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Side Story: A learning experience


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Warning: This Side Story will contain scenes of a graphic nature. This includes, but is not limited to, Heterosexual sex. If you find either of these themes distasteful, then please do not read.

9 hours ago, Chiyako said:

Location: North-east of Kalath en-route to Enutpen’s Glory

As Raeghan's palm cupped against the girl's cheek her rambling instantly came to a stop! She calmed down, although her face remained as bright as it had been. Still, a smile spread across her lips, head leaning just enough to press herself into the reassuring hand. It was still evident though just how excited she was as her tail continued to wiggle around behind her!

"That sounds ni-"

Suddenly she was kissed! Luna's eyes sparkled with rainbow glee, widening as big as they possibly could! But her shock soon faded away. Instead she closed her eyes, leaning up and into it, squishing her soft lips against the man's. This was her first desired kiss! She was going to savor it as much as she could! And savor it she did. Her heart raced within her chest, hands gripped and fumbled with the thin fabric of her gown. While it only lasted a few seconds it felt as though it'd gone on for at least a full minute.

Luna couldn't help but to let slip a nervous though clearly excited giggle. It wasn't just the comment. No, her anticipation was simply mounting to new heights! Although his comment was also very much true and, at the moment, quite funny to her.

"True! Um. S-so, uh, what do we do now?"

Clearly Raeghan was going to take the lead, right? He knew what to do!

Participants: Raeghan and Luna
Description: During their quest to find a dragon for an ingredient for Luna, she created a potion to turn Raeghan temporarily into a human. One of his desires for when he was human, was to have sex and Luna had offered to help him with just that.


Raeghan smiled at her nervous question, his thumb stroking against her cheek again, “Well, you relax. I have more experience than you, even if I haven’t done it in a long time. So it would best if, for this kind of dance, you let me take the lead.” He said. Before she would be able to respond, he pulled her face closer before kissing her once again. This time, he deepened it by pushing his tongue past her lips and into her mouth to explore the sweet cavern. Now that she was closer, his other arm wrapped around her waist and pulled her towards him, pulling her up onto his lap. It allowed him to lean back a little, and be more leisurely in the kiss. It was quite passionate and heated, but he did it slowly to allow her to get used to the sensation of a deep kiss. He then pulled away from the kiss, tilting his head a little at her. Now that she was sitting on his lap, her head was almost level with his. A fact that quite pleased him as it made it easier for him to kiss her.

Going along the theme of being her teacher, he told her, “Sex isn’t just about the pleasure of the one person involved. It’s about the pleasure of all. I know you want me to feel good, but I want you to feel good as well.” As he spoke, one of his hands moved up her thigh, his fingers ghosting on her pale skin before they dipped slightly under her garment but not fully, as he wanted to tease her a little. He once again kissed her lips with a full kiss that only lasted a few moments before he pulled away and pressed his lips against her throat, planting tender kisses along the unblemished flesh. A lot of women he knew liked this, as it sent tingles of pleasure through them. And he quite liked watching their reactions. Some would sigh and tilt their head for more, while others wriggled and moan. He was very curious to know what Luna’s reaction was, if there was one. He hoped that, even as she fulfilled his desire for this kind of contact, that she would get something out of this as well.

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Raeghan was much gentler than the men she'd run into before. His thumb brushed across her cheek, drawing her head closer to the hand with every movement. In fact she ended up nuzzling just a slight bit into it before the man's kissing assault suddenly returned! Again her eyes were wide with shock, but now her body started to grow more heated. Ears flopped backwards as she leaned into the embrace, eyes shutting as the man's tongue pressed its way passed her lips. To her it was quite large and the timid response of her own tongue made it feel that much more empowered. The man would also quickly discover that the little bunny had a naturally sweet faint carroty taste.

With ease the lightweight bunny was pulled up into the man's lap. Her little rounded rump settled down against Raeghan's crotch, although she didn't start moving it at all. No, the kiss was far too intense for her to really focus on anything else! She also ended up settling forward against the Human's chest, arms curling up over her lover's shoulders. Still, while the kiss continued Luna only delved further into it, soon lapping her wet muscle in timid strokes against the intruding Human's. After all she wanted to taste him too!

When the kiss was broken Luna was left a little winded, panting softly. A brief trail of saliva hung between them before she leaned in, briefly pecking against Raeghan's mouth in order to clean it up. Out of breath she could only give short little nods in response to what he was telling her, but she did understand and she did agree with his words. But kisses weren't the stopping point, an idea reinforced when she felt fingers trailing up along her soft inner thigh which, in turn, caused the rabbit to jump just a slight bit! For a moment her legs squeezed together, trapping the hand between her soft tender thighs, however she quickly ended up relaxing when she was kissed yet again.

Once more the kiss was broken, only this time Raeghan went right back on the assault against her throat! A whimpered squeak left the young girl, and for a moment she tensed up only to allow her head to hang back, further exposing the weaker points of her body. At this point her fingers started to squeeze gently against Raeghan's shoulders, gripping so as not to allow her to completely fall back.

"I f-feel warm. This is really nice!"

Oh. Wait. Right!

"Um. I h-have to warn you that my people can be, well, insatiable. That's what my parents told me anyways."

She figured it would be best to warn him, just in case! After all who knew how she'd respond as things heated up! Things were certainly already heating up between her loins.

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Raeghan was quite pleased by the squeak that escaped Luna. It was different from the reactions he had from other women, but he found it utterly adorable and it spurred him on to lay several more kisses along her pale neck. He then paused when she said that her people could be insatiable, which caused him to smile. He then chuckled a little, “Oh really? Well… that’s good to know. It means I can take my time with you.” He latched his mouth against the side of her neck. It started as an open mouthed kiss, but his lips soon made a seal as he began to suck at the flesh, intent on leaving his mark on her otherwise flawless skin. Like her mouth, her skin tasted sweet, almost addicting. The hand that had been stroking her cheek moved down, tracing the curve of her body before settling on her hip. 

After several long moments, he pulled away from her neck, his tongue flicking out one last time to lick across the red mark. He saw the mark left on her neck and smirked, feeling quite pleased with himself. He tilted his head, kissing the point where the jaw met the neck before pulling back and drawing her into another passionate kiss. He was taking his time, to make sure that she properly relaxed so that she could enjoy herself as much as possible. It helped that her mouth tasted so sweet, and the more he kissed her, the more he was aware of the faint taste of carrots. He had never encountered that in a partner before, but he quite liked it, especially in Luna. It seemed just like her.

