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roleplay What about roleplay makes you tick?

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So I've been curious about something. What makes you all tick when it comes to roleplay. Is it the Sex scenes? The buildup of the story? A mixture of both perhaps? The getting to be someone else in your own little world?

All of you spill the beans!!! 


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I actually like the 'fiction' aspect of it, personally. The fact that you can do anything you want, even things that aren't possible in real life.

I also thoroughly enjoy the action-reaction between two or more players. It's like telling a story, but because you're working with someone, there's always the opportunity to be surprised by something they do, or an idea they have that you might not have thought of. The 'challenge' makes it super fun.

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Noah Takumi

For me, as you and many already know it's all. Yet I can't deny the fact that detail in the build up is what gets me going, but more so then that.... It's feeling the excitement of the other person on the other side of the screen. I write with the purpose of turning all of you on, to the point where you desire me on your own accord. To where thought isn't even require in what you'll write, you just know what you want to do to me. However, before we get to the hot and steamy... It's the story that makes it entertaining. That's where I really get to enjoy ones mind, that's how I know what mood you guys are in and if it'll really be as incredible as I hope. Just watching us get creative... It's awesome.

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Hmmm...I am not to sure, I haven't been in much I suppose to really have a opinion. But if I could, I love a good story and detail in a roleplay. But that's a bit all I can say for now.

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@ziggyzak3: I'd rather hear what makes you tick about roleplays, before I go into what makes me tick, thks.

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I prefer a story and the action-reaction. Not crazy long story, but enough to really set up what's going on. But my level of detail and writing really depend on the person I'm with. If they move rather fast, I'll follow suit, but if they take it slow I'll also follow their lead. 

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@Whoreo Well, im quite a story oriented person myself, i like a well developed backstory and characters so that there is enough substance to keep the roleplay going for as long as my partner and i want it to, along with fairly detailed but not over the top sex scenes. Personally if a reply is too long it either means too much has been done in which case it ruins the back and forth of the roleplay, or they are trying to hard to babble in the reply to make it seem longer. the perfect length is imperative for me aswell as a good balance of story and smut :D

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You see I don't really roleplay as such online, I roleplay between the sheets, in bed. But that's because I'm a proud degenerate, and the shite I roleplay is stuff I would no way do in real life.....it adds a bit of fizzaz to the bedroom you know?

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I actually am much the same way. XD Whether here or elsewhere, I do most of my RPs in bed. ^_^

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In terms of text based RP... I love a good, long arching storyline. One which is engaging, and exciting. I like nicely developed characters, that have true depth to them as well as the capacity to grow, and develop as the RP progresses. The smut is also good xP But I don't like it being the be all, and end all of RP. Like a bit of dessert to polish off a good meal :D It's there to add to the plots, not be the plots. I also often go through different tastes when it comes to RP, so what I might really be wanting to do one year, I might not be as interested the next. At the moment, my current big thing is Yaoi :3

But, also like others have mentioned... I also like to RP between the sheets in real life. That is fun xD

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I like a long story with some smuts added as well to show their love and trust for one another. It will show how much their love progress as they continue to live on and writing their life is the best if you manage to reach that point, especially reaching the family part. =3

