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Earth Lore

Table of Contents:

The year that this Roleplay has been set in is the Earth year of 2536. It is set in the same Universe as Blackberry Falls and Craethiel Kingdom except this is in the future in the timeline. This is a Sci-Fi based Roleplay, where Earth has developed the technology to get into space, and to travel around. They have colonised several worlds, in and out of the Sol System. They even have a foothold in the Andromeda Galaxy by this point with the Andromeda One Station within the system Churchill’s Legacy, which is where the main roleplay is set. 

The intention of this thread is to inform you, the roleplayer, the basic Lore in regards to Earth such as historic events and important individuals that that you can have your characters correctly reference them. This also prevents inconsistencies between characters who might have several different versions of history. For this Universe, the events placed down in this thread are the correct and established facts. This will also be publicly accessible information within the roleplay so alien characters are able to easily learn the Lore surrounding the Earth Alliance. 

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Government Structure

This section aims to inform you the main leaders that exist within the Earth Alliance Governmental structure. In this year of 2536, the Earth Government structure has had a drastic change. One of the key things to note, of which will be expanded further in the History section of this thread, is that the United Nations no longer exists. Instead, Earth now exists as a Republic Federation called The Earth Alliance. Earth is split into seven main Republican Continental States which are further split down into countries. The Governmental structures of other territories will be explained in the territory section of this Lore thread. This post will focus purely on Earth. Please note that while these characters are NPC, they are only subject to being roleplayed by either myself or Temaelrin since they are actually characters that belong to us. But for the purpose of this Roleplay, they are featured NPCs.

Federal President


Name: Temaerius Churchill
Territory: Planet Earth.
Information: President Temaerius has had a long and successful political career. He is a forward-thinking man who takes no bullshit and has never uttered a single lie to those that he represents. He has an extremely strong sense of honour and to date he has never broken a single political promise. He is most famous for his first Presidential run of the United States of America. He seemed to come from nowhere, taking America by storm with big promises of returning America to being the Land of the Free. He also revealed a plan to redo the American Constitution, replacing it with the document of Universal Rights to Life, like what the UFF and the Ashaean’s had. It would expand greatly on individualistic freedoms while limiting the Government and its over-reach into the lives of everyday citizens. He also promised to do away with organisations that spied on the general population and to bring to justice corrupt politicians. Needless to say, he was voted into office with an overwhelming majority in not only electoral vote but the popular vote. He absolutely slaughtered both the Republican and Democrat candidates in the election. His first act as President, was to carry out the Constitutional Reform and putting it into power. This had come at great criticism from his political opponents however the public were not on their side and it was later revealed that these critics were actually working with an alien force to subjugate Earth. His Presidency was marked by success, after success after success especially after the Economic Reforms that went away with Fiat based currency and went back to a Gold standard credit. By the time he was finished in Office, the economy was booming, homelessness had decreased, crime had a dramatic decrease, drug use plummeted and public confidence in the Government was at an all-time high. He was succeeded by his child, Darius Churchill as he went on to greater things. Not long after leaving the office, he became married to the former President of Russia, Talicia Lindemann. He began work in helping to unify the Earth under a single Government, but allowing each nation to keep their individualistic values instead of all becoming one homogenous group. To this end, he also worked with Talius Lindemann, the President of the European Union. They began to set up the Earth Alliance which was formed with the first election occuring in 2530. Temaerius ran for the position of President with Talius as his Vice President, being voted in world-wide with eighty percent of the votes.

First Lady


Name: Talicia Churchill (Maiden name: Lindemann)
Territory: Planet Earth
Information: Like her husband, Talicia has had a long successful political career. Her history states that she hails from Germany and became a citizen of Russia. At first she ran small time for various offices but she quickly rose ranks within Russian politics to become the Russian President during the time her husband was the American President. Like her husband to be, she introduced the Universal Rights to Life Act to cover all sentient species within her borders. She helped the economy boom, reduced homelessness, crime and drug problems including alcoholism and helped improved Russia’s relationship with the rest of the world. She left office around the same time as Temaerius, leaving Russia in the capable hands of one of her highly trained politicians whom she had worked very closely with. Not long afterwards, she married Temaerius and helped him achieve his goal of uniting Earth under one banner without the stranglehold of globalism. She then helped her husband with his political campaign for the First President of the Earth Alliance, and become the First Lady.

Vice Federal President


Name: Talius Lindemann
Territory: Planet Earth
Information: Talius Lindemann originates from Germany, in Europe and is the twin brother of Talicia. Much like Temaerius, he has a very strong sense of honour and is a very down to earth individual who listens closely to the needs of the people and never turns a deaf ear to them. Like his sister, he started off small time, but gradually ran through the ranks of politics until he had enough support to start his own party; The German Universal Party. Despite its name, it wasn’t a globalistic party. They were rather nationalistic and focused on improving the lives of everyday civilians in the country of Germany. The name came from the fact that he promised to bring in the Universal Rights to Life Act to protect the Rights of Individuals within Germany. During his time as party leader, he became married to a very attractive young woman by the name of Sarah, who become his wife; Sarah Lindemann. He ran for the position of President of Germany, while his wife ran for the position of Chancellor. His critics slandered the two of them for this, but the general population didn’t pay much attention. The two won in a landslide, and together they were able to install the Universal Rights to Life Act and Germany entered a golden age. Talius served two terms in office, for a total of ten years. He then went on to become the President of the European Union, drastically changing it so that it devolved more power back to individual countries and returning it to the trade agreement that it once was. He helped Europe to become prosperous and to improve their relationship worldwide. 

He then stepped down, leaving the position in the very capable hands of his son, Hunter Lindemann along with his husband, Temaerah Lindemann. It wasn’t long after he had left the position of President of the EU, when he was approached by Temaerius Churchill who wanted him to become the Vice President of their global Federal Government which had the aim of uniting all the nations on Earth without taking away their sovereignty as independent states. Talius agreed to work with him, and when Temaerius won the Presidency, Talius became his Vice President.



Name: Temaelia Churchill
Territory: The Great America (USA and South America)
Information: Temaelia is the man who replaced Dalius after his Presidential terms were up. Temaelia is a son of Temaerius and Talicia. His political career has been just as successful as his father’s, strong in his commitment to uphold the Universal Rights and the American Constitution. His time as President has been focused mainly on keeping the economy running, and improving the education system for the next generation, to ensure that they have the best education available to them which would allow them to become qualified in whatever field that they wish to. He’s a deeply conservative man, with deeply ingrained morals. He is still a compassionate man, but prefers to help the needy through charity rather than taxing everyone in order to give out welfare. As such, he has almost abolished the welfare system, which now only supports the genuine sick and disabled. He is a hardworking man, and likes to do things personally. Despite growing up with a prestigious family, he had the values of hard work instilled into him. He likes to listen to those he was voted to represent. He has a wife called Talusia Churchill and they have two children with each other.



Name: Franklin Churchill
Territory: The Great British Empire (UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand)
Information: Franklin is named after his great-great-grandfather, Franklin Churchill who was the President of Ashaea who in turn was a descendant of Winston Churchill so he has a very famous lineage. He became the Prime Minister at the age of forty-two and has currently only served one term. Like his ancestors, he has a stiff upper lip and can remain firm and unyielding in even the most distressing of circumstances. He wants the best for his people and genuinely cares for their wellbeing. He is determined to protect his borders, and to protect his people from invasion. He is a good friend of the Federal President and Vice President and helped them with the Earth Alliance as the British Empire is one of the most influential countries on the planet. He has a dry sense of humour, and a sharp wit. He is strong on the concept of individualism, and wants to try and make his government as small as possible, without compromising the safety of his citizens. His wife is called Mary Churchill and they have seven children together.



Name: Hunter Lindemann
Territory: The European Union (Countries that reside in Europe such as Germany, France, Belgium, Poland, Spain and Italy.)
Information: Hunter Lindemann is the son of Talius and Sarah Lindemann, and has replaced his father as the President of the European Union. He served his time as a politician in Germany, starting in his hometown of Anklam, in the North-East of Germany. He served as Chancellor of Germany when the President was a man by the name of Axel Kaiser. They two of them became good friends, and they worked together to rule Germany well. Hunter then moved on to working within the European Union and became the President in 2534. He carries on his father’s legacy, and is a good President to Europe, working hard to ensure the rights of the people are respected and wheedling out any corruption that attempts to stir. He has a husband called Temaerah Lindemann, and they have no children together. 



