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    • Karl11
      By Karl11
      This is my first post this is copy and paste  from something I wrote a while ago it is kinda long so hopefully it makes sense 
      We live alone no parents we are twins when we were younger like from babies to the age of 10 we shared not only a room but a bed.  A lot of times it would be really hot that we would sleep naked ( nothing ever happened and sometimes the sheet was between our bodies where it mattered) or in our underwear but our parents never knew.  When you got your own room you would still sometimes come to my room because sleeping with me made you feel safe and you were able sleep better.  You always made it back to you bedroom before our parents caught us in the morning.  Since our parents died you were sleeping in my room a lot more we would be cuddling and comforting each other because we missed our parents. Each night was very, very hot in my room that we were sleeping naked some nights without the sheet covering or even between us.
      If interested EcchiText me and we can discuss details
    • xnoirtenshi
      By xnoirtenshi
      So I disappeared for over a year, but now I am back, sort of. I’m still busy, but I do want to write when I am able to. Below are things I want to write, there may be other things not listed on here, feel free to suggest if it’s not listed. Things listed with a ❣️ Next to it means I’m craving it.

      Resident Evil: Can be from any game or even the movie series. Canon characters I would prefer my partner play? Albert Wesker, or Leon Kennedy. Characters I can play? Ada Wong (sorta) and Claire Redfield. OC's are definitely preferred of course~ ❣️❣️❣️
      Silent Hill: Games or the movies, but completely OC based~ ❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️
      Dragon Age: Starting off I have a plot for Morrigan and a f!OC that I really love but my partner disappeared ages ago. Aside from that I would be ecstatic if anyone would take the role of either Cullen, Iron Bull, Leliana, Cassandra, Isabela, Sera, Solas, Varric and Josephine. Of course, along with your own OC too!  ❣️
      Final Fantasy 7: OC's or canon characters! Brownie points if you can play Sephiroth, Vincent or Aerith~❣️
      Dead by Daylight: OC or canon characters! Be it Killer x Survivor, Survivor x Survivor or Killer x Killer, I’m game for anything. ❣️❣️
      Genshin Impact: A new edition to my list of things I’d like to roleplay from. Character or OC based! Characters I prefer to play opposite of: Childe, Xiao, Keqing, Ayaka, Ninguang, Baal, Zhongli. I can play Lumine or an OC~ ❣️
      Pokemon: Mostly OC based, but there are a few pairings I have been dying to write as (that are from the games). Can be both trainers or both gijinkas, or a pairing between the two! There's a lot that can be done here.❣️❣️❣️❣️
      Digimon: OC based. 
      Harvest Moon/Stardew Valley/Rune Factory: Anything relating to either of these, I love the games so creating our own universe and such would be fun!
      Fruits Basket: OC based, a whole different family and a whole different zodiac!
      My Hero Academia: Canon or OC based, I'm fine with whatever! I do have OC’s that I would like to use, of course. ❣️
      Idolverse: Can either be based on real life idol groups, or fictional settings~
      Inuyasha: ANYTHING from this series! I can only play a small handful of canon characters, but I am always up for an oc verse!  
      Human x Living Doll (kinda have a plot for) ❣️❣️❣️
      Demon x Demon Hunter
      Serial Killer x Admirer❣️
      Tentacle Monster x Human 
      Monster x Human
      Dragon x Human ❣️
      Royalty/Heir x Maid/Servant❣️
      Kidnapped x Kidnapper
      Master x Slave
      Human x Neko-Human Hybrid
      Pirate x Stowaway
      Tol x Smol
      Teacher x Student
      Princess/Villager x Fallen Angel/Creature
      Vampire x Human (I have a couple plots.) ❣️❣️
      Demon x Human
      Human x Werewolf
      Demon x Angel
      Anything involving someone inherently evil and an innocent bean crossing paths!
      Good ol' Yandere ❣️❣️
      Feudal Era/Past Era plots?
      Anything fantasy!
      Post apocalyptic
      Anything Yuri ❣️❣️
      Forbidden Romances
      Zombies or anything Supernatural based !
      Dark plots
      Threesome/Poly relationships!! ❣️
      Classic fluff plots
      Magical Girls!!
      Image Prompts
      I forgot to add- but I am hoping to find someone who wants to have a fleshed out roleplay and not just smut-focused. It can certainly have lots of smut if it works with the thread, but I prefer to have more of a story and flesh out our characters. Especially if it’s an original thread or we both have OC’s. Otherwise it gets boring or repetitive for me.
      More than likely will be editing this if I remember something or change my mind on a topic, but I think that’s it for now!
    • BladeRunner
      By BladeRunner
      ((Shiiiit, has it really been a year? Well, I guess I could get active with this dogickey here))
      After few painstakingly hours, the room 124 was fully set up, and the U-Haul left over at the nearest lot. Boxes were broken down and already the bed made and ready to go for a good night's sleep... If he could sleep. It had been just a few days since the breakup, renting out a vehicle then sleeping in it wasn't such a good idea but it was better than paying out the ass for a shitty hotel. Not that Amon didn't have the money, he was pretty wealthy due to his stinginess and his well paying job. 
      Amon Vale was a man of many flavors, from leaving the windows and door open to listening to Enigma to help wound down for the night; to the suddenness at certain thoughts popping in his head and then to a mixture of emotions from the rollercoaster he's been on. One part told him that bitch deserved to be left, another told him to move on and that it was a right choice, and player three was screaming while the fourth wheel was on fire. He couldn't necessarily comprehend what he'd done, moving away from friends and family and far, far away from his ex-girlfriend, but it was still coming together. 
      On his couch Amon sat just staring at the wall until he snapped to. He stood up, rubbing his face once with a hand, and proceeded to dial his phone for pizza, ordering at least three boxes worth of pepperoni, beef, and spinach chicken artichoke. Earlier Amon had noticed people glancing at him like they never seen someone move heavy boxes and furniture on their own. No one offered to help, assholes, and he was pretty hungry from the long day. The first thing he did was unload dishes and getting them washed whatever was there, he then went on to putting together furniture; a two piece couch and his bed, got his sheets washed and the boxes separated into their respective rooms. There was a laundry list of things to take care of still, but Amon figured he could eat first, shower, then sleep... It wasn't like he had company. 
    • Kitsuyumia
      By Kitsuyumia
      This is the biggest part of the ship a large open area which resembles a city. The entire prominade, garden, red light sector, and parts of the engineering sector as well. This subject is more akin to being a generic topic for interaction in this area.
    • Master M
      By Master M
      I have a specific longtime story with specific kinks.
      Kinks i would like to include for that rp are: all kinds of bdsm, humiliation, training, forced, rape, anal, strict rules, multiple females.
      That are the main kinks for the rp but darker ones would also fit in and up for discussion.
      Now to the roleplay.
      It's about a special school only for girl's (you will play all females). The main purpose is to train the students for sexual service, but that's not all. The school is set up and sponsored by some private donators. There is not much know about them at all, they just provide the school with money.
      The principals (my main character) job is to keep the school running and keep the donators satisfacted. And of course they are Kinky as hell. One of there first step was to install hidden cameras all around the building, with only them and the principal has access to, the other teachers doesn't know about them.
      I will not go into more details as I want to build it together, but be sure i have much more in mind.
      If you are interested and are able to add to the story fell free to message me.
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