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      Name: Drake Woodsworth
      Age: 21
      Sex: Male
      Species: Dragon
      Height: 5’2”
      Weight: 46kg
      Eye Colour: A deep blue, that can sometimes look purple in certain light.
      Hair Colour: Black
      Nationality: British
      Physical Description:  Drake has two forms. The first one that most people will encounter is what will look like a pure human. Due to the fact that, for a dragon, he is quite young, Drake is quite small. He only stands just above five feet tall and he also looks quite young, almost like a teenager. His black hair is cut to a medium length, going down to the bottom of his neck at the back, but he has some long strands framing his face which he sometimes uses to hide his facial features. His face is quite effeminate with a smooth jawline and high cheekbones. His mouth is rather small, and feminine along with a small nose that has a very distinct flick at the tip. His eyes are slightly almond shaped, and at a slight angle which goes towards his feminine appearance. His eyebrows are straight and well maintained, which can sometimes give him a rather intense look. His body is like any other humanoids with two arms, two legs and a torso. His overall body build is slim and almost delicate, although appearances can be deceptive with him. He seems to have little muscle mass, and his arms and legs have a rather feminine appearance to him to suit with his face. Again, his torso is a little feminine, and he even has a little curve to his hips. His cock is also rather like a humans, too. It is six inches long and is reasonably thick, but it does have a little veinage to it. 
      He has another form as well, which is the form he was actually born in. His true form is that of a blue, western-type dragon. His body has two front legs, two digigrade back legs and a pair of leathery wings. His skin is almost leather-like, however it is tougher and harder to pierce. It moves easily with his movements, allowing him a lot of maneuverability while in this form. It is primarily blue in colour, aside from some strange markings that appear on the front of his front legs, his shoulder, neck, cheeks, the side of his torso going down his tail. It’s a rather complex, swirled pattern that has a number of black markings along with light blue ones that actually glow faintly from some kind of bioluminescence. He does have some scales on him, protecting the most vulnerable parts of his body. He has light blue, overlapping plates that go down from the back of his jaw, down his throat and covering his stomach before leading to the underside of his long tail. He has no spikes on his back, and his tail ends with a white feathering (fur). His head is triangular in shape, ending in an almost beak-like point. His nostrils are small, and on either side of his muzzle. His mouth stretches back to underneath his eyes, and are filled with razor sharp teeth. His eyes as positioned in such a way that he can see both in front, and to the side of him, giving him a good amount of vision. His eyes are a light, almost ice-blue in colour. He has two graceful horns that grow out of the top of his head, which curve outwards slightly before curving back in to end in a sharp point. He also has two fin-like appendages that grow from the back of his jaw, on either side of his head. He also has a fin that emerges from the top of his head, going down the back of his neck and onto his back only to stop between his wings. Due to his young age, Drake is a small dragon. He stands at 48 inches at the shoulder, which is almost 122 cm. That is roughly the size of a Welsh Pony.

