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Utopian Curse Overview

The Utopian Curse island is a holidaymakers paradise. Warm, tropical weather. Lush vegetation.  Miles of perfectly smooth sand beaches and water so clear that you can see for metres. However, it is not called Utopian Curse for no reason. Anyone who arrives on this island almost never leaves. They are forced to live out the rest of their lives on the island. And despite its peaceful seeming nature, the island is filled with danger that make it hard to survive.

It isn't a large island, but it certainly isn't small. It takes about six hours to run from the South to the North, providing that the ground was flat and there were no obstacles in the way. With the same conditions, it takes approximately eight hours to run from the west side of the island to the east side. That said, with obstacles all there, it takes several days to traverse the island. The forested areas are very thick, and it take hours to hack through even the smallest part of it. The Mountains are steep and dangerous to climb. Most people who attempt to climb them are often met with strange accidents that prevent them from reaching the peaks. The wildlife is also very strange, and dangerous. Huge, plant eating beasts roam the grasslands, attacking anything who attempted to hunt them. And to hunt these huge, strange beasts are even bigger predators who would look at a human as if they were a piece of snack. Without a means to defend yourself, the best choice is to just run. Despite the strangeness of the island, it may fool someone into believing that they were stranded somewhere on Earth. Lining the perfect, sandy beaches are miles of coconut trees. And that isn't the only similarity. Many survivors usually claim to find something, no matter how small, that they recognise from where they had come from.

Not only is the island ecology strange and alien, but there is something about the island itself. As stated before, it is almost impossible to leave. If a character has a means to either fly or get into space, they would encounter fierce storms if they climbed too high or flew too far. The storms would come from nowhere, and are usually not visible to the island itself. The fierce winds would drive them back towards the island. The same thing happens when someone attempts to swim or sail off of the island. As soon as they get a certain distance, they usually experience strong storms that drive them back, or break up the boat and perhaps even drown the passengers if they are unlucky, though they usually find themselves back at the island. If people attempt to fly or sail away from the island in an attempt to find land, there is a small chance that they wouldn't encounter any storms. Instead, what they find is even more bizarre. The other side of the island. So if a person flew or sailed South from the island, they would end up on the North side. There is no obvious explanation as to why this happens. The world simply couldn't be that small, but there is no way to find out. It also seems that, far from shore, there lurks a huge and dangerous creature that attacks any ship or boat that attempts to leave the island. There are also some signs of an ancient civilisation, including some temple ruins that appear to have been already raided. They hold nothing of interest, but it appears that some ancient race was once on the island. Did they die out, or find a way off? On the South East of the island stands an old, crumbling lighthouse that is hard to get to without flying or sailing. Again, it is not obvious why the lighthouse is there, or who had built it.

Perhaps it was one of the other survivors? There may be others out there, on the island. But do you dare seek them out? They could be as dangerous as the local wildlife. They might be as likely to attempt to kill you on sight as they are to try to be your friend. You won't know unless you try. 

Relevant roleplay links:

Utopian Curse Maps


This is a map of the island that is featured within this Roleplay. It is made in a similar style to the Craethiel Kingdom map. It is likely that most characters will not immediately know their way around the island, and unless they come across another character that has explored the island, they will need to explore it before they would have a map of the island. It is currently only in black and white because it is still somewhat in the process of being made, because it is still very open for additions such as character camps.

gallery_2_54_1658.png - Mountains
gallery_2_54_162.png - Hills
gallery_2_54_1421.png - Grassland
gallery_2_54_1468.png - Rivers
gallery_2_54_1238.png - Lakes (sometimes without the wave)
gallery_2_54_906.png - Water
gallery_2_54_1432.png - Forest/Woodland
gallery_2_54_1950.jpg - Tropical Foliage like palm trees.
gallery_2_54_999.png - Sea Monster
gallery_2_54_822.png - Place of Interest/Importance (See below for more information on the places of interest)

There will be some locations within Utopian Curse that will not be mentioned in this extra information; that is because they are placed within their own extra information so that they can be linked back to this one, as it would be far too much information to contain to this single extra information. Despite being in their own extra information, they are linked to Utopian Curse but may have their own limits in place. As the extra information must be approved before it is added to this list, the limits must be observed to be able to roleplay in Utopian Curse, without exception.