While their lips and tongue moved against each other in an intricate dance, his hands started moving of their own accord. They slipped up underneath her flimsy nightie which had not really left much to the imagination. He enjoyed the feeling of her warm, smooth skin against his fingertips. It felt so good to touch a woman in this manner, to enjoy the feeling of their skin and exploring their body. He tried hard to ignore the fact that his cock was already reacting, becoming hard underneath the sheet that still covered his lower body. It was a little distracting, especially as he took a moment to marvel at the familiar, but long forgotten sensation. He then turned his attention back to Luna, pulling away from the kiss as he panted slightly, robbed of breath. His hands moved up, causing the nightie to hitch up along with them, before his fingers brushed against her nipples, which made him smirk slightly at her before he lightly rolled the nubs between the thumb and forefinger of each hand. He watched her face closely, watching her reaction.

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One escaped little squeak soon lead to many more, occasionally punctuated by a hushed giggling. The assault on her neck felt quite pleasant, but it was also just a slight bit ticklish for her in certain spots. Regardless of the sensual nature it all allowed her to relax. His remark was also certainly a good thing too! Taking their time together made it feel a lot more romantic, and Luna certainly enjoyed that concept. After all love was romantic, was it not? She loved to love!

Again the man's lips latched upon her neck, only this time they started to squeeze and suck against the sweet flesh. A sharp gasp escaped from the young bunny, body trembling with a new feeling of bliss from the experience. Her arms curled upwards around the Human's neck, pulling his head against her body partially so that she could feel him but also so that she could rest her own head against his. She didn't even notice the hand sliding down her body, soon to rest against her wider hip.

When at last the latest kiss was broken off Luna sighed with relief. It wasn't that she'd disliked it, it's just that her mind needed such a reprieve from these new, exciting experiences! This was especially the case for someone of her race. Already she was growing aroused, after all her kind were very sensitive to these things, and that went double for someone of her age. Regardless Raeghan wasn't about to stop there. His tongue quickly flicked out against her body, sending another jolt of excitement along her spine! Then came another kiss to the same area, followed soon by one directly to her lips! Each touch was electric, forcing a twitch or a shuddered gasp from the witch, and of course when their lips met she leaned her body in as close as she could in the hopes of sealing the passion even more tightly between them.

With tongues interlocked Luna's mind was well occupied. Once more the man's hands were on the move, and once more she didn't even initially notice them. But soon it became impossible to ignore them. Not only was the kiss broken but hands pressed over her tiny breasts, the squishy flesh hardly filling out the Human's large palms. Fingers worked against her nipples, squeezing and rubbing the nubs between digits. Luna's eyes clenched shut, head held hanging back while another round of excited squeaks left her parted lips! While her body twitched with glee the rabbit's back arched, pressing her sensitive bosom against Raeghan's groping hands. Even her ears reacted, occasionally twitching straight up whenever the sensitivity grew to be too much, only to flop back down behind her head whenever she had a moment of reprieve, no matter how brief that might be.

Of course she wasn't going to allow Raeghan to do all the work. After all she wanted to help him out! That had originally been the entire point to all this! And so one hand drifted down between them, scooting aside the Human's sheets in order to free the growing beast restrained beneath them! She felt it was okay to do this because, despite her nightie being hiked up, their close proximity and the flimsy nature of the gown still meant that it was covering them both up! As heated flesh expanded between her legs Luna closed her supple thighs in around it, squeezing soft limbs around the sensitive region. Meanwhile her palm settled atop the very tip, deft fingers working to rub along the head. She was clearly inexperienced, and it probably showed right away, but at least she was trying! Right?


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At first, Raeghan didn’t notice the shifting of the sheet that covered him until he felt a brief rush of cooler air against his rock hard cock. He wasn’t sure what was going on for a moment, and paused in what he was doing. Then he felt warm and soft flesh wrapping around his cock, causing a sudden wave of pleasure that made him shudder slightly. He shuddered again when the palm of her hand rubbed against the sensitive tip of his cock. He had to suppress the groan that threatened to pass his lips. He was so unused to the sensation of sexual pleasure that he had to top for a few moments to simply enjoy it. It mattered little to him that Luna’s touches held the hesitancy and shyness of someone completely new to all of this. What she was doing felt good, and he was definitely enjoying himself, especially with her fingers playing with the most sensitive part of his cock. He had to resist the urge to thrust his hips up into her thighs in reaction, “Damn, Luna…” He grunted, allowing the pleasure he was feeling to be reflected in his tone. He hoped it encouraged her, and made her feel a little more confident about herself.

But not wanting to be outdone, Raeghan cupped her small and supple breasts and squeezed them gently before he rolled the nipples between his fingers once again before rubbing his thumbs against the hardened nubs. But he wanted to see more of her, to be no longer separated by the material of her nightie. He gave her a slight smirk before he took her dress and lifted it up and off of her, allowing him to see her. His eyes roamed over her slender body, her small but rounded breasts and her slim legs. He couldn’t see her womanhood, but he knew that would come in time. Instead, he allowed himself to enjoy what he could already see, “Beautiful.” He said in a soft whisper, something only to be heard by Luna. His hands once again traced along the outside of her thighs before moving up to touch her breasts once again before they moved down and settled on her hips, helping to keep her in place.

Raeghan leaned forwards and began to kiss along her neck again, planting small and light kisses as he moved. He gave the hickey he had given her a small lick, pleased by how much the red mark stood out on her pale skin, before his mouth moved further south leaving a trail of kisses as it went. When he reached her left breast, his tongue licked across the hard nub before he wrapped his lips around it and sucked gently on the sensitive nipple. He then flicked his tongue back and forth, listening out for her reactions. Thus far, her reactions had been an absolute delight, and unlike any woman he had the pleasure of making love to. Her squeaks were the cutest, and he hoped to hear more of them.

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Perhaps if Luna had been more experienced she might not have been confused by Raeghan's initial reactions to her wandering hands. The shuddering gave her an indication that it might have been a pleasant experience! After all she'd reacted in much the same way. However his words did throw her off. Was he upset? Or maybe he thought he was doing something wrong? For a moment she grew worried, but then the Human gave her small breasts a squeeze in return!

A hushed moan left the bunny, head leaning forth against her partner's body. Fingers continued their exploratory session, tips pushing up and down in little strokes against the top portion of the man's dick. Her breathing grew a little more ragged as sensitive nubs were played with, each movement sending a slight shudder through her frame. Thankfully Raeghan had plans to advanced their current state of undress. Hands left her chest for a moment and as she felt her gown being tugged up the rabbit finally released her own grip, raising her arms right up overhead! In one smooth motion she was left completely naked.

Now Raeghan had a fairly complete view of her body. No longer would he need to resort to brief glimpses of her chest: Luna's small breasts were fully on display, the faint pink nipples slightly perked with excitement. The only blemish noticeable upon her body were the marks that the Human was leaving with his kisses. For the moment her crotch wasn't visible, covered at the time by Raeghan's cock which, due to it's size, stuck right up from between the girl's smooth thighs. Of course he could feel that she had no hair present down below.