Name: Nickalai Volkov
Territory: Russian Federation (Russia and other Eastern European Countries)
Information: Nickalai is the man who succeeded President Talicia Lindemann after she left office to become married to Temaerius Churchill. He was a long time friend of hers, and the two were very close in their political views. He is a forward thinking man, wanting nothing but the best for his people, and wanting to ensure that they lived in a world where they were free to do as they pleased, without violating the rights of others, and free to speak their mind. He knows Russian history in intimate detail, and has vowed to never repeat the mistakes of his ancestors. To this end, he upholds the new constitution that Talacia instilled, and works to defend them even from their own Federal President if he were to ever ask Nickalai to break them. He is a good hearted man, who is deeply compassionate and tries his best to listen to his people. He is married, to his wife Anastasiya Volkov and has six children.



Name: Xicilia Churchill
Territory: East Asia Federation (China, Tailand, Singapore, Japan, North Korea, South Korea, etc)
Information: Xicilia is the sister of Temaerius, however she has lived in China for most of her life and has been President for a long time. She has turned the Asian countries to a capitalist society, abolishing any form of socialism that they had before while keeping the strong traditions alive. She has brought the countries together in a way that they had never been united before, and has knitted a peace between them. She instilled the Universal Rights to Act Life, granting her citizens rights that they previously didn’t have. She put into effect strong economic plans that lifted millions out of poverty, and improved the lives of most of the citizens. Xicilia has cleaned the government of corrupt people, and has improved infrastructure across all the countries that are under her jurisdiction through advice and suggestions to those nations. She is a firm but fair leader, who isn’t afraid to speak her mind. She will listen willingly to those under her protection, and makes herself available to anyone who needs her help. She is very kind, caring and is extremely understanding of others. She is the most popular leader they have had on their long histories and she has been voted in, with a landslide on every election. She has a husband by the name of Latius Churchill, and they have eight children together.



Name: King Zhalius Zarqali
Territory: United Arab Emirates (Asian countries such as Saudi Arabia)
Information: King Zhalius came to power in 2315, and is the twin brother of Queen Lustia. Zhalius has lived a long life due to modern medicine prolonging his life. He has lived in the country of Saudi Arabia and married into their Royal Family where he came into position of being the Crown Prince. Ever since he was crowned, he has worked tirelessly to help his country, and the surrounding nations, to enter a new age of enlightenment and to stop the non-stop wars that plague the Middle East. Ever since then, he has been working to rebuild the countries from the ground up. He has turned their passion into something constructive, rather than destructive. Under his rule, new cities have arisen and the economy has bloomed and prospered. The infrastructure has been completely revamped, and technological advancement has dramatically increased and the once violent nations have become more peaceful and less prone to starting violent wars and they have even adopted the Universal Rights to Life Act. King Zhalius is a deceptive man, as he seems rather vain and vapid, however he has a keen intellect and is not someone that should be underestimated. One of his biggest qualities is that he is a deeply passionate man, and seems to have stores of energy that allow him to keep working for hours on end with little to no breaks. He has a wife, Queen Nikholania Zarqali, and they have twelve children together.



Name: Queen Lustia Zarqali
Territory: United Africaean Member States (The states of Africa and South Africa)
Information: Queen Lustia, sister of Zhalius, has lived in the continent of Africa for as long as her brother has lived in Saudi Arabia. When she became an adult, she quickly became friends with the ruling elites and began to play games with them, maneuvering herself to the point where she became Queen of the Africaean Member States, tricking the corrupt elites and booting them out of office. She worked hard to ensure that good men replaced them, ones that wanted the genuine best for their people and she helped them achieve that goal. She is a good, kind and fair Queen who is deeply loved by her subjects. She is fiercely protective of them and the new Rights that she has installed like the other nations of the world. She does not tend to bow down to threats, and knows how to play mind games with people. Lustia doesn’t appear to be that intelligent, however like her brother she is very smart and will easily pull the rug out from under the feet of anyone that is foolish enough to underestimate her. With her economic plans, the United Africaean Memberstates has boomed, and most of the population has been lifted out of poverty and allowed to progress as a society. Large cities have sprung up across the continent, with the population finally getting access to clean food and water. The Queen is unmarried, however as her name suggests she is a very lustful person and often takes many to her bed, regardless of gender. 

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Human Economy

The current human economy has moved away from the fiat economy that it had years ago in its past. Such a economy was unstable and often had frequent crashes, resulting in recessions that kept billions of people in poverty. Since then, humans have moved to a currency that is based upon the price of Gold and other precious metals such as Platinum and Osmium. The value of which is determined by how much it costs to extract the metals from whatever planet or asteroid they are being harvested from. This change was spearheaded by the likes of President Temaerius, beginning in the United States of America before other countries followed suit. Humans now use a currency that they call ‘Credits’ and is universal across all human territories due to the treaties that they have drawn up between the various governments. One alternative name for ‘Credits’ is ‘Earth Credits’ as that is where the credit originated from. Not only that, but they are sometimes referred to as ‘Human Credit’, as other alien species may use a currency that translates to ‘Credit’.

There are numerous large corporate entities out in the Universe, and a few will be named below. If you wish to add one to the list, then please send me an EcchiText with all the relevant information about them including a link to the extra information if there is one.



EDANCorp has been with Earth for a very long time, and originated from the country of Ashaea. By now it is a huge corporation that dabbles in just about everything from technology, to food production. It is one of the biggest omni-corporations that exists within the human civilisation, that has thousands of child companies underneath its umbrella. It is hard to find a human that has not heard of EDANCorp, as they are involved in every human colony and outpost, providing products and services from the everyday citizen, to the military. They are an extremely rich corporation, that is able to easily expand into any system they wish. They even have their own star system, where their headquarters is located. 

System Name: EDAN’s Heart
Stars: One G-class Star by the name of Aslas
Type: Corporate
Defence: Corporate Security
Details: The Star system has ten planets, six of them being Gas Giants with a number of moons each. The Third and Fourth planet of the system are habitable, with great cities across their surfaces. The third planet, called Elara, is the warmer of the two plants due to its closeness to the system Star. It has a lot of agricultural industry on its surface, as the weather conditions are perfect for the growth of crops and the care of animals. The fourth planet, Elia is the cooler of the two and contains most of the technological industry. There are also shipyards within the system that produce both military and civilian spaceships that are sold throughout the human civilisation. 
Extra information thread: Link!

Heptite Guild


The Heptite Guild is an Corporation within the Andromeda Galaxy under the umbrella of the ExoSinian Eldyr Corporation, a Corporation hailing from the Epsus Galaxy. The Heptite Guild is a mining colony, that only has around four-thousand miners and twenty-thousand support staff. They mine the unique crystals that had formed on the planet millions of years ago. These crystals are widely used in advanced technology from space ship drives, to instantaneous communication across the universe. Despite the usefulness of the crystals, they are banned from actively recruiting in human-owned territories due to the dangers of mining the crystal along with the fact that once someone is down on the planet, only the crystal miners (alternative name: Crystal Singers) can leave the planet if they have mined enough. However they must always return, otherwise they end up dying. Customers cannot buy the crystal directly from the Heptite Guild. Instead, they must go to a station nearby in the Vestibule of Enlightenment system to purchase them. 

System name: Scoria
Stars: One G-class Star by the name of Scoria
Type: Corporate
System Defence: ExoSinian Order Corporate Security
Details: The Scoria system only has one habitable planet within the system. The fifth planet from the star, called Ballybran. Is has a silicon based ecosystem, and most of its land masses are covered in the crystal ranges. These crystal ranges are so vast, that glare from the starlight reflecting off of the crystals can be seen from space. There are numerous structures on the planet surface, however they seem small to an initial glance. However it is the case that most of the structures are built within the ground due to the dangers that the planet has such as the Mach storms, where winds reach terrific speeds that can tear craft apart and easily pick up a human and fling them around like a rag doll. The wind also strokes against the crystals in the ranges, creating sonic harmonics that cause significant damage to the eardrums of those exposed as well as sending them insane. The planet has a Code Four on it, completely banning any kind of craft from landing on its surface without their express permission as the Heptite Guild own the entire planet and its moons. Any starships must visit the Shankill Moon Base, where there are shuttles that go between the moon base and the planet surface. 
Extra information thread: Link!



