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Andromeda Trading Station

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Andromeda Trading Station

(NASA Ames/SETI Institute/JPL-Caltech)

In a neutral zone on the edge of the Andromeda Galaxy, in the darkness of space, lies a Space Station. This is the Andromeda Trading Station. Within the same solar system as the station is a jump gate that links to the Milky Way Galaxy, and Earth. On the station, Merchants come from all over both Galaxies for a chance to trade with other races. This station is run by humans, but is home to hundreds of alien species that are there for trade.

Not only does it serve as a place of commerce, it is also a platform for Diplomatic parties of various species to come and speak to one another in a neutral part of space, as fighting and wars are not allowed to occur. The station is heavily armed to oppose any violent ships intent on war.

Here you can create your own race, with their own culture and rules. Have them come to the station to trade or negotiate with others. How could it ever go bad?

Skill level: Expert

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EcchiDreams Standard Roleplay Rules, plus:

  • Posts must be at least one paragraph long, with a good amount of detail, and with good grammar and spelling (barring mistakes). Anything less than a paragraph, such as a one line post, will be removed and the member in question requested to not do that again. If you consistently post less than a paragraph, then your posts will be removed and you will be asked to leave the roleplay.
  • No one can make a character that is of one of the Epsian/UFF species without my strict permission. Also, non-Epsian/UFF species will not be allowed to wander onto the property/territory of Epsian/UFF species without permission. If a character attempts to trespass, they will be met with potentially lethal hostility.
  • The exceptions being The Wet Hole, and Jen’starrs Bar and Restaurant, as these serve customers on the Andromeda Station. 
  • Anyone is able to create their own species, and have them have their own planet/territory in space as well as an ambassador. However it will require a very detailed extra information before it can be added to the list of related extra information.

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This post is a joint post written by:

@Neptune - Kellina Dansken
@Jambalyre - Moira Dansken

Location: Unknown System, 12.53 Light Years from Andromeda Station.

“You ain’t getting away from me, fuckface!” An angry voice called out, as a shower of sparks descended on the speaker, a tall blonde woman with sparkling, angry blue eyes. She hissed as the sparks stung her exposed skin. She hoped that they wouldn’t leave any marks on her otherwise flawless skin. She pushed the throttle control forward, causing their small fighter, the Stella-Kelpie to lunge forward as she went after her prey. The ship being flown by their target was slightly larger than their small fighter, however it was still a relatively small class of ship designed for a very small crew. It belonged to a man that Kellina and her sister were hunting. A man called Jonathan Randell, who took a delight in the exploitation of sentient beings. He would traffic them all over the Galaxy to enter into slavery in a large slavery empire. He killed without discrimination, and he had hurt thousands of people, and destroyed the lives of millions. And now he had numerous bounties on his head worth millions. And Kellina and Moira were there to try and catch him, although the bounty contract stated that he could be brought back Dead or Alive. It didn’t matter, but the sisters always tried to bring their Bounties back alive.

“Keep on him, Kelli!” Her sister's voice came over the comm. Kellina slowed down the ship slightly, before she then twisted the controller, causing their small fighter to twist and turn before she throttled forward as she pursued their slippery prey, “Yeah, yeah, I know.” Kellina flippantly replied. Her entire focus was on the ship before her, and she didn’t have time to listen to Moira, especially when she was saying what she already knew. Kellina glanced at the screen in front of her, checking the status of her weapons as well as the condition of their ship. The shields were damaged, and they had slight hull damage. Her eyes flickered back up as she caught sight of the ship, growing larger as she inched her way closer.

The moment he was within weapons range, Kellina began to unleash fire upon him. Their ship had two large lasers, gimbaled so that they followed their target. Kellina had targeted the opposing ships thrusters, however something unexpected happened. The ship blew up. Kellina stopped her fire, before slowing the ship down and angling slightly away so that they were not caught up in the fiery blast.

“I thought we agreed to not blow them up this time!” Moira called over the comm. Kellina shrugged as she flicked a few switches, “It was an accident. I shot for the thrusters, so he must have had some serious flaw with them. It’s not my fault. Don’t worry so much; we can still collect the full bounty if we kill him. We just need to… find something of him.” She said, before turning back towards the wreckage of the ship, “And that might take a little bit…” She sighed. A similar sigh came over the comm from Moira, and Kellina could hear her sister speak softly, in an almost reverent tone, “Be fearful all who be unbelieving, abominable, murderers, whoremongers and all liars, for I bear the will of God. All shall be afraid; for I beareth the sword yet not in vain: For I, in the name of the Lord, am a revenger upon he who doeth evil. And I will execute upon them with furious vengeance and terrible rage; and they will know that I am the will of the Lord. Ye shall burneth within the fire and brimstone lakes of hell: which is second only to death! Habbakuk, 2:22 Motherfucker.”

“I’ll take care of that. You just keep us still.” Moira then told her, before the comm cut out. Kellina sighed and sat back, crossing her arms as she impatiently waited. She knew that her sister was down in engineering, rigging up one of her genius inventions. A little bored, he began to absently scan parts of the wreckage. There were some things in the cargo hold, but it was nothing worth taking. They appeared to be some personal things that Kellina had no interest in. If it was something of value, then she would snap that up quickly and either keep it, or sell it to make some more money. Either would work for her.

By the time Kellina was almost bouncing with impatience, Moira once more spoke through the comm, “Alright, I’ve programmed some of the drones to search and retrieve any organic matter. Hopefully we can salvage it before the vacuum of space ruins the samples.” She said. Kellina snorted as she released the drones, “That would be our fucking luck. It would also be a good idea to grab some parts of the ship so that they can be identified as his.” She said. The drones make quick work of getting the samples, and once they were back, Kelli asked, “Do they have everything?”

“Yes. We got very lucky. His head stayed intact, for the most part. Enough to easily identify him. And some of his fingers, so DNA, fingerprints and iris scans can be done. And we also have several pieces of the ship” Moira responded, sounding slightly distracted as if she was concentrating on something. “Fucking awesome.” Kellina responded with a grin, feeling excited about cashing in this bounty. Quickly, she turned the ship and headed back towards the jump gate nearby that they could use to jump into hyperspace to get to Andromeda Station quicker than heading there in a straight line. They were lucky that their target was in such a well-travelled system, so it was easy tracking him down. It would take them several hours to get back to the Andromeda Station, which Kellina knew it would cause unease for her sister for the risk of being attacked and their precious cargo stolen. But Kellina knew that she could keep one step ahead of the others. It was how she had found the bastard in the first place.

They reached the gate after an hour of straight flying, and Kellina activated the gate causing a gate into hyperspace to open up. She aimed the ship into it, before they were completely surrounded by hyperspace. To the eyes, it appeared to be red in colour, with varying shades of blacks, orange and yellows. It also seemed very big, and very lonely. But Kellina followed the buoys that were left in place that would guide her to the correct destination. Kellina was left to her own company in the cockpit of the ship, as her sister was still in engineering doing whatever geniuses like her did. Kellina had to remain where she was, to keep them on course. There was no way she was going to allow them to drift, and become lost.

