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If you were a Gym Leader

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Posted (edited)

For any Pokemon fans on here: If you were a Gym Leader, what type would you specialize in? Who would your team be? And what would your badge be?


I would most likely specialize in Dark types. My team would consist of an Absol, Zoroark, and Umbreon


Upon my defeat, I would confer to the victor the Eclipse Badge

Rematch team: 








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Posted (edited)

Hm... I think I'd have to go with the ice type! I've always loved the bright blue and white aesthetic.

As for my team, I suppose there really aren't many choices that haven't already been used. I suppose I'd use Alolan Sandslash and Ninetails along with Glaceon, Aurorus, Weavile and Froslass!

The badge would be the snowflake badge!

Edit: For a more believable in-game setup, I'll make individual teams based on the number of badges the challenger has:

0-2: A Vulpix, A Sandshrew, Amaura

3-4: A Vulpix, A Sandshrew, Aurorus

5-6: Sneasel, A Ninetails, A Sandslash, Aurorus

7: Weavile, A Ninetails, A Sandslash, Aurorus

8: Weavile, A Ninetails, A Sandslash, Froslass, Aurorus

Rematch: Weavile, A Ninetails, A Sandslash, Glaceon, Froslass, Aurorus

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My problem with this is that most of my favourite Pokémon are all different types, so I wouldn't be able to use them all...
Unless it were theme, rather than type, which would probably end up with me being Elite Four rather than a Gym Leader, like Dragon Cheater Master Lance.

For type, I would have to pick Fairy, I think. That or Dragon. My team would likely be some combination of Alolan Ninetales, Mimikyu, Gardevoir, Dedenne, and Primarina, though Mawile and Altaria (Mega) are options too. My main logic for these is the secondary type, even though I'd miss out on Clefable and Sylveon with that reasoning (my two favourite pure Fairy types). A win would get you the Sprite Badge.

If I went with Dragon, it would be some combination of Dragonair, Flygon, Altaria (Mega), Alolan Exeggutor, Dragalge, Tyrantrum or Turtonator. If you brought your A game, you'd end up with a Hoard Badge.

For E4 theme, it would of course be foxes/fox-like Pokémon. Ninetales and Alolan Ninetales, Zoroark, Braixen or Delphox, Sylveon, and probably Midday Lycanroc to round it out. I know an Eeveelution and an obvious (from the name at least) wolf (and locking myself out of anything that can Mega evolve) is kind of pushing it a bit, but so what? 🙃

I'm also not saying I would definitely have six Pokémon, but I can't narrow it down further than that... Definitely a late stage Gym if not E4.

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Posted (edited)

My very first post, and it's in relation to being a hypothetical Pokémon gym leader — sounds about right!

My heart tells me that I would go for the Fairy type, if for no other reason than the aesthetic of an underestimated pink powerhouse™

But my head tells me to go for electricity, which is the type of most of my favourites: Raichu, Jolteon, Emolga and Luxray.

And I'd probably relinquish the Fizzle Badge, or perhaps the Cannon Badge. ⚡

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Since gym leaders tend to.habe rematches with a full team of 6 Pokemon, I'd say go ahead and make a full 6 Pokemon team, but now that foxy brings it up, I think I'll edit my post to include a team for each gym level.

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Just now, Aura said:

Since gym leaders tend to.habe rematches with a full team of 6 Pokemon, I'd say go ahead and make a full 6 Pokemon team, but now that foxy brings it up, I think I'll edit my post to include a team for each gym level.

That's actually a pretty good idea. I just picked 3 to keep it simple.

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Posted (edited)

Late-game Normal type Leader.

First match:

  • Furret
  • Audino
  • Cinccino


  • Furret (with Chople Berry)
  • Delcatty (with Silk Scarf)
  • Wigglytuff (with Leftovers)
  • Blissey (with Jaboca Berry)
  • Audino (with Audinite)
  • Cinccino (with Normalium Z)

My badge would be the Charm Badge. A cute badge for a master of cute Pokémon!~

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Blissey instead of Furfrou.
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I think there would be only one type for me. Dragon. Dragons are just the best (Yes. I am totally, 100% biased here)

I think I would go for a mid-to-late-game gym, more towards the late game.

First match:

  1. Dragonair
  2. Skrelp
  3. Gabite


  1. Dragonite
  2. Dragalge
  3. Garchomp
  4. Hydreigon
  5. Tyrantrum
  6. Kingdra

I think the badge I would give out, would be the "Dragon's Heart" badge. 

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Posted (edited)

ghost and psychic pokemon all the fucking way.

first match:

  1. Haunter
  2. Jynx
  3. Kirlia


  1. Gengar (Maybe with the Gengarite thing)
  2. A more badass Jynx
  3. Gardevoir (Maybe with the Gardevoirite thing)
  4. Latias (Maybe with the Latias-ite thing)
  5. A super sized Gourgeist, because fuck you motherfucker. lol
  6. Aegislash.

which one I mega evolve is pot luck. I think you can only mega-evolve once per match, right? so................which one I mega evolve completely depends. as for a badge that's pot luck too.......I wouldn't know. maybe the degeneracy badge. which is someone taking a diglett up the ass or being licked out by a lickitung.

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    • ArdillaVerde93
      By ArdillaVerde93
      Dear Diary,

      We got up early this morning. Immediately, I headed out into the field. East of Violet City, Route 31 is called home by a Pokémon that only comes out early in the morning. Ledyba. And I wanted to catch one. It took some hunting, but we managed to track one down. Diane the Ledyba, named for her evolved form, joined the team. Don't worry; I don't intend to make my Pokémon work so early on a constant basis. This was a rare occurrance. With a team of Pokémon mostly weak against Flying types, however, we needed to get some serious training in. Just our luck; Violet City's Gym Leader specialises in Flying types. After asking around, it turns out the nearby Sprout Tower welcomes trainers.

        It wasn't hard to find the Sprout Tower. After all, it's, well, a tower. It's not called the Sprout Cave. Hehe. I wouldn't have thought by looking at the tower from the outside that Pokémon battles were conducted there. It honestly looks more like a spot for prayer or meditation. But I could hear the sounds of battling faintly through the ceiling from the moment I walked in. I'm not gonna lie to you; I'm afraid of heights. It's not a crippling fear - that, for me, is lightning - but it was enough to make me hesitant as I climbed up to the second floor.