Luna's gaze drifted down between them, eyes widening in awe of the former bird's manhood! She'd felt it with her fingers and she'd felt it throbbing against her heated slit but she hadn't actually seen it. Being pressed so close to her body also gave her a general idea of how far it might end up going into her! Could such a thing possibly even fit?!

"T-that's impressive" she whispered, only to go quiet again when she was also complimented! With a smile leaned in, planting a kiss upon the side of Raeghan's head as his lips assaulted her neck once more. Another was planted atop his head as he moved lower still, but when he started to suckle and lick against one of her breasts her entire body shivered with glee!  Once more the little squeaks of bliss left her lips, and once more her arms curled around the man's head, squishing his face against her chest! But now her hips also jerked and rolled around in little erratic movements and in turn her tiny flower left slightly moistened kisses against the base of the Human's cock. Even her legs got in on the action, squeezing and rubbing together around the sensitive length!

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Her compliment about the size of his cock pleased him. It certainly felt bigger than what he remembered from his old body. Luna had done him many favours with this potion, and to top it all off, she was allowing him to explore this new body with her in the most intimate of ways. Her squeaks of pleasure caused his lips to curl slightly in a smile, glad that his ministrations were having this kind of effect on her. He almost groaned again when he felt her hips shift and move before he felt the soft lips of her pussy kissing the base of his cock almost lovingly as her thighs pressed against the shaft. It made his head spin, and his cock pulsated in response to what she was doing, signalling how much he was loving it. He let out a pleasured sigh through his nose, closing his eyes for a moment as he stilled, allowing her to press his head harder against her breast. He relished the sensations, allowing them to overwhelm everything else before he opened his eyes again and switched his mouth to her other nipple. He caught it in his mouth and sucked as eagerly on it as he had the right nipple. His grip tightened on her hips slightly, as he had to resist with every ounce of will not to simply raise her up and push her down onto his cock. He didn’t want to move that quickly, but she was making it hard. Despite her inexperience, she was almost sinfully good. She was giving him more pleasure in the few things she was doing, than an experienced whore did in several sex sessions. 

He had to find a way to help prolong this, and an idea suddenly came to mind. He pulled away from the nipple and gazed up into her strange, but beautiful multi-coloured eyes and said in warning, “Loosen your grip a little… I’m going to move us a little.” He shifted his hands down to grip her supple thighs. Holding onto her so that she didn’t tip backwards, he moved them forwards on the sofa before turning them around so that he put her down on it while he was knelt on the floor in front of her, his cock jutting up proudly. The fact that she was so small made it easier for him to shift and move them without incident. The sheet was a bit cumbersome and in the way so he pulled it away and threw it onto the chair that Luna had been sitting on earlier as they had been talking so that it left them both completely naked, with nothing to hide them. He then gently put his hands on her thighs and spread her legs to reveal her womanhood. He paused for a moment, admiring the sight. He could see that she was completely hairless, something he had never encountered before. It was a little strange, but he quite liked it as if gave him an unimpeded view of the lips that glistened softly in the light of the small seating area.

Raeghan looked up at Luna before he smiled, “I’ve never seen a hairless woman before… but I quite like it. It’s just as beautiful as the rest of you.” He said before, without warning her of his intentions, he leaned forwards and allowed his tongue to press past the outer lips of her pussy before licking up the entire slit where his tongue pressed against the hooded clit. He was careful not to allow his tongue to move up underneath the hood itself, as he knew that it could be a little painful due to how sensitive direct contact on the clit was. He swirled his tongue in circles on the clit before his tongue moved down to the sensitive entrance of her pussy where he pressed his tongue against it before moving back to her clit. He latched his mouth onto it and began to flick his tongue back and forth over the clit. While he was licking her out, his hands took a firm hold of her thighs to prevent her from being able to close them around his head. He knew some women were apt to do that, and he didn’t particularly want to feel as if his head was being squeezed. He didn’t mind woman gripping his hair, as long as they weren’t tugging on it but he doubted Luna would do anything that would cause pain, so he concentrated on making sure that she was getting as much pleasure as he could possibly give her.

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Thankfully Luna never really was that strong in her upper body. It was a simple task regardless of her clinging grip for Raeghan to simply switch to the young woman's other breast. She'd obviously only started to get used to having the right one suckled, for as soon as his lips touched against the left Luna's entire body jumped slightly! This time she pursed her lips shut, doing her best to muffle the squeak that inevitably tried to escape from her, and despite her best efforts part of it still managed to slip free. A stronger grip against her wider hips did manage to lessen the movements she made, but when Raeghan halted his suckling and peered up into Luna's eyes the movements stopped altogether.

"O-oh. Okay" mumbled the bunny, somewhat in a daze. She was still recovering from the attention paid to her chest. Still, she did as she was told and loosened her grip. With great ease she was moved. A subdued giggle left the girl when she noticed Raeghan's penis springing up to attention. It was like a royal guard standing at attention for its queen! She almost wanted to give it a salute, but thankfully she held such silliness in check. As hands gripped against her thighs and spread her legs Luna's face lit up completely red, her own hands moving up to cover it! Only now did she realize that he was looking directly at her most special place!

A pale mound was faintly flustered with just a hint of pink, the region quite heated by her growing arousal. The little cleft of her slit was hardly visible against the smooth skin. It certainly helped that he was looking directly at it and, of course, that she was aroused in the first place. Beads of moisture collected along the curve of her peach, further outlining her womanhood.

"Thank you" she whispered timidly, nearly squeaking out the words in surprise as Raeghan suddenly press his lips against her crotch! As Raeghan's tongue pushed past the pillowy soft porcelain lips of the little witch's pussy he was greeted by the glistening healthy pink of her inner folds which up until this point had been completely hidden away. The intruding tongue was quickly assaulted on all sides by hot clinging squishy flesh as tight muscles constricted inwards. A familiar sweet carroty flavor coated the man's lips, although it was a bit sweeter here than it had been earlier.

When Raeghan's tongue was dragged upwards against her clit Luna threw her head back. Hands gripped at the sides of her chair, hips pushed upwards against the Human's face, and thankfully he had enough good sense to force her legs open. Try as she might Luna couldn't fully keep herself from squeezing the incredibly powerful limbs inward, but a combination of forcing herself to remain open and Raeghan's own upper body strength meant that the girl's abnormally strong legs wouldn't be crushing anything between them. Even so Raeghan wasn't let completely off the hook: as his assault against Luna's pussy continued she rode as desperately as she could against the tongue, hips rolling and grinding in little jerky circles all while a mixture of gleeful squeaks and low moans left the inexperienced girl.