They arrived back at Andromeda several hours later. The gate near the station opened up and their fighter came shooting out of the hyperspace window and headed closer to the station. Kellina felt relieved, because this meant that they could park their ship, collect their money and she could go and celebrate. As their ship got closer to the Station, she opened a channel,

“Yo, Andromeda. Stella-Kelpie here, requesting to dock.” She said, slowing down her ship as she was awaiting a response. The voice of Karla Stewert came back, “Acknowledged, Stella-Kelpie. Sending docking information now.” Kellina looked at the screen, noting where they were to go before she increased her speed and headed to the docking bay. She slowed down when she approached the mouth of the Station. She aligned the ship with the station’s rotation and slowly entered the long docking bay. They then entered the large, round docking bay that was ringed with numerous docking pads, that were filled with ships. Kellina headed for their pad, heading sharply down. When close, she pulled the nose of the ship up sharply as the landing gear emerged. The ship then landed gently on the landing pad. As Kellina powered down the engine, she grinned, “Another perfect landing.” She boasted as she signalled the pad to take them down. The landing pad sank down, before the docking pad closed above them. Their ship was turned around, before they came back and parked smoothly into the landing bay. Kellina pushed back from the flight controls before getting up and stretching as she felt stiff from sitting down for so long. 

She then made her way down to engineering where she found Moira hunkered over one of her computer screens. As Kellina approached, Moira said, “I’ve already alerted the contact, and they’re coming here now.” 

“Good. The sooner the better.” Kellina said, before she went over to the table which contained the organic matter, as well as scraps from the ship. She peered at the head, which had half of the face seared off and horrifically burnt. But the other side of the face was completely intact, and the brown eye stared up at her blankly as the mouth hung open as if screaming silently. Kellina picked up a wrench and poked the head with it, causing it to rock slightly.

“Will you stop that, Kelli,” Moira scolded, snatching the wrench and eyeing it critically for signs of flesh and brains. “You know I don’t like getting shit on my tools.” 

Kellina glanced at her, “You’re such a delicate flower, Moira. It can be easily cleaned off.” Kellina told her. 

“Sure it can, but it's bad manners to get blood and shit on another Engineers tools, besides you keep poking this thing, it’s going to roll off and get more blood and shit on things, and I don’t want it rolling around in my Engineering like a loose football,” Moira said, waving the the wrench in Kellina’s direction to emphasise her point. “And I will make you clean it up. Forget the micro sterilisation scanner, it will be the old fashioned toothbrush.” 

Kellina wrinkled her nose in disgust before she flicked her fingers dismissively, “Don’t worry, I know how to deal with men. Especially their heads. It’s not like I wanted to impale his eye with your tools. We kinda need that eye right now.” 

Her sister looked like she wanted to say something, but scoffed is disgust instead and turned back to her computer.

Kellina sat down heavily in a chair, impatiently tapping her foot on the floor as she awaited the arrival of their contact. The minutes dragged by and Kellina began idly playing with various tools and objects and Moira, just as idly, telling her to stop. Finally, the contact let Moira know that they were there, and her sister went off to let them onto the ship. She then brought them back, revealing it to be a well dressed human. The man glanced at Kellina before he began scanning the remained that they had collected.

“We did try to keep him alive, however he had a flaw in his thrusters that caused his ship to blow up as we fired upon the thrusters to disable his ship.” Moira explained to the man. He glanced up at her, before looking back down, “You’ve provided enough evidence to prove that you’ve completed the contract. This man was a very sick individual. He deserved death, although some would have preferred he face trial. But a lot of people will be glad he’s dead, myself included.” He replied as he scanned the remains of the ship. Once he was done, he pulled out a small tablet from his pocket. He pressed a few things before asking, “How are you wanting the reward split?”

“Evenly between us two.” Moira responded, as Kellina sat there quietly, watching the exchange. Moira always took control of these deals, which was fine with her. Moira was very good at negotiating, whereas Kellina tended to not be. The man nodded, before drawing out two credit chits and inserting them into the tablet before he handed them over, “The credits will be available to you within the hour. Enjoy your rewards, ladies, you’ve done a great service.” He said, smiling at them. As Kellina took it, she felt a thrill of excitement. This moment always made this job so rewarding. She continued watching as Moira packed the remains of the target and his ship in a box. They no longer wanted it, and the man could have his remains dealt with by the contact. When the man finally left, Kellina jumped up,

“Yaahooo!” She cried, bouncing over to Moira and engulfing her in a large, tight hug. Moira let out a strangled noise, as Kellina almost suffocated her. The blonde let go of her sister, grinning, “Hey, you wanna go celebrate with a drink at the ol’ Wet Hole?” She asked.

“No, thanks. I have some things that need doing. I will be here if you need me to, I don’t know, maybe pay your bail money,” Moira replied with a small grin.. 

“Maybe. But not right now. Right now, I wanna down a few drinks. It’s not like the bail fee is going anywhere.” Kellina grinned, tilting her head slightly up at her sister.

“Apart from the bar tab, perhaps your right, just becareful,” Moira said, waving her sister away to concentrate on the computer screen with a diagnostic programme running on the engines. 

“Alright, but if you change your mind, you know where to find me!” She said, before turning and leaving engineering. She made a stop off in her bedroom where she went to her bed. Kneeling down, she fished out a safe, which she used a iris scan, to unlock it. It had several items inside of it, mainly credit chits but also some odd pieces. Pieces that were all she had left of her parents, and her love. She took out a couple of the credit chits, before putting the large money one inside. It was not something she wanted to carry around with her. She pushed the credit chits into her cleavage, before she locked up her safe, shoving it under her bed then she left her ship to head towards the Wet Hole, leaving Moira on the ship.

Location: Section 3D, Down below and Medlab.

An agonised scream echoed down the corridor as people scrambled away from a stumbling figure that stood hunched over screaming in agony as he was clutching his head. At his feet lay an unconscious figure, but it was hard to see who it was, as they were covered with filthy rags. The man stumbled further down the corridor, still screaming in agony, “OH, GOD! MAKE IT STOP! PLEASE! MAKE IT STOP!” 

His eyes were popping out of their eye sockets, and his face was sweating profusely. He stumbled again, collapsing into a pile of boxes which he knocked over. He struggled to his feet again, before he stumbled into another pile but this time he remained still as he slipped into unconsciousness. The corridor was now completely silent, empty save for the two unconscious figures. Several minutes later, several security men appeared on the scene. They called for medical assistance, before they tried to find anything about the crime scene that would indicate what had happened, but they were unable to find anything. 

The two figures were rushed to the medlab, where Daniel Tucker, the Chief of Medical, immediately came over to inspect the two of them. He turned to the man, who was tossing and turning on the medical bed. He frowned as he checked his vitals, which were erratic and unstable and his blood pressure was falling fast. It appeared that he was under the influence of some kind of drug. His head kept tossing as he mumbled phrases like, “It’s falling… on me…! It’s falling!” He sounded panicked, as he whimpered painfully between each half formed phrase. He looked at one of his doctors, who was inspecting the secondary patient,

“Status?” He asked. The woman looked at him, “Traumatic shock, complete lack of consciousness, respiration and heart rate are well below normal and EEG readings well below normal.” She reported. As he turned back towards the first patient, drawing a blood sample to get the blood analysed, the doctor spoke again, “I think the cases may be related.” Daniel handed the vial of blood to an assistant as he turned back, “How do you figure that?” He asked. 

“She’s a Geological Consultant. Six months ago, she was doing a survey on a colony planet. She became trapped by a rockfall and broke her leg in the process.” She told him. Daniel looked back towards the man, “Oh hell…” He sighed, before ordering, “Check her neural pathways,” He then turned to the assistant, “I want to know exactly what is in his blood. Look specifically for traces of dust.” He nodded back towards the female doctor, “Thank you.” He nodded. As the two patients were wheeled away, he went over to his small office area and sat down, rubbing at his face. This was not good.

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Colab Post: This post was a collaboration between myself and @Neptune who did the Christopher and "Feminine Voice" from the toilets parts. We did this over at Google Docs before transferring it to here on EcchiDreams. 

