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Andromeda Extra Information

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Neptune    1,173

Andromeda Station

This is an image of the station in orbit of the planet below.
(Artist Unknown)

The Andromeda Space Station is a large civilian run Station in a neutral part of space, construction completed in 2506. It orbits a large, Earth-like planet that is not claimed, and cannot be claimed by any one government, as it is considered an Intergalactic Planet. The only people allowed down to the surface are Scientists who want to study the planet and its ecology. It has an atmosphere breathable by humans, with slightly higher levels of oxygen. It has a unique ecosystem that Scientists find fascinating.

The Andromeda Station was set up by humans to act as a centre for representatives of any races to converge and negotiate with each other in the interests of peace. It acts as a go-between for the Milky Way Galaxy and the Andromeda Galaxy. Earth believes that one day, the two Galaxies would merge, and hopes to befriend their distant neighbours. Ambassadors from many different civilisations reside here, from both the Milky Way and Andromeda. It provides them a place to talk and negotiate with each other.

Before the creation of this station, humans had found a Jump Gate within the Milky Way Galaxy that was active, keeping a wormhole open. After careful study, they found that this wormhole connected to another Jump Gate in the Andromeda Galaxy. They were never able to find out who placed the gates there, or why, though here were some inconclusive theories. Using this chance, they set up the Andromeda Station to communicate with the new species they would encounter. Travel is possible both ways through these gates that connect the station to the Milky Way.

Not only is this a chance for representatives of different cultures to meet and talk with each other, it is also a chance for trade to occur between species. Anyone trying to make money, or find new opportunities, flock to the station in hopes of becoming rich. However, not everyone is able to make it big. As a result, there are a large number of poor people unable to afford passage off the station. The station attempts to house them, as well as provide jobs for them; however, they have limited space and jobs. As a result there is part of the station where crime is high, with little comfort, where Security have a hard time keeping the crime levels down. This area is extremely dangerous, and seedy exchanges can occur with little to no notice.

Some of the places in the Andromeda Station will get a bit of a description here; however, some of the much larger places will have their own Extra Information, which will be linked below as it would be far too much information to contain to this single extra information. Despite being in their own extra information, they are linked to Andromeda but may have their own limits in place. As the extra information is approved before it is added to this list, the limits must be observed to be able to roleplay in Andromeda. 

List of relevant links:

List of related Extra Information:

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  • EPSIFleet Sector 696 [aka. Vestibule of Enlightenment]
  • The Wet Hole (Bar)

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Neptune    1,173

The Station

This is an image of the station in orbit of the planet below.
(Artist unknown)

The station is several miles long, and is the only station within the system. There is a jump gate near the station, allowing ships to go to and fro between the station and  the Milky Way Galaxy. This has allowed them to begin friendships among the aliens within the Andromeda Galaxy. The station orbits around the planet below it, powered by an immense power core that generates power, as well as absorbing solar power from the sun. This ensures that they have more than enough power to be used by the inhabitants. For air and water, the station has numerous purification plants that recycle the air and water, to remove impurities and mix more oxygen into the air. All the quarters have much smaller air and water filtration, so that someone could be isolated within a room and still be able to survive. This only occurs in dire emergencies such as an attack or disaster, like an asteroid colliding with the station. Due to the fact that it is a civilian station, and due to the amount of traffic going in and out of the station, it has no full use shields. It would have to turn them down every time a ship wanted to leave, or enter, so they only have an emergency shield that can be used for short periods of time. This means that ships would be unable to leave or enter the Station when the shield is active. It also has a defence system of powerful turrets that cover the station and allow it to fire in multiple directions. This not only defends the station from attackers, but also defends against asteroids heading towards them.

When ships come to dock at the station, they have to communicate with the station and await the signal to dock with it. The docking bay is (Relative to the image shown above) on the underside of the station. Currently, only small and medium sized vessels are able to dock directly with the station, while larger ships either have to transport passengers aboard or use a smaller ship for the transfer. Docking procedures must be obeyed, otherwise it could cause a serious accident that may take a while to clear out. Once docked, the ship can then be left by the passenger(s). The dock workers will unload the ship, or perform maintenance if they are paid to do so (Unless it's a ship of alien design, then they may not have the experience to do so.). If a passenger is looking to stay at the station for a period of time it is best to seek out the Quarter Masters, who will be more than happy to assign them quarters and show where all the facilities are, providing that the passenger has the money for it. 