PsyCorp is a corporation that operates in all of Earth Alliance’s territories, including the very smallest of their colonies. They have no home star system, and instead have headquarters in every colony, with the Prime HQ on Earth, in the city of Washington. They recruit individuals that have telepathic abilities and deploy them in various departments within the corporation which will be listed below. PsyCorp also train and help telepaths to refine their abilities and to better control them so that they don’t hurt themselves, or others. Ninety-eight percent of all graduates join PsyCorps due to the number of jobs that they offer. As telepathy is often a genetic trait, children raised by telepaths that work for PsyCorp often get first chance at education and training access. The PsyCorp has a very good medical insurance policy, able to insure their employees against all medical contingencies. They also provide housing for most of their employees, as well as education for their children. Due to the fact that the PsyCorp has most of the telepaths on their payroll, telepaths who are not registered with them are treated with a certain amount of suspicion as most known telepaths that are not registered, are criminals.

PsyCorp Departments:

  • Commercial: These are telepaths who help corporations with trade dealings. They are often present during negotiations and help mediate between the two parties. With the consent of the two parties, they will keep an eye on surface emotions and intents and indicate whether a person is lying, being truthful or hiding something. 
  • PsyCop: A telepath who works with Law Enforcement, as well as for security for the corporation. For those that work in Law Enforcement, they are often referred to as ‘Hunters’ as they specifically deal with cases involving rogue telepaths who use their abilities for criminal intents such as illegal scans, illegal information gathering, and causing harm to others.
  • Research: Telepaths who help various corporations and individuals with research, from scientific, to medical, to archaeological. 
  • Education: These telepaths work within PsyCorp. They are the ones responsible for training and education telepaths within their care.

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Technology Level

This post outlines the kind of technology that would be found in human colonies, stations, outposts and ships. If you have any suggestions as to what kind of technology can be in here, then please send me an EcchiText so that we can discuss it. Credit will be given, unless you ask for otherwise.

Everyday technology:

Computers in these days are quite small and powerful (compared to what you and I are familiar with) and are able to easily handle basic AI programming that is useful, but not too intelligent for it to become a problem. Uses often range from helping run stations, to helping pilots create special ‘programs’ such as scans and flight maneuvers. Most, if not all, consoles are multi-point touch screen and are quite accurate in that respect allowing users to use an on screen keyboard to interface with the device. A separate keyboard can be used, but it is not a necessity. Station and ship computers have voice commands, allowing the user to dictate to the computer what they want from simple commands like turning off the lights, to more complicated demands such as searching for a particular subject. 

Humans do not have holographic technology, but they do have a similar piece of technology called Virtual Environment Reality, or VER for short, which are light projections. These projections aren’t solid, and can easily have matter pass through them. This technology originated from an old UFF corporation by the name of Keza Corp, and it has become mainstream technology for humans. It is public technology, meaning that no corporation can have a monopoly on it. Various corporations have tweaked the technology, adapting it slightly for whatever they want to use it for, whether it is to project an image on a wall, or to have an image floating in mid-air. This technology allows for people to have items like picture frames with moving images, or windows that show a augmented reality.

Humans also have tablets that are used in everyday situations. The tablets that they use are far more powerful than the ones we are familiar with. They are very slim, only a few millimeters thick, and have a large storage capacity. There is an even more lightweight version. It is made of clear plastic, and is flexible where the writing and images can be marked on. These are often used to produce reports such as military or political reports. They are as cheap as normal tablets are to produce and sell, but they are less hardy than solid tablets.

Starship technology:

At this point in time, humans have not yet developed anti-gravity technology. Thus, most stations and large ships have a rotating section that generates gravity on board the ship to allow for the occupants to walk around like they would on earth. This often means that smaller vessels have no gravity technology, thus occupants are usually left floating around in freefall unless they strap themselves into their seat. That said, most freelancers buy artificial gravity technology from alien traders and install them into their ships so that they’re able to walk around comfortably. But as of yet, humans have not cracked that particular secret. But being able to obtain the technology from alien traders allows characters to have anti-gravity technology in their ships, if they so wish.

FTL technology:

The main FTL technology that humans utilise is subspace travel, which allows a ship to enter subspace and arrive at a destination faster than travelling through normal space. A ship can travel roughly at 5LY/h (Light Years per Earth Hour) through subspace. There are special navigation beacons throughout subspace that guide ships to their destinations, and most important locations like the Sol system and Churchill’s Legacy system have special subspace gates that make it easier for ships to exit sub-space. Small ships often do not have the capability to jump into subspace as they are too small to contain the technology required. They usually have to use one of the subspace jump gates or tag along with a larger ship which can encompass smaller vessels in its subspace jump reach. 

Communications technology:

There are two main types of long distance communications technology. There is the subspace communications, which uses subspace to send messages from one location to another. While quicker than sending a message through space, it isn’t instantaneous and doesn’t allow for direct two-way conversations at great distances. The further a location is, the longer the message will take. For every ten light years, it adds an eighth of a second delay. 

The second type of communication is much rarer, due to the expensive price of the technology involved. It involves the rare Black Crystal, harvested on Ballybran by the Heptite Guild. When the crystal is subjected to certain magnetic stresses, then the crystal will open a link to a targeted black crystal and allow for instantaneous communication between two or more locations, regardless to the distance between the two crystals. Due to the high price of these crystals, due to their rarity, they are only really seen in large ships and stations of those that can afford them.

Mobile phone technology has also advanced with the times as well. They cannot, as of yet, be used in an interstellar capacity, but they are a lot more powerful and durable than they used to be. Humans are still obsessed with their apps and their mobile games and thus most mobiles are a handheld device. Most people tend to have it tied in with an ear-piece that is similar to bluetooth in that it is a hands-free device, allowing them to easily make phone calls without taking out their phone. Video communications is also a lot more common in these times, although due to the delay with subspace against vast distances, it can be a cumbersome way to have a two way conversation. 

There are some other forms of communication technology, mainly employed by the military. It is a small comms unit that can be stuck on the back of the hand. It is thin and lightweight, and allows the user to contact others that are on the same network link, such as other important personnel on a station. These devices are isomorphic, as in they will only work with the person they are assigned to, and can’t be used by just anyone who is able to steal the device. It is a quick and efficient way for individuals to talk to one another in an official capacity. These communications are encrypted, and not for public listening. 

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This post lists a number of human-owned territories. If you wish to have one added to the list, please send me an EcchiText with all the information required. Humans are allowed to move between these territories at will unless there are specific restrictions in place, like permits.

Territory: Earth
Galaxy: Milky Way
Government type: Republic Democracy
Population: 12,849,192,203
Information: Earth is the homeworld of the human race, and still acts like the power centre for the species. Environmental conditions have improved over the last few decades, as humans have cleaned up pollution and helped negate the damage caused by it. The governments of Earth are united under the Earth Alliance Government, with President Temaerius leading it. The countries on Earth have finally come to a measure of peace with one another, as they are now far more concerned with events outside of their world. Earth is quite peaceful, and is a rather safe place to live. But out of all the human territories, it is the most expensive in which to live in on average. However, it is the most sought after place to live for humans, especially as it is where all of the old traditions originate from.


Territory: Moon
Galaxy: Milky Way
Government type: Republic Democracy
Population: 43,235,924
Information: The Moon was the first territory set up when humans started looking out to colonise other planets. It is quite close to Earth, and thus is quite close in terms of culture and economy. The population lives within the moon base, which is a sprawling complex of huge glass domes, made of a special thick glass that protects the people from radiation and meteor strikes. Some of the base, mainly the living quarters, are underground as it is even safer than being on the surface. Residents can be given the illusion that they are up top by the use of VER technology that can project various scenes on their ‘windows’. When they first colonised the moon, it was primarily used as part of Earth’s space program as it was easier to launch ships into space due to the lower gravity. Since then it has expanded and become a civilian populace with their own tourist attractions for visitors. The Moon counts as its own separate colony, and thus has a seat on the Earth Alliance council.