        I was wrong in thinking Sprout Tower is a place of meditation. But it seems to be a place of enlightenment. The trainers there are monks, and, as I got closer, I could see them training with their Pokémon. Moving fluidly around Vine Whips and the like from the Bellsprout they all appear to be using. I must've caught the attention of one of them, because he bowed and readied a Pokéball. Predictably, from a flash of light came a Bellsprout. So it was for all of the monks training in the tower; they all wielded Bellsprout of varying strengths. And they were all taken down by Julia. My initial thought was that, for the upcoming Gym battle, it'd be best to have a Pokémon that can fly. Butterfree.

        After some hard-fought battles, Julia suddenly tilted her head up and spat out a torrent of thread. This is how they evolve. Knowing this, I was glad that her second evolution wouldn't be far behind. The gooey thread covered her fully, leaving a tangled mass. Bit by bit, the mass hardened and took on a green shine. At the end, Julia had evolved from Caterpie into a Metapod!

        We were all tired by that point, so we rested at the Pokémon Centre before continuing our training. It occurred to me that perhaps Angelica wasn't getting much attention. I'll have to do something special for her after we get the Zephyr Badge. Yes, after. Not if. We're gonna win! As long as we're prepared, we can defeat anybody; that's what I believe. And that means training. If we're gonna be up against Flying types, we'll need to hone our skills enough to fight through the type disadvantage. And, for now, that means we need to go back to Sprout Tower.

        The emergence of a Butterfree is a beautiful thing. I highly recommend the experience be seen by anybody and everybody who has the chance. It's quite easy to see; the metamorphosis of a Caterpie takes place rather quickly. You probably already know, but an area of the Kanto region, near Saffron City, has a yearly celebration in which scores of Butterfree are released to find mates. I'd love to see it in person someday. They say it's impossible to witness without crying. I don't wanna try to watch it without crying; I just wanna be there. Someday, I'll save up enough money to go see it. But, for now, Julia underwent her final transformation recently. After some more felled Bellsprout, she shook as a crack bloomed on her hard emerald-green shell. Little by little, she cast off her shell until she was fully revealed. Light streaming in through the windows set her new pearl-white wings glimmering in a beautiful light show. She stretched out these new appendages and finally took to the sky with a cute trill. Julia had reached her final form.

        With Julia being a Butterfree now, the rest of our training in Sprout Tower went by quickly. It seemed nothing could stand up to her. Until the building shook. I heard a loud bang and instinctively ducked, thinking perhaps an explosive had been set off. But there was no screaming. There were no alarms. I looked up. The head monk was engaged in a Pokémon battle. I thought it was his Pokémon that caused the noise, but they were sprawled out on the floor. His opponent laughed in a cold tone of voice I recognised right away. The Cyndaquil trainer! No wonder. He's lucky he didn't start a fire! I ran to the scene just in time for him to escape. No way was I going after him; I don't harbour a death wish for myself or my Pokémon.

        The head monk offered me a battle, just the same as he had, I assume, offered one to that mystery trainer. He would have to get his Pokémon healed first, of course, but I was willing to wait. In exchange, I helped him with patching his Pokémon up. How they managed it, I have no idea, but they managed to avoid any serious injuries. Our battle began soon. Julia made quick work of yet another Bellsprout. But the Hoothoot that came next gave us some problems. It, too, was dispatched. But the troubles it caused us made me realise something. I couldn't expect Julia to go it alone when it comes to our upcoming gym battle. She would need backup. And, at the moment, the only member of my team who isn't weak against Flying types is Brittany.

        Brittany's training went well, though we hit a speed bump along the way. I heard that there was a young lady on Route 29 who gave out scarves. I thought there'd be no harm in checking it out. Plus, the extra experience from trainers on the way would be worth the trek. So, we set off. Unfortunately, we went all the way to Route 29 only to realise that she only shows herself to trainers with a Zephyr Badge. Damn. Well, you know what they say. Nothing worth having comes easy. On the way back, we tackled - both figuratively and literally - several more wild Pokémon. I think it's finally time for Violet City Gym.

        I'm slightly acrophobic, like I said. I mostly got over it by virtue of my profession. As a doctor, and an emergency physician at that, I would, at times, need to travel by air to the scene of a disaster. But a bit of the fear stuck with me. And the Gym didn't help, to say the least. To accomodate the myriad of winged Pokémon being trained there, the building is of enormous size. It's practically a skyscraper! I had to take an elevator to the top. I still remember looking down and feeling a little sick. This was it. The first Gym.

        The first trainer must've noticed my trepidation; he laughed before the match. But, thanks to Brittany, he wasn't laughing for very long. Being high up, I had a fear that I know is irrational. In fact, I knew it was irrational then. But I worried Brittany would land on a weak floorboard after an attack and fall. She moves so lightly across the battlefield, though. The second trainer was fought with my fears mostly alleviated. As such, I was able to focus better when giving attack commands. He and his winged beasts fell the same as their predecessors. Then came Falkner.

        Greetings were formal; like that mystery trainer, Falkner has a tone of voice that's quickly recognisable. He spoke elegantly, almost regally. But I can speak from experience now in saying that he fights with brutality. From the moment I saw his first Pokémon, I knew he was fighting seriously. A well-trained Pidgey spread its wings and stared Brittany down. At a glance, I could tell this Pidgey has seen maybe dozens of fights. I could also tell, from looking at Brittany, that she was determined to make this encounter difficult for it. No backing down now. It was time to fight.

        Brittany and this Pidgey traded blows for some time, and, to my delight, Pidgey was wearing out. I just had to keep an eye on Brittany to make sure she didn't take any big hits. Finally, Brittany connected with a crushing blow. I was surprised with the power that came from her petite body. Pidgey crashed to the floor, defeated, and I felt happy. Julia was waiting as backup, but, the way Brittany was going, I decided to keep her in for Falkner's second Pokémon. A Pidgeotto, this specimen had an intimidating aura that made even Brittany cringe. I gave a command, and Brittany lunged. She made contact, but Pidgeotto barely reacted. Clearly, this would be a challenge in and of itself.

