sold to a Pirate Station Kappa-Twelve. Medical Record: He has no medical record in any known state.
      Bio: Kalnarr grew up without his biological father in the picture. This is because his mother met Kularr at a party and became pregnant from him during a drunken fuck. She came away from the party and laid the clutch of eggs but only Kalnarr was the child of Kularr. Each egg had a different father. Kalnarr was always an adventurous child, causing a lot of frustration for his mother and her mate, a Zeta called Lar’zoure who was his adoptive father who were both in charge of their own small tribe which had a few other adults to help raise the children of his mother. The tribe lived in Sadists Retreat, which had extremely lax laws. Something that Kalnarr loved while growing up, as he hated the restrictions of a governing body. This attitude came from the fact that he was born at a time where Keza Corp were doing a hostile takeover of the EPSI Federation. 
      At the age of twelve, we entered a state that all Zeta children do. Zeta’s Fire, which caused his temper to become extremely short, causing him to blow up at each and every little thing that went wrong. He would destroy a lot of property and would even hurt others. His teacher at his school, a female Mako’demeri, helped curb this behaviour by letting him fuck her hard over the teachers desk. In fact, he had several children with her that she went on to raise with her own husband. He came out of this phase when he was eighteen years of age, and immediately set about joining the Omega Runes Pirates. At least the ones that were in Sadists Retreat. 
      Even though some were able to enter and leave the SETA device, Kalnarr remained on Xantal’lar with the faction of the Omega Runes there, mainly focusing on dealing with the Alpha and Beta Runes. 
      <Section removed>
      Twenty years before 4166, Kalnarr was given the assignment to investigate into an individual by the name of Haug’taour, who seemed to have some very shady dealings and seemed to have connections with not only the Alpha and Beta Runes, but the Neko Resistance Space Alliance as well. For ten years, he carried out a careful investigations into his activities, but it seems that someone had been tipped off as to what he was doing. He was attacked in an unfair fight, and kidnapped. He woke up in a cell in Haug’taours dungeon, where he was tortured for weeks on end but he refused to give up any information on who he had been contracted by. Frustrated with the lack of progress, Haug’taour had Kalnarr strapped into a milkery that milked him of his sperm. This sperm was then used to fertilise Zeta eggs which were then sold as a consumption item, against his will and against his consent. It is one of the reasons he will go ballistic if someone eats Zeta eggs. He was hooked on a drug concoction that began to waste away his muscles and make him, in general, weaker.
      In 4166, he was rescued by The Daedric Wolf and Dark Star Wolf. He was able to meet his biological father as well, and stayed with him for a while, while getting his strength back up. He was able to contact the Omege Runes Clans once again and return to their ranks. He then later became a bartender for Jen’starr on the Andromeda One Station. Details deliberately kept vague as his file has been scrambled.
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