Territory: Mars
Galaxy: Milky Way
Government type: Democratic.
Population: 12,124,923
Information: Mars has had a turbulent history ever since its founding which was only two hundred years ago. A large colony of a thousand individuals made their way to the red planet, intent on making a good, peaceful world. However that was a dream that was to never become true. From the very beginning, there was a group that didn’t like how things were being run. The colony was intended on being a democracy, where the citizens would have a fair vote and the economy would be a capitalist based system. This group was communist in their political leanings. They wanted to take control of the government and enforce their ideal of equality on everyone which would involve their group having complete control while making the population into their slaves. Not everyone was very keen on capitulating to their demands, and severe disagreements broke out between the two sides. For the first four decades, it kept to arguments between the two. The splinter group set up their own city, not allowing anyone from the other side in as they completely isolated themselves. Thus they were free to begin building arms without much notice. Their disagreements then began to move onto threats of violence. They began to strike at the main city with terrorist attacks that killed innocent people. By the fifth decade, full war broke out. Due to their distance from Earth, reinforcements were slow to arrive. The war ended one hundred and seventy five years after the original Mars colonisation. Since then, it has returned to its democratic roots and has not had any problems since.


Territory: Centauri-Prime (Alpha Centauri)
Galaxy: Milky Way
Government type: Democratic Republic
Population:  69,838,698
Information: The colony in the Centauri-Prime system is one hundred years old, and is on the fourth planet from the star, within its habitable zone. Due to the fact that the system has three stars, there are three sunrises and sunsets on the planet, giving a rather impressive display. Night only lasts for a few hours each stellar day. This colony has not had the same problems that Mars had, and in fact it has been rather smooth sailing. They were able to quickly set up their planet, as well as space mining facilities to mine resources to support the colony. Their biggest export is agriculture, as they grow more than enough to support their population as well as other colonies.


Territory: Churchill's Legacy (Neutral Territory)
Galaxy: Andromeda
Government type: Military
Population: 19,192
Information: Churchill’s Legacy is the system in which the Andromeda One Station is located. The actual system is neutral territory, and thus is not claimed by any one species. Even though the station was made and ran by humans, they have no actual claim on the system. The only permanent population within the system is on the actual station itself. No one is allowed to colonise the planet, and only researchers and scientists are allowed down onto the planet surface that the Andromeda One Station orbits. Alien species are allowed to come and go to the system as they please, as long as they do not cause any trouble or break any of the laws of the system. In the system itself is a wormhole that links the system to the Milky Way Galaxy, as this system is actually in the Andromeda Galaxy. The other end of the wormhole is in a system nearby the Sol system, allowing for travel from the Milky Way galaxy into the Andromeda Galaxy. This wormhole is stable, and is attached to jumpgates that help it remain stable enough for free travel through the wormhole.


Territory: Humanity’s Reach
Galaxy: Milky Way
Government type: Democratic
Population: 2,432,525,645
Information: Humanity’s Reach is the system that guards the Wormhole on the Milky Way Galaxy side, which leads into the Churchill’s Legacy System. Unlike the Churchill’s Legacy system, Humanity’s Reach is under the rule of the Earth Alliance. But travel to the wormhole is free as long as ships do not cause trouble in the system. There is a single habitable planet, fourth from the binary stars, where the colony resides. There is another post, situated on one of the moons of the largest gas giant, Kitamala, which is slightly smaller than Sol’s Jupiter. The outpost, called Kitamala Keep, is a military outpost and often has several Earth Alliance Warships stationed there. They are a rapid response fleet, able to respond to various threats on either side of the wormhole. 


Territory: Britannia’s Stand
Galaxy: Milky Way
Government type: Military
Population: 14,412,523,563
Information: The population of this system is spread across several planets and moons, both habitable and non-habitable as well as several space stations and ships. It is a trinary star system, with five planets. The first planet is habitable, and contains the main command centre of the entire system. There is an outpost on one of their three moons which spreads across the entire surface of the moon. There is two more outposts on two moons of two of the gas giants. The system also has two large space stations, as well as extensive shipyards that are designed to construct ships. It is a heavily defended system, and is only sixteen light years away from the Sol system.


Territory: Hawking’s Star
Galaxy: Andromeda
Government type: Democratic.
Population: 34,642,620
Information: Hawking’s Star is a small system, comprised of a small scientific resource colony. They have one of the most prestigious universities, the Hawking University, which specialises in the Sciences and Research courses. The colony is on the second planet from the star, which is slightly smaller than Earth with slightly lighter gravity. It has a single G-type star, with a total of two rocky planets and three gas giants which are roughly the size on Neptune, in Sol.


Territory: Newton’s Cradle
Galaxy: Milky Way
Government type: Democratic
Population: 1,453,754,765
Information: This system has a single class F star which is a yellow-white star. The colony is on the moon of the fifth planet which is a gas giant the size of Saturn. The moon itself is habitable to human-life, with its own ecosystem and breathable atmosphere. It is an agricultural colony, that grow some unique and tasty crops and animals that are in high demand across the Earth Alliance Worlds. It is a peaceful world, that is forty lightyears away from the Sol system, and has a trading hub within the system that can trade with other Earth Alliance colonies and alien species. As such, there is usually an Earth Alliance Military ship or two within the system.


Territory: Marx Utopia
Galaxy: Andromeda
Government type: Socialist
Population: 32,231,674
Information: This colony is a new colony that started forty years ago, and from the moment they settled they had problems. Due to their political philosophy, they were susceptible to rampant corruption throughout their government. Individuals in power tried to horde resources that were meant to be distributed equally. The colony itself produces nothing of value, as most of the people don’t work yet expected the government to provide for them. Thus they cannot afford to import food to feed the population. There are some people that farm the land, however anything they produce is taken by the government without compensation and distributed throughout the population. This colony is the most vocal critic of the Earth Alliance President, Temaerius and often attempts to disrupt him at everything he does, even if it for the good of the Alliance as a whole. Even if it is good for their colony. At this moment in time, due to the little food grown and inability to import it, there is a famine on this world and they are currently relying on the charity of other colonies to feed the population. There is civil unrest across the colony, and they have had several riots which they have used their military to violently stop. 


Territory: Ashaea
Galaxy: Epsus Galaxy
Government type: Republic Democracy
Population: 10,932,324,142
Information: Ashaea is one of the old countries back on Earth that left to found its own sovereign state. It is independent from the Earth Alliance as they have had little interest in Earth’s affairs for a long time. Their original city was called Blackberry Falls, which has become the name of their new Capital City that was on their new homeworld of Ashaea. The planet is slightly larger than Earth, and it has two moons that orbit it. The system has a singular G-type Star, fairly early in its life cycle. There are ten planets; four rocky inner planets and six gas giants with the largest being half a size larger than Jupiter. It has two resource rich asteroid belts, the outer belt with minerals and the inner belt in metal rich. 

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Current Threats

This post outlines the current threats that people might face in the Andromeda RP. They pose a considerable threat to characters in a variety of ways.


The most obvious, and common of the threats that characters will encounter within the roleplay. They often operate singularly or in packs that will attack ships. Their targets tend to be cargo ships, especially those with high value cargo. They will shoot to disable, and then board the cargo ship to raid them of their cargo. They attack quickly and ruthlessly, and if a cargo ship does not have an escort, they are extremely vulnerable to them.

The rarer kinds of raiders are the most organised kind. They have fleets of small ships that will swarm their target and attack. One example is the Kabarachi Raiders. Much like the less organised raiders, they will disable a ship and board it to raid them of their cargo. Some might leave the crew alive, others might not. These raiders tend to have a base of operations. Either a mothership that carries the smaller ships, or a space station. But it is a place where they are able to organise and plan their attacks. These raiders have been known to attack larger ships, as well as space stations. They are often a part of organised crime syndicates that stretch from one end of Earth territories to the other. As long as the person pays the right price, they will do it.