      Hobbies/Interests: He likes to study humans as his main Interest in life, as he finds them fascinating as he had never grown up around any. He likes to listen to music, or read books when he’s alone. 
      Personality: Drake is extremely shy, and is usually extremely nervous around those that he doesn’t know. He will never start conversations with strangers, and is even reluctant to do so with friends. If someone wants to get to know him, they have to be the ones to talk to him. This isn’t out of any hate of anyone, it’s because Drake cannot seem to get over his shyness to be able to talk to others. He is extremely quiet and introverted, thus meaning that he doesn’t require socialisation in order to be happy in life. He can sometimes be very content to stay at home for the night while others are out partying. It also means that he prefers a small group of good friends, than a large group of friends that don’t really care much about each other. With those he is friends with, he is very kind and very caring. He doesn’t like seeing people in trouble, and will do his best to try and help them, even to his own detriment. He’s very unselfish, and will happily share things with those less fortunate than he is, including food from his own plate. He is endlessly curious and can sometimes find himself in a loop of looking things up. For example, he could be reading an article on biology, but come across terms he doesn’t recognise or references to other article subject. He will then go and have a look at them, which in turn will lead to more things. His curiosity is how he ended up pretending to be a mere human warehouse worker for a supermarket chain. Due to his young age, he may sometimes display rather childish, playful behaviour and loves to play games.
      Dragon form:
      Limited Shapeshifting: Drake was born as a dragon, but he has a very limited Shapeshifting ability. Currently, the only other form he is able to assume, is a human male. He is still very young and thus his experience with the ability is very limited. He might be able to assume other forms later in life, but currently he only has two. His true form, and his human form. Firebreath: Drake has a secondary stomach that is filled with hydrogen-producing bacteria. He has a symbiotic relationship with these bacteria, where he provides them warmth and food, in exchange for the gas that they give off. At the back of his mouth, he has a small organ that acts like a spark-plug, creating a small electrical spark. If he burps up hydrogen, and causes a spark to occur, it will cause the gas to set alight and allow Drake to fire it out to burn anything within his path. His mouth is strengthened against the heat of the fire to prevent burns occuring to himself. Not only that, but his throat can close up to prevent the fire from backing down his throat to cause serious harm.  Teeth and claws: His teeth and claws are natural weapons and are made from a material similar to Ivory seen on elephants. It is extremely strong, and both his teeth and claws are incredibly sharp. They are designed for tearing and slicing, and do both of their jobs very well. He can easily cause very serious injuries to others.. Flight: Due to his wings, Drake has the ability to fly in his dragon form. The fact that he has a stomach that is usually filled with hydrogen also helps, as its secondary purposes is that of a flight bladder. It makes him lighter and thus able to fly higher, as well as faster. As he is still quite small, he is highly flexible and thus able to do a number of intricate maneuvers in the air.  Disease resistance: In his dragon form, Drake is naturally resistant to most diseases due to the fact that his immune system is extremely aggressive and attacks anything foreign. Human form:
      Enhanced eyesight: Despite being an actual human in this form, Drake has a much better eyesight than most humans. He can see further, and he can also see more colours. He also has better night vision than humans do. Super-human strength: His slim frame is very deceptive, as he is stronger than the average human male. He is able to easily lift weights that the strongest human struggles with. He will begin to struggle when it comes to over 200kgs, but this means that he can easily lift and carry individuals around.  Sexual Orientation: Homosexual
      Turn Ons: Due to the fact that he is inexperienced when it comes to sex, he doesn’t actually know what his main kinks are past actually having sex, and preferring to be the receiving partner.
      Turn Offs: Despite his inexperience, Drake doesn’t think he would find the thought of having pain inflicted upon him. He also knows he is adverse to the thought of vore, gore, necrophilia and scat.
      Sensitivity: His arsehole is quite sensitive, making him quite a bit of a moaner when taking it. The sides of his neck are sensitive to the touch, as it serves as one of his erogenous zones. 
      Additional Sexual Info: When it comes to his partners, he prefers being the submissive in the relationship and in sex. He doesn’t make a very good top as he isn’t a very assertive person. In his human form, his cock is the same shape as a humans. In his dragon form, it is long and pointed at the tip looking almost like a dolphin in that regard. He has hard nubs that run along the underside of his cock as well as along the sides.
      Penis Length/Girth (Males/Futas): Six inches long and four inches in girth in his human form. In his dragon form is is larger at ten inches long, and six inches in girth.
      Breast Size (Females/Futas): N/A
      Father: He has never known his father.
      Mother: Drakaecia.
      Siblings: He has a brother and a sister, whom had decided to remain completely wild.
      Grandparents: He has never met his grandparents.
      Car: None.