While at the station, all visitors and civilian residents are free to roam where they wish, as long as they stay clear of the off-limit areas of the ship such as the command centre and the engineering rooms. Staff have the same freedom, but are allowed into restricted areas if they have the right clearance. For example, Command staff are able to enter the command centre, whereas the dock workers couldn't. If anyone attempts to go into an area they are not supposed to, they will be confronted by security and asked about their intentions. If they suspect that it may be someone with a malicious intent, then they may arrest them for questioning. But otherwise, unless characters are committing a crime, they will not be bothered by the staff (unless it's an important plot device). 

An imagine of what one would expect one of the centre ring corridors to look like
(Occulus Sci-Fi Corridor demo by mdk)

The station is comprised of two main rings; the inner and outer ring. The outer ring is mainly living space, with some other facilities sprinkled throughout. The inner ring is where much of the community space is, such as shops and restaurants. There is even an observation level that gives a view into space and of the planet below. On that level, the shop space is mainly bought by restaurant owners, so most restaurants on the station are on this deck. The command centre is in the central spire, and is off-limits to most of the stations occupants. This is where the station staff work to keep the station running as smoothly as possible. On the lower levels of this central ring are the docking bays, as well as the main power core. The power core is, again, off-limits to most of the stations occupants. Unless a character has received special permission to be there by the station staff, they will be prevented by security from entering. (This means permission from the roleplay owner. You will need permission from me to enter all off-limit areas)

Down Below

This is an image of what one of the corridors in Down Below look like.
(Star Citizen concept art)

Despite the best efforts of the station staff, they are not able to house everyone free of charge, nor find everyone a job. Many people come to the station, under the illusion that the station would help provide a better life for them. For most of these people, they come to realise that their dreams would never come true here. While they may have some money, unless they can find a decent job, their money will run out and they would no longer be able to afford to live on the station. They are not even able to afford passage off of the station, either, so they remain trapped. Most find themselves on the decks of 'down below', a very poor area that is rife with crime. It can be very dangerous, unless a person knows how to defend themselves properly. Due to the crime levels it is only lightly policed, as they have had numerous security officers murdered on duty. This means that a large number of illegal activities happen here. Drugs, gambling and prostitution are just a few examples. This is a place where, if you find a quiet corner, conversations will not be overheard. But without the proper protection, it is not advised to go Down Below. There are a number of clinics where residents of these levels can receive free treatment, despite the risk to the medical staff. The station tries to help everyone that they can, but the unfortunate truth is that they cannot provide housing and jobs to everyone, especially when they are flooded with people. They also cannot afford to be able to send them home, but they really do try their best. This is a problem that has existed since the station was made publicly open.

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Neptune    1,173

Station Inhabitants

Station Staff

The Station Staff are the ones that keep Andromeda Station up and running, and making sure that order is kept. The staff list is large, from the Captain to Cleaners. They are all NPC and are generally polite and helpful. They try and make sure that everyone has a place to sleep and are kept safe, although there is a limit as to how much they can do. In an attempt to keep the crime levels down, they try and make sure that those living on the station have a job in which to earn money, but there aren’t always jobs available and they are not allowed to send people away from the station if they cannot afford to do so. While the staff are generally polite, sometimes a situation has occurred where station staff have been unfair to those on board, however they are always punished for their behaviour. 

