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Blackberry Falls Extra Information

It is the modern day, and the place this roleplay finds itself in is Blackberry Falls, a city situated on a large island that is perhaps a little larger than the United Kingdom. This fair, bountiful land is split between two separate countries; Ashea, and the United Federation of Families which has settled in on the island in recent years. The Capital cities, Blackberry Falls and Xantall’ar, sit on opposite ends of the island, separated by other, smaller cities and a wide expanse of forest that dominates the island. The cities have settled on the southern end of the island, and just to their north is a large cliff that runs from one side of the country to the other. Beyond the cliffs is the rest of the island, dotted here and there with towns and villages. The river that spills down the cliffside splits into two large rivers, with one headed towards Blackberry Falls and the other heading into UFF country, so that both reap the benefits of the strange water.

For the moment, the relationship between the two countries is an uneasy peace. They mostly stay out of each other’s business, although there is limited trade between the two. Between the borders of the two countries is a de-militarised zone, that prevents either side from being able to send any kind of military into the other country. This has helped maintain the delicate truce that the two countries share.

Blackberry Falls is a large, modern city, filled with large skyscrapers, which displays the wealth and development of this human metropolis. One of the things that Blackberry Falls is famous for is its BlackBerries, due to their high quality and abundant Blackberry harvests. There is something in the water of the island that causes the BlackBerry bushes to grow far larger than normal, and the berries to be the most delicious in the world. It also helps the inhabitants of the island stay healthy and helps them live longer.

The time of Blackberry Falls is the early 21st century, and despite the violent economic climate, Blackberry has fared extremely well. This is largely in part thanks to the trade that Ashea has had with the UFF and their major corporation, Keza Corp. Ashea has their own corporation, EDAN Industries, that has filled Blackberry Falls with technology that suppasses any that other human countries, although it is a few steps behind what Keza Corp has been able to produce, because the UFF tends to keep their own technology to themselves. With the combination of the trade with the UFF, their own self-sustaining ways and EDAN Industries, Ashea has remained prosperous while other economies have faltered. 

For humans, Blackberry Falls has turned into a technology empire, and there are thousands of jobs available for the citizens to apply for. They are also in the lead for the latest medical technology for humans, and it is home to one of the most state of the art human hospital, Blackberry General Hospital. The UFF is home for the most advanced technology in the world, and they actually have the most advanced hospital in the world, Keza Corp Hospital, however due to their restricted borders and lack of interest in sharing what Keza Corp produce, their technology (medical or otherwise) is not available to those in Blackberry Falls. Even if it was available, the UFF is made up of species that have a different biology to humans, Neko’s and other species, so the technology would not even be of any use.

As with any city with a large population, crime does still exist and there is even a Black Market there. However, Blackberry Falls keep their prison population low by only putting the most violent offenders in the state-run prison. This keeps the most violent people off of the street, while leaving in peace those who do something as benign as smoking weed in their own home. 

Blackberry Falls is a place where people come and seek their fortunes. Everything about the city is something that most people can only dream of. However, like every city in the world, it has its poor, run-down areas where people live in poverty and where the crime rates are the highest on the entire island. For those who are unable to make the fortunes they dreamed of, this is where they usually end up. The city does all it can to improve the areas, however with the current rising house prices due to the demand, there is little they are able to do apart from support numerous charities that help out in the impoverished areas. 

One thing that the UFF and Ashea do share in common is that both of them are quite strict when it comes to immigration and customs. The UFF is a lot more strict than Ashea, with the chances of getting in if you’re a non-UFF species being only slightly higher than the chance of getting to the moon as an untrained Astronaut. Ashea is less strict than the UFF, however they have similar restraints as Australia and New Zealand, especially when it comes to the importation of food which has the potential to destroy their agriculture and bring the economy to its knees. The currency that is used in Blackberry Falls, is the Blackberrian Dollar. It’s one of the most valuable human currencies on the planet, which speaks of their strong economy. 

Relevant links:

Here is a rough map to see what Blackberry island looks like:

[New map coming soon]

Notable Laws:

  • Age of consent is 16 years of age.
  • Citizens have the right to carry firearms.
  • No anti-drug laws
  • Citizens are responsible for their actions, even under the influence of drugs
  • Citizens have the right to defend themselves
  • Right to privacy, etc.
  • Obviously, things such as murder, rape, fraud, etc, are illegal. So characters will be sought after by the Police if these crimes are committed, and the Police alerted to. Otherwise, the Police are very active in the communities and other places and have a very good relationship with the other civilians.