Location: The Lone Wolf (Jake’s Vulture), Edge of the System where Andromeda Station is located, Andromeda Galaxy

Jake brought his ship around and returned fire on the ship that was attacking him, he received a communication from the Andromeda Station “Starfury fighters are being dispatched to render you assistance. Hang in there Jake.” to which Jake responded “You’re not going to get here in time… I’m going to have to activate self destruct.” He said because of what the alien ship was trying to do, which he couldn’t let happen. 

Brilliant orange beams erupted from Jake’s phaser cannons on the front of his ship which hit the alien ship’s shields, the computer reported “Enemy Shields are down to seventy-six-percent” The enemy returned fire causing his ship to jolt violently, as the computer reported “Shields Offline.” The  alien ship grabbed his in a tractor beam and pulled it up to it’s underside, the weakest spot on the alien ship. He could hear drilling through the hull as they attempted to board, they drilled through a line that was used to power the shield emitters “Shields Power Conduits dam- correction, destroyed.” Jake said “Computer. Begin silent self destruct sequence. Authorisation Jake-Gamma-Epsilon-Six-Forty-two. Set for Ten Minutes… Unless I let go of this this button then take it down to a minute.” He said taking the device out of the flight controller and holding down the button. The computer announced “Alert. Self Destruct Sequence Activated. Ten Minutes, till Self Destruct. There will be no more warnings after this.” 

Jake was unable to do anything as the ship above him clamped down through the areas where there was no Neutronium, their drill was also drilling through an unprotected piece. The drilling stopped as the computer said “Intruder Alert. Activating Automatic Defence Systems.” He could hear in the corridor behind him, from a Defence Bot, in a deep but synthetic voice “Your presence on board this ship is unauthorised. You will be detained.” Then there was a small explosion to which the bot kept saying “Your presence… Hostile… Hostile… Hos-tile…” It seemed to power down, Jake stood up with the device in his hand, as the doors opened, he looked at the aliens and said “I have in my hand the detonator. Do you understand? If you kill me, this whole ship goes boom.” 

“You’re bluffing.” The Alien responded. Jake shook his head “No, I’m not. There’s a self destruct sequence, and it’s counting down. If you kill me you will not be able to take any of the technology here. You will have exactly one minute to leave the ship or boom, baby.” He then pointed at a screen that displayed the count down. “See. When I let go of this button.” He let go of the button, the ship changed the count down to one minute. “Oh whoops” He said sarcastically “Well I go down and I take your ship down with me.” One of the aliens turned to his superior and said “He’s insane! Just leave it. This isn’t worth our lives.” The other alien glared at Jake before saying “We have no reason to keep you alive then.” He shot at Jake, and it seemed to connect throwing him back onto the console before he limply fell onto the floor, the aliens then took their leave, unsuccessful in taking the ship for themselves. 

Location: The Wet Hole (Bar), Andromeda Station, Andromeda Galaxy. 

Jen’starr blinked at him “Okay… So if they killed you, how are you alive right now? What happened?” Christopher seemed equally as entrenched into Jake’s story “Yeah because by the time we got to you it was them that were in trouble, not you.” Jake said “Well it seems to me that I took down a criminal group, without a bounty on their heads. A criminal group that have given both your pirates and your security staff a head ache. To hear the rest of the story, you guys are going to have to pay up. A hundred credits each, from both of you.” He smirked. 

Jen’starr and Chris glanced at each other before giving off a sigh, before Jen’starr reached down between her cleavage and Christopher reached into his own pocket before both of them pulled out one hundred credits on a credit chit each and handed it to him which he transferred to his balance “Cheers guys… I’ll have another drink, and whatever you two want is on me.” Christopher said “Orange Juice please.” Jen’starr got herself an Epsian Spirit which was deep purple in colour, and poured Christopher a cold refreshing glass of Orange Juice, Jake paid up and asked “Before I tell you what I left out, and how I took care of it, would you like to make any guesses first?” Jake asked. 

Jen’starr replied “Localised Forcefield.” Jake shook his head.

Chris replied “Nanites?” Jake shook his head, as Jen’starr said “Nanites don’t make you indestructible. There is a reason why they use a Neural Energy Sapper on us, because the nanites are not immune to that, at least not their version anyway.” 

Christopher thought again before asking “Body armour?” Jake shook his head. 

Jen’starr stared at Jake intently before shaking her head “No idea.” Jake looked at Christopher who said “Come on, the suspense is killing me. How did you do it?” Jake smirked and said “I wasn’t actually on the bridge… My hologram was, I was controlling it from my holosuite, I figured that if they couldn’t take it, then if I wasn’t bluffing they’d be safe, if I was then they can come back when I was dead and take what they want. I had to think what if I was them. Back then they were approaching, I went to the Holosuite and got myself in a simulation which controlled me on the bridge. When they left, I de-activated the self destruct sequence with just four seconds to spare and then went to fucking warp, fucked my ship in the ass! But I survived. So did my new friend here.” he said putting his hand on on the ExoSin Wraither Wolf on his head and scratching lightly behind his ears. The Wolf tilted its head and pressed it up into his hand affectionately. Jen’starr peered over the bar to look at the sitting wolf and asked “Yes; I was going to ask about that.” 

Christopher said “That’s no ordinary Wolf. It can talk. It’s called Rougey.” Rougey replied “He.” To which Christopher looked at the Wolf and said “Er… Right. He’s called Rougey.” Jen’starr raised her eyebrow “A talking Wolf, huh? Is that one of those ExoSinian Wraithers I’ve heard about?” Jake nodded “We met when I completed the first contract, taking that Aldy’r back to Aymar Prime, I also found Adi on the way, in this station in fact. The Aymar had no idea how he got here.” To which Christopher asked “That lilac coloured -thing- running around, about five inches tall? He kept giving us the slip.” Jake nodded again “That’s the little bugger” He said giving a small chuckle. 

Jen’starr said “Yeah; I want to hear how that played out at some point. What’s this thing you mentioned. About the T.L.U.R (T-Lur: Threat Level Under Reported) Contract?” Jake scowled and brought his hand back up from Rougey before taking his drink and sipping on it “Ah yes… The one where the resistance expected was low, and was priced as such, but was ridiculously high. That’s why I was gone for seven weeks longer than I should have been. It was one of your contracts Jen’starr, the one I thankfully left, last.”

Jen’starr growled and said “Keep going…” Jake said “Well… The system I was in had a few automated defences. Getting past them wasn’t so much a big problem as there was an obvious opening, a course around them into the system. This as I said wasn’t the main issue, nor was the planet to a large extent, most of it was empty except for a mega structure located on one of the continents smaller islands, I was expecting a small slaver colony… It wasn’t. It was a heavily fortified military base, with ten-thousand people all over the place. I had to land on another island, and boat across to the island under the cover of darkness with limited supplies. I knew there was no way I was going in loud, so I used a Tricorder and a small flying camera drone to plan my way in. I needed somewhere to make camp that was hidden from the colony so I set up in an abandoned room in the sewer system. I spent the next day sending out a nano-fly to get a layout of the sewer system and the facility complex attached to it. The room I was in looked like it used to be where they let the slaves sleep when constructing the place. Whist that was doing that, I was setting up nano cameras and proximity sensors to be my eyes and ears outside the room in the sewer system as well as using some Laser Trip based explosives I found in one of the store rooms. I don’t think anyone went down into the sewers though… That part was the easy part… Planning my routes and getting there without being spotted - that was challenging. Luckily as I went I placed some explosives on key places. It worked… I reached the target and stunned him with a Phaser, and carried the fucker out, but I was spotted on the way out and had to improvise. Using the explosives I set up I detonated several routes and escaped got down into the sewer sealing it behind me and navigated the maze to get back to the room, I monitored the situation and ended up having to stay down there until they called off the search around the island, some days later. Obviously by that point he was awake and tied up, and we were running out of supplies. I stunned him again moved him to the boat and off we went back to the island where my ship was located… Only they were there too, surrounding it waiting for me. Luckily I got this though…” He said reaching into his pocket pulling out an EPSI Federation Commbadge “It was Rougey’s who was on board the ship. I had him target them out for me whilst I went and picked them off, I knew I had to be quick and with a body on your back, it was hard. But eventually I got off that damn planet and got the fuck out of the system, quickly.”