The Commander of the station acts as the Ambassador from Earth, and thus is usually present at public meetings. They will try to be fair to all, and be good with the other ambassadors, while trying to keep the station running smoothly. His command staff help, helping direct flow of space traffic in and out of the station. A list of the command staff is laid out below (While NPC, they are playable by me. Just let me know if you need a character to interact with one of the Commanding staff. If what you’re after falls within the scope of the character, then there shouldn’t be a problem but I will ask what you want from them.):

Station Commander:

Name: Alexander Churchill
Rank: Captain
Information: Captain Alexander Churchill is a distinguished military man who took control of the Andromeda Station not long after it became operational. He is firm but fair in his command style, expecting no more from his staff than what he would do himself. He wants to keep the population on the station as safe as possible, while wanting to keep the peace between different races and species. He is approachable, and tries his best to listen to all sides of the story, but he would make his opinion known. He is very honest and straightforward with everyone. He doesn’t waste time beating around the bush, so is very blunt and to the point. He has survived several wars that the humans have been involved in; including the civil war with Mars, where a terrorist organisation attempted to take control of the planet by force. He has many medals of distinction awarded for his actions during the fighting, marking him as a fierce warrior and capable officer. 

(Character from Hetalia)

1st Officer:

Name: Karla Stewart
Rank: Commander
Information: Karla is second in command on the station after the Captain. Like he is, she is firm but fair in her dealings with station inhabitants. She is quite headstrong and stubborn, which does cause her to clash with colleagues or other station inhabitants, but she will admit if she has been wrong. Despite her headstrong nature, she tries to be fair to those on the station, and attempts to appear approachable, however, she is well known for her headstrong nature. Like the Captain, she has served in several wars, and was even commanding one of the ships that helped turn the tide in the war with the terrorist group on Mars, after the original Captain had died. Her main duty on the Andromeda Station is to help things run smoothly, and is in charge of deciding which ships can dock at the station.

(Character from Armored Core)

Chief of security

Name: Christopher Barnes
Rank: Lieutenant Commander
Information: Christopher, like the Captain and the Second in Command, served in several wars. He was not a soldier like they were, but he was a very good tactician that helped several campaigns become successful. While not in the wars, he was a Police Officer on Earth, and thus decided to become Chief of Security when the Andromeda Station opened up. He’s very good at getting to the bottom of crimes, and doesn’t like others coming along and taking control of an investigation he is leading. Christopher sometimes doesn’t appear to take his job very seriously, but it is one of the things that he feels is most important to him. So while he may appear laid back and lazy, he will focus completely on his job. He does, however, have a problem with alcohol as well as a love for Looney Toons.  

(Dio Junyou Weinberg from Buddy Complex anime)

Chief Medical

Name: Daniel Tucker
Rank: Commander
Information: Daniel is a kind, compassionate man, who will treat any patient regardless of his personal feelings, and regardless of who they are. He sees everyone as a potential patient to treat. He doesn’t like to anger or upset people in day to day conversation, but when there is a patient that he needs to treat, he will become completely focused on them. He is efficient in his command of his staff, giving them tasks that help increase the chances of a patient's survival. He is very dedicated to his job, and will often forgo sleeping or eating in order to help someone. He’s also very dedicated to his research.

(Character from Nico Nico Singer)

Permission to dock a ship will be required. If there is a large ship that does not have transportation technology, then they will be required to orbit the station or planet, and send a shuttle to dock with the station. Landing on the planet also requires permission and even then, only Scientific expeditions are allowed. 

Dock workers work hard to assign a ship a docking bay and to quickly unload any cargo ships. They are efficient and, for the most part, polite. An extension of the Dock Workers include what is affectionately known as "Quartermasters" whose job is to assign visitors with quarters that they can afford. They arrange rent payment, and help people settling in. They are also the ones to go to if you have no job or money. They will attempt to find you a job and quarters so that you can save up to get off of the station. 

The Quartermaster:

Name: Lydia Crawford
Rank: Lieutenant
Information: Lydia hasn’t served in many fights or wars, but she is very good at organising places for people to sleep, and food for them to eat, as well as jobs that they can do. She enjoys being able to assign beds and jobs to people, as the organisational side of things is very satisfying to her. She is quite kind and sweet, however she will not allow anyone to take advantage of her or make her do what she doesn’t want. She is very approachable, and does her best to help everyone that needs it.