List of things in city:

  • Thorndown University.
  • Mercury High School.
  • Saint Arc High School.
  • Shopping Centre [ Several ] Main: Blackberry Falls Shopping centre.
  • The Blackberry Farm.
  • The waterfalls named Blackberry Falls due to its close proximity to the Blackberry Farm, just on the city edge.
  • Lots of cinema's for entertainment among other daytime entertainment.
  • Housing [ Large, rented, privately owned ]
  • Blackberry Park [ A large park with kids area as well as a large empty glass field. In the middle of the park is a large woodland area where people can walk through. ]
  • Job Centre.
  • Supermarket, Walmart (ASDA)/Tesco, as well as smaller convenience shops.
  • Blackberry General Hospital.
  • Blackberry Falls Police Station.
  • Blackberry Falls Fire department.
  • Mental Health Clinic
  • Blackberry Primary School.
  • Blackberry Secondary School.
  • Blackberry Sixth Form College.
  • Petrol Stations.
  • Bus/Coach Station.
  • Nearby Blackberry Falls Airport.
  • Nearby Blackberry Falls port.
  • Dock for cargo etc.
  • Military presence: Small Navy port, small airstrip with one fighter jet, a Helipad with a fighter helicopter and a small barracks for ground troops.
  • Office Blocks.
  • Doctor surgeries.
  • Various Religious Buildings.
  • Pubs.
  • Entertainment buildings e.g. Clubs/bars/arcades/laser quest etc.
  • Warehouses for storage.
  • Yards for Road Works etc.
  • Golf Course.
  • Farms (Other)
  • Banks.
  • Shops [Of all kinds] In and out of the Shopping centre. Especially in the City Centre of Blackberry Falls
  • Restaurants.
  • Fitness centres [ Gym and Swimming Pool etc etc ]
  • City Hall.
  • Power Plants [Nuclear and Wind Farms. Their reliance on fossil fuels is quite low.]
  • Courthouses.
  • Jail.
  • Rehabilitation Centre.
  • Museums.
  • Business Buildings [ For All Types ]
  • Lorry depot.
  • Post Office/Sorting centre.
  • Car Parks.
  • Car Wash.
  • Animal Shelter.
  • Blackberry Falls City zoo, which have a wide range of animals.
  • UFF - United Families Federation (Extra Info done by Wolfie)
  • Keza Corp HQ
  • Keza Corp Hospital
  • Keza'maraki Nightclubs (In Blackberry Falls)

This is only a brief list of what can be found. For most of these places, what they are is quite obvious, although when I do eventually create a map for it, I might label some of the places on it. Some of the places will get a bit of a description here; however, some of the much larger places will have their own Extra Information, which will be linked below as it would be far too much information to contain to this single extra information. Despite being in their own extra information they are linked to Blackberry Falls, but may have their own limits in place. As the extra information is approved before it is added to this list, then the limits must be observed to be able to roleplay in Blackberry Falls. 

List of related Extra Information: 

  • United Federation of Families
  • Keza Corp
  • Keza Corp: Housing Estate Agents (Blackberry Falls and UFF)
  • Keza Corp: Champagne Studio’s and The Crimson Moon
  • Keza Corp Metal Nightclub (KCMN) (???)
  • Promiscuous Palace
  • The Eldyrannth
  • The Neko Resistance
  • Thorndown University Brief Prospectus
  • High School Information Pamphlet
  • The Pegasus News Corporation
  • Naughty Cow Dairy

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Major places of note

Blackberry Falls Shopping Centre and the City Centre

For shopping, the place to go in Blackberry Falls is the City Centre. In the very centre of the city are several long streets that are dedicated to commercial buildings, and host shops from all over the world. It is the centre of shopping in Ashea, as you can find just about any product in the world here, from small trinkets to the latest in electrical technology. In the midst of all of this is the Blackberry Falls Shopping Centre, an extremely large building that sees hundreds of thousands of customers per day. It has over a thousand shops, and has become as much of a tourist attraction as any other location in Blackberry Falls. Along with the thousands of shops, it has numerous areas where people can rest and relax, do activities, or simply observe large waterfalls and other attractions. Security can be seen as tight, but with such a concentration of expensive shops, it does attract certain criminal attention, so they try and keep on top of it while making sure not to impose on anyone just there to shop for the day. 