Jen’starr said “I hope all that data you collected is still on you.” Jake nodded “Yes, here you go.” He said handing a datapad back to her with the contract on it, and the additional data “And the cunt was transferred onto the station’s brig.” He said putting the commbadge back into his pocket. Jen’starr looked at the datapad in one hand as she held her drink in the other, she took a sip from the drink and continued to hold the glass, it shook slightly before smashing in her hands she let out a “The fucking client lied to us!” she said forgetting about the glass and her cut hand, which was already healing with the nanites help “Jake- Please accept my apologies… I feel obligated to pay you the difference for this contract, because you’re a good friend and hunter and all.” Jake shrugged “It’s not you that filled out the information correctly, perhaps your client is or was mistaken, or the information they had was out of date.” 

Christopher suggested “Is it possible that the information was filled out incorrectly, on purpose? To exploit you, or some kind of assassination attempt.” Jake shrugged “There’s no evidence to suggest that, and I like to presume innocence until I see evidence of guilt.” Jen’starr said “Not fucking likely. He’s going the right way to have a contract put out on him!” She said angrily “I’m going to contact a few friends and find out just what the fuck happened, Jake. I’m also stopping all contracts from this client until this is fixed. You were under no obligation to do that contract.” 

Jake shrugged “It would have been unprofessional for me to have done so. I saw a way it could be done, and I just gritted it and got on with it. I’m not happy I got Teladi’ed, but I’d rather like to know the explanation and get my money’s worth, than to shoot first and ask questions later sort of thing, you know?” Jen’starr wasn’t hearing any of it “Oh I’ll give him Shoot First alright.” She said before saying “By the way for the past eight weeks, a few hours after you left there’s been someone from the EPSI Federation looking for you! They’re currently on the toilet at the mom-” Jake pulled his phaser from his holster and jumped up from the stool, he made sure it was set to stun and held it to his side as he made his way over to the toilet room door. Christopher said “Yeah I was worried he’d have that reaction.” He got up and followed Jake, taking out his sidearm, and having it pointed down at the ground, Jake said “Mine’s set to stun… I’m going to find out what they’re after.” Christopher said “I’m assuming that you’ve got a bounty on your head too?” Jake nodded “Fifteen-thousand odd Epsian Credits. They take a very dim view one escapes punishment.” Christopher raised his eyebrows in surprise and let out a low whistle. Jake raised his weapon and moved into the toilets, followed closely by Christopher, however there was no one inside, that was until he heard a feminine grunting from one of the stalls. Jake slowly, and quietly moved across the floor, quietly pushing open the unoccupied stalls, before coming to the last one on the row, which when he slowly put his hand against it didn’t open. He pulled his hand from it, clenching it into a fist before powerfully banging the door six times, in quick succession.

There was a loud, feminine squeak, before there was a loud splash followed by a feminine voice saying, “Owww…” Jake commented “That gives a whole literal meaning to scaring the shit out of someone.” He chuckled softly before asking “You’ve been looking for me apparently… Why? What is your intent towards me?” 

“I just wanted to meet you.” Came the feminine response, slightly pouty, “I’m one of your fans.” Jake’s eyebrows raised in confusion as he lowered his weapon from the door and looked a Christopher who seemed to be just as confused, he then looked at the door and asked “Why? Am I expected to believe that? I got a bounty on my head from the EPSI Federation. No one should care I’m here, no less would they come out here unless they’re running from something.”

“I know you have a bounty.” The voice replied, sounding slightly dreamy, “I have been hearing news about you, and you have a certain reputation back in the EPSI Federation. I’ve wanted to meet you for a long time, because, well, I like Bad Boys and I wanted to meet you in person.” Jake lowered his weapon completely and asked “Seriously?” 

“Mhm~ Although, you caught me at a bad time.” The voice replied. “Yeah… I kinda guess I have…” Jake said before putting his Phaser back into his holster, which prompted Christopher to do the same, before silently signalling that he was going to give them some privacy, which Jake smiled at but he wasn’t going to need it, Jake said “Tell you what; I’ll wait at the bar. I’m the blue haired Mako, if you don’t know what I look like, sitting at the bar.” He then moved away from the door as the voice replied “Okay, see you in a minute.” Jake walked with Christopher out of the toilets, once they were outside and the door and it was shut, the two started laughing, Christopher said “I’ve heard of scaring the shit out of someone, but you really brought it to a whole new level.” Jake replied “Epsian’s, great for constipation. In more ways than one.” 

The pair laughed as they went back to the bar, although this time there seemed to be a bottle in her collection that was purple but glowing green. Jake knew that bottle was definitely not there before, although Christopher hadn’t noticed. Jen’starr was still angry at the contract and was talking to someone on her video link, but the call terminated and she punched the wall “FUCKING CUNT!” She shouted. Jake said “Uh oh…” Christopher replied “Uh oh, is right. She doesn’t sound happy.” They looked on as Jen’starr was speaking to someone else, she was talking quietly but Jake could hear what she was saying and relaying it on to Christopher. 

“She’s speaking to someone on her ship, the Omega Rune’s - Odin… She’s explaining … It sounds like she’s giving them an update on the situation. She spoke to the - client? She got told that it was on purpose because part of the payment was some kind of employment opportunity. Something to do with a way in for extra work in the future, of which she’s saying she told him from the offset that she only accepted no-bullshit kill, retrieve or breed contracts, for her hunters. Not employment services. She’s very angry…” Jake said thinking out-loud “I wonder what the hell is going on. It seems the person she left in charge of the ship understands, and can offer some money skimmed off their profits from operations in Epsus Galaxy to cover what the contract, at two-thousand-times more people than I was expecting, that’s already five million. The system defence network and the fortified military type base as well as the other dangers… That contract should have been at least twelve million.” Christopher asked, noticing Jake’s surprise “How much did you get paid?” Jake replied “The contract was for two-thousand-five hundred. Expected resistance, one target, five people, and a ship half the size of my Vulture.” Christopher nodded “Yeah you definitely got the raw end of that deal then.” Jake said “Jen’starr isn’t very happy.” 

