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CILF (Characters I Love to Fuck)

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The Inflation Mechanic

Okay, I’ll toss my hat into the ring. These characters are in a numbered list to keep things organized. I’m not playing favorites here.

1. Tsubaki Nakatsukasa (Soul Eater)

I love Soul Eater, and I’ve always found Black Star’s weapon partner, Tsubaki, to be quite sexy. She’s sweet, shy, self-conscious, and a kickass kunoichi with a million ways to kill you. She’s also got a rockin’ body and standard attire that accentuates her various curves. I’d wait till she’s 18, obviously, but I’d get into bed with her.

2. Ryuko Matoi (Kill la Kill)

Not only is she from one of the best animes ever made (not just because of the crazy outfits and scandalous scenes), but she’s got a beautiful body and an attitude. Definitely worthy of the CILF title. Again, I’d wait till she’s 18, but she’d be worth the wait. Oh, and if you know the story, she’s basically immortal from what I understand. Even if she isn’t, she’s still sexy as all hell. And talk about dominant. Woof.

3. Momo Yaoyorozu, Kyoka Jiro, Ochaco Ururaka, Midnight and Mt. Lady (My Hero Academia)

Kinda cheating here, but these ladies are all worth a place on this list. The school girls (the first three) need to be 18, but they are all sexy enough to fuck. Momo for her body and intelligence, Kyoka for her attitude and her powers over sound, Ochaco for being cute and potentially banging you in zero gravity, Midnight for her body and dominatrix persona, and Mt. Lady for the pun that is her name...and her body and giantess powers.

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Oh boy, I'm a bit of a basic bitch when it comes to this stuff, but sure why not? It'll be interesting.

  1. Yoko Littner

I'm a sucker for fiery redheads and Yoko was definitely my first introduction to that kink. She's sexy, she rocks a massive sniper rifle, and she probably has one of the best arcs of character development in that era of anime.

  1. Esdeath

A friggin' powerhouse of confidence. She tops Satsuki for me as a female protagonist who can just project authority. Everything she does is a power move, but her softer scenes really do endear her to the viewer.

  1. Korwa (Granblue Fantasy)

A bit of an obscure one, but she's great. Just one of the most attractive character designs I've ever seen from a game full of great character design.


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Lusterless Nova


On 13/01/2018 at 12:03, Rachel Chan said:

It would be moar fun if everyone tell why are those character make it into their list XD

Then I shall attempt to make this moar fun for you, and with some luck, some others too.




Name: "Master" Nemesis
Species: Transformed Weapon
Age: Unknown
Body Type: Can switch from petite to mature  
Occupation: None
Origin: To Love-Ru

Personality: Nemesis is sadistic, mischievous, domineering and mysterious. She also has an eery and erotic side to her and finds shyness arousing making her want to turn such people into her servants. She said that she doesn't have full control over her erotic personality and would act on it on impulse. Upon her first appearance, her erotic tendencies quickly earned an uneasy impression from various people, and jealousy from fellow females. She can be quite patient, often stalking people to find out their weaknesses before advancing.


Not gonna deny it. I like strong women, and Nemesis is a prime example of that. Not just in terms of abilities. She is manipulative girl/lady with an assertive behavior, capable of hiding it under an innocent behavior, making her not only pretty, but fascinating in my eyes. There is a lot to learn from her, and if we are all honest, aren't we all a little bit attracted to darkness?
...And with her you have a 2 in one deal so what is not to love?



Name: Hajime Nagumo
Species: Human-Monster Hybrid
Age: Debut: ~17 years old, After Story: ~23-24
Body Type: Muscular 175 cm tall
Occupation: Hm... I'd say adventurer.
Origin: Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou / from commonplace to world's strongest

Personality: Summing up his personality in a few sentences is difficult since it changes drastically at one point, and changes bit by bit on occasion. But his most general personality is what you see and think. After he was left for dead a betrayal, Hajime abandoned his kindness and adopted a newly personality of being cold, unstable, ruthless, uncaring and sadistic murderer, going as far as to murder even supposed old friends if they stand in his way. But there is more to him. Despite of being merciless and a murderer, Hajime is still does show moments of honest kindness. He freed someone he didn't know anything about upon hearing that their situation was caused by one betrayal. He saved another comrade from drowning. He showed mercy to a possessed dragon when they were most vulnerable. And he became a father to a child who got deeply attached to him. Whenever his good deeds outweigh his bad ones is up to the beholder however.

Hajme is one of the few characters I know who are edgy for a reason. He was betrayed, lost his whole arm, almost starved to death, had to literally fight for his life (against monsters of a way higher level), and despite having the firepower to let his rage out on the world around him, he instead focuses, thinks, and saves lives even through other options would benefit him more. He is also incredibly smart. Not only did he get the idea to craft modern weaponry with his Medieval RPG themed alchemy skills, he also doesn't care for traditions or ideologies, making him in my opinion interesting to observe. This is what makes him rank high on my respect list. Granted, he would probably fuck me before I get the chance, but considering his stamina, that's a win-win if I ever saw one.

(Oh and skip the anime and go straight to the manga please. This adaptation skips A LOT of content. You don't get that it's an isekai until you hit EP2 if I am not mistaken)


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Ginger Jailbait Gwen

Damn Characters I Like to Fuck 🤔 There is just way too many for me to list all of them here 🤣

Though some good ones I will list below

  • Jinx ( Teen Titans )
  • Candice White Adley
  • Dark Magician Girl
  • Peg Pete
  • Chronoa

There is a bunch more but these ones are just so lovely~ ❤️ 

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Tifa Lockhart - FF VII not remake ver(Either Dissidia or OG)

Lara Croft - Tomb Raider(anyone but the 2013 reboot, OG Lara preferable)

Ashley - RE IV, even she is a very heavy burden, I would not say no to her body

Ai-chan - Getsuyoubi no Tawawa

Illustrious - Azur Lane

Siege - Arknights

Keqing and/or Lisa - Genshin Impact

Camilla - Fire Embelem

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Bleach- Yoruichi

Soul Eater- Blair

Fairy Tail- Lucy

Seven Deadly Sins- Elizabeth

Highschool DXD- All the girls ( they're all great)

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Nothing anime related but still a character in a series: Mike from Better Call Saul. He's just such a badass character and so wholesome at the same time.

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Posted (edited)

In no particular order

  • The Expanse, Chrisjen Avasarala (but she's going to have to keep the clothes on), Amos Burton and/or Camina Drummer
  • Mike Ehrmantraut is a solid choice but he doesn't strike me as bi
  • Chiana from Farscape
  • Do Ha-Na from The Uncanny Counter
  • Anyone Doona Bae ever played
  • The whole of Alice in Borderland (and if anyone wants to RP in that setting HMU)
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