      Pet: None.
      Criminal Record: Clean.
      Medical Record: He has no medical record as he has never seen a Doctor.
      Bio: Drake wasn’t born as the human that he appears to be. He was in fact hatched from an egg, as a dragon. He is one of the very few dragons that exist in his world, and he was lucky that he had a mother that was able to care for him for the first few years of his life. He was raised in the mountains that run through the centre of England, hidden from the view of humans. His mother would often be gone for days, hunting down food in which to bring back to feed him and his two siblings; a brother and a sister. He loved both of them dearly, and became very close to them when he was young, as they were the only company he had when their mother was gone. She had to search far in order to find food to bring back to them, without bringing any attention to her offspring as she knew that they would be captured and experimented upon if they were discovered. As he grew older, his mother taught him all the tricks he needed to know, in order to survive in the human world including shapeshifting to look like one and to also hide his young from them.
      When Drake was ten years old, which was close to the age where he would have left his mother anyway, she went out hunting for them but never came back. They waited for weeks, with no sign from her. Eventually, they were forced to leave their nest to hunt their own food. They never found where their mother had disappeared off to, and they had come to the conclusion that she had perhaps been killed, or captured. They were on their own. Drake’s brother and sister decided to remain wild and continue living in the mountains that they grew up in. Despite the fact that he was very shy, Drake was also very curious. He wanted to learn about the humans he had to avoid so much. So he assumed the form of the black haired, blue eyed human male and went among them. He would only work small, low paying jobs which got him enough money to get by and to feed himself nicely. He studied humans, and wrote many books on them, writing down his observations about their behaviour and habits. He wanted to make it his life’s work, because he wished that one day dragons would be able to walk freely without fear of being killed, or captured and experimented upon. They were just as intelligent and aware of themselves as humans, but humans did not seem to want to recognise these facts. It has made Drake very scared about revealing who he really is. He came to be at the resort by a competition that was being run by the warehouse bosses of the supermarket that he was working out. It was a random lot between the top five workers, for a holiday at the world famous Lucent Isle Resort. After the initial announcement, Drake had completely lost interest because he didn’t think there was any way that he would win. To his shock, he was the winning draw meaning that he would be going to a resort he had never even dreamed about going to. 
    • Eilauver
      By Eilauver
      Open for two partners!
      ×Hello! Hello, my fellow roleplayers. If you have come to my little corner of the site perhaps you are interested in writing with me on some of the things I'm about to cover or maybe you need a partner for ideas you have. Either way, I'm glad you're here and I want to thank you for reading my request thread. 
      The best way, I think, to get in touch with me is you can send a message here or if I don't get to see it a pm will work too. If you do write something here or send a message let me know about ideas you have please. This is where we'll get the ball really rolling I got ideas you got ideas,  it's great. 
      You probably already know but I'm Eilauver. Although new to the site, I have roleplayed over fifteen years on different platforms and written by myself even longer. I'm here to find some partners and make some friends. Without further ado, let's talk about some details!
      ×I am looking for roleplayers eager to write like me on some fantastic tales. I don't care whether you are female or male, that doesn't matter to me so as long as we can become partners and write to our hearts content and have fun. If you want to know about me, I'm female. I can and enjoy writing for both female and male characters. 
      I am also open to MxF or FxM or FxF.  
      •Post Frequency
      ×I can post a few times a day on up to a couple of times a week. I don't like to do rapid fire posts because for me I feel I'm not able to write what I need to write. I'm not knocking anyone that does them, they're just not for me. My post length can be three paragraphs at the minimum on up to ten if I'm really inspired. 
      At minimum, I can work with two paragraphs. Nothing less sorry. One liners or a two sentences would be hard to respond to so two paragraphs or if you want to do more that's always welcome. I enjoy reading details, character thoughts, and anything else you feel the need and want to convey to me. Also, I don't mind if you write some posts a day, a couple every other day down to some a week. That's perfectly fine. Anything longer, let's say two weeks or more my interest will wane only if you do not communicate with me at all.
      ×Unless I'm working or doing something else, I'm online whenever I need to be. I still do need time in between to post though :)
      •Grammar and all that good stuff.
      ×I don't know anyone who doesn't make the occasional slip up now and again, I do. I mean as I'm writing one thing I'll be thinking about something else then when I go to read it I'll find mistakes. It happens. The only thing I have an issue with is if I have to decipher what the whole post is on a constant basis.
      Mistakes will happen that's only natural, don't beat yourself up over it I certainly won't.

