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Build A Tentacle Pet Workshop

Kerzin Kalamond

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  • Self cleaning
  • Youthful
  • Instinctive (4 point gain) (34 point total)
  • Humanoid & Normal Size (0 point)
  • Knotted & Grabbers (-2 point) (32pts remain)
  • Fertile & Nourishing (-7 pts) (25pts remain)
  • Jealous (+2pts) (27pts remain)
  • Milk Donor (high rate)
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What does it say about me that I'm already deeply familiar with 90% of the pictures used in that?

For my answer, it's not what pet I would want to have...it's which one I would want to be!

Intelligence: Tentacle Monster
Body type: Shapeshifter
Body Size: Mass Shifter
Tentacle Types: All-in-one
Perks: Fetile, Vore, Vibrator, Strong, Bioluminescence, Aphrodisiac
Drawbacks: Fucked Silly, Messy, Voracious, Forceful, Marathon, Growth Hormone, Pervert

By my math I ended up with a whopping 15 leftover points. Anyone want some extra?

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I would be the pet itself with assign traits and the personal also job will be skipped because I became the tentacle creature itself. (Note: In RPs, I like to become a tentacle creature, but in real-life, I like to be an ordinary human.)

Default Perks: Self-Cleaning, Loyal, Sex Diet, Tough and Strong, Penis Head

Intelligence: Sapient(-8)

Body type: Shapshifter(-10)

Body Size: Mass Shifter (-4)

Tentacle: All-in-one package(-12)

(Points left from this point: -4)

Perks: Cum Production(-2)
Fluid Production(-1)
(Points left in this area: -13)
(Points: -22)


(Points: -24)
Body Shaping(-4)
(Points: -36)

Drawbacks(Points Gain, Current Points):
Fucked Silly(+2, -34)
Voracious(+4, -30)
Pheromones(+4, -26)
Hypnosis(+2, -24)
Marathon(+3, -21)
Forceful(+3, -18)
Glutton(+3, -15)
Pervert(+2, -13)
Corruption(+3, -10)
Jealous(+2, -8)

Shy(+2, -6)

Breeder(+6, 0)


(I remove the mind control from perks because I could hypnotize someone in the drawbacks freely because I make this comment in the terms if I am that pet itself)

(I don't add messy drawback because If I am the tentacle I want to be able to inflate my subject, which are females. And I don't add Growth Hormones, because if I am the tentacle, I only want to expand someone's breasts and ass(I don't want futas, sorry))

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