“TWELVE MILLION?! ARE YOU SHITTING ME?! I WOULD NEVER HAVE SENT HIM ON HIS OWN!” She shouted. She then looked at Jake and said “Don’t get funny ideas!” She said just incase he thought she liked him or something, to which Jake laughed nervously “I love you too.” He said camply. Jen’starr said “If you’re going to start swearing at me, you can fuck off.” She said, debuffing his affection. She looked back at the screen and said “I want him found. Bring the Odin to the Andromeda Galaxy… You’re going to hunt this asshole down, and I’ll pay Jake what he is owed plus ten percent extra… Markus’s debt is now with us.” She said quite clearly “No one. Fucks with us. Then thinks they can get away with it.” She said sourly. “We’ll swing by and pick up any information you have to his possible whereabouts.” The person on the other end said, to which Jen’starr nodded “Well watch out. Kabarachi Raiders have been fought on the edge of this system too. Do not approach the station with your weapons system still turned on, unless you’re already in combat- then don’t approach at all.” The person on the other end said “The Kabarachi won’t be a problem for us. We have a new trick up our sleeves, from something EPSICorp gave us in the fight against the E’cothri and the Madrelari.” Jen’starr nodded again “Very well… Then consider those ships target practice! They shouldn’t be attacking people like this because it’s a Neutral Zone; so I’m positive that the Station Commander would be very grateful to us, and given what you clowns did last time we could do with the good point!” The person on the screen said “We will not let you down again. Ra’starr, out.” Jen’starr came back over to Jake and handed him another credit chit “With our apologies.” She said calmly. 

Jake took it and said “I’m two steps closer to my imperial clipper, although one step back because my ship isn’t going anywhere…” He said with a sigh “Thanks Jen’starr.” She replied “I hope you’ll keep taking more contracts from me.” To which Jake smiled “Of course! I get my contracts from you because you promised you can protect me from this kind of abuse; and you’ve kept your word. When I get my ship repaired I’m going to do more of an effort to take more contracts from you.” He grinned “I appreciate your help.” She had a face as if she was eating a very sour lemon “Ugh… There’s that casual swearing again… Listen; fuck face - I’m not helping you. It’s business, Wolfie.” She said insultingly “I’m looking after my own interests. My own assets. Nothing more. Nothing less.” She said trying to push away from his affections again. 

Jake laughed and drank more of his drink “Aww; I know you don’t mean that. I think you love me~!” He teased, camply. Jen’starr threatened “Say that one more time, and I’m throwin’ you out!” She hissed, before folding her arms and sulking. Jake laughed a little more and said “Sorry, I didn’t mean to insult you. I had no idea that your love for me was so strong.” She reached for her shotgun from under the counter and cocked it before saying “That’s it. I’m going to shoot your arse off.” Jake laughed again and waved his hand dismissively “You wouldn’t be the first who wanted to blow a load in my ass, hun.” He said. Jen’starr rolled her eyes before putting the gun away “Fuckin’ damn it Jake… Can you piss off for another eight weeks please?” 

Jake laughed again and said “I fucking missed you guys.” To which Jen’starr nodded “It’s been quiet without you to be honest.” And Christopher agreed “Yeah it has. It’s good to see you’re still alive.” Jake smiled and said “Likewise. To both of you.” He then asked “Where’s Kels?” Jen’starr replied “Out with Moira, on a contract. I don’t know who’s because it’s not one of mine. All I know is it’s a big one. Lots of credits.” 

Jake smiled and said “Well… I’m going to wait for this person to get back here, then I’m going to message someone at the EPSIFleet Starbase six-ninety-six station, about getting my ship repaired…” Christopher said “You did more damage to that alien ship by going to warp whilst it was still clamped onto you than it did to you. You should have seen the state of it when we arrived there. Let’s put it this way, it wasn’t going anywhere for a while.” Jake said “Whilst it didn’t break my Neutronium hull plating it has bent and warped it out of shape, leaving the Warp core’s conduits actually exposed, they also drilled through my powerline for the shields, which will take weeks to repair, months if I have to do it alone. I think the ship is a write off for the purposes I need to use it for. I want to get it repaired, but it might just be economically more sound to buy a new one and cut my losses.”

Jen’starr said “Why not speak to EPSICorp? They sold you the Vulture, no doubt they’d be interested at the modifications you’ve done.” Jake shrugged “I don’t think they will.” Jen’starr nodded and said “Er… I do. Because in the eight weeks you’ve been gone the EPSI Federation has come across a problem that we thought we had contained. The Madrelari have been attacking them. They couldn’t have picked a worst time, for them. The EPSI Federation have also unlocked Neutronium Weaponry.” Christopher nodded “Yeah they took down two E’cothri cubes that were in this system coming towards the station last week. We gave it everything we had, your lot swatted them down like flies.” Jake looked at both of them and asked “Huh?” 

Jen’starr said “The Enterprise is back in action. So too is Phoenix’s Ship, the Ragnarök, and some of the upgrades they’ve gotten make them very dangerous to the Madrelari. They were apparently spying on the Epsian’s with cloaked stations in their systems, monitoring communications. Only… The found a race called the Sexi’zatazi. They’re like Kez-... No they’re like Taru’zenari, only with elf ears. They’re technopaths. So when the Madrelari decided to attack them…” Jake said “It was too late?” 

Jen’starr nodded “In preparing for and adapting against the E’cothri, in their war against them, they’ve inadvertently protected themselves against the Madrelari too. The Madrelari wanted to stop the EPSI Federation from expanding… Notable goal. Unfortunately their methods invoked a very violent reaction from Arcadia. It’s said there’s no more Madrelari in any EPSI Federation system, and if there are… They’re being detained.” Jake grimaced “Shit” was all he could muster. 

Jen’starr nodded “Yeah… The EPSI Federation has become very heavily armed, certainly nothing like it was twenty-eight years ago. They’re expanding out of necessity, only taking worlds and systems not already claimed or inhabited. As you can imagine, the Tau’ri aren’t very happy about their technological advancements… Especially because the EPSI Federation was responsible for downing a station called Pandora’s Box, in this Galaxy, just yesterday.” Christopher nodded “Yeah we only gave them information about that last week, turns out that our worst fears about it, and then some were confirmed, quite categorically. The Media and Government deny it, of course. But the Epsian’s proof is too substantial to ignore, and none of it was addressed.”

“It’s easier to attack the person's character than it is to actually address the evidence, huh?” Jake asked before shaking his head “Fucking hell…” Jen’starr said “That’s just the beginning. The Eldyrannth now have starships… And some pretty fucking impressive ones at that.” Jake raised his eyebrows and said “It sounds like a Golden Age, or Utopia or something over there right now. I noticed in the Aymar Prime System that there are lots of Aymar now. At least three hundred different Aymar D’deridex class ships flying around, each with squadrons of smaller ships. Come to mention it I did notice that the systems security seemed raised but I thought that was due to the Aymar not having an Emperor at the moment.” Jen’starr said “Ah well that’s changed as well. As has their whole Government. D’rhel became the Empress of the Aymar Star Empire. She then devolved her power to elected seats, a federal style council if you will. They also have an Eldyrannth representative, because the head of the Aymar State Council is D’rhel who is also head of the Arcadian Grand Council.” 

“An Arcadia Grand Councillor can’t be an Eldyr Grand Councillor as well… So that makes sense. But correct me if I am wrong, but wouldn’t that mean the Eldyr Grand Council has three Eldyrannth on it, Eldyr, Aymar and President? … or Prime Minister, I should say.” 

Jen’starr nodded “Except the Eldyrannth use Tealrin, an Aymar State citizen.” 

“Tealrin?!” Jake shouted in surprise before asking “The Fact Checking, Myth Debunking Analyst and Studies Scrutiniser? The one that was very Anti-Feminist by Facts and Evidence in the forty-one-sixties?” Jen’starr nodded “The very same.” Jake shook his head “Well bugger me. Although that’s quite clever… And interesting. Why couldn’t the Aymar just elect Tealrin?” Jen’starr shrugged “Your guess is as good as mine. Apparently everyone there is happy with it.”

Jake shook his head again and downed the rest of his drink before saying “I’ll take another, man I missed your drinks.” Jen’starr nodded and took his glass before pouring him another drink saying “Best goddamn drinks in this galaxy.”