Speaking of inexperience Luna didn't really end up lasting very long. How could she? Not only were her people very sensitive when it came to these things but she'd also been teased in a nearly equally sensitive region! That and, as was already made clearly apparent, she was not very experienced. It only took a minute to set her off, but for her it felt like at least a dozen. Suddenly Luna's legs squeezed inwards, crotch planted firmly against the Human's lips while her entire body tensed and shuddered and shook, a faint pink flustering appearing along her chest and thighs. She didn't even make much of a noise, really only a whimpered whine as she did her very best to hush herself. But what probably was very obvious was the sudden gushing of sweet fluids.

After a good minute Luna relaxed her grip upon both the chair and the man's head. Her small chest lifted and lowered quickly while she caught her breath, but she wasn't exhausted. In fact it'd really only given her a great boost of energy! She was totally ready for another round! Well, at least once she could breathe a little easier.

"T-that was amazing!"

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The small squeaks and soft, pleasure filled moans that escaped the small woman only drove Raeghan’s tongue to move faster, flicking across the soft pink flesh of her clitoral hood. He could feel the powerful muscles of her legs flesh beneath his grip, and it surprised him just how strong she was. He was forced to tighten his grip to try and keep the deceptively strong thighs in place. As she humped up into his face, he lost his rhythm for a moment, but quickly found himself as he followed her movements to prevent her from accidentally dislodging him in her eagerness. The taste of her womanhood was unlike anything he remembered, as it still had that faint carrot taste. He wondered if it was natural, or a result of something she did. He certainly wasn’t going to complain about it; he found it delicious and his tongue enthusiastically lapped up the sweet, slick liquid.

He could sense her climax getting closer, as the muscles around her pussy entrance seemed to quiver and twitch. Then her legs suddenly pushed harder against him, causing her to tightly grip his head as if afraid that he would stop. He tightened his grip even more, stopping her from outright crushing his head. As she started cumming, he redoubled his efforts. His tongue flicked furiously from side to side on her clit, drawing the orgasm out for as long as possible. He could feel the gush of her feminine juices against his lips and he eagerly drank it down. It was the sweetest, and most delicious cum he had ever tasted on a woman. As she started relaxing, he gently used his tongue to clean up any remaining fluid that clung to her flushed skin.

Finally, he pulled away so look down at her with a faint smirk tugging on the corner of his lip. He chuckled deeply in his chest at her comment, “Thank you.” He said, pleased by the compliment to his skills, “I’m glad you enjoyed that. You tasted amazing; I could certainly do that again.” His red eyes flashed with desire for a moment, before he then said, “But… I think we can save that for a little later.” Now that he was not concentrating on Luna and the pleasure he was giving her, he was now aware of his painfully erect cock that was aching for attention, “What would you like to do? Repay the favour? Or more? If it’s the second option… would you prefer that we go to your bedroom?” He put the decision entirely in her hands, as he had been pretty much controlling how things were going. He was absolutely fine with doing either, as long as his cock got the attention it was craving. He was feeling extremely riled up, and wanted nothing more than for something to wrap around his cock. Whether it was a mouth, or a pussy, it mattered little to him. Although both would be a bonus. 

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Sparkly multi-colored orbs drifted downwards, ultimately settling upon Raeghan's impressive rod. What would be a good next step? Of course they could just have sex. She certainly was looking forward to it! But she was also very anxious about the whole thing, especially given how large the Human was.

I mean I really want to do it by the end of the night! But I can totally wait too. We have all the time in the world! Right? I dunno!

Small fingers slid over the meaty head, tips brushing softly around it, tracing along each ridge and vein. "I'll repay the favor first" she whispered, mostly to herself. After a nod of confidence she stood to her feet, reaching over to take Raeghan by the hand. Moving to the bedroom was a good idea regardless! Her free hand picked up her discarded clothes too. There was a proper place for them, after all!

Without missing a beat the little naked bunny lead the way to her bedroom! For Raeghan it was probably a little cramped. There were recipe books, botany books, and a few plants growing in little pots. Her bed wasn't anything special, but if the two snuggled close they could probably both fit in it. Of course that was Luna's plan regardless! A little romantic after-sex spooning sounded kind of pleasant!

Once they were at the side of the bed she turned to face the man once more. Both hands drifted downwards, digits curling around the meaty log. Slowly they worked together along the entire length, pumping to the tip and back to his base. She leaned in closer, brushing the tip against her soft torso.

"So, uh, I'm kind of new to this. If I'm doing anything wrong please feel free to correct me! After this we can see if you'd like to go further."

With a smile she sat down upon the bed, gently pulling against the man's dick to scoot him closer. Now her gaze focused upon Raeghan's manhood. Lips pressed softly against the tip, planting a kiss. Then another. And another! Repeated smooches settled against the sensitive flesh, all while her hands continued their slow, methodical drags across the rest. Her ears settled behind her head when she started to get a little more into it. Contact lingered. The occasional little suckle or careful nip were settled against the cock. And then her tongue dipped out, lashing against it as well!

I really hope I'm doing this right!

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Raeghan watched as her gaze lowered until it stilled. It was obvious where her eyes were drawn to, and Raeghan hoped that she wasn’t having second thoughts. He would understand, given her apparent lack of experience His concern was alleviated when he felt her small fingers teasing the head of his cock. Each movement caused a sliver of pleasure to race up his spine, and he had to bite his inner cheek to prevent a groan from escaping him. He almost missed her soft words, so distracted by her ministrations. When his brain finally told him what she had said, he couldn’t help the pleased smile that pulled at his lips. He allowed her hand to take his to guide him through the unusual wagon. Her hand was so tiny in his; his own easily swallowed hers up and hid it from view. It really highlighted just how tiny she was. As a raven, he had not realised just how small of a person she was due to the fact that by default, she was larger than he was. 

Still, he quite liked being the taller one. If she allowed him to sleep in her bed that night, she would be very easy to have snuggled close. That is, providing they got any sleep. When they arrived at their destination, Raeghan took a moment to look around to drink in the new environment. Her room was as cluttered as he had envisioned it. He couldn’t help but let out a small, amused chuckle that his expectations were quite accurate. He found it very endearing. The bed looked a little small, but then he had always been one to prefer cuddling so that posed little problems for him. 

When they drew to a stop, Raeghan looked down at Luna to see what she was going to do. As her hands moved downwards, his breath hitched in anticipation. He was rewarded for his patience when he felt her tiny fingers wrap around his cock as she pumped it up and down. His eyes half closed and a soft groan escaped him as the pleasure raced up his spine. His eyes opened further again when he felt the tip of his cock brush against her soft torso. He looked down into her earnest, sparkling eyes.