The Neko Resistance Space Alliance has been a huge thorn in the side of the Earth Alliance and Ashaea alike. They originated on Earth, and have been operating since before the nineteenth century. They started from the United Federation of Families, in their Council of the Fair Treatment of All Species. A noble cause to ensure fair treatment of all species in regards to their rights. However due to their tactics involving terrorism and war crimes such as the murder of children and unarmed civilians in their sleep, they were shunned and expelled from the UFF personally by their Prime Minister Talivana Eldyrannth. The Council attempted to wage war against the UFF, but ultimately were defeated after only six months. For a time, they operated under their council name before in 1860, they created a new name for themselves. The Neko Resistance. 

The Resistance created their own country around themselves, and indoctrinated Keza’s into joining them and breeding soldiers for then. Neko females were conditioned to be ‘honoured’ when a Keza male bred with them and if a Neko male won many battles against humans they were allowed to breed with a Keza female. The children were indoctrinated while growing up to serve the Resistance and to fight for them, in the belief that they were doing something just and good. The UFF was unaware of their connection to the dissolved council until 1980.

Unfortunately, the Resistance had its views confirmed when it was revealed that there were groups of humans experimenting on various species from Neko’s and Kitsunes to Keza’s and other UFF species. This did force the UFF to side with the Neko Resistance in this matter, however they went about it an entirely different way. Their military, without the knowledge or consent of their government, blew up the involved facilities. The political side of the government weren’t too happy that they had acted like that, but glad that the military, called Arcadia, did not get caught by the human governments. Instead, the Neko Resistance took credit for the attack before shortly after, World War II broke out. The UFF, for a time, seemed to disappear from that point after making a deal with Churchill to leave England in exchange for Arcadia’s help during D-day which resulted in large groups of Zeta’s storming the beaches.

During the 1940’s, while the war was raging on, the Resistance recruited Keza’s that were outcasts of their clans. They joined under the condition that they no longer killed human children, but captured and enslaved them instead. From this point on, human children that were captured on raids were treated much the same as Neko’s and Keza’s were by humans. They were experimented on, tortured, sexually abused, physically abused, indoctrinated, the weak exterminated and they were even weaponised. They made drones of these humans and despite the fact that the humans were so drugged and brainwashed, they still spied on them. In the 1960’s, the Resistance had the idea to capture Keza children and educate them. Brainwash them and fuelled their anger towards humans. It was unfortunate that due to the war between the Keza’maraki and Mako’demeri, that many Keza children were being put with humans in adoption or being thrown out onto the street. Children that were perfect targets for the Resistance to pick up. 

The UFF tried to reduce the damage of this, by picking up the children themselves but there were still others that got sucked up into the Resistance. One such individual was Tripp Keza’maraki, who was kidnapped by his older sister and dumped in Los Angeles. The Resistance picked him up and taught him everything he needed to know about fighting. But he wasn’t as stupid as they would have liked him to be. He and his twin brother, known as Neko-Chan, were good fighters. Tripp was a silent, but deadly person. Neko-Chan on the other hand, was extremely cruel and loved to make his victims suffer. He was extremely sadistic, and loved working for the Resistance. Tripp however, didn’t. His ultimate goal was to bring down the Resistance, and get the Keza’s out of Resistance control. While he didn’t succeed with his first goal, he did in his second. He removed the Keza’s and took them to the UFF where they were accepted. 

Their military structure is clearly defined. They are their own military. They have their own military weapons, ships, gunboats, aircraft, etc… Their ranks are a little confusing, in the respect that, they are each given their own code names, and a rank is given to them, with celebration, should they prove themselves to be worthy of that rank. They work as an elite force, filled with trained assassins and mercenaries. They are given missions to do, like assassinate certain people, steal money or information gathering. Like a supermassive spy network that rivals anything seen on Earth. They stretch out across the galaxy, gathering information and slowly plotting how they will become the dominant race.

They get their funding from robbing banks and sympathetic supporters that pour money into the group.

The Keza'maraki section of the Neko Resistance left in 2010; but this only crippled the resistance for about 3 months. The UFF (United Federation of Families) had clashes with the Neko Resistance on occasion but the UFF seem to always be victorious. When the resistance turned its attention Tripp and his Family as well as his Corporation; Keza Corp responded by funding a small militia which basically ceased all Neko Resistance Operations in Blackberry Falls.

For a time, at least. When the first group of UFFian’s left Earth, the Resistance came back in Ashaea and continued their terroristic ways. Despite the fact that Ashaea has long since had laws to ensure legal equality between the species, the Resistance were intent on getting special privileges for Neko’s over others. They tried to attack the residual UFF, but were easily defeated again. When the second group left Earth, the Resistance attempted to move into the old UFF country despite Ashaea’s attempts to stop them. However they were met by new UFFian’s, under the command of President Talrin Eldyrannth who resisted their advance and worked with Ashaea to kick them out of the entire island. Since then they have worked in only small cells on the island, and have numerous times attempted assassinations on various politicians, including the Vorserendia President (They made a total of 33 attempts on his life, all of which failed). 

As the humans started spreading out into space, the Resistance was not far behind. They were able to build their own bases and colonise their own planets, becoming an even bigger problem than before. They desire to subjugate Earth and enslave all other species on Earth. They also wish the same towards the Ashaean’s (when they had left Earth) as well as what they think of as the UFF, later to be known as the EPSI Federation. They changed their name to the Neko Resistance Space Alliance.



The Sobani is a threat that was encountered in the Andromeda Galaxy. From the very offset, they have been extremely hostile and destroyed the ships that first encountered them. They have a large territory in the Andromeda Galaxy, and are fiercely protective of it. They will destroy all ships that come within a lightyear of their space so it is unknown what the extent of their territory is. They do not listen to reason, nor to they even want to trade with outside species. They are extremely Alieaphobic (xenophobic) and will react in a hostile manner to everyone attempting to contact them.

They have large fleets of ships that are more advanced than what the Earth Alliance has but due to their secretive ways, it is unclear just how advanced they are. Most of their ships are carrier ships, that carry a wide range of remote controlled drones. One of their favourite tactics with these drones, is to perform Kamikaze attacks, where they will slam these drones into ships. They will do this, even if the ship has shields. They wear down the shields until they completely drop, before the next swarm of drones come in. This has been known to devastate ships and fleets, and both the Earth Alliance and the Ashaean’s have given out warnings to avoid going near their space.

As of yet, the Sobani are not intending on expanding their territory. 

Link to Extra Information: Link!

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This post outlines the history lore of this universe. This is information that is freely available to characters. Humans likely know this information, and aliens are able to find this information within the databases that humans have such as on Andromeda One. This mainly deals with the history surrounding Earth and Ashaea. I have not done much history regarding the colonies other than the information I have provided in the territories post. As this roleplay is set in the same universe as Craethiel Kingdom and Blackberry Falls (The canon versions), it will share its history with the two roleplays as well as filling in gaps between Blackberry Falls and this one.

Earth History 

In the first quarter of the year 2018, a well known scientist in the UFF by the name of Frankie Keza’maraki launched the first FTL capable ship which she used to begin exploring the galaxy. At the time, most of the Earth’s governments were not too happy about this development, but there was little that they could do to stop them. The only country that offered their congratulations was Ashaea due to their close relations with one another. Frankie Keza’maraki returned late in the year of 2018 just in time to celebrate the new year of 2019. Some of the data that she collected was shared with various space organisations such as detailed scans if nearby star systems as well as the fact that there was a stable wormhole closeby that lead into the Andromeda Galaxy.

Despite the advances in technology, Earth was entering a dark period which has historically been called the Information Dark Ages. Information on the planet was being strictly controlled by puppeteers that operated from the shadows. They worked under the cloak of socialism and globalism, attempting to build a one-world government which would force every government on the planet to operate under their rule, stripping all countries of their sovereign rights. They wanted to completely break down border walls and enshrine themselves as ultimate rulers over the human race. 

In the year 2100, the first group of UFFian’s left. They took most of the UFF population with them, leaving only a small amount of people behind. They had built a large colony ship and left Earth to head to the Epsus Galaxy to set up their own homeworld. The ones that were left, started to cave into the globalist agenda, becoming increasingly authoritarian left. In the year of 2160 they left earth to attempt to find the other UFFian’s. This left their country completely empty; or so people thought. The Neko Resistance, as stated in the current threats post, attempted to take their country for themselves, they found themselves up against a number of Eldyrannth and other UFFian species, lead by Talrin Eldyrannth who had been previously guarding the Promiscuous Palace as Ichabod Crane, or Diomedes. With the help of the Ashaean military, they were able to drive the Neko Resistance out of the country which established itself as Vorserendia. 