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Location: The Wet Hole (Bar), Andromeda Station, Andromeda Galaxy.

Daniella sighed as she stood in front of the mirror inside of the bathroom. She turned from side to side, making sure that she looked absolutely perfect. She was wearing a strapless, body hugging dress that went down to mid-thigh. Around her chest, the dress was black in colour, with a few frilly pieces of cloth that hid the fact that her chest was flat. At best, people would assume that she was A-cup. The rest of the dress was a slut pink in colour, the exact same shade as her hair. She had black fishnet thigh highs that reached up to the top of her thighs, showing off the flawless flesh underneath. Her shoes were black two inch high heels, that caged her feet in, but still showing off her feet slightly. She put her hands on her well rounded hips, taking a deep breath. She was extremely nervous, as she was meeting the man of her dreams face to face. This was the moment she had spent months saving up for, and she wanted to make sure that it went right. She was so worried about screwing this up, and missing out on the dream life she wanted.

Daniella let out another breath, as she leaned forward and checked the make-up that she had on. It wasn’t much, as she felt that her face didn’t need that much. Only to enhance the beauty she already had. Once she was satisfied that everything was perfect, she went out of the bathroom, her vivid purple eyes searching for her target. She then saw him, sitting at the bar, talking to the bartender as well as someone else. A Tau’ri. Still a little nervous, Daniella approached the group, smiling at Jake with a sly, seductive smile,

“Hello. I should introduce myself properly. My name is Daniella.” She greeted him, holding out a small, slim hand for him to take. When he had taken her hand in a firm handshake, she returned for several seconds before she then pulled her hand away, relishing the feel of his soft fur against her skin. It was the kind of fur she could picture herself gripping onto tightly in the throes of passion. However she had to stop herself from thinking along those thoughts, to prevent from causing her to become too aroused by the thought. She opened her mouth to say something else, however something in the pocket of the Tau’ri chimed. The blonde haired male fished into his pocket, before pulling out a small communication device, which he stuck onto the back of his hand, 

“Barnes here.” He said. A male voice came back over the comm, “Could you report to Medlab, please? I’ve got a situation that needs your attention.” Barnes looked over at Jake as if to say ‘I knew it’ however his voice betrayed none of his annoyance, “I’ll be right there.” He pressed the comm and sighed, “Well, it’s a shame to have to bugger off without paying more out of my nose for your stories, Jake, but I’ve got to go.” He said, downing the drink he had. He put the glass down with a satisfied sigh,

“Thanks, Jen’starr. Best Orange juice I’ve had in a long time.” He said, giving a smile before walking off. Daniella blinked after him, before she then looked at Jake, “Who was that?” She asked. Despite being on the station for a while, Daniella had only really been inside of this bar, or in the quarters she was renting. She had seen the man a few times, but had never spoken to him and she had never bothered reading up much about the Andromeda Station. She was here for one reason, and one reason only.

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Jake, turned when the female voice from the bathroom seemed to be greeting him as he was too busy with the conversation between Jen'starr and Christopher. He was immediately captivated by her deep purple eyes, and interesting hair. He blinked at the lady as she introduced herself to which Jake, used his proper Mako'demeri State given title "I'm Kal'loure." The two shook hands for several seconds, before letting go and seeing that the lady was about to ask something else, except a chime he hadn't heard in two months went off, to which Jake commented "I've oddly missed that tone." Jen'starr commented "I've oddly missed your face." The two of them looked at each other blankly before Jake looked at Christopher as he answered the device. It seemed to be someone from their medical lab, or sick bay. 

In response to Christopher, Jake replied, "Indeed, tell you what I'll make sure your next drink is paid for man." He said, with a smile. Jen'starr smiled at him as she took the emptied glass and said "Take care" At the same time as Jake before adding "Come again." Jake turned to Danilla as she asked a question, Jen'starr answered "Christopher Barnes, Head of Security for the Station. Only welcome in here out of uniform." Jake smiled and said "What she said" pointing at Jen'starr before lowering his hand and asking "Did you want a drink?" He then took a mouthful of his own whisky. As another customer; cloaked in a very mysterious hooded cloak that seemed to be made of the Fur of a very dark furred Mako'demeri, with a black mist rolling down and emanating up from the floor where his cloak met and evaporated back up into the air. He sat down at a bar stool and asked Jen'starr "Epsian Whiskey... And information on the Tau'ri that ripped you off, called Markus." He said sliding the datapad across the bar to her, which she took and looked at intently before asking "This contract was released a few seconds ago. How did you get here so fast?" The man under the hooded cloak replied "Let's just say I had the time for it."

Jen'starr asked "Who are you?" To which the hooded individual replied "I am a means to solve a problem. You have a problem, and I have the means to solve it. You're paying in Epsian Credits, and I need Epsian Credits. It's a free market, and business is business. Give me the information so I can start tracking down this individual immediately." Jen'starr asked "I don't fucking know you. Or your reputation. This mission isn't for slack jawed yokels, now who are you?" The individual chuckled "I have bathed my hands in the blood of billions. I am the destroyer of Galaxies. If you're going to waste my time. I will go somewhere else for my business." Kal'loure looked away from Danilla to look at the man sitting next to him, he frowned a little and said nothing as it looked like Jen'starr was dealing with this but his identification sent alarm bells in his head, ringing. 

Jen'starr said "Name." She sounded very stern, and not in the mood for any of this nonsense, the Individual raised his hands up to his hood before lowering it, his glowing red eyes were the first thing she saw, before he pulled it back and revealed that he was The Dark Wolf. Jen's eyes widened, as Kal'loure jumped in his seat "Oh shit!" Kal'loure said in surprise. Jen'starr asked "What the fuck are you really doing here?" To which the Dark Wolf frowned and said "Trying to get more information about the Target. You're wasting my time, and I don't appreciate this at all, Jen'starr." He scorned her. Jen'starr asked "You really want to help do you?" To which the Dark Wolf nodded "Yes, fair work for fair money. Is that so hard to comprehend?!" Jen'starr shook her head "Just hard comprehending you doing fair work for fair money... Very well... Come with me please." She looked at Jake "Mind the bar. ONE drink, on me. ONE." She warned him, expressly. To which Kal'loure nodded "Yes, ma'am." Jen'starr then reached for a bottle on the shelf, of Epsian Whiskey and poured the Dark Wolf out a glass, before saying "Come with me to my office." 

Jen'starr and the Dark Wolf left, as Jake jumped around behind the bar. He asked Danilla again "So... Can I get you that drink?" He smirked.

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Location: The Ol’ Wet Hole, Andromeda Station.

Daniella nodded at Jen’starr in thanks as she explained who the Tau’ri was. She had heard about the Head of Security, but she had never met the man. He didn’t seem like the kind of person that was a Security Chief but then appearances were deceiving. And, for a Tau’ri, he was quite attractive, at least in her opinion. She turned her eyes back to Kal’loure, her tongue licking across her lips as she gazed at him, feeling her hunger for him increasing. She opened her mouth to give her drink request, when movement out of the corner of her eye caught her attention. She turned her eyes to look at a new figure that sat down nearby. The thing that caught Daniella’s attention was the cloak. Her vivid purple eyes watched as the black mist crept down the cloak, before dissipating across the floor, looking almost like bony hands trying to reach out and grab you. It sent a shiver down Daniella’s spine, and caused the hairs on her arms to stand up. The cloak creeped her out, and yet made her feel weak at the knees as the cloak eminated power. It had to have belonged to someone very powerful. She watched the conversation Jen’starr had with the mysterious figure with fascination. Daniella would not dare speak to someone as mysterious or powerful.