      ×I feel if there's no communication whatsoever, how can we establish a partnership? With that said, I like getting to know my partner be it discussing the roleplay or on just a friendly chat basis or a need to vent about something I'll be here to listen. I'm big on keeping in touch if a hiatus comes up. I mentioned up above my interest would decline in a roleplay if time exceeds two weeks or more. If you let me know that something has come up I have no problems waiting for you please just be open with me. 
      I'll tell you about any time I need or can't post, that open communication helps. If you don't want to write anymore tell me it's easy.

      •Preferred Genres
      ×These are the ones I've found to be my favorite. I'm not limited to just them. If you have some run them by me, we can see what we come up with. 
      -‎Science Fiction
      -‎Modern Fantasy
      -‎Slice of Life
      With the romance I don't mean dedicating the plot to it strictly. I enjoy having a good amount of it in a roleplay certainly not the entire focus but a side plot if characters decide they have chemistry and develop feelings for one another.
      As far as the fandoms are concerned, I am limited with those on the count of what I know and have seen. I have a list below of my preferences. I'm open to any other fandoms if you feel I don't need to know a ton about them in order to make a story. 
      With fandom characters I will not play canon characters, I prefer originals.
      •Fandom List
      ×Tales of Berseria
      ×Final Fantasy XV
      ×Silent Hill
      ×Chrono Cross
      ×Absolute Boyfriend-something darker.
      ×Howl's Moving Castle
      ×Avatar: The Last Airbender-moving away from the classic cartoon. Something more   darker and gritty.
      ×Final Fantasy X

      •Genres I don't hold interest in
      ×Furry or Antro
      ×Strictly Master/Slave
      ×High school, college is fine. I'm also not interested in the teacher/student thing.
      ×Vampire/Werewolf-I might be interested if it doesn't involve this pairing put together or the usual vampire romance.
      ×Click the kink list in my preference list to see about what I'm interested in and of course my list of no. While sex is fine at the right time and place, I do prefer plot over it. I'm not looking to do something raunchy. I have to have a story and if sex plays a factor eventually that's alright with me. I don't want to skip ahead to get to the sex either.
      ×If you don't want to go over my kink list again, I will put below my absolute list of no don't like.
      -Animal Transformation 
      -Body Part Transformation 
      -Body Swapping 
      -Canon Characters 
      -Gender Transformation 
      -Inanimate Object Transformation 
      -Species Transformation 
      -Supernatural Transformation 
      -Underage Characters 
      -Vore (Being Predator) 
      -Vore (Being Prey) 
      -‎Damsels in distress
      -‎Passive characters
      ×I'll be looking for your ideas and input if any of the following catches your eye. I want to hear what ideas you have with a pairing. I'll mark out some of the characters I would like to play. If nothing is marked the characters can be played by either or.

      ×Detective x Thief
      ×Assassin x Target
      ×Private Investigator x Client
      Victim x Detective
      Brother x Brother's Girlfriend×
      Newlyweds in danger~>see Great for more plot details.
      Heiress x Islander

      ×Dark Wizard x Royalty
      ×Dragon x Human Rider 
      Elf x Elf
      Human Royal x High Elf
      ×Human x Wolf
      Knight x Knight
      ×Elf Princess x Human Knight
      Princess x Knight×
      Arranged Marriage~>also see I'll Follow You To The Ends Of The World.
      Assassin x Princess×
      Royal x Commoner
      Royalty x Thief
      Princess x Prince
      King x Princess
      Queen x Prince
      King x Queen
      ×Warrior Princess x Princess~>See I'll Follow You To The Ends Of The World plot for more details.

      •Slice of Life
      Best friends
      Unexpected pregnancy~>see Midnight Number, Familiar Voice plot for more details.

      •Modern Fantasy or Urban Fantasy
      Something along the lines of Bright.  I have this on my fandom list too. If you're not familiar with the world they do have it on Netflix and also here's a bit of a read: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bright_(film)

      Spellcaster x Summoned
      Landmaid(Former Mermaid having lost her fin) x Royal descendant×
      Death incarnate x Contract
      Pirates of the old world x captive
      ×Snow beast x Curious human
      ×Magic Assassin x Mark
      Arranged marriage
      ×Royal Guard x Person of wealth~>see A Tale of Irrevocable Horror plot for more details.