List of related extra information:

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The Monster in the sea

If, and indeed when, a character moves too far out at sea either with a boat or through swimming, they will encounter one of three things. The best option, being the opposite side of the island. The dangerous option being a fierce storm that will push them back to the island. It has its chance of death, however it is a preferable option to the very last option. The one that will strike fear into the hearts of many. The monster that lurks within the deep.

Monster in the sea.png

It has no name, and it acts like a mindless monster that attacks and consumes everything that attempts to leave the island. It attacks without mercy. It cannot be reasoned with. It cannot be bargained with. It will not relent. The only way to stop it, is to either escape it by returning to the island, or to attempt to kill it. But even if one succeeds in that task, another will always seem to take its place. 

It seemed to have empathic abilities, as it seemed to overwhelm its prey with intense feelings of paralysing fear. Those of a telepathic nature, or a good command of their emotions may be able to slip out of this first form of attack. Those that encounter it, will feel its burning hatred for everything that is not its own kind. It has an overwhelming hunger and need to consume anything living within its reach. It is relentless and will not stop. It will attack with its great tentacles and drag its victims under the water. Instead of directly consuming them, it drowns them, prolonging their life for as long as possible as it seems to delight in their suffering. Once the victim is mere moments from unconsciousness, it will drag them between its teeth so that the last thing they see is its mouth as it goes to consume them. 

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      Craethiel Kingdom Overview
      Welcome to Craethiel Kingdom, a relatively young but thriving Kingdom in the year of 1200 AD ,unknown to much of the world as it is situated on its own large island. The Grand Capital of the kingdom is the large city of Selil on the South-West coast of Craethiel, accessing the Verdar Sea. Selil is a rich, bustling city that draws Merchants from all over the land to come to trade and try their luck at making themselves rich beyond their wildest dreams. Selil is also the centre of power within the Kingdom, as it is where the Kings Throne sits, ruling his subjects. The Capital City sits where the Ageon River empties into the sea, allowing it to have access to the drinking water and a harbour that goes out to sea, so they can shield ships from any storms as well as allowing trade with the Towns and Villages that line the coast.
      Going up the Ageon River, a traveller will see a vast grassy plain to the West side of the river, and the edge of the Rosayia Forest on the East side of the river, a dark and menacing wave of trees. Many people claim that evil lurks there, waiting for an unsuspecting victim to travel into its grasp. Many tales surround the Forest, tales that usually ended badly for the unwitting traveller. Around the first bend of the Ageon river is a large marsh area. The ground is extremely soggy and few can travel through it without getting lost, as the land seems to change constantly around them. Once the marsh is left behind, the land is filled with rolling hills. Nestled above the hills is the large Lake Kelrak that is so large that some claim that you cannot see the other side when standing on the shore. Continuing North is a vast Woodland called Ildyara Forest filled with towering ancient Oak Trees with several other tree species growing alongside them. This wood is quiet and peaceful, apart from the occasional wolf or bear. Wrapping along the coastline is the majestic Therarr Mountains, a vast stretch of mountainous peaks that continue East beyond Craethiel's border. On the far East side, below the Therarr Mountains is a dry, hot and arid desert. This land is inhospitable, and few survive a trek across it. Anyone who says that they are going to journey across the vast sand dunes are usually warned against such a venture.
      Separating the Dynz desert from the Rosayia Forest is a second, enormous Mountain range, known as Enutpen's Glory. Enutpen is the first King of Craethiel. He was the King that outlined the borders for the Kingdom seen today. He fought vicious wars with neighbouring Kings to secure the land and unite it under his rule. The Mountain Range that bears his name is famously known as the last battle of the War. Enutpen lured the forces of King Tarl into the huge Mountain range, before ambushing the surprised army and slaughtering them. It is said that Enutpen got into one last fight with Tarl before striking him in the chest and claiming victory. He then returned to his throne in Selil and ruled the United Kingdom of Craethiel until his death. It is not known to many people, but in his last years, Enutpen slipped into insanity, often giving confusing orders and chewing on the Royal drapes. He died at the age of 63, an achievement in those days, as a sick and insane old man. The peaks of Enutpen's Glory are higher than those of the Therarr Mountains, reaching beyond the clouds so their peaks are not visible from the ground. The tallest of Therarr's Mountains at the very North East of Craethiel only reach just beyond cloud level.
      Off the coast of Craethiel are several islands that can be reached by sea. Many of the small islands are uninhabited, however on some of the larger islands there can be civilisation, found and possibly approached by ship. The Wilds of Craethiel can be a dangerous place, with bandits and thugs waiting for easy prey and monsters that lurk around the corners. You should be mindful of where you set foot.
      Relevant Roleplay links:
      Main roleplay thread Character ID OOC Craethiel Kingdom Maps
      For the purpose of this roleplay, I created a map that gives a basic outline of everything within the borders of Craethiel. You are allowed to request for places of interest to be put onto the map, however they would need either a detailed Extra Information thread and it has to be approved by myself. You can suggest places such as the Ildánach Library that can be accessed by anyone, then no Extra Information Thread is needed and are roleplayed in the main Craethiel Wilds thread. However do keep in mind that not all suggestions will be added to the map.