(Drawn by artist Itori of Setsuko Ohara in Super Robot Wars)

Around the station are various restaurants and bars. These are usually owned by businessmen, as well as other civilians, making a living on the station. They will need to pay a charge to the station for renting out space for your establishment. They have their own on-site kitchens to prepare their food. These restaurants and Bars can be a location within the Andromeda Station, and would require an Extra Information with details like the food they sell and opening times, as well a description. It is the same as any shops that are on the station as well.

While you need to pay for the best medical care, there are a number of free clinics that can be used by those who cannot afford it. They are not expected to pay for this, and get the best treatment possible for the limited resources the Clinics have (which considering the advancements, this can help people with a lot of problems). To prevent abuse from the richer who can afford to pay for their own treatment, the free care is only available to those who cannot afford it. 


Ambassadors are the representatives of the races that reside here on the station. They negotiate treaties, among other things, with other governments. While they can still be held accountable by their own government, while at the Andromeda Station they have Diplomatic Immunity, which means they are free from prosecution; however, an Ambassador committing crimes on the Andromeda Station will be expelled from the station to return home, and a replacement asked for. They have their own quarters that are paid for by their own government. They attend weekly meetings set up by the human Commander, who is also an Ambassador for Earth. 

If you have created your own race, and wish for them to be an Ambassador, then you are free to do so. However they will need a Species Extra Information Thread in the Extra Information Thread that gives details about the species. The Ambassador can be one of your playable characters, and will take up a character space. If you wish for them to have an assistant, you can either have someone else play them, have them as another major character, or make them into a minor character for your Ambassador. 

Station Residents

Most of the residential population on Andromeda Station is made up of people of all species that earn enough to afford good sized quarters. They are either going through the station and pausing for a break, waiting for another ship, or they own a business on the station. There are those within this group that work on the station in various jobs, like being a nurse, mechanic or cleaner. Unless they have committed a crime, they are free to roam the station as they wish, but have to stay out of restricted areas like the command bridge and maintenance rooms (like the power core).

There is a section of the station often referred to as "Down Below". This is where people who have little money, no job or quarters. It is quite often the case that the station has no jobs or cheap quarters available, causing the population in this part of the station. Down below is only lightly Policed; as such crime is high in this area, and Ambassadors are advised never to enter. In Down Below, there is a high chance that someone can be mugged, assaulted and even murdered. The conditions are poor, often having little in the way of hygiene or space. 

Occasionally a gang can appear but Station Security try to keep that down to a minimum. Things such as gambling and prostitution are common in this part of the station which often adds to the crime of this area, due to problems that can arise such as people getting into debt with the wrong people, or the sexual assault of a prostitute. 

People here sleep whenever and wherever they can, getting a very tiny and cramped cabin if they are lucky. This leaves people vulnerable and open for assault. In Down Below there are several Free Clinics, where the population of Down Below can get free medical care only available to people living in that part of the station. Despite the bad conditions, the Station Staff always try and find these people a job that pays enough to get them into better accommodation and into a better part of the station, or even a way to get them off of the station. Due to the fact that it is a dangerous place to go, and because it is lightly policed, it provides a good place to hold discussions that some might not want to be overheard. 

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Neptune    1,173


Command Staff and Ambassadors

The largest of the Quarters belongs to the Command Staff and the Ambassadors. The rooms are provided to them as rather plain and nondescript, though they are able to decorate them however they wish. This allows visiting Diplomats to bring a little of their home with them to make them more comfortable. It is kitted out with the most high tech of human technology. They have access terminals that are voice or touch activated, which can be used to access public information, make calls or store information. The bedroom and the small bathroom do not have any windows giving a view of outer space, however, the seating and kitchen area does. This allows them to peer out into space, or at the planet the station orbits. If they get tired of the space view, however, the thick glass (activated by voice or touch) can display whatever the user wants. It will dim the outside part of the window and display the images that were wanted. This can be Entertainment feeds, a scene from their planet or they can chose from a range of default 'landscapes'. This landscapes are images from Earth, which can whatever you wish to be. The default ones may also contain some images from different species homeworlds, as Andromeda may ask for some when a new Ambassador is coming onto the station. They would obviously be alright if the answer is no.