Over time, the shadowy figures manipulating things from behind the scenes began to collapse borders and merge countries together until it was almost forgotten what the borders of the countries originally were. The UN became the world government, where the elite of the world ruled the rest of the planet from their safe and luxurious accommodations as the general population fell further into poverty and misery. By now, information was being strictly controlled by the elites, with the people being told only what they want them to know. The only two countries that refused to bow down to this was Ashaea and Vorserendia. A resistance formed, with the quiet backing of Ashaea, who helped them spread truthful information and truthful history, which was being re-written by the globalist government. 

Over time, people began to become more and more resistant to those attempting to form a globalist government. The people began to vote people into office who were more increasingly concerned with their own country rather than capitulating to global rule. This caused tensions to rise between countries who became increasingly wary of each other as they wanted to return to their nationalist borders. The UN attempted to intervene, but this only made matters worse as countries accused the organisation of trying to undermine their sovereignty. In 2296, this ignited in a large scale World War III which caused the death of 1.3billion individuals, and redefined the country borders that is more familiar in the Governmental Structure post. The ultimate result of this war in 2306 was the complete collapse of the UN and return of sovereign rule to the respective countries once things calmed down and new borders established. 

Several years later, in 2310, the vast majority of the Ashaean population left Earth in a colony ship to set up their own independent homeworld. This will be further expanded below.

Not long after, Earth began to move out into space. Their first two colonies were set up on the Moon and Mars. While the Moon was quite an easy colony to set up, Mars was far from easy. From the very beginning they had troubles. Some of the thousand colonists, didn’t like the way things were being run. The colony was set up to be a democracy, functioning much like another country of earth. But there were some that wanted the colony to be run on a communist manner, remnants of the old World Government, as they thought it would be the best way to run things. However the vast majority of the colonists rejected their wants and sided with democracy. The communist party didn’t like this and became increasingly demanding and became more open in their attempts to take over the government until it erupted into the Mars Civil War forty years after they had settled on the red planet. The communist side mainly used guerilla and terrorist tactics against the democratic side. This war raged on for about a hundred and fifty years until the Earth Alliance President Temaerius finally put together a force that finished it once and for all, allowing the Mars colony to know peace for the first time and allowing it to return to its democratic roots. 

During the years, despite the problems on mars, other colonies were being set up such as in the Alpha Centauri system. Earth was beginning to reach out towards the stars in the hopes of meeting new people, and making new friends. 

The only other main trouble other than the Mars problem, was the fact that the Neko Resistance followed them into space. The group had settled on their own homeworld, although no one knows where it is located, and began building their own forces. They renamed themselves the Neko Resistance Space Alliance and began to cause trouble for a number of the colonies. Despite Earth’s best efforts, the NRSA keep returning and keep attacking them. Their favourite tactics still employ the use of hit and run attacks, as well as terrorist attacks such as blowing important facilities up and targeting civilians in order to create chaos and spread terror. 

Earth has had a few tentative contacts with other species, but nothing significant other than a few small trades and a couple of skirmishes. Thus far, Earth has kept themselves mostly to themselves. That was until 2500, when they re-established contact with the Ashaean’s. After some negotiations back and forth, the two sides decided to set up the Andromeda One station that would allow them to have easier contact with alien species and forge new friendships and alliances. It also acts as the major trading hub between the Milky Way Galaxy and the Andromeda Galaxy. 

In the year of 2506, the Earth Alliance re-established contact with the EPSI Federation, which was once known as the UFF back on Earth, next to the country of Ashaea. The contact was a little tense, but neither side wanted any kind of conflict. The contact was handled by Captain Alexander Churchill who was able to act as a mediator between the EPSI Federation and the Earth Alliance. The Epsian’s left, agreeing that once the station was open they would send one of their own diplomats to the station. It was during this time that Vorserendia left Earth as well, to rejoin the EPSI Federation. At the time of their departure, the Eldyrannth known as Talrin who fought back the Neko Resistance was the President of Vorserendia.

Despite several setbacks, including terrorist plots by the NRSA and others, the station was completed in 2512 and was placed under the command of Alexander Churchill, who hails from Ashaea as well as Karla Stewart who comes from Earth. The two have been running the station well for the last few years, until this current year of 2546. During that time, numerous Earth Alliance ships have gone exploring through the Andromeda Galaxy however some have disappeared in certain areas. While no one officially knows what happened to those ships, it is strongly suspected that it is the mysterious Sobani, who refuse to allow anyone in their space. They refuse to tell anyone the extent of their borders, and threaten to kill anyone who violates their space.

Ashaean History:

After the Ashaean’s left earth, they went through the wormhole to the Andromeda system, into what was to become Churchill’s Legacy. They then left through the secondary wormhole to end up in the Epsus Galaxy where they settled down and formed their new colony. They made contact with some of the free Taru’zenari where they formed a quick and close friendship. Then, through them, they were put into contact with the Eldyrannthian Star Empire and became good friends with them. They spread out across their new homeworld and built large cities and developed new technology.

Despite their contact with the Taru’zenari’s and Eldyrannth, they were still an independent colony when they re established contact with the Earth Alliance as they began to spread into the Andromeda Galaxy. They were eager to set up the Andromeda One station to help relationships between various aliens. While the ship was being constructed, the Ashaean’s were involved in negotiations to join the Taru’zenari Memberstate, which after some time, was agreed upon and they joined the member state which is part of the EPSI Federation, who is the super power in the Epsus Galaxy. Despite this, the Ashaean’s are still rather independent, and continued with the Andromeda One project. They are the main reason the Epsian’s have a diplomate onboard the station. As such, the Andromeda have a rather close diplomatic relationship with both the Earth Alliance and the EPSI Federation. 