He couldn’t help but to give her a small smile, “Don’t worry, I will. And I doubt I’m going to want to stop anytime soon.” His smile turned into a slight grin. After all, he wanted to see her writhe in pleasure as he made love to her. He hoped to pleasure her so thoroughly that she was left feeling satisfied and happy. She was normally quite happy and bouncy; he hoped to make her even more so. He allowed her to guide him closer to the bed, more than happy to let her do what she felt comfortable doing. He looked down, watching as her soft lips pressed against the head of his cock. By this point, the head was an almost angry purple, indicating its desire for some kind of release. He loved the contrast of the soft colour of her lips, to the rather indignant colour of his cock. Each press of her soft lips caused a sliver of pleasure to race up his spine. Slowly, his eyes moved closed as he enjoyed the gentle ministrations. When the tongue came out to brush against the sensitive head, he couldn’t hold back a soft groan. The soft, wet flesh rubbing against the head made his cock twitch as he groaned out softly, “Fuck, Luna… your mouth feels amazing.” 

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Yay! It's working!

The bunny's ears perked straight up with excitement, tail wiggling behind! It was good to know she was doing such a great job. This was easier than she thought it'd be! But then he did say her mouth felt great. Maybe he wanted more of it? There was really only one thing to do in that case.

Okay. You can do this! Maybe!

After a brief moment of steeling herself for what was to come Luna planted a kiss directly against the tip of Raeghan's dick. This time her lips remained, pressing little suckles against the same spot while she contemplated her next actions. Eyes shut in focus. Breathing shifted more through her nostrils. Her hands settled close to the base, continuing to pump but only along a few inches of the man's sizable rod.

Luna's lips parted slowly. She leaned in, squeezing the bulbous head into her small mouth. Her maw opened up as wide as it could to accommodate him, although even still her teeth brushed across the sensitive flesh. Still, she managed to open up just wide enough that her pearly whites didn't brush too hard against her lover! That, after all, would have been quite unfortunate!

He's huge! But I think I got it!

She would have smiled if she could. In fact she tried to do just that! It probably looked a little awkward with Raeghan's penis in her mouth but, well, she was happy! At least her tail and ears could both get that message across. For a moment her fists even shot in the air! But once her little celebration was finished they returned to where they'd been before. However one hand did drift a little further down, digits experimentally delivering a gentle massage against the Human's sack.

With Raeghan fitted into her mouth Luna returned to suckling against him. Lips squeezed in around him, joining the contoured top of her mouth, the occasional gentle brush of her teeth, and her squishy tongue. The little bunny delivered long loving drags of her wet muscle along the underside of the man's cock, occasionally even sliding around against the sides! But all in all only the meaty head remained fixated within her little cavern. She had yet to push any more of him inside, partially because she didn't even think about the idea!

I wonder if this is good enough. What else could I even do? Well I'm sure he'll let me know, right?

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  • 2 weeks later...

Despite the haze of pleasure that her small, warm mouth provided, Raeghan could practically feel the excitement coming from Luna in response to his praising words. He had been completely honest; her soft lips felt incredibly against the sensitive flesh of the head of his cock. She had barely started and it was already making his head spin. He opened his eyes a little more to look down at her with intense red eyes as she seemed to steel herself. She kissed the tip of his cock, causing it to twitch in response. As she suckled gently, a shudder ran through Raeghan’s body at the pleasure that ran up his spine. He watched as her hands settled close to the base of his cock, still moving to stimulate him. He watched as her lips slowly parted and the head of his cock began to disappear into her tiny mouth.

The sight of her mouth wrapping around his cock like that was incredibly arousing and he had to restrain himself from thrusting his hips forwards. He knew that doing so would only hurt her, and that was the last thing he wanted. He felt her teeth scraping along the heated flesh, and made sure to keep himself as still as possible. The last thing he wanted was for her to accidentally bite him. He watched with bated breath until her mouth was fully wrapped around the head of his cock. Her little celebration was absolutely adorable, and a soft chuckle rumbled its way from his chest. Raeghan was distracted through, when one of her tiny hands pressed lightly against his balls, giving them a gentle massage. While it didn’t feel the way his cock felt, it still felt very good, almost relaxing. He almost let out a purr-like sound, it felt that good.

He opened his red eyes a little more when she didn’t seem to move any further and he tilted his head down at her. He reached up and ran his fingers through her soft hair until his fingers were lightly pressed against the back of her throat, “Damn, your mouth is tiny. I’m even surprised you were able to fit me in there.” He said, his voice low, husky and laced heavily with lust. He gently pulled his cock a little out of her mouth before pushing back in to encourage her to begin sucking on him. He didn’t move too much, as he wanted her to go at her own pace that she was comfortable with, “Just suck at a pace comfortable for you… don’t force yourself. And let me know if your jaw starts to hurt.” He told her with a slight smile as his thumb rubbed against her scalp as he practically petted her. He figured that this was perhaps the first time she had done this, thus he didn’t want her to do too much, especially if it caused her pain and discomfort. Sometimes, learning how to do these things properly took time and patience. If she made more of this potion for him, then he was certainly happy to help her practice. 

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It really doesn't taste bad. I thought it might have a weird one.

Sparkly orbs were shut while she focused upon the deed at hand. She quite enjoyed the fingers which ran through her hair, although when they settled down upon the back of her throat she could feel the man's length shift just a hint further within her mouth. Not that she minded. But he was right: she was just tiny overall! And honestly she was also a little surprised that she could fit this much. But she wasn't finished yet! Mostly because he wasn't finished yet!

With a slight, careful nod Luna lifted herself away just enough so that half of the tip left her lips, only to lower her head once more. She figured the gentle scraping of flesh against the inside of her mouth might have felt nice enough to warrant a repeat! Besides, she'd read up on this sort of thing before. Well, at least, a little bit. All that she learned point to this being the sort of thing one did in this situation! Probably!

Fingers continued their delicate work. One set pumped softly against the base of the Human's cock while the other gently worked over the slightly squishy sack, rolling the orbs hidden within between her digits. Her head continued its slow bobbing, each time pushing just a tiny bit more of Raeghan's cock into her mouth. Newly engulfed flesh was quickly tended to by her tongue, the tip drawing slight circles around as much of the thick girth as she could comfortably handle. Of course the rest of the man's penis wasn't left out either as her entire mouth squeezed in around him, suckling against the sensitive rod. She didn't plan on stopping until he finished like she had! And of course she planned on keeping him inside too!

My mouth is tiny but it's bigger than, well, down there! Right? That sure is going to be a challenge!

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A soft groan made its way past Raeghan’s throat as her tiny hand pumped against the base of his cock while the other gently caressed his balls. As her head bobbed up and down, he could feel the hot, velvety flesh of her mouth caressing the sensitive head of his cock. The more she pressed her head down, the more of his cock disappeared up into her tiny mouth. He could feel each twitch of her tongue as it almost lovingly caressed the heated flesh of his twitching dick. Another pleasure filled groan escaped him as he tilted his head back, closing his eyes as he surrendered himself to the pleasure that her mouth was causing him. He was rendered almost completely speechless. He had forgotten how good this felt; it was blowing his mind. His cock twitched harder in her mouth and he had to resist the urge to start humping her face and ram his cock down her throat. He idly wondered if she had a gag reflex, but silently chided himself for the thought. Now was not the time to be wondering things like that.