The Blackberry Farm

The Blackberry Farm is one of the island's largest tourist attractions. A large farm filled with huge Blackberry bushes, it sits beside the river that runs near the demilitarised zone. Workers at the farm harvest the plentiful berries before they are sent on to supermarkets and other companies, so that they can be made into other products, such as the pies and jams that the island is so famous for. Visitors to the Farm are usually given a tour of the facility and the fields so that they can observe the blackberries for themselves, and see just how large they are compared to usual blackberries. They are also welcome to taste the berries before being offered to purchase some of the berries straight from the source. They would also take advance orders that would allow them to set aside part of the next harvest for those who want the berries just hours after they have been picked. Growing alongside the blackberries, are several types of grapes that give rise to three types of wine; a Red, White and a Champagne. All three of them are quite expensive, as they do not produce much of it, and each type has a small part of the blackberry fruit juice added to them to give them an extra taste. This has been done for dozens of years, and is a jealously guarded secret of the family that own the farm. The fields are several square miles in size, and sit close to the Blackberry waterfall. The waterfall is often depicted in images in regards to the farm due to how large and prominent it is, which has made it iconic in the fame of Blackberry Falls.

Blackberry Park

This part is located near the Blackberry Falls City Centre, which situates it in a heavy traffic area. For those who are tired of shopping, the park is open for them to enter and enjoy the scenery. The park itself is 4km2. In the centre of the park is a lake where visitors are able to view the water fowl there, and ride upon boats in the water. The park also has several areas, with most of the areas being heavily forested, as well as one large open field. In one of the forested areas is a children’s playground that is themed as a small forest city, with tree houses and numerous climbing equipment. 

The army of maintenance workers have strived to keep the park as natural as possible, thus there aren’t too many buildings or activities apart from bridges, the children’s park, entrance buildings, benches and bins. Even with these human additions, they have strived to keep the natural theme. They pick up any litter that they come across, and a person can face a heavy fine for littering in the park. Some visitors have noted that sometimes, when deep inside of the park, they forget that they are in the middle of a city, and when they see the huge skyscrapers rising from behind the trees, they become momentarily confused. This is the perfect place for a lover of nature to come and escape the bustle of the city.

Blackberry General Hospital

For most species in the world, the Blackberry General Hospital has some of the most advanced medical technology that money can buy, although they fall quite short of the Keza Corp Hospital standards. It is a large compound located deep within the city, that consists of several buildings. The Hospital has a very high standard of cleanliness, and will ensure that everything is clean so that patients don’t suffer from the effects of a dirty hospital. They have a standard level of care that is free for citizens to take advantage of however the medical care is not the same standard as those who have insurance. Those who pay from their own pocket or through an insurance company can get the top quality of care, that ensures that they always have a room to themselves and nurses on call. For those receiving the free treatment, they will usually be in shared wards unless theirs is a specific circumstance. The treatment, while free for citizens to use, is not strictly free. It is paid for by grants from the government, as well as advertising from corporations, so there will be things like sponsored vending machines in some areas of the hospital, or advertisement panels. 

Blackberry Falls Airport, and Port

The Blackberry Airport is located by the coast, several miles away from the Capital City. The Port is close by, and is in fact owned and ran by the same company as the airport. The airport has two landing strips, with two terminals where passengers load and unload from the planes. The staff there try and keep waiting times to a minimum, as the more passengers they can process, the faster they can load them on the planes, and the more planes they can have coming in and out. As such, while they have their usual checks, they do not have any invasive checks such as stripping people down or touching them up while searching for weapons. If they do come across anyone that is extremely suspicious, then they are taken away for extra questioning or escorted away by the Police. 

From the airport, it is possible to view the sea port that is nearby. Not only is it used for civilian passengers, but the port also acts as a means for exports and imports are traded. As such, the port is extensive, with much of the room taken up by storage of cargo containers which are either loaded onto ships to leave the country, or loaded onto lorries to be taken elsewhere in the country. On the passenger side of things, the port sees a number of pleasure ships from small sailboats to huge cruise liners, as they stop off on their path. 

Blackberry Falls City Zoo

The Blackberry Falls City Zoo is the largest zoo in the country of Ashea, and is situated close to the outer-rim of the city centre. It has extensive grounds, and has a wide range of exotic animals from all over the world. They are heavily invested in various breeding programs so they have very rare animals such as Rhinos, Elephants, various sub-species of Tigers, and Leopards among others. The zoo puts a lot of funding into providing an educational experience for their guests, teaching them about the animals and informing them of the current condition of the species. They do not do it in a preachy, emotional way. Instead they rely on giving actual facts to give a more realistic impression of the situation which, more often than not, is worse than what it is perceived. The zoo is a very popular attraction, especially for schools and tourists. This zoo is well known globally for the wide range of animals that they have, as well as their dedication towards preserving numerous species, including ones that aren’t as cute and fluffy as pandas. 

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      In the nineteen-thirties, the UFF (The United Federation of Families) settled on the uninhabited island of