Each quarters are their own space and, unless an Ambassador does something to get expelled from the Station, they are free to do as they wish within. They have the capability to prepare food, as they have a working water dispenser, oven, heating pad, fridge/freezer, water boiler and extraction, as well as also having storage for their own food. The furniture within can be replaced by whatever the occupant wants. The bathroom has the usual toilet facilities and has real water showers that they can use, but also have the option of a sonic shower that gets any dirt and grease off the user. 

Basic Quarters
These are the basic quarters for the command staff and Ambassadors. It isn't very exciting, but it can be changed to something much more suitable to the occupants choice.

(Room concept by Bulgarian design studio BOZHINOVSKI DESIGN)

Basic Bedroom

Again, this is the image for the basic command staff and Ambassador bedroom. It's very plain, but all the facilities are there, including a small bathroom. It can be changed to something much more suitable to the occupants choice.

(Room concept by KLab Architecture)

Standard Quarters

The standard quarters are for anyone that can afford it. This includes station workers, merchants or temporarily for those passing through. These quarters consist of two rooms; the main living area with a kitchen and dining room, and bedroom with a small bathroom. The bathroom has the toilet facilities and a sonic shower. Near the entrance of the main room is a small kitchen to the right when seen from the entrance, and a small table that seats two to the left. Directly in front of the door is the bedroom area that will either have a single bed, or a double which costs slightly more. It often comes with a clean, simple pillow and a thin sheet as the temperature can be controlled within the room. This area also has a little more shelving and storage for clothes and other items. For the rooms that are up against the outer hull of the Station, occupants can fully  enjoy a view of space. Like with the Ambassador's quarters, the outside of the windows can be dimmed and images of the occupants choice made to cover the screen. This is voice and touch activated. They also have an access terminal that is voice and touch activated. It can access communications and public information, and store information. Their own personal computer is cleaned when they leave the quarters and give up ownership of them. They are free to leave the quarters whenever they wish, either for jobs, shopping or to hang out with friends. If they commit crimes on the station, they may spend some time in the jails, or even be kicked off the station.

Main room

This is where the occupant prepares and eats their meals (if they choose not to eat out), and spend their time when not sleeping, working, or just spending time elsewhere in the station. While it isn't seen in the image itself, opposite the kitchen area is a small table suitable to sit two people. There is also a set of shelves by the door where the occupant can store things. This is all that there are in the standard quarters, except the terminal.

(3D Room concept by Daniel Brown CGI)


While it appears to be larger than the main room, it is not. It has a single, small bed, with the rest of the space is given to storage, that you cannot see clearly in the image. But most of the floor space is clear and there is plenty of space to move around. There is an option for a room with a double bed, but as said above, it is slightly more expensive.

(Unknown concept designer)

Shared Quarters

The shared Quarters are the cheapest of the quarters on the station. You often have no say as to who you are sharing with, so it may be with complete strangers. Each room comes with four beds and a single wardrobe, with a pull out stool. The space is tiny, and is only really used for sleeping. The beds come with a blanket and pillow that is fresh each time someone rents out one of the beds. Your items can be stored in secure lockers within the room itself, by the door. The room itself is also temperature controlled (though you’ll have to fight three other occupants over the settings), and comes with its own life support system. There is also a tiny bathroom with two small showers and toilets. There is no kitchen in the quarters themselves, but there is a communal kitchen that is shared between four rooms. It is large enough to allow several people to cook at the same time. Another alternative would be to seek out food elsewhere on the station. 


This is an image of what part of the bedroom looks like. There are two bunk beds per room, making a total of four beds. Lockers are provided to keep belongings safe. There is also a small door leading to the bathroom. It is small, but perfect if you are low on money or only staying for a night or two.

(Unknown concept designer)

Communal Kitchen

This kitchen is shared between four shared rooms. It is fully stocked with the utensils needed, which are chipped so that they set off an alarm if someone attempts to remove them, thus summoning security. It appears large, but that is because it is equipped to serve several people at once.

(Room concept by Stephen Geaghan)

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