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      By Neptune
      Character Identity Information
      Name: Kalnarr Zeta’muluri (Alternative names: Kal’taour, Kal’ontarr)
      Clans: Ontarr, Taour. 
      Age/Date of Birth: He was born in the Epsian year of 3666, on the eighteenth of June. This makes him 528 years of age.
      Gender: Male
      Religion: The Order of the ExoSinian Eldyr
      Species: Zeta’muluri. He is a thoroughly bred Zeta, containing genes from most of the Zeta types in existence such as Chi’narr (Water Zeta), Tau'rarr (Earth Zeta), Eldyrr (Fire Zeta), Zephourre (Air Zeta) and the rarest Zeta type, the Xentarr (Exotic Zeta)
      Origin/Nationality: Epsus Galaxy/EPSI Pirate
      Occupation: Bar staff at The Wet Hole. He is not only the bartender, but he also deals with bar security. He is also the hidden attaché of the EPSI Pirates Omega Runes Branch
      Faction: Omega Runes (EPSI Pirate Clan)
      Rank: Officially, he’s a civilian. 
      Physical Appearance
      Height: 2.69 metres (8’10”)
      Weight: 523kg (1153.018lbs)
      Eye Colour: Dark blue
      Hair Colour: He has no hair.
      Physical Description: Unlike his father, grandfather and great-grandfather, Kalnarr is not a Grand Zeta as he falls just short of the nine feet required for the classification of Grand Zeta. From his father’s side, he is a descendant of the great Drake’taour, the Zeta most famous for finishing his father’s work in eliminating their corrupt Kings and leading the Taour Clan through many great victories in many different battles and wars. On his mother’s side, he is the descendant of Temael’ontarr and Drake’taours mother, Jan’taour. Thus, for a Zeta, he has exceptional genes. He is very tall, almost standing at nine feet which does make it difficult at times to move around a station that is more designed to human dimensions, although dragon anthros are common in the Earth Alliance and Ashaea, so often the Andromeda Station has areas that he can easily move around in. His skin is made from scales however he has the ability to switch to that of hide skin due to one of his abilities inherited from Temael’ontarr. Hide is not as strong as scales, but it is lighter and allows him to be more flexible. His scales are primarily black in colour, however he does have more plate-like scales on the front of his torso, the front of his neck and running along the bottom of his muzzle that is red in colour. This also goes down to the base of his cock as well as covering his balls, offering them more protection. 
      He has two large bat-like wings that emerge from his back that allow him to fly however he is able to retract them so that they do not get in the way. His wings are red on the insides, but black on the outer layer, covered in a more scaled hide than either of the two, almost like a blend of the two. His face structure is slightly triangular, but his muzzle is quite rectangle in shape. He has two nostrils at the end of his muzzle, and his mouth extends back towards the main part of the skull, which is lined with a lot of sharp teeth that can easily tear into flesh. His piercing blue eyes are slightly angled, and have a slightly scaled ridge above them. Like all Zeta’s, he has two sets of eyelids. The first is the top later, which is opaque and he cannot see through. It is protected by scaled hide. The second is the inner eyelid, which is transparent and allows him to continue seeing through them while protecting the eye. Underneath the eyes, he has two golden markings that are triangular in shape, but curve upwards slightly. In the very centre of his forehead, is a golden Omega symbol, a symbol of the pirate clan that he has allied himself with. Emerging from the top of his head, sweeping backwards are two thick horns that are black in colour. Unlike most Zeta’s though, he has two ears beneath his horns. This is a feature he received from his great-great-great maternal grandfather, Tal’ontarr who is the father of Temael’ontarr. He has digigrade legs that end in clawed toes, with the claws being black in colour and extremely sharp. His hands are similar to that of most tarunoid (humanoid) species with five fingers and an opposable thumb. He has a long Zeta tail, with the top and sides on the black scales, while the underside is of the same red plating that is present on his chest. From the back of his head, and down his back and along the top of the tail are ivory white spikes that help to protect his spine from attack. 
      Personality, Traits and Abilities
      General Overview: Kalnarr is like most Zeta’s in that he is very honest. He will say what is on his mind without apology, not for considering the feelings of others. If someone becomes offended by what he said, he will laugh at them for not being strong enough to handle a few harsh words. If someone asks for his opinion, he will not sugarcoat it and will simply state it for how he sees it. If one does not want an honest answer, Kalnarr is not the one to ask. Another quality he carries in tandem with most Zeta’s, is the fact that he has a very strong sense of honour. There will be certain things he will not yield on, such as killing innocent people, killing and eating of children among other things. He is also quite protective of his honour, and will become insulted if someone questions it. If they persist in calling him honourless (newt being the worst title for Zeta’s), then he will become enraged and seek your head, or even horns, to satisfy his honour. For Zeta’s, the deliberate removal of one's horns is a sign of stripping someone of their honour. Kalnarr is quite adventurous, and loves going to new places and getting involved in all kinds of trouble. It is why he is on the Andromeda One station, with the pirates instead of with his own people. Like his father, he is quite intelligent although he tends to hide this trait. He is good with technology, computers especially. He is also a good tactician, and is a specialist in combat whether it is hand to hand, ranged, or in a ship. He is quite logical, and tends to look at the facts of a matter rather than relying on faith or heresay. 
      Kalnarr is quite bold, which ties in well with his honesty. He is not afraid to say what is on his mind and will often give his opinion whether it is asked for or not. This trait also ties in well with his adventurous side, as he is not afraid to step into unknown locations with little knowledge of what lies ahead. He is willing to take risks, and expose himself to possible danger. He is also quite confident, and will take criticism from others to heart. He will take responsibility for his actions, even if they have been bad actions. He will hold his hands up and own up to his mistakes. He doesn’t let people’s words and insults get him down, but that is part of Zeta humour, where they often mock and seem to deride each other in good humour. He will respect those that stand up for themselves, and will give as good as they get. He is also one of the Zeta’s that prefers the old, traditional ways of the Zeta’s, such as settling disputes in a Zeta’s arena where he could potentially defeat an opponent and take all their belongings, property and even family as per Zeta law. If he has stripped someone of honour, or defeated someone in combat and he has torn off their horns, he will fashion them into drinking horns. If there was someone else involved in setting up the fight, such as Jen’starr coaching him on how to fight a particular alien species, then he will gift her a drinking horn. As like many Zeta’s, Kalnarr is quite cocky and rowdy. He often makes loud, obnoxious jokes and when drunk or drugged, he can be very loud. But then Zeta’s, as a species, can be very loud and rambunctious however they often mean well and have good hearts. Kalnarr is no exception to this, although he doesn’t take shit. 
      Strengths, Skills and Abilities:
      Zeta physiology: Kalnarr’s biggest strengths lies in his natural physiology as a Zeta. His bones are naturally quite thick and are made from a silicon base, rather than a carbon base like humans which makes the overall structure extremely strong and resistant against damage. They have a honeycomb structure that not only makes them lighter, but also stronger and able to resist more force. He is extremely strong, physically speaking. He is able to easily lift the weight of about one tonne and move it around. Like most Zeta’s, he has incredible eyesight which allows him to be able to see for miles with absolute clarity as his eyes are designed to allow him to fly around in the air and see the ground below. His sense of smell is also incredible sensitive although it is more accurate to say that it is his sense of taste. He has a snake like tongue, which can dart out and pick up scents from the air. The tongue will then draw itself back into his mouth and press up against the vomeronasal organ on the roof of his mouth which can process a wide range of scent molecules. His teeth and claws can be devastating as well, able to penetrate light armour and cause fatal damage to a target. It is for these reasons alone that one should not engage in close quarter combat with Kalnarr. Scales and hide: Naturally, he has both scales and hide. The scales are stronger than the hide and allow him to resist projectile and energy weapons such as bullet guns and other concussive forces. However he is able to willingly change his scales into hide which is lighter and allows him to move faster but not as damage resistant. Retract wings and horns: Kalnarr is able to retract his wings and horns into his body. This can protect them from damage, as well as allow him to move in ways he cannot with them both extended. He can also retract his horns to protect others from being damaged by them, as that chance can be quite high if all parties are not careful.  Combat: Kalnarr is extremely skilled when it comes to combat. Due to his natural strength, he can be devastating in close quarter combat. He can deal a lot of damage through just a punch alone, often fatal damage to species that are susceptible to concussive force such as humans. He also has training in a wide range of weapons, although his favourite to use tend to be assault rifles and gatling guns. Heavy weapons that deal a lot of damage. He is able to use smaller weapons such as phasers and pistols, but he just prefers larger weapons as they feel more comfortable in his hands.  Computer skills: He has quite reasonable hacking skills. Enough to be able to hack into most computer systems with ease. He does not have the skill Jen’starr has, but he is fairly competent.  Intelligence: He has inherited his father’s intelligence. He is exceptionally smart, even for a Zeta to the point where he could qualify for a ‘Starr’ if he so wanted to, which is a set of extremely intelligent individuals in the EPSI Federation. He just chooses not to qualify for the title. He is a combat specialist, and has a keen analytical mind as well as the mind of a tactician. He can outsmart his opponents and will sometimes think several steps ahead of them. He doesn’t display this intelligence though, often leading people to think that he is quite dimwitted, much to their mistake. Ship Piloting skills: He is quite good at piloting a wide range of ships. Due to his quick reactions, he is able to respond quickly to a wide range of situations which makes him an exceptional pilot that can be hell to deal with in a space combat situation. Weaknesses:
      Zeta physiology: Due to the fact that he is so large and heavy, he can be quite slow to move. So someone might be able to outmaneuver him if they are quick and agile enough. His hide is weaker than his scales, but it does cause an increase in his movement speed. Due to how sensitive his sense of smell/taste is, it can be easy to overwhelm his senses with an intense enough smell. Zeta’s also have poor hearing, so it can be easy to sneak up behind him if one is stealthy enough however they would need to avoid his keen sense of smell and eyesight. However due to his ears, his directional hearing is slightly better than most Zeta’s. Lava baths: Zeta’s require special care when it comes to their scale and hide. Every now and again, they require to be submerged in lava. This allows for their scales and hide to absorb needed nutrients and minerals that they get from the lava. If a Zeta goes a long period without one, their scales can become weaker and even brittle. For those with hide, their skin can become dry and flakey, as well as cracking in places. It makes a Zeta overall weaker and more vulnerable to damage. Thus, in order to remain in peak physical condition, Kalnarr requires a lava bath every so often. Luckily, holodecks can provide this need. It is not as good as the real thing, but for a Zeta in his position, it will do. Zeta’s rage: When Kalnarr is stressed, or becomes angry, his body produces lactic acid. However Zeta’s do not have a means to break it down quickly naturally and thus it builds up within their system as it cannot be broken down fast enough. If enough builds up, it begins to flood the brain and send him into a state of rage where he will destroy the environment around him, and attack anyone near him whether they be friend or foe. The only way to deal with this, is to knock him unconscious (such as with a sedative) and administer medicine to break down the lactic acid. Combat: As mentioned in the physiology, he is quite slow as he is a tank that is strong, can take a lot of damage but is slow and doesn’t move as quick as those that are smaller and slimmer. Thus if a smaller and quicker opponent was clever enough, they might be able to defeat him. However despite being a tank, Kalnarr is not stupid and possesses his father’s intellect. Ambitions (Hopes/Dreams): He just wants to make a lot money, fuck a lot of sexy bitches and to honourably serve his Pirate Clan.
      Hobbies and Interests: His favourite hobby is sex, although with the fact that he does not live among Epsian’s, it is rare that he is able to indulge himself. But he likes to party, which often involve taking drugs and drinking enough alcohol to kill an entire room of humans. He likes training in his spare time, finding it not only relaxing but a good way to keep his combat skills in top condition. He has a similar hobby to that of his great-grandfather, Drake’taour who likes to build ship models within bottles. Kalnarr likes to build beautiful landscape scenes within bottles, using his keen Zeta sight to be able to create incredible detail. He creates these from hand, often using empty bottles from The Wet Hole bar and will sometimes sell them on. Each piece can take months to complete and he doesn’t do these on commission. 
      Personal Sexual Information
      Sexual Orientation: Alieapansexual.
      Turn ons:
      Dominating a partner in bed, pinning them down and fucking them hard. He likes very rough sex. Smoothskins, so species like humans, Taru’zenari, Elves, Eldyrannth, Keza’s, etc. Those that aren’t furry or scaly. Masochists. He likes being able to be as rough as he wants without fear of breaking them.  Smaller partners, as he likes having a significant height difference.  Having sex with someone who is cheating on their monogamous partner for him. Fucking someone deep and hard. Having sex with someone he doesn’t love, or even know. Sluts, whores and those with a free attitude towards sex. He loves having sex with a freshly filled pussy, and loves filling a pussy that is to be fucked by another cock. Virgins and those not experienced are certain not to be able to enjoy his large cock. If anything, the only species that are able to handle him are Epsian species. Making love to someone in front of their loved ones, either consensual or willing with the partner. Basically he likes to cuck someone. Having sex with multiple participants, whether it’s threesomes, gang bangs, orgies or swinger partners. Turn offs: 
      Being forced into monogamous relationship. Someone inflicting pain on him. Bitches who think that they’re doing him a favour by letting him fuck them. Having sex with those too young. Gore, Vore, Scat and Necrophilia.  Penis Length: 26” in length and is extremely thick.
      Breast Size: N/A
      Sensitivity: Average for a male Zeta.
      Additional Sexual Information: Kalnarr has an unusual cock for a Zeta. It is a cock that he inherited from his biological father. It is long, and extremely thick with protruding nubs that run along its length on all sides which heavily stimulate the receiving partner. The tip of it also appears to be pointed, almost like a Mako’s, however he is able to flare it out so that it becomes a blunted tip (almost like a horses). He tends to be a dominating partner in bed, and will only take it from those he deems worthy enough to. If he is mating with a desired mate, then he may enter a Zeta mating state where he will have sex with someone for days, possibly weeks on end without stopping to rest. Below is an image of his biological father which shows what Kalnarr’s cock appears like.
      STD History: He’s had one or two STDs in his life, but he has none currently. 
      Kularr: His biological father who he has inherited his cock from.