His fingers moved up slightly, finding her large bunny ears. His fingers tenderly caressed the soft fur at the base of the ear. He wasn’t really conscious of doing it, but it helped ground him. Despite the fact that she had barely started, he could already feel an orgasm beginning to creep up on him. He was quite embarrassed by that fact, but he put it down to the fact that not only did her mouth feel incredible but it had been so long since he had done anything like this that he was getting overwhelmed by the sensation of her tiny, hot mouth. He wanted to pull away from her mouth, as he didn’t want to cum this soon. But at the same time, he wanted to watch her swallow down his cum and he wanted to at least last a while before cumming while they were having actual sex. At least if he came now, it would be a little while before he came again.

He raised his head again and forced his eyes open. He looked down at Luna, watching as the thick cock repeatedly disappeared into her tiny mouth. This caused his cock to throb almost painfully as he watched the arousing sight, “Ah, fucking hell, Luna… I’m going to cum.” He grunted, wanting to give her at least a few moments warning. The sight of her sucking off his cock was pushing him over the edge. There was just something so erotic in watching a woman with her mouth wrapped around his cock, willing to give him mindblowing pleasure. It was almost as if she was worshipping his dick. He wished he could just keep watching, but his body had other ideas. His hand tightened on the back of her head, pulling her closer as he forced more of his cock into her mouth. The entire length throbbed and twitched before a pleasure-filled moan escaped his lips as he came hard, the cum gushing out the tip of his cock and into her tight mouth. 

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Wow! He really is liking this!

The noises Raeghan made were just as telling as his actual words were! Thankfully the man had enough self control so as not to just force himself down her throat. She could probably handle it. It would just be very uncomfortable. Then again the thought had passed her mind. If she could do that then surely she'd be able to give him even more pleasure!

But other things snatched up her attention. Fingers brushed through her hair and, upon reaching her fluffy ears, squeezed at the bases of each long appendage. A shudder ran along the bunny's spine, legs squeezing together as heat filled her loins. Now that was turning her on! Her breathing picked up just a little bit, but she quickly leveled it out as she focused more on the task at hand. After all forgetting about that might be problematic!

Meat throbbed between her soft lips, signalling a coming release. The man's warning backed this up. She gave just a slight nod before a hand pushed against the back of her head. Suddenly a few inches were squeezed into her body, the meaty head lodged against the back of her throat! A few beads of moisture gathered at the corners of her eyes, but she managed not to gag. In fact she sucked even harder, squeezing the softer flesh around the tip. Just in time too!

Thick ropes of cum exploded down the back of her throat. She held her head in place where it was, suckling upon her lover while her tongue desperately worked to clean up anything that was ejected. It wasn't a terrible taste either! But the main thing was sucking him down before he could cause an overflow situation. She managed it, but only just. Even so her small hands continued their work, massaging the man's sack while the other pumped against the base, hoping to coax out as much as she possibly could.

There's so much! Imagine if he shot this in me down there! Well, I guess I might not have to imagine for long, huh?

Only when she felt a cease to the constant flow of cum did Luna finally, and slowly, lift her head. With a soft pop the meaty head was freed from between her lips! Raeghan's cock was coated in her saliva, but she made certain that it left her mouth cleaned from the mess that he'd made. With a smile she finally stopped the pumping of her hand. Both were settled together in her lap while she sat up on her knees facing the Human, large fluffy tail wiggling behind her.

"How did I do? Um. Was it okay? Any tips for next time?"

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(I know it’s a little short, but it’s a bit of a connecting post)

Even as he was cumming down her throat, another groan escaped Raeghan’s lips. The way she continued to suckle even as he came, made it almost feel like she was trying to suck his balls through his cock. It wasn’t uncomfortable; far from it. It intensified the pleasure to the point where his head spun and his higher brain functions ceased to work. When the orgasm finally died down, it left him panting and feeling quite satisfied although he was almost sad when her warm mouth left his cock and her tiny hands stopped pumping him. He opened his eyes a little, blinking down at her. For a few moments, his brain refused to make sense of her questions. He shook his head, trying to rid himself of the haze that had settled upon him. He then smiled down at Luna,

“Okay? No, Luna. That was amazing. You’ve made my head spin. I came very hard.” He told her before letting out a breath. His legs were feeling a little shaky, the muscles quivering from the aftershocks of the intense orgasm. He didn’t really want to continue standing, especially now that he was in Luna’s bedroom and he had a naked bunny girl on the bed in front of him. He shifted his hand, stroking her ear before bringing the hand forwards to stroke her cheek in an affectionate manner, “I want you to shift back and lie down, Luna.” He told her, as he wanted to enjoy the sight of her spread out for his viewing pleasure before he could indulge them further in even more sinful pleasures. They had both just enjoyed the starter; it was now time for the main course. 

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Yay! I did well!

Floppy ears perked up with happiness! Not even any pointers?! Perhaps she could even make a business out of this! Some people did, after all. Heck, being an alchemist might help too! But she'd rather focus on her current occupation. This was more of a 'for fun' sort of thing. Then again if she came across more people she could help like this then perhaps she'd consider lending her services to them as well!

Might as well help people if I can, right?

When a palm cupped against her cheek Luna closed her eyes, nuzzling softly against it. Raeghan was so kind to her. And he was being very gentle! She had definitely picked a good person for her first time. Better than some bandit who might not be so considerate, right? If anything she was very lucky in those regards. A few times such a thing nearly occurred! And it had been a bit scary! But this wasn't scary.


With a slight scoot backwards Luna laid down upon the center of her bed. Legs squeezed a bit nervously together. Still, she kept them flat enough to show off her little cleft, not wishing to cover herself. Hands settled together upon her belly, fingers anxiously twiddling with one another.

You can do this! He's big but it should be okay! Maybe! I kinda wish Miss Rayvenne was here! I mean maybe that would be a little more comforting, right? I dunno!

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Raeghan watched as Luna scooted back on the bed before laying down so that she was in the centre. He noticed that she still seemed quite nervous, as if she was unsure as to what to expect. He watched her for a few moments before he climbed up onto the bed and crawled over to her, positioning himself so that he was hovering over her. He gave her a charming smile, stroking her cheek tenderly with the back of his forefinger, “Don’t worry, Luna. I’ll be very gentle.” He said before he allowed the hand to move down her slim body. He allowed his fingers to brush lightly against her erect nipples. His hand then moved down to her stomach, where he lightly gripped her twiddling fingers and gave them a reassuring squeeze before his hand moved down further to her shyly peaking cleft. He pressed his fingers gently against her smooth mound, feeling the heat already coming off of her. Raeghan rolled his fingers over her clit before they moved down further into the moist folds of her pussy. Already she was quite slick, and the smell of her arousal was heavy in the small room. It smelt delicious, and he once again noticed that it had a rather unique carrot taste.