      This is the black and white version of the map, where everything can be seen clearly.

      This is an example of the map that a character may carry around with them within the roleplay.
       - Mountains
       - Hills
       - Grassland
       - Marshland
       - Desert
       - Rivers
       - Lakes (sometimes without the wave)
       - Water
       - Forest/Woodland
       - Enchanted Forest
       - Shipping route
       - Sea Monster
       - Village (See below for more information on the villages)
      Hermitage Tiloga Leria Vortase Delwore Dar'vere Ryn'tur Taiom Abandoned Village  - Town (See below for more information on the towns)
      Lathulla Kalath  - Place of Interest/Importance (See below for more information on the places of interest)
      Selil Vorserend Ze'taour Devlyn's Keep Fenrir's Graspe  Coda Temple  The Monolith Ildánach Library Ashaba Rydraeck  Town of Dragon's Eye There will be some locations within Craethiel that will not be mentioned in this extra information, but that is because they are placed within their own extra information so that they can be linked back to this one, as it would be far too much information to contain to this single extra information. Despite being in their own extra information, they are linked to Craethiel Kingdom but may have their own limits in place. As the extra information must be approved before it is added to this list, the limits must be observed to be able to roleplay in Craethiel Kingdom.
      List of related extra information:
      Craethiel Kingdom Bestiary Eldyrannth The Keza’maraki Palace The Dreshza EPSI Federation Extra Information (Snippit) 
    • SilverGirl20
      By SilverGirl20
      Character Identity Information

      Name: Aria
      Age: 25
      Gender: Female
      Species: Human
      Origin: She is from the future. There was a devastating war that caused the entire human race to come together after every human on earth was nearly whipped out. It knocked the population down to 10,000 people. The new nation considers themselves to be Earthians rather then separating themselves into nationalities, because this divide was one of the reasons for the war.
      Nationality: Earthian
      Speciality: Cooking, Gardening, and Scavenging
      Universe: Futuristic society on Earth
      Time Taken: 2040

      Physical Appearance

      Height: 5'3
      Weight: 130
      Eye Colour: Blue
      Hair Colour: light brown
      Physical Description: She looks cute because of her planets advanced technology. The oldest person to date was 280 so she it considered vary young.

      Personality, Traits and Abilities

      General Overview: She is cute and innocent or at least she tries to be.
      Strengths, Skills and Abilities: She is good with a knife and fast. She is crafty.
      Weaknesses: shes not vary strong or technologically smart.
      Ambitions: She wanted to open her own restaurant but now she just dreams of getting back to earth.
      Hobbies and Interests: she loves cooking and crafting things.

      Personal Sexual Information

      Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
      Turn ons: being dominated, chased, pinned, bullied, pounded, while she pretends she doesnt like it.
      Turn offs: having someone submit to her, scat, pee, or hair in her mouth.
      Breast Size: D
      Sensitivity: Ass, pussy, and chest
      Other info: Shes a vergin


      Awards/Commendations: She had a degree in health and wellness.
      Criminal Record: The worst she has done is steal food.
      Bio: She was 10 when the war started and lost both of her parents to it. The war only lasted 3 years. It ended because multiple nuclear bombs were fired and nearly destroyed the planet. She was forced to servive on her own in a world that was falling apart. She was forced to steal food and live in hiding. When she was 15, she got to whiteness the survivors coming together and forming a new nation. Life was still hard but it got better. To prevent another war from happening all the survivors agreed to never judge each other because of their differences. Those that didnt listen were quickly executed. For the next 10 years, she was trained in her world's version of college and got her degree. Meanwhile she got a job as a maid at a restaurant and hoped to save enough money to build her own restaurant.
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