      •Science Fiction
      Colonist x Colonist
      Ilyndrathyl life support x Last human~>The same universe as Defying The Odds.
      Soldier x Charge×~>see Defying The Odds plot for more details.
      Soldier x Scientist
      •Defying The Odds
      Without word without warning it happened quickly, a sudden and swift attack against the last human stronghold, The Ainesilver. The Ainesilver, an enormous interplanetary ship, built by humans long ago was designed to bring mankind into the universe beyond should the planet of their birth, Earth, become uninhabitable. Along with mankind, The Ainesilver carried with it Ilyndrathyl-a mysterious life support system set to create life. How it came in the hands of man or who built it was unknown but from it life could be created in the event man ceased to exist.
      The attack on the Ainesilver left its inhabitants with little preparation while in the middle of the chaos one soldier stumbles upon the closed quarters where Ilyndrathyl is housed. Within it, a woman has been created. At first thought, the soldier pulls her unconscious form from the temporary captivity the will within becoming protective. Running into a few other survivors, the forced party makes way to an escape pod while all around the ship is on the verge of collapse and destruction. With little time the pod carrying the group shoots into the unknown ramparts of the universe leaving behind the Ainesilver and most of all Ilyndrathyl.
      The pod miraculously lands on foreign planet almost a replica of Earth. The survivors are shaken and leery of the world before them. They wonder how they'll continue on with little to no supplies while the soldier resigns to protecting them alongside the woman of Ilyndrathyl unbeknownst that she is more than meets the eye and the forces behind Ainesilver's demise would seek to pursue her.

      The honeymoon is over before it even got started. Love at first sight, a sudden engagement, and a marriage in the span of a month what could possibly go wrong with that? Well, for one newlywed couple having hit the wine on the second date and hitting the sheets on the third, everything. Confusing love with infatuation, the pair much to the horror of their families marry in a hasty ceremony. While on their way to the cruise, they get into a huge argument about twinkies no less. 
      For the first time, with the blinders off, they see each other and the differences they both bring to the table. As the fight erupts into much more, the two realize what they thought they might have in common they might not after all. Moreover, with the arguing they've missed the cruise forced to watch it and they money they paid sail away. 
      Angry about the situation and with one another, they set up in a nearby hotel considering seriously about getting the marriage annulled. Having the share a room, the couple nitpick about everything with the wife storming out leaving the husband to his own devices. Needing fresh air, the wife sauntered away from the hotel happening across a green-eyed man shooting another point blank. The killer discovers her and about to shoot her too, she retreats back to her husband finding him doing the robot dance. Frantically, the wife explains her plight to her husband. Initially skeptical, he tells her they'll go to the police to get it sorted but as they open the door the killer stands before them with a gun raised on them. He backs them in the room silently.  The husband, thinking quickly, yanks the phone out of the wall throwing it at the killer who ducks and the object catches someone walking by square in the face. Both the killer and the wife look at him, the latter disappointed. 
      How will they get out of this if they can't stand one another?

      •Midnight Number, Familiar Voice
      Everyone who wanted to be someone got the hell up out of Lake County. Nothing ever happened and those that stayed would live out their mundane days daydreaming about the big city and how to be famous. 
      She always wanted to leave. Every since her parents divorced and high school passed by easily. What kept her behind was not only her mother but him, the boy she loved every since they were children. He came from the wealthy side of the wrong tracks rolling with a crowd she never fit in with but somehow when he wasn't getting in trouble the two of them spent time together. It was as if when they were with each other he was a whole different person, one she could count on.
      And he told her in secret he loved her too unfortunately in the end he chose someone else over her. She was devastated. Every time she tried to move on, he would come back in her life somehow pulling her in confusing her feelings. 
      While her life seemed stuck, his progressed and for the most part she was satisfied having any part of him even if she was the other woman.
      When he got engaged, he broke it off with her and resigned to letting him go she attempted to leave town until her mother grew sick. Miserable, another man unintentionally walks into her life treating her as she should be, number one. For a while everything is going good until her first love returns looking for another chance. 
      She relents against her better judgement.
      An unexpected pregnancy has her to make a decision which way she should follow her heart, to the old or a chance at something new.