        Hit after hit, they fought. A Quick Attack was answered by a Gust again and again. Brittany's speed had Pidgeotto confounded, for sure. But a Sentret versus a Pidgeotto? I had my doubts. Until I saw somethjng I'm glad I was around to see. Pidgeotto had Brittany cornered in the rafters. I was ready for Brittany to take a fall. Instead, she took a leap. A leap onto Pidgeotto's back. It all happened so fast. Pidgeotto flew around wildly, but Brittany held firm. Finally, in its thrashing, the mighty bird crashed into the floor trying to shake Brittany off. Falkner was aghast, and I'd be lying if I said I didn't feel similarly. Then, in a ruffle of feathers, Pidgeotto rose again. It wasn't over. But it was about to be. I ordered a Quick Attack. Brittany leapt again, but came down hard this time. Pidgeotto squawked in pain, then fell once more. We did it! We won!
      #11: Metapod, the Cocoon Pokémon
      Along with its toxic counterpart in Kakuna, Metapod sometimes drop from trees in forests during periods of heavy wind. Take care travelling through these forests. Upon its final evolution, Metapod splits open, and the empty shell is discarded.
      #12: Butterfree, the Butterfly Pokémon
      Albeit exceedingly rare, pink Butterfree are known to exist. It was thought that they hail from the Orange Archipelago, but further research is required. Rubbing the wing of a Butterfree will leave your hand covered in a prismatic silver powder. This powder is non-toxic, and waterproof.
      #165: Ledyba, the Five Star Pokémon
      These Pokémon produce an aromatic fluid that is used to mark their territory, as well as for communication and courtship purposes. Diluted and mixed, it makes a fine perfume, sold in especially large quantities in Johto.
      *Author's note*
      Sorry this installment took so long. As you well know, I had a family emergency to attend to. But enough about that. In this entry, we learn that Brittany is a savage(she actually did sweep Falkner; I didn't make that up.)! Seriously, that... whatever Sentret is based on... I wanna say raccoon... is not to be fucked with. We also get to see Julia evolve! They grow up so fast, huh? Hopefully, Angelica is next. Or will newly-acquired Diane beat her to the Comet Punch? Find out next time! If you WANT a next time, that is.~ Oh, and let's not forget our shiny new Zephyr Badge! Now that things are calming down, I'd like to write more. Only if you want it, though! ^_^
    • ArdillaVerde93
      By ArdillaVerde93
      *Dear Diary: A Pokémon Crystal Custom Nuzlocke Experience*

      *For this Nuzlocke, I decided to put my own twist on it. I have changed only 2 things. I am allowed to choose 1 Pokémon per route, etc, to catch. Fail to capture it, and I must not attempt to capture any non-shiny or non-Legendary there. I'm allowing myself to reset for genders, etc.*

      *This copy of Pokémon Crystal is a North American version, downloaded from the Nintendo eShop and played on an original model 3DS console. A duplication glitch will be used for one-off Pokémon, but this will not effect gameplay. Clones will remain boxed until the Elite 4 are defeated.*

      Dear Diary,

      My name is Tyler. Tyler Miller. Formerly Dr. Miller, but let's not talk about that. In an effort to find inspiration, as well as knowledge, I have left Goldenrod City for New Bark Town. The Johto region is beautiful, and I want to explore it. Through this diary, I'll chronicle my journey through Johto with the Pokémon I will call my friends. This is our story.

        Arriving in New Bark Town in the morning, Professor Elm put me to work immediately. A friend of his had called on him to help with a discovery. But, being busy with research, he couldn't go himself. So he sent me over in his stead. In exchange, he gave me a choice of my first partner for this adventure. Ever since I treated a very sick Chikorita, I've wanted a Chikorita of my own. My choice was obvious. Being that my Chikorita is female, I named her Angelica, after a type of flower called an Angel's Trumpet. I'll likely see some on my journey, but I'll have to be careful around them; they're poisonous.

        Of course, Angelica and I had to fight off wild Pokémon on our way. Our destination was a house north of Cherrygrove City. A bit of a walk, but nothing compared to the trek I'll be taking later. I almost feel jealous of little Angelica; she gets to ride along in her Poké Ball. Anyway, we stopped for a bite to eat before continuing on. Route 30 was more of the same; dealing with attacks from wild Pokémon. The only difference is that the Sentret and Rattata of Route 29 were replaced with Caterpie, and a Weedle or 2. But we made it.

        The man Elm sent me to see wouldn't tell me his name; only that he was known as Mr. Pokémon. Fair enough. The discovery he made was a Pokémon egg. Apparently, it had appeared at the Day Care Centre near Goldenrod City, secluded from any couples who may have produced it. I was shocked not only by that, but by the fact that this "Mr. Pokémon" had company! Professor Oak, from Pallet Town in Kanto, was looking into the egg too, but, pardon the pun, he just couldn't crack it. With neither of them able to solve this mystery, I was given the egg to take to Professor Elm. And, from Professor Oak, I got a Pokédex! I'll have to remember to check it on a regular basis. So, I left Mr. Pokémon's house. And that's when shit hit the fan.

        I had only just set foot outside when my PokéGear went off. Probably Professor Elm, wondering where Angelica and I were. Or so I thought. I was half right; it was Elm. But he was understandably not too concerned with us. The lab in New Bark Town was... Well, Elm wouldn't say what happened. But he wanted us back ASAP, so we started our return trip. On our way back, we were stopped by a trainer. An angry young man, tone of voice bitter as unsweetened tea. His hair, were it any colour but blood red, I'd be envious of. I don't much like redheads. Anyway, this kid challenged us out of the blue. Thankfully, he wielded just a low-level Cyndaquil; Angelica and I subdued him. He predictably spat insults at us, then ran off. I thought he was a real dick, frankly. Turns out, I didn't know the half of it.

        We returned to the lab, only to find it in disarray. Somebody had broken in while I was running my errand! In fact, an officer was there, questioning the professor. Apparently, nobody was hurt, and nothing was damaged. But a Pokémon was taken. A Cyndaquil. I had just battled a Cyndaquil user! I offered that information to the officer, but I couldn't for the life of me remember the trainer's name! I remembered his appearance, though, which was helpful. After the officer left, I completed my errand and gave Elm the mysterious egg. In the midst of thanking me, he noticed my Pokédex. I guess he reasoned that, if Professor Oak could trust me, so could he, because he gave me a suggestion. The suggestion to tun this journey into a mission. A mission to collect the badges from Johto's Pokémon Gyms. Well, I wasn't planning on it, but I guess I should at least try it, if Professor Elm believes in me. I accepted. To get me started, he had one of his aides give me a set of Pokéballs. Happily taking them, I walked out the door. My journey was beginning.