      Extra Information
      Father: Kularr’taour Zeta’muluri 
      Mother: Fyrae’taour Zeta’muluri
      Siblings: Many, from both of his parents but none of them are full biological siblings.
      Grandparents: Draugaarnarrgh Zeta'muluri and Fae'taour Zeta’muluri on his father’s side. Klaerarr’kynarr Zeta’muluri and Janaerr’zoure Zeta’muluri
      Children: He has had several that have grown onto adulthood, but he has had many that had not even hatched (More information in bio)
      Grand-children: None that he has been particularly close to.
      Ship: He has a Vulture that is called Thor’s Hammer.
      Place of Residence: He has accomodations on the Andromeda Station, in Down Below where he often has shady dealings, or brings people to, in order to fuck them. 
      Pet: He has a holographic fish in his quarters.
      Additional information: Kalnarr sometimes likes to take drugs, and he drinks often. Some of his favourite drugs are cannabis, cLSD and Sparkpowder. Sparkpowder is toxic to most species, however for Zeta’muluri and Mako’demeri individuals it is almost like cocaine on steroids. It also makes them extremely sexually aggressive and they will fuck the first person they see and they will not stop until they are finished.
      Awards/Commendations: None.
      Criminal Record: His official criminal record is as follows… 
      EPSI Federation: Clean. Andromeda One: Clean. Commonwealth: All Pirate Factions Wanted: Dead. Bounty: 8,550,000 Commonwealth Credits (Doesn't exchange well outside of the Commonwealth due to extreme hyper inflation) For: Capturing Commonwealth Pirate Stations, and turning all the slavers into slaves, which was then sold to a Pirate Station Kappa-Twelve. Medical Record: He has no medical record in any known state.
      Bio: Kalnarr grew up without his biological father in the picture. This is because his mother met Kularr at a party and became pregnant from him during a drunken fuck. She came away from the party and laid the clutch of eggs but only Kalnarr was the child of Kularr. Each egg had a different father. Kalnarr was always an adventurous child, causing a lot of frustration for his mother and her mate, a Zeta called Lar’zoure who was his adoptive father who were both in charge of their own small tribe which had a few other adults to help raise the children of his mother. The tribe lived in Sadists Retreat, which had extremely lax laws. Something that Kalnarr loved while growing up, as he hated the restrictions of a governing body. This attitude came from the fact that he was born at a time where Keza Corp were doing a hostile takeover of the EPSI Federation. 
      At the age of twelve, we entered a state that all Zeta children do. Zeta’s Fire, which caused his temper to become extremely short, causing him to blow up at each and every little thing that went wrong. He would destroy a lot of property and would even hurt others. His teacher at his school, a female Mako’demeri, helped curb this behaviour by letting him fuck her hard over the teachers desk. In fact, he had several children with her that she went on to raise with her own husband. He came out of this phase when he was eighteen years of age, and immediately set about joining the Omega Runes Pirates. At least the ones that were in Sadists Retreat. 
      Even though some were able to enter and leave the SETA device, Kalnarr remained on Xantal’lar with the faction of the Omega Runes there, mainly focusing on dealing with the Alpha and Beta Runes. 
      <Section removed>
      Twenty years before 4166, Kalnarr was given the assignment to investigate into an individual by the name of Haug’taour, who seemed to have some very shady dealings and seemed to have connections with not only the Alpha and Beta Runes, but the Neko Resistance Space Alliance as well. For ten years, he carried out a careful investigations into his activities, but it seems that someone had been tipped off as to what he was doing. He was attacked in an unfair fight, and kidnapped. He woke up in a cell in Haug’taours dungeon, where he was tortured for weeks on end but he refused to give up any information on who he had been contracted by. Frustrated with the lack of progress, Haug’taour had Kalnarr strapped into a milkery that milked him of his sperm. This sperm was then used to fertilise Zeta eggs which were then sold as a consumption item, against his will and against his consent. It is one of the reasons he will go ballistic if someone eats Zeta eggs. He was hooked on a drug concoction that began to waste away his muscles and make him, in general, weaker.
      In 4166, he was rescued by The Daedric Wolf and Dark Star Wolf. He was able to meet his biological father as well, and stayed with him for a while, while getting his strength back up. He was able to contact the Omege Runes Clans once again and return to their ranks. He then later became a bartender for Jen’starr on the Andromeda One Station. Details deliberately kept vague as his file has been scrambled.
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