      •A Tale of Irrevocable Horror
      In Uthorim, a metropolis of grandiose, there lingers a peculiar unspoken darkness from which at night people seemingly vanish into thin air. While authorities are on high alert, the young king refuses to create hysteria that would place lives in danger. He has set about a curfew. With it in effect, people are not allowed to venture outside at certain times of the night. Though the citizens of Uthorim are angered by the restrictions, the king promises the matter will be rectified soon and swiftly.
      A young heiress has bore witness to her mother's terrible hallucinations and bouts of drunken stupors. Among Uthorim's society, the gossip reaches far about her mother's illness chalked up to the craziness of a sullen woman. One night, the heiress is woken up by her mother's screams. Hurriedly, she goes downstairs to find her father, older sister, and one of the servant men carrying her mother to the car in the night. Her illness has taken a turn and even with the curfew in full force, she must be taken to the doctor. The heiress begs her father not to go, but he promises to return, that she should look after her younger brother. The heiress is left alone with the servants. Once morning hits, there's no sign of her family. No call on the phone or even a message. Even a call from the heiress does not reach. Morning is soon noon followed by afternoon night and the next day. The authorities claim they cannot do anything because it was her father's choice to go out after curfew. 
      After weeks of no contact, the heiress decides for the sake of her brother to ask for an audience with the king the only person she feels can help. Although against it, the young king has political pull however before he was king their fathers were once friends and the young king has always held a devious eye for the heiress. Without question she is granted an audience with Uthorim's sovereign. His manner with her versus his public appearance are quite different, he longs for her expresses his love while she is determined to merely have him help her.
      He is not deterred. He will help. He'll send one of his best royal guards with a small group to investigate, but at a price. She will and without question give herself to him otherwise he will take everything she thinks she has back leaving her and her brother destitute and send them into exile.

      •I'll Follow You To The Ends Of The World
      It is the world of man. Warriors, clerics, blacksmiths, knights, and kings. At their sides are the women that walk at their side, keep their home in order, and bear children silently placing dreams of lives other than taking care of families. For one princess the time for suitors was near. Groomed into the perfect heir, a hidden defiance has lingered within to go against the rules of society to be more than a woman bred for marriage but she knows her father will hear none of it. 
      For her coming of age ceremony, all the royalty from the allied kingdoms attend. Much to her disappointment there are princes, warriors and anyone of high standing vying for her hand yet none spark her heart or interest until scandal threatens the celebration. Of a well to do kingdom in the southern moorlands, arrive three souls not really invited however with good faith as an ally brought on by that kingdom's king the guests are allowed to enter. It is a kindly king, his warrior son and the reason behind the scandal. The king's blue-eyed daughter. A warrior on her own in armor as any male and a sword sheath at her side. Beautiful she is, the princess of the south only cares about standing at her father's side. It is through the crowd that she sees the other princess where they greet one another with a smile. 
      Throughout the festivities the pair sneak glances at one another. The warrior princess keeps her distance however while her brother asks the other princess for a dance and their fathers privately discuss an arranged marriage. Upon dancing with nearly every suitor, the princess at long last is brought near the blue-eyed princess of the south where their eyes meet again.
      The warrior princess smiles slyly. She cocks her head to the side. "You have the most beautiful eyes I've ever seen before in my life. There's a light in them, they are special don't let any of this let that light die." With her hand reaching out she touches the princess's hand gently. Forced to break contact by the arrival of the princess's father, the warrior princess disappears in the crowd. The king tells his daughter he has decided she will marry a suitor by the end of the next fortnight.
      Well, that's about it. I look forward to hearing from you!
    • NickWantsToRP
      By NickWantsToRP
      Hi, I'm Nick.
      I joined a couple of days ago and I thought I should introduce myself.
      I'm very new to roleplaying, but I already did one on here. It was fun! So I'll be sticking around like a boner at an inopportune moment.
      My most prominent skill in life is art. I'm decent at drawing. If you ask nicely, I'll make you a sketch of your RP character or a moment from our RP.
      Please check my roleplay preferences to see what I will or won't roleplay. I'm up for most things and I'm ok playing either gender.
      As a reward for making it all the way to the end of this post, have a picture I drew of MEI from Overwatch.

    • lVergill
      By lVergill
      Hello, the name is Vergil! =)
      I enjoy RP with people and I don't have much preferences since I look for my partner's happiness and preferences than my own needs. 
      The RP that I am looking are as follows:
      M. Student X F. Teacher
      M. Adventure X Goddess 
      Brother X Sister  
      M. Student X Lewd popular girl  
      M. Human X Monster girl 
      Pokemon X Pokemon
      This are my RP characters, but you can always EcchiText me for anything or comment here to get my attention: ;)