        Going back through Route 29, I was glad I packed sunscreen for my trip. Angelica didn't need to protect herself from the sunlight; she uses it for energy. But I'll have to remember to pick up some aloe gel or lotion. Grass types like that stuff, and it'll help keep her coat shiny, and her head leaf healthy. But I can't complete this challenge with her alone. In short order, I found and captured a Sentret, who I named Brittany. I dunno why I chose that name; it just sounded right. After a small bit of training, we set out north of Cherrygrove, to Route 30. There, we found another new team member. A Caterpie. Knowing that Caterpie evolves into Butterfree, I named her Julia, after Julia Child, a famous chef known to use lots of butter in her dishes. The trainers along the route were not an issue for us. We tore through them, reaching Violet City just as the sun began to set. We decided to take a break there, and spend the night at the Pokémon Centre. All in all, a good, productive day. I just hope we can keep up this pace.
      #152: Chikorita, the Leaf Pokémon
      Chikorita are loyal companions, and very affectionate towards their owners. During long stretches of inclement weather, these Pokémon may become lethargic, or even ill. When possible, they should be allowed time to lie down in direct sunlight. This keeps them healthy and happy. The leaf on their head is prehensile, and sensitive.
      #161: Sentret, the Scout Pokémon
      Sentret are capable of balancing on their tails to appear taller, as well as to obtain a better vantage point. Their bodies have a membrane that connects the forepaws with the hindpaws, and can stretch slightly. Upon spotting danger, Sentret will release an earsplitting cry to alert other members of their group. They can, however, be trained to curb this.
      #10: Caterpie, the Worm Pokémon
      A common sight in forests, these Pokémon release a harmless, but rotten stench from their antennae when threatened. Trainers who attend school are often told to keep these Pokémon in their Pokéballs. This Pokémon is a wonderful choice for beginners.
      *Author's note*
      This is inspired by the work of @NyxAvatar69. If they do not approve, I will promptly remove this. Pokémon Crystal is probably my favourite of the main series games. I've already completed this challenge in the Virtual Console releases of Gold and Silver. Generation II is by far my favourite Generation of Pokémon. Because this Nuzlocke has different rules to a normal one, I will call this a "Choicelocke." This is because, rather than having to catch the first Pokémon you see in each new area, this challenge allows you to choose one Pokémon in each area to catch. Thank you for reading, and I hope you enjoy.~
    • ArdillaVerde93
      By ArdillaVerde93
      *Chapter Three: Finding Good Help*

        Faced, sure enough, with a padlock, Artemis took a deep breath. She reached behind herself and gripped the twig nesting in her vermilion tail. As she unsheathed it, sparks ran down its length. Even as she was holding the fully removed twig, the tip was alight with crimson flames. Embers broke off from the fire, only to fizzle out upon hitting the wet grass. "Wait!" "Well, now's a fine time to be giving warnings," Artemis teased, turning to face Bellossom, who had called out to her. "Collateral damage," Bellossom said. "The embers on the ground reminded me. Hold on just a minute." The maid bent down, and, with a sharp tug, broke off several blades of grass. "We want the lock to still work when we're done with it; right?" There was a collective nod as she stuffed the keyhole with the grass. "There. Now, the actual lock is safe; it won't melt and deform from the heat of your wand." Artemis shrugged, carefully pointing the tip of the twig at the top of the lock. The flames died out along most of the "wand," concentrating on the tip. "Alright; stand clear!~"

        With Bellossom and Pesky both out of the way, Artemis thrust the twig forward. From the tip shot a whip-like ray of flames. Despite her trepidation, it was a figurative bullseye. The flames cut through the metal bar, leaving the lock intact and the bar split cleanly in 2. "Nice shot!" Pesky cheered as Artemis quelled the flame by bringing a paw down over it. "Hush!" Artemis shout-whispered. "Wait until we're in the forest." With the lock broken, the gate opened easily. Pesky and Bellossom hurried in, while Artemis quickly got to work at welding the metal bar back together. When she rejoined the group, she was nursing a paw, holding it close. "Are you alright?" Bellossom asked, advancing gently on her. "Lemme see your paw." Artemis held it forward to reveal a patch of charred fur.

        With a figure like Goodra's, it was only natural that she turned some heads as she walked through the Goldenrod Department Store. And she stepped lightly. That she was filled out in all of the decidedly best places to be carrying extra weight still meant that she carried extra weight. Seeing her walk with any sort of grace was, in many ways, as striking as it would be to see Wigglytuff carrying herself in such a manner. She had almost finished shopping, and was looking through the list she brought with her. Written on in beautiful cursive, the paper she held was stained with her slime. "Hmm... Yes; this should be enough meat to keep the carnivores happy for quite some time." As she double-checked the shopping list, she found the paper suddenly wet. She was crying. Softly but surely. It finally seemed to hit her that what she was buying, only she and the other residents would partake in. Her master was gone. If he wasn't, the list would likely include his favourite foods. Goodra loved to spoil him. Another tear fell, and she took a sharp, shuddering breath inward. "I should be over it by now, but... I can't forget about you, sweetie. You wouldn't wanna see me like this; I know." She vigorously shook her head, as though she were trying to shake her sadness away. With a smile on her face to mask her true feelings, Goodra trudged on.

        Sylveon still fussed with her hair as she and Ruri stood outside the Pokémon Centre. "Sylvie, for Arceus' sake, your hair is fine!" Ruri insisted. Sylveon scoffed. "Of course it is, honey! Or it damn well had better be; I spend so much time on it. But fine isn't enough.~" Ruri, exasperated, shut her eyes tightly, likely in an effort to calm down, so she wouldn't lash out at her friend. By the time her eyes saw the world again, the duo was already inside the Pokémon Centre. All around, trainers and their Pokémon waited to be tended to. Sylveon approached the front desk. Before she could strike a bell that would alert staff to somebody waiting to check in, a nurse was already in front of her. "Hello, miss! Do you have an appointment?" "I don't," Sylveon admitted. The nurse turned to look back into the office behind her, at which point Sylveon gave a thumbs up to Ruri. She began to sniffle. It was a talent that was often unused, for fear that it would ruin any trust for her, but Sylveon had a very convincing fake cry. "I... I d-didn't have time to... I..." Ruri was stunned, but understood the thumbs up as a sign to play along. "It's alright. I'm sorry, miss. My friend here, miss..." She paused to look at the lady's nametag. "...Nurse Joy. My friend, she's a maid. I'm sure you could tell by her outfit." "Yes, I could," Nurse Joy replied. "Is she hurt? Or is she here on behalf of somebody else?" She offered Sylveon a tissue, which was politely refused. "S-Somebody else," Sylveon answered her, and, by this time, some of the trainers in the waiting room had taken notice, and were watching the situation unfold. "M-My master; he... He was hurt in the storm. Please; I'm a terrible cook. C-Can you spare any food?"