When the figure finally pulled down the hood of their cloak, Daniella gasped, her eyes widening. Her head spun when she saw the Dark Wolf. She had to be dreaming. She never thought that she would have the honour of meeting The Dark Wolf. He was the part of Wolfie he truly did love. The Dark Wolf. The biggest, baddest man in the EPSI Federation. He made Daniella weak at the knees. She was so overwhelmed by being in his presence. She wanted to say something, to catch his attention, but she was stunned silent. All she could do was stand and stare, watching his every movement. When he moved off with Jen’starr, Daniella continued staring after him. She jumped when Kal’loure once again asked if she would like a drink. She gulped, smiling nervously, “Ah, yes, please~” She said sweetly. She pulled herself on one of the barstools, wriggling her arse down into it, “I’ll have an Epsian Whiskey, with ice, please.” She requested, crossing her arms on the table. She felt other giddy, “Wow! I can’t believe I saw THE Dark Wolf today! Wow… Mind. Totally. Blown!” She gasped, shaking her head.

“HEY! Kal’oure you great big sexy beast! Pour me the biggest fucking vodka you have~” A female voice called out from across the bar. Daniella turned around to see another Tau’ri approaching the bar, with long blonde hair, sparkling blue eyes and a very curvy figure. Even Daniella, who didn’t pay too much attention to women, felt strongly attracted to this Tau’ri. The woman bounced over, a wide, happy grin, “I need to celebrate, my dear Jake! We hit the mother-fucking JACKPOT! We just finished a several million credit contract!” She said, her voice jubilant. It was then that she noticed Daniella, “Oh? Grabbing other ladies while I was away, huh?” The Tau’ri asked, her tone teasing. She winked at Daniella, “I’m Kellina, nice to meet ya.” She greeted. Daniella smiled back, “Hi~ I’m Daniella. It’s nice to meet you… friend of Kal’loure?” She asked, tilting her head slightly.

“Oh yeah. He’s my drinking buddy, fuck buddy, blow-shit-up-in-space buddy… you name it.” Kellina replied with a nonchalant shrug. Daniella giggled; she really liked Kellina, she seemed like a free-spirit, much like herself. And in a way that Daniella had never come across in the EPSI Federation. She found that she liked being here more and more.

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Location: The Bar, The Ol’ Wet Hole, Andromeda Station.

Jake started pouring Daniella a drink putting two ice cubes into the small glass before pouring a full measure of Epsian Whiskey into it from the Jack Daniels style bottle. As he was doing so, a familiar voice called out to him, it was his old friend Kellina, he looked up and grinned “Kels! Coming right up.” He handed Daniella’s glass to her and put the lid back on the whiskey before storing it back on the shelf. He then pulled out a long tall stemmed glass putting it down on the bar, before turning back around to grab a bottle of Vodka, to which he opened and started pouring from the frosted bottle into the glass filling it up to the top. Once it was filled he put the cap back on the bottle and as he knew Kellina was a regular here, and that she had regular’s discount he added the adjusted price of the Large Vodka to her tab.

He pushed the glass over to her and said “Hello, trouble! I also hit the jackpot; my contract was a T.L.U.R contract. How did yours go?” Jake asked, interested in sharing stories if she was. He took his own glass of whiskey and continued sipping at it.

Location: Jen’starrs Office, The Ol’ Wet Hole, Andromeda Station.

Jen’starr sat down in a seat with the Dark Wolf as she asked “So you need the money? You’re a time traveller, hell you can manipulate time; why not just freeze time, rob the Grand Bank of Xantal’lar and be rich?” The ‘Dark Wolf’ laughed before replying “Because a Corporate CEO doesn’t rob banks… I’m no longer the Dark Wolf; I am the Daedric Wolf.”

Jen’starr looked at him suspiciously “And that’s supposed to be better than the Dark Wolf?”

Wolfie nodded and said “Yep. For me anyway… I’ve been working bounty contracts at Sadist’s Retreat. Here’s my current record.” He said handing over a datapad to her, as he continued “I’m trying to kick start my Corporation, I need money to buy assets, and you know how much I displise loans and fuckin’ debt, so I decided to earn my shit outright. As such I need the money… Which is my only motivation in all this.”

“Well at least you’re honest… You have a full pardon from the Zeta’muluri State, Aymar State and even the damn Eldyrannth State… Although the Mako’s still want you; for a lot more than I’m paying for this contract. What stops me from say… Snapping you up here, and taking you back to the Mako’demeri State for that sweet eighty-mill?” Jen’starr asked.

The Daedric Wolf said “You couldn’t even if you dared to. Look… You and I both know that capturing me alive certainly ain’t worth eighty-fuckin’-million, and even an idiot with only a single iota of knowledge about me knows that I’m so dangerous; not even eighty-billion is close to being worth stopping me. Hell I’m wanted by some factions of the Pirates for more just for my Temporal Abilities. Besides - if you had real intention of this… You’d be dead already, of that I am certain. It’s not just me who you’ll have to worry about either, there would be a very violent and powerful reaction should I just - disappear. I am very well liked by certain individuals.”

Jen’starr folded her arms and looked at him “Daedric Wolf, huh? Alright man… You can regenerate so I don’t have to worry about you dying, you can move through space and time like it’s your little bitch crackwhore, and you seem to have a rather extensive set of skills… Find this prick and the money is yours. Dead or Alive.” She handed Wolfie the contract who signed it and said “Shall I have him sent to the Odin?”

Jen’starr nodded “Yes; for god sakes don’t be a Geralt and bring his head to the bar. Customers tend not like that…” Wolfie nodded “If I can help it, he’ll be alive.” He then stood up as did Jen’starr, she then lead Wolfie out of her office, before he put his hood back over his face and walked out into the bar with him. The Daedric Wolf continued under his hooded cloak out of the bar as Jen’starr came back to Jake who was talking to Kellina. The Daedric Wolf quickly and quietly left the bar, remaining hidden through his dark misty cloak.

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Location: The Bar, The Ol’ Wet Hole, Andromeda Station.

Kellina picked up her glass of vodka and took a rather large gulp of it, the cold liquid burning her mouth and esophagus before pooling in her stomach. She let out a satisfied sigh and sat down on the stool next to Daniella. She crossed her arms on the bar, although her right hand was still loosely grasping her glass. She tilted her head up at Jake, her eyes twinkling,

“We got one of the nastiest shits present in this area of the Universe. A real slimeball by the name of Jonathan Randell. A well known slaver.” Kellina said. Daniella let out a soft gasp as her eyes widened,

“A slaver?” She asked. Kelli knocked back another large gulp of her pure vodka. She wiped her mouth and nodded, looking over at Daniella, her left eyebrow twitching up and the corner of her mouth smirking at her,

“Oh, yes. A nasty piece of work. Anyway, I tracked him for a nearby system, staying just one step ahead of all the other bounty hunters that were looking for him. Once we had our eyes on him, we chased him around the system. For a fatass, he can sure be a slippery snail. But yeah, the guy is a moron. When we got close, I fired at his engines, intending to disable them. However I had barely done him a scratch when the ship blew up. The fucking idiot! Anyway, thank fuck Moira is a bloody genius. She had her drones pick up his giblets so we were able to hand in the contract. And now, I am celebrating.” Kellina explained as she lifted the glass as if toasting, before knocking back another large mouthful. She let out a soft growl, “Fuck yeah, I love it neat.” She said.

“So what do you work as?” Daniella asked politely. 

“Bounty Hunter.” Kellina replied.