To help her relax even further, he leaned down and began to kiss her deeply once again. He made the kiss slow and leisurely, while he continued to gently work on her pussy to encourage her legs to open for him. He could taste that sweet carrot taste, but this time there was a secondary taste; his own cum. They mixed very well, and he very much enjoyed kissing her once again. He used his hand to gently spread her legs wide enough to allow him to slip between them. Raeghan pulled away from the kiss, looking down at her. Giving into an urge, he then kissed the tip of her nose, a feature he found absolutely adorable on her. He shifted, allowing his still rock hard cock to glide up the folds of her pussy. The lips seemed to meld against the shaft, as if giving it a kiss of their own as his cock became covered with her sweet feminine juices to mix with her saliva.

“I’m going to push in, now. Don’t be afraid to tell me to stop, or slow down.” Raeghan said in gentle warning before he shifted his cock down her slit once more. The moment he could feel the small entrance to her pussy, he began to slowly push his hips forwards. There seemed to be resistance against him for the first few moments before his cock began to slowly glide into her. He could feel white hot walls clamping down around him so tightly that it made his head spin, and he had barely gotten the head into her. He closed his eyes, letting out a soft pleasured groan as he had to hold himself back from just slamming balls deep inside of her in one movement. Instead, he controlled himself and pushed in inch, by agonising inch.

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Heat washed across her body as Raeghan positioned himself over her. It was actually kind of comforting. Raeghan was big and strong, kind of like she felt with Miss Rayvenne! He was also very kind and gentle with her. She did always feel a little better around people who she knew could protect her. Sure, she could use magic, and sure, she had some powerful legs, but combat was never a pleasant experience for her. It always scared her just a little bit. With these two she didn't need to worry so much, and with how careful Raeghan had been with her thus far she didn't need to worry about a bad sexual experience either.

Again she nuzzled into the Human's hand, returning his sweet words with a timid nod. Her throat felt a bit dry despite what she'd just done. But she knew she was just really nervous. After all Raeghan was really big and she was really small! Besides, she'd never gone this far before! But she trusted him with introducing her to this experience. Who knows? If she enjoyed it enough maybe she could start doing it more!

A hand trailed down along her body. As it ran over her chest Raeghan could feel her heart beating rapidly within her chest. She shivered at the touch made against her nipples, already perky with excitement. Her hand was gripped in his for a moment, his reassuring squeeze returned in kind with her own. Digits continued to work their way down until, at last, he traced them along the gentle curve of her mound. Luna sucked in a quick breath, shivering yet again when the man brushed across her cleft and parted the pale lips enough to make contact with her little clit. The heat coming off her healthy pink flesh was intense!

Their lips met in a passionate kiss. She closed her eyes and leaned into it. Briefly her tongue dipped out, a gasp let loose when a finger pressed its way between her soft folds. Her tongue rubbed excitedly against her lover's, still quite timid but gradually melting into the same sort of affections given to her. Still, it was all enough to distract her. With ease her legs parted, relaxing open wide enough for Raeghan to position himself between them. When the kiss was broken she was still in a haze, only breaking out of it with a nervous giggle as the man planted a quick peck against her nose!

"I trust you. A-and don't worry about, um, finishing inside. I got something for that so there shouldn't be an issue. Just please enjoy yourself."

Sparkly orbs darted down, widening when she noticed the head of Raeghan's cock pressed against her slit. The brush downwards caused her hips to wiggle a bit. Hands reached up, gripping upon the Human's shoulders, fingers kneading against the muscles nervously. Then he started to push in towards her.

It's going in!

The bunny winced, ears perking up while her grip intensified. As her tiny hole stretched open upon the intruding meaty helmet Luna let loose a quiet whimper. Moisture gathered at the corners of her eyes. But she didn't fight against it. No, she was doing everything she could to relax! And as the head of Raeghan's cock settled within her incredibly tight folds just a hint of blood trickled out, body shaking while it adjusted to the intrusion.

It's okay! It'll be okay! It's gonna stop hurting eventually, right? Then it'll feel good! You can do this!

Inch by inch Raeghan sunk into her body, a faint bulge within her pelvis marking just how far he'd gotten. The occasional gasp or whimper left her, but she gently rolled her hips in an effort to assist his journey. It was perhaps needed too: her insides clamped down with quite a bit of force, suffocating the man's dick with hot, moist, squishy flesh. But he was strong enough to wedge himself inside with enough effort. He hadn't managed to stuff himself completely within her before he ended up settling against her cervix. At this point she finally let loose a hushed sigh of relief.

That's all I can fit. I think? It feels so warm. I can feel it throbbing. It still kinda hurts, but it kinda feels nice too.

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Raeghan couldn’t believe how tight Luna was. She was the tightest woman he had ever experienced. He could not remember a woman being so tight. He had to close his eyes as his head spun from the intense sensation. He could feel every twitch of her hips, causing the velvety walls of her white hot pussy to caress his cock. He continued pushing into her until he felt pressure against the tip of his cock, suggesting that he had reached as far into her as possible. Slowly, he opened his eyes and looked down at her, seeing the slight pinched look in her eyes. Other than that, she gave no other signs that it was painful, although he knew otherwise. Being careful not to move his hips much, he shifted his upper body a little until his chest was pressing flush against her own flat chest. He kept himself up by his elbows as his fingers ran through the silky strands of her hair, before settling on her ear where he stroked it tenderly. He figured it was a good way to help keep her calm,

“I know it likely hurts a bit right now, but it will feel better, I promise.” He then held his breath for a moment before saying with a slight grin, “Although for me… you feel amazing. So tight and hot.” He chuckled a little, before kissing the corner of her lips. He allowed her several moments longer to adjust before he warned her, “I’m going to start to move again.” While some might think that he was being condescending, he usually found that it helped his partners when they were new to all of this. Because he kept them informed as to what he was doing, thus they were more relaxed.

Raeghan pulled back his hips slightly, causing him to shiver a little as the cooler air of the bedroom brushed over the slick skin of his cock that had been heated by her insides. He rolled his hips slightly before pushing back inside, being careful not to push too hard against her cervix. He wished he could push further in, to fully bury himself in her and allow them to be joined hip-to-hip, but he wasn’t going to risk hurting Luna. He liked her far too much to do that. So he settled for a slow and gentle rhythm of pulling out and pushing back into her hot body, while watching her face for her reactions.