        There were enough plants in the flower shop to make a house for a Chikorita! Wigglytuff actually raised a sticky paw to slap herself, but lowered it when she remembered she was in public. "Of course there's a buncha plants here, you big dummy! What did you exp- Oh! Hello, ma'am.~" The older of 2 sisters who ran the shop was in front of her. Brown hair swept her shoulders, and her appropriately floral print dress reached her knees. "Hello yourself, miss," she responded kindly. "We haven't had many customers since the storm. What can I help you with?~" The politeness of the shop owner got the portly bunnygirl to smile. "I'm looking for berries. See, our garden was drowned by that same storm, and we have a lot of herbivores to feed. Do you have any in stock?" With a slightly sorrowful, understanding nod, the florist pointed fowards a corner with several terra cotta flower pots full of plants. "Do you want the plants, or just the berries themselves, dearie?" Wigglytuff looked towards the indicated spot, and felt a pang of nervousness. She was certainly gluttonous, but what she wasn't was impolite. The only member of the household, to her knowledge, that could cultivate a berry plant was Bellossom, and not only was she out helping Artemis and Pesky, but it would be a slap to the face to give her a berry plant and ask her to do all of the work. "J-Just the berries, please. I'm not picky; anything edible will do." Nodding again, the lady led her to a counter. Used to immediately putting money on a counter when walking into a candy store or a bakery, Wigglytuff did the same here. She had a small amount of money. Mostly coins, as her paper money had by and large been exchanged for sweets already. "Can I get anything for this, ma'am?"

        "How'd you hurt yourself?" Bellossom asked, eyes darting across the forest floor. "I slipped," Artemis replied. "My paw hit the padlock." Pesky rolled his eyes. "Damn. I hate to use this analogy, but when it rains, it pours." "Very funny," Artemis scolded him. Bellossom stepped away slightly to pick a large cyan berry from a nearby tree. "Hold out your paw." Artemis did as instructed, but, rather than handing over the berry, Bellossom took a bite of it. Pesky gasped. "Are you serious?! You can't just eat wild berries; you'll get poisoned!" Bellossom dismissed his concern by waving a hand in his direction. Ever polite, she swallowed before speaking. "It's a Rawst Berry. Perfectly safe to eat, though a bit of an acquired taste." With that, she revealed the remains of the fruit. "Here, Artemis." Before the burnt vulpine could react, Bellossom rubbed an exposed end of the berry onto the blackened area of her outstretched paw. The colour didn't improve, but the pain was quickly dulled. The group didn't have access to bandages, so the application of the healing berry was all that could be done. Through thick foliage, the group pressed on in near complete darkness. Artemis had several times offered to light her wand tip to help, but Bellossom's response was always quick and to the point. Even with the plant life wet from rain, lighting a fire was still a bad idea. It wasn't until the third time Artemis made this offer that a voice besides that of Pesky or Bellossom answered her. "Are you trying to start a brushfire?!"