“That sounds exciting.” Daniella observed as she sipped on her own drink. 

“Oh yeah.” Kellina agreed with a wide grin, “It can be. And dangerous… but that’s what makes it exciting.” She added. She looked up when Jenn’starr joined them, “Heyup!” She greeted happily. Daniella had her eyes fixed on the disappearing figure of the Dark Wolf, feeling regretful that she didn’t have the confidence to speak to him. Just the sight of him made her stomach tie in knots. He was a celebrety and she was star-struck by the sight of him. She sighed forlornly and turned back to the others, sipping on her drink to try and push down the disappointment. By that point, Kellina was asking Jake, “So what was up with yours? What happened? You were gone for ages. I’ve missed having someone decent to fuck in bed.” 

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Location: The Bar, The Ol’ Wet Hole, Andromeda Station.

Jake watched the conversation between the two, and moved aside when the Dark Wolf came out, Jen'starr said "Thank you, hop off." Jake said "You're welcome." He then went back around to the customers side of the bar and sat back in his seat listening to Daniella and Kellina talk. Jen'starr responded to the greeting and said in an extremely friendly tone "'Sup, mah untamable sexy bitch~!" Immediately after the greeting she looked at another customer that was flagging her down on the bar, someone with white fur, and cloaked under a veil of cloth. "It's done." He said handing her a datapad confirming that her target was locked up on the Odin.  The cloaked Mako then said "A bottle of that to take back with me." He then put a credit chit down on the table. Jen'starr looked at the datapad and saw the attached evidence, her first officer's thumb print and iris scan. Pictures, scans and other evidence to prove they had him. She looked up to follow his pointing, he seemed to want a bottle marked 'Zukhov's Piss' which was a type of Vodka made by Russian Tau'ri Pirates.  She took the credit chit and saw it was way more than she paid for it, so she pocketed it, and went over to the bottle as she continued reading the evidence on the datapad. 

She grabbed the bottle and walked back over to Wolfie with it in hand, she then handed it to him and said "Okay. Contract complete... Thank you. We'll bust him up, extract our money from him and leave him on some Class L planet somewhere. Maybe an empty Class M moon if I feel nice enough." She said as Wolfie took the bottle and said "Hey. What you do with him from here on out is none of my business. Unless ya' know, you make it my business. Which I'd rather you didn't. Good day to you, madame." He said before standing up and leaving with his drink. She shook her head as he left and when he finally did so she shook her head "So you can change colour too can you. How very, interesting.

"Well... It's an interesting story, actually." Jake replied to Kelllina's question, before repeating his entire story from start to finish. [[Because I'm not.]]

Afterwards he said "So that's about the long and short of it. Now I need someway of contacting the EPSIFleet Starbase, or EPSICorp or something. Most of my systems are fried and that ship ain't going to go to warp any time soon, thats for sure." He said with a frown "Tis a shame to, she was a fine ship."

Location: Ambassadorial Quarters, Suite of Epsus (Axel's Room). 

"What do you mean the rent is going up? I thought we already settled this in the contract." Axel said folding his arms "We paid up - twenty-four months in advance, in return we sighed an agreement that said no more money, resources, goods or services will be required from me until after that period. You literally cannot increase the rent and demand I pay the difference." The person he was speaking to, over the 'Vidcom Link' from Earth, told him "Unfortunately it is what it is. Your contract is with Andromeda, not with us- the actual landlords. In addition to your existing rent you have to pay an additional fifty-thousand - Earth Credits a week." Axel replied "With all due respect but is this a joke? Fifty-thousand a week?! Are you trying to kick me off this station or something?" 

"If you can't pay it. You will not allowed to stay in the quarter's you're in. In which case will will fine you an additional ten thousand credits for every day you're still in there after eviction day." She replied. Axel replied "Go suck on space." Before hanging up, he then sent a message for the Captain to pick up when he had free time to, he typed 'Earth is demanding I pay fifty-thousand credits a week more, and said if I can't pay it I will be evicted - for every day I am here after the eviction I will be charged an additional ten thousand. This is UNACCEPTABLE, and violates the contract I have with this station and your staff. She claimed she can violate the contract because they're the real landlords.' He attached the recording of the call and sent the message off with a hand gesture before sending a similar message back to the EPSI Federation - informing them of a possible situation, to be sent back with his logs.

[[OOC: Permission for this 'event' granted by the game master as Earth and the Epsian's don't get on too well.]]

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Location: The Bar, The Ol’ Wet Hole, Andromeda Station

“Fucking hell man. That’s rough. I’ve always loved that ship of yours…” Kellina told Jake sympathetically after both she and Daniella listened, entranced, by his tale. She grimaced slightly as she knocked back the last of her drink, “She was a sexy ass ship. Smoothest thing with engines…” She gave a forlorn sigh, her eyes lost in the distance. Daniella eyed the blonde curiously,

“You liked his ship, huh?” She asked. Kellina nodded as she pushed her glass back across the bar and waved Jen’starr over to indicate that she wanted another,

“Oh hell yeah! My father was someone that worked as an engineer. My love of ships dates back to then. Moira is one to be the tinkerer… I just love flying ships. Nothing beats flying a ship in space. I don’t think I’ll ever get married, to anyone, because I’m already married.” Kellina said with a grin. She then turned her attention back to Jake again, “I hope you’re able to find a replacement for it. It would suck if you were just stuck here. Is there no chance of ever being able to fix her? Or is it a case that it would cost so much, that it isn’t worth it?” She paused for a moment before she added, “Mind you… if it was for sentimental reasons… but that’s a different kind of cost.” She shrugged one of her shoulders. 

“I wish I had been able to see the ship in her glory.” Daniella said wistfully, turning her eyes to look at Jake before asking, “Do you have a place to stay while you’re dealing with your ship?”

Location: Command Centre, Captain’s Terminal.

Alexander Churchill sat at his terminal in the command centre, his dark eyes glued on the screen as he was reading through a security report from Christopher in regards to the recent case of Dust use. This was concerning, because of the effects of the drug, and the profound effect it had on the victims at the hands of the drug user. The woman that had been attacked was still in the medical bay, recovering from her assault. At the moment, it was unclear if the drug user was going to make it.

The Captain sighed and leaned back in his seat, rubbing his tired eyes. He really needed sleep, or some strong coffee. He looked up as his first officer, Karla came over to him holding a tablet. She flicked her dark hair from her face as she looked at him with serious, if slightly annoyed, green eyes. As she held out the tablet, she said, “The Epsian Ambassador is having problems with Earth… again.”

Churchill resisted the urge to sigh as he reached out and took the tablet from her. Axel always had problems with Earth. But the main difference between him and the other ambassadors, is that Axel was not the problem. Earth was. It seemed to Alexander that Earth were trying to drive the Epsian’s away. Privately, he thought that they were the friendliest on the station. He much prefferred dealing with them, then he did others. He lowered his eyes down onto the tablet, reading Axel’s message, before watching the attached video. Again, he resisted the urge to sigh. He needed to step around this carefully. He was well aware that Earth regretted assigning him this position, but so far he had not done anything that warranted them replacing him. He did not want to be replaced, especially by a puppet commander. He needed to deal with this in such a way that would prevent the rise in rent prices, and prevent Earth from finding his actions to be out of line. He looked back up at Karla,

“Have a look into the legalities of rent pricing… as well as lease contracts. I don’t appreciate Earth trying to skin flint the ambassadors.” Alexander said. The dark haired woman nodded before moving off from him. Immediately, Alexander called Axel’s quarters, waiting for the man to pick it up. 

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