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Owie owie owie owie owie! Ooooh that stings! I can't believe he fit so much inside! This is amazing! I! Can! Do! It!

With a sniffle and a smile Luna nodded her head, nuzzling it into the hand which caressed her fluffy ear. Their chests brushed against one another. Jolts of pleasure raced throughout her body, helping with the pain slightly, but every little bit counted in this situation. Besides, she could feel his heart hammering against her chest! Raeghan could undoubtedly feel the same from her.

"I'm glad it feels good. Please don't worry about me. Don't hold back."

A kiss landed against the corner of her mouth. She giggled, returning a quick peck to the center of his. And when he told her that he was going to start moving again she simply responded with another timid nod. She could do this! After all it could only get better, right?

The little rabbit let loose a hushed gasp as Raeghan's cock pulled free from her suckling insides. As the throbbing rim of Raeghan's meaty helmet dragged against her sensitive insides Luna's back arched slightly, toes curling while legs pressed in against the back of her lover's shins. A slow push back into her body only forced out another breath of air, although this one was followed swiftly by a soft whining moan. It hurt slightly, yes, but enough pleasure was provided that such things mostly melted away. By the time Raeghan's third thrust was made she was only feeling bliss.

Her hips started to roll, doing their best to follow the Human's movements. Eyes closed while she focused on her breathing. Occasionally her tongue lulled out from her mouth, usually to be followed by another gentle moan. Whenever Raeghan pulled out from her body she pressed her hips against the bed in an effort to assist, only to roll them in towards the man when he started to push in again.

"P-please! D-don't be afraid to. . .ah! To do as you please!"

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Raeghan was pleased the note that, as he was gently thrusting into her, the slight pained look slowly dissolved to that of a pleasured one. Her moans were soft, and gentle, and he found that he quite liked it. What he liked even more was when she started to move her hips, matching his movements and fucking him back. A fair number of women that he had bedded, would often just lie there and make no effort at all to be engaged in the act itself. He smiled a little when she told him to not be afraid to do as he pleased. He stroked her ear more as he told her, “Don’t worry; I’m already doing what I want.” He knew that there would be more time for hard, furious fucking later. Right now, he just wanted to take things a little slower, so that they could both enjoy it. He wanted to take the time to study her reactions, and to enjoy the fact that he was giving her pleasure.

His hips continued their gentle thrusts, his hips rolling slightly so that his cock ground deep inside of Luna, matching her thrust for thrust. Each time his shaft was swallowed by her, he could feel those velvety walls clamping down around him as if trying to suck him deeper and preventing him from being able to pull out. As if her body was begging for them to remain joined at the hips. The sensation almost stole his breath away, but he fought against the siren song. The rhythm of his thrusts sped up a little, but not to the point where he was furiously fucking her. His thrusts were still gentle, as the last thing he wanted was to thrust too quickly and too far, because he would only cause her pain. He could feel her cervix each time he thrust into her body, as a pressure against the head of his cock. He longed to be able to bury himself in deeper, but he restrained himself.

Raeghan shifted his head, pressing his lips against her neck as he kissed it gently, brushing his lips against her soft skin. He then opened his mouth and latched it onto the smooth skin of her neck where he began to suck at her soft skin to leave a love bite, to ensure that she would be left with a mark that would take at least a few days to clear up.

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Instantly Luna's face brightened once more. He had all that he wanted? For her it was such a romantic response! But perhaps she was also rushing things. After all there was going to be plenty of time for something a little more active! Could one blame her though? This was her first time. She wasn't well versed in any of this!

It wasn't long before their movements were in sync with one another. As she rolled her hips back so too did Raeghan, only for the both of them to converge once more. Comfortable in their erotic dance the pace was quickened. Gentle wet slapping noises were made whenever the Human's pelvis made impact against the little bunny's, sending his sack smacking between her legs and his cock thrust against her cervix. Every gentle push drove the air from her lungs and sent a dizzying wave of pleasure through her mind.

Lips smacked against her neck, delivering soft kisses upon the smooth porcelain skin. Another little whimper of pleasure left her. There would certainly be a mark left behind by the action, but that wasn't all that was created. No, it was a little sensitive and, combined with everything else going on, Luna simply could not hold on any longer. Her breathing picked up, arms and legs clung more tightly to her lover, and then suddenly she buried her face into the man's shoulder as her entire body shook with bliss!

Hot flesh tightened its grip all along the Human's length. Her hips shuddered, jerking back and forth with quick little thrusts as a wave of moisture coated the intruding meat. Her pussy only seemed to constrict more firmly around Raeghan's cock, holding it still in place with the incredibly powerful muscles Luna held in her core and lower body. However despite enduring a quick orgasm Luna never stopped moving her hips, grinding them in little circles to assist the Human in his own release! Still, at least she didn't seem to be tired. In fact if nothing else she seemed to be getting even more energetic!

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Raeghan was aware of the subtle shift in Luna, hearing her breath hitch in his ear as she tightened her grip on him. He could then feel the muscles of her tight, hot cavern gripping even tighter as she started to indulge in an orgasm. The tightness made Raeghan’s head spin from how intense it was, but he didn’t let up on his thrusts. It felt as if her body was simultaneously trying to suck him in deeper, while trying to push him out of her body. He tightened the latch on her neck as he continued thrusting into her, speeding up his movements. Due to the recent orgasm he had, had, he wasn’t close to cumming again. Thus he was quite happy in fucking her throughout her own. With how tight she was, he could feel her feminine juices coating his cock before squeezing out around him. It caused her pussy to become wetter, and slicker allowing his cock to glide easier into her.

He could sense when the orgasm died down, when the muscles weren’t contracting so suffocatingly around him. He could also feel her hips redoubling in their efforts to thrust up into him. He pulled away from her neck, pleased with the bright red mark that had been left behind. He then smirked down her face, enjoying the look of pleasure that was plastered across her face, “You weren’t kidding when you said you were insatiable. I guess I’m going to have to step up my game.” He told her, a smirk tugging at the corner of his lips.

Now that her pussy was wetter, he began to speed up his thrusts. He would pull his hips back, and thrust hard into her as her hips came up to meet his own. He quickly matched the new rhythm that she had set, and soon the sound of bare skin slapping against each other filled the room. Most of Raeghan’s concentration was on the movement of his hips, to ensure that neither of them faltered in their rhythm as they made passionate love to each other. He shifted himself again, wrapping an arm around the top of her head so that she seemed almost enclosed beneath him, as if he was keeping her safe from the world. His free hand moved down from her ear to her cheek where he tenderly stroked it before he pressed his forehead lightly against her own so that he could look deep into her beautiful, shimmering eyes that captivated him. In contrast to that rather rough thrusts he was now slamming into her, he gave her a small, tender kiss on the lips.

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