        Pachirisu sat in the living room of the Delphox's abode. On her lap, warm from near constant use, was her radio. It was a special radio, capable of picking up broadcasts beyond the range of a normal Pokégear; previously, it was a belonging of her master, who gave it to her when he had his Pokégear updated with similar functionality. Even so, the only advantage the upgraded Pokégear offered was portability, since the radio was a clunky machine. Normally, Pachirisu kept it on her bedside table, so it could provide background noise while she slept. Now, though, she was listening intently to every word spoken by the inhuman voice coming from it. "There are unconfirmed reports of rare Pokémon seen near Ilex Forest. These Pokémon are not to be confronted until conditions improve. Severe weather is expected within the next few minutes, which will endanger the lives of trainers and their Pokémon." Severe weather? "Oh, no!" Cassie and Dragonair had already returned from fishing by this point, and Goodra and Wigglytuff were likely close behind. But Artemis, Pesky, and Bellossom were completely exposed to the elements. "Mistress!" Pachirisu called out. "Mistress!" The sound of footfalls cushioned by fur soon followed as Kianna entered the room. "What's wrong, Pachi?" "I-I just heard that a storm is coming. Pesky and the girls are gonna get caught in it, and we don't have a way to contact them and call them back here!" Kianna stood, taking this information in for a short time. As a mother, she couldn't help her concern. "Poor dears. I hope they get back soon." Concerned as she was, though, she was unable to get Pachirisu's meaning. "No, mistress," Pachirisu corrected her gently. "I have to go after them!"
      *Author's note*
        Yes, Pachirisu. Run outside, confident in the belief that a thunderstorm is coming. What could possibly go wrong? So, in this chapter, we learn a few things.
      Goodra is still sad about her master. Goodra and Wigglytuff are both A B S O L U T E U N I T S. In awe at the size of these lasses! Yeah; we already knew that. But I like reaffirming it. XD Sylveon can cry on command. Bellossom has decent survival skills. The ones who went near the forest were spotted; the report of "rare Pokémon" was about them. Pachirisu's radio is a hand-me-down. So, do you think you can tolerate a fourth chapter? Special thanks again to @SMFoxy, for allowing me use of his characters.
    • NyxAvatar69
      By NyxAvatar69
      I still hate myself for choosing to do postgame.  Also, like Episode 15, due to the nature of how this and all of Episode 15 are written, I'm posting them here instead of the same place as the other 14 episodes...because yeah.  The run is finished so the remaining episodes will be released over time because I chose to do postgame.  Everything after this is going back to the place I posted the first 14 episodes.
      A day had passed since Ruby aided the Ultra Recon Squad in stopping the rampaging Stakataka in Poni Grove.  Luckily, any news of the incident was kept to a minimum, but it was likely due to the upcoming press conference at the Aether Paradise.  Ever since the Necrozma incident at the Alter of the Moone, Ruby had been hearing people asking questions and wondering what had taken place.  At least to Ruby, it didn't mean much since her duties as Champion had priority.
      Stepping out of her room early in the morning, she noticed her mom standing in front of the boxes that still hasn't unpacked.
      "All right!  I've put it off long enough!  Now that Ruby has become the Champion..." Ruby's mom said, turning around and looking down at her Meowth.
      'Is she actually going to do something about those boxes?' Ruby wondered, deciding to keep quiet for the moment.
      "Meowth!  This is it!  We're really, definitely going to put away these boxes today!" she continued until the doorbell rang.
      "Oh, now who could that be?" she wondered only for someone to come running inside unannounced.
      "Sophocles?  What are you doing here?" Ruby asked, making her way over to the door.
      "Ruby...  I...I...You've got to..." Sophocles tried to say while he caught his breath.
      "What huge, random task likely involving unknown beings from another dimension do I have to do this time?" Ruby asked.
      "What are you talking about?" Sophocles questioned.
      "It's a long story..." Ruby mumbled.
      "Oh, are you one of Ruby's friends?  I'm her mom.  It's so nice to meet you!" Ruby's mom said, getting herself involved in the conversation.  Sophocles jumped when he suddenly heard the voice of Ruby's mom, turning towards her.
      "Eeek!  S-S-S-Sorrocles!  I mean I'm sophorry!  I mean I'm sorry!  No, I mean I'm Sophocles!  I'm a very sorry Sophocles!" Sophocles said.  Ruby couldn't help but laugh a bit at this while Sopholcoes turned away.
      "Sorry...  Let me just calm down a bit..." Sophocles said before turning around to face Ruby again.
      "I...I came because I need your help, Ruby..." Sophocles finally said.
      'Here we go again," Ruby thought.
      "A bunch of strange guys appeared out of nowhere and...and they took over Festival Plaza!" Sophocles explained, but Ruby turned her head as if he had no idea what he was talking about.
      "You mean that weird place you showed me that one time?" Ruby asked.
      "I'll show you what I mean.  Come on!" Sophocles said, grabbing Ruby's arm and taking her outside.  He took out a device with two screens and pressed a few buttons.  In a flash of light, Ruby and Sophocles were gone.  They reappeared in a circular plaza with a number of shops and attractions with a strange red castle in the center with a bunch of Rs in a rainbow background on the monitors.
      "Is that supposed to look like that?" Ruby asked, pointing to the castle.
      "No, it isn't.  The space here suddenly became all twisted and the programming of the Plaza was rewritten!  That's why the castle looks so..."
      "Really weird?" Ruby asked.
      "You think so?  It looks pretty menacing, like where a final boss would live...  I think it looks kinda cool!" Sophocles said while Ruby let out a sigh.
      "Sophocles, this isn't a video game.  Final bosses don't exist in reality," Ruby pointed out.
      "Still, they broke through my impenetrable security system, even if they did take advantage of a system malfunction.  And they've taken complete control of Festival Plaza," Sophocles said.  As Ruby listened to him talk, something occurred to her.  She recalled hearing the voice in her head talk about a "twisted script" and things not sounding like they should, leading her to believe that the voice's sudden disappearance and the takeover of the Festival Plaza may be connected.
      "So, all we have to do is take down the guys behind this operation?" Ruby asked.
      "Yes, but be careful.  These guys know what they're doing," Sophocles replied.
      "When has that ever stopped me?" Ruby said.
      "Then you'll help me take back Festival Plaza?" Sophocles asked.
      "Normally, I would say no because something tells me this place has some problems without the takeover.  But this time, I'll do it," Ruby said.
      Sophocles let out a sigh of relief.  "I'm glad that you're with me, Ruby.  You're the Champion, after all!  W-well...  Let's go then..." Sophocles said, making his way towards the castle.
      'If all this goes well, that voice in my head should come back, and maybe we can figure out why so many people have been wanting to challenge me lately,' Ruby thought, following Sophocles into the castle.  When they got inside, a single man wearing a black suit and a hat was standing in the middle of the room.  Hearing the approaching footsteps, he turned to face Ruby and Sophocles.  Ruby stopped in her tracks when she saw the rainbow R on the front of his shirt.
      'There's no way, right?  That team was beaten by some guy years ago...' Ruby thought until he heard the man speak.
      "Hey, who are you?!  Nobody should be able to enter Team Rocket's Castle!" the man questioned.
      "Team Rocket?!  But that's impossible!  Team Rocket was beaten years ago by someone named Red!  It's old news in Kanto, but people still talk about it!" Ruby said, but as if her words didn't exist, Sophocles went on.
      "I-I have admin rights..." he tried to say until the man stomped his foot on the ground.
      "What?!  How dare you try to confuse me with your nerdy language!" the man shouted before he turned around and took a moment to calm down.  He cleared his throat and turned back towards Ruby and Sophocles.
      "No matter!  Team Rocket's Castle is under our control!  There's nothing you can do, whoever you are!" the man said, laughing while he walked away.  Ruby clenched her fists and watched as the man walked off.
      "It seems like this group calls itself Team Rocket.  They definitely don't seem like nice people..." Sophocles said.
      'Of course they aren't.  They steal Pokemon from people.  They've even killed one before...' Ruby thought to herself.
      "I can't believe I've allowed Festival Plaza to be taken over by people like them..." Sophocles said, pacing around a bit while he put a hand to his chin.
      "Still...  He said this castle was under their control.  What exactly did he mean...?" he asked himself before returning to Ruby.
      "Give me a sec and I'll check," Sophocles said, taking out the same device he used to transport him and Ruby to the Festival Plaza.  He pressed a few buttons, staring hard at the device.  After a few moments, he put it away and turned his attention back to Ruby.
      "I've got it, Ruby...  They have some sort of program lock that prevents us from using the Pokemon in our pary!" Sophocles said.
      "Well, that's just great.  How do we clear these guys out of here, then?" Ruby asked, turning her attention towards a woman dressed the same way as the first man they saw, staring at the Battle Agency desk.
      'Maybe...we don't have to use our own Pokemon,' Ruby wondered.
      "Do you have any ideas on how to get Team Rocket out of here, Ruby?" Sophocles asked.  Ruby smiled a bit and turned back towards Sophocles.
      "How about the Battle Agency?" Ruby asked.
      "The Battle Agency...?  Oh, of course!  If we use the Battle Agency rules, we can use other people's Pokemon to battle!  It doesn't matter if we can't use our own!" Sophocles replied, taking his device out once again.
      "Just a sec..." he said while he fiddled with his machine.
      "Using my admin rights to access the debug features...  Rebooting the reception program..." Sophocles mumbled.  In a flash of light, a female receptionist appeared behind the once empty Battle Agency desk.
      "I've made it so we can use the Battle Agency now, too...  I wish there was more I could do...but I can't even access my full admin rights..." Sophocles said.
      "I can take care of it from here.  Just leave it to me," Ruby said, making her way towards the Battle Agency desk.
      "I'll try and get back complete admin access while you keep them busy!" Sophocles said.  Ruby turned and nodded in agreement before turning back around and walking to the desk.
      "Welcome to the Battle Agency!" the receptionist said with a smile.  She gave Ruby the general rundown of how the Battle Agency worked before presenting her with three Poke Balls.  Ruby looked up at the screen behind the receptionist to see what Pokemon were available.
      'A Golisopod, and two Pokemon I've never seen before.  Guzma has a Golisopod, and I doubt it let him down.  I should pick that one,' Ruby thought, taking the first Poke Ball.  Due to the glitches in the Festival Plaza, the Battle Agency could only provide Ruby with hologram trainers instead of actual people, but Ruby didn't really mind it.
      "Last but not least, before you begin, we request that you project the proper look of an agent at the Battle Agency.  Good luck!" the receptionist said, handing Ruby a pair of sunglasses.
      "Um...ok.  Thanks," Ruby said, putting on her sunglasses and stepping onto the transporter next to the desk.
      'Here goes something," Ruby thought, closing her eyes as the receptionist hit a button on the bottom of her desk that activated the teleporter, sending Ruby to the stadium in an instant.  When she opened her eyes, she found herself in a large, mostly light blue stadium surrounded by silhouettes in the stands.  Two other trainers were already in the stadium and Ruby guessed it was the trainers she was supposed to be battling with.  She made her way over to the two, and once she did, the referee in the center of the stadium spoke up.
      "Let me introduce the trainers who will battle along with you," she said, but the two other trainers only gave generic responses.  Ruby shook her head while a voice rang out through the stadium.
      "Installing a battle program...  Type "Team Rainbow Rocket."
      "Rainbow Rocket?" Ruby asked as a man who looked exactly like the one who spoke to her and Sophocles earlier appeared and made his way over to the center of the stadium.
      "Oh!  Who are you?  I'll beat you!" the man said.
      'He's just as generic as these other two...' Ruby thought.
      "Let's do this!  Raticate, go!" the grunt said, throwing out his first Pokemon, a Raticate.  However, this Raticate was nothing like the Alolan variety was.  It was as Ruby remembered seeing in Kanto, a normal Raticate.
      "So that's how they're going to do things, huh?  Alright, Golisopod, let's show him what we're made of!" Ruby said, sending out the Golisopod she was borrowing.
      "Alright, let's give this guy a good first impression, Golisopod!" Ruby called out.  The Golisopod went forward and stabbed the Raticate with it's arms, doing significant damage until it started eating the berry it was holding.
      "That was nothing.  Raticate, use Super Fang!" the grunt said.  The Raticate's teeth began to glow white as it ran towards Golisopod and bit down hard on it's arm.  Golisopod shook it's arm to get the Raticate off before running off behind Ruby, almost as if it was using her as a shield.
      "Oh right, Guzma's Golisopod did this too.  Well, that's fantastic.  Return for now," Ruby mumbled, returning the Golisopod to it's Poke Ball and turning towards the two generic trainers waiting for their chance.
      "So, who wants to go now?" Ruby asked.  The sunglasses wearing boy stepped forward with his Poke Ball, sending out a Passimian.
      'They may not talk much, but maybe they can actually do something,' Ruby thought.
      "It doesn't matter at all.  Raticate, use another Super Fang!" the grunt said.  Like before, the Raticate ran towards the Passimian and bit on it with it's fangs as hard as it could.  As the Raticate was trying to return to it's trainer, the Passimian swung it's arm into the Raticate and threw it onto the ground.  The impact with the ground was enough to make the Raticate faint.
      "Not bad, generic guy," Ruby said.  While the boy didn't say anything, the Rainbow Rocket grunt was not happy.
      "You got lucky, kid.  My next Pokemon won't be as easy to take down.  Go, Golbat!" the grunt said, sending out his next Pokemon.
      "This one could be trouble," Ruby quietly said.
      "Golbat, use Screech!" the grunt ordered.  The Golbat let out a loud, piercing noise that forced Ruby, the other trainers, and even the Passimian to block their ears.  In an attempt to stop the noise, Passimian threw an Iron Ball it had with it at the Golbat.  The attack was enough to knock Golbat out of the sky, but not enough to make it faint.  At the very least, it had stopped making the noise.
      "You're getting on my nerves!  Golbat, use Toxic!" the grunt said.  The Golbat fired off a stream of purple liquid from it's mouth, poisoning the Passimian when it landed on it.  The Passimian ran at the Golbat, despite being weakened by the poison, grabbing the bat Pokemon by it's legs and jumping into the air.  It swung around in the air and threw the Golbat to the ground.  Like the Raticate, it wasn't able to take the impact of the attack and fainted.
      "Alright, one more to go," Ruby said.
      "I'm not going to let you win!  Arbok, go!" the grunt shouted, sending out his final Pokemon.  Ruby turned his attention to the other girl standing next to her.
      "Hey, you're up," Ruby said.  The girl gave a simple nod while the generic boy returned his Passimian.  She stepped forward and threw out a Clawitzer.
      "Arbok, go for a Bite attack!" the grunt ordered.  The Arbok charged at the Clawitzer and bit down on it's big claw with it's mouth.  The Clawitzer shook the Arbok off and it slithered on back to it's trainer.
      "Go for another Bite, Arbok!" the grunt said.  Like before, the Arbok charged at the Clawitzer and bit into it again.  As the Arbok started going back to it's trainer, streams of brown water began to pour out of Clawitzer's claw, and the Pokemon fired the water out like a cannon at the Arbok.
      "Well...that's something you don't see every day," Ruby said mostly to herself.
      "No!  I won't lose this!  Arbok, use Wrap!" the grunt said.  The Arbok slithered over and tried to wrap itself around Clawitzer's body, but mostly only managed to get around the Pokemon's large claw.  The Clawitzer slowly tried to open it's claw, hitting the Arbok with another blast of water.  The blast forced Arbok off of it and back towards it's trainer, causing the snake to slam right into the Rainbow Rocket grunt.  A few moments passed and Ruby, along with the Rainbow Rocket grunt, were teleported out of the stadium and back to the Festival Plaza proper.
      "So, how about that?" Ruby said, crossing her arms with a smile on her face.
      "Impossible!  This kid...defeated me?!" the Rainbow Rocket grunt questioned before stomping his foot on the ground.
      "That's unfair!  You shouldn't be able to battle so effectively with other people's Pokemon!" the grunt added.  He shook his head and pointed at Ruby and Sophocles, who had joined Ruby shortly after her return.
      "Bah...  Get 'em, guys!" the man said.  Several more Rainbow Rocket grunts who were standing around walked over, leaving Ruby and Sophocles surrounded.
      "We can't let you take back Team Rocket's Castle.  The boss's plans depend on it!" the man said.
      "The boss?" Ruby asked.
      "Just in time...  Full system restore!" Sophocles said.  In a flash of light, several of the Festival Plaza workers had reappeared.  Sophocles continued playing with his device in order to get the Rainbow Rocket grunts out of the Festival Plaza.
      "Target set to Team Rocket...  Executing kick from Festival Plaza!" Sophocles added, pressing one more button.  In moments, several of the Rainbow Rocket grunts began to dissapear.  The first man, who seemed to be leading the group, made one final charge at Ruby before he also vanished.
      "That was a bit too close for comfort," Ruby said.
      "Whew...  That was close.  ...Thanks for your help, Ruby!  You kept them busy just long enough for me to get back full admin access...  I've used that access to lock Team Rocket from the Festival Plaza forever!  I also restored all the features and everything to normal, too," Sophocles explained.
      "Actually, Sophocles, can you try to fix one more thing for me?" Ruby asked.
      "What other thing do you want me to fix? Sophocles asked.  Ruby took a deep breath and told Sophocles everything that she knew about the voice in her head that guided her along her island challenge and how it had suddenly vanished after she had become the Champion.  Hearing herself, she thought that the whole thing actually sounded a little crazy, but at the same time, she knew that the whole thing was real.
      "I'm telling you that it's all true.  If it wasn't for that voice, I don't think I'd even be here right now," Ruby said, watching as Sophocles started walking away from her as if her entire story was nothing but crazy talk.  Ruby sighed and walked back inside the castle, taking a seat in a nearby chair.
      'I just want them to come back.  Without the voice guiding me along, I don't think I ever would've become the champion of Alola.  If they were here, maybe we could figure out what's going on with these Ultra Beasts and these Team Rainbow Rocket people.  All I want is for things to go back to how they were before,' Ruby thought, looking up at the ceiling.  For a few moments, she didn't hear anything at all.  Deep down, she had hoped for something to happen, but when those hopes were proven to be a waste of time, Ruby shook her head and stood up.  As she started walking towards the castle's exit, a faint, but familiar voice rang out.  Ruby stopped and looked around, a part of her thinking she was finally losing it.
      "I must finally be hearing things," Ruby said until she heard the voice again, a bit clearer than before.  She looked around once again just to make sure she wasn't dreaming.
      'Is this really possible?  How can I hear the voice again so suddenly?  Is this some kind of sign or something?' Ruby wondered while she walked around a bit.  She shook her head, a part of thinking the reason didn't really matter much.  She knew that she could trust the voice to guide her along the way and hopefully help her figure out what was going on.
      So then I said "well, Diamond and Pearl suck because the games are ultra slow, and Platinum is the only thing saving Sinnoh from being on par with Kalos or Alola in terms of..."  Um...Hi?  What the heck is this?  What's going on here.  I finally have access to the Ultra Moon stuff and now Sophocles is thanking me for something and giving me an Eject Button.  What even happened?  Ever since Episode 14 ended, I've been locked out of my Ultra Moon project.  I can only guess this was the work of the same person who's been breaking my script.  Well, no worries, it's over now.  Now we can start with Episode 15.
      Wait, what?  What do you mean there's already an Episode 15?  I never wrote an Episode 15.  And who even titled this episode?  I thought Team Rocket was censored...and wait, what?  Is the script fixed?  That's convenient.  How did that even happen?  This totally has something to do with the weird things going on since the whole Masked Royal case.
      Well...alright then.  I guess we're back in business.  I honestly had no intention of doing postgame since there's not even much to do in postgame, but we'll cross that bridge when we get to it.  Instead, let's talk about what goes down next here in the Gen 7 postgame.  According to the game, what comes next takes place straight away after the Rainbow Rocket incident at the Festival Plaza.  I won't argue with it, but to be honest, the whole thing just seems a little...eh.
      Anyway, how about we get on with the show.  But first...who named the Type: Null you get without a choice after Gladion the Edgelord?  It's also Modest, so it sucks too since Type: Null and Silvally learn almost no special attacks at all, or at least learn any worth using.  I'll have to box it later.  I'm beating around the bush, now, though.  After the whole Festival Plaza fiasco, I guess instead of taking care of those boxes, she taught her Meowth how to turn on the TV.  Pro tip, don't teach your pets to turn on electronics.
      After they walk away, we get to see a press conference from the Aether Paradise regarding the clouds that appeared over Poni Island, but we already know it was the whole Necrozma thing.  Lusamine, who is actually crazy and not a good person at all, kinda just drops the bomb and says it was Necrozma's fault.  I mean, we still get our praise and...Faba walks away.  Ok, I didn't like him anyway.  Moving on, as Lusamine rambles on, an Ultra Wormhole opens up and suddenly Rainbow Rocket guy tackles the cameraman.  Apparently, there's chaos, but let's be real here, not much is actually going on because Lusamine went after a mysterious man.
      And so, the Rainbow Rocket Episode begins, postgame content added into Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, and since we're here, we may as well nuzlocke it.  I know in the earlier stages of this run, I was on the fence about doing postgame, but at this point, I might as well do it.  It gives me more reasons to complain about these games and how...lackluster they are in my opinion.
      So...Ultra Wormholes are still a thing, and after that little moment, there's someone at the door again.  Because in this universe, people don't lock their doors, Lillie comes barging in, but at least she's nice about it...unlike a certain shirtless murderer I will be talking about briefly in the next episode.  Anyway, turns out she saw the Ultra Wormhole problem at Aether Paradise, and she just tells us that she's going to see what's going on.  I mean, we could always go and see what's up, but..we're not going to do that.
      Now, here's the thing.  We aren't being forced to go to Aether Paradise.  We can go there and handle business there anytime we want, so here's what we're gonna go.  Some new areas have been unlocked now that we're conqueror of Alola, and that means encounters.  That and I want to prove that these games lack in content.  I mean, at the time of writing this, Let's Go Pikachu and Eevee have just released and those games have disappointingly small amounts of postgame content even though in my honest opinion, the entire game is a disappointment.  We're not here to talk about those games, though.  Next time, we will be doing everything we can except the Rainbow Rocket stuff.  So, until next time.
      And no, I'm not catching the Tapus.  They're sort of in the same class as the Lake Trio, but better, and even though I will be bending rules soon for certain reasons, I am marking the Tapus in the same class as legendaries like Zygarde and Necrozma.  So yeah, we're not breaking the postgame extremely hard.  Anyway, with that out of the way, until the next episode.
      Also, the Rainbow Rocket grunt theme is fantastic and you'll be doing yourself a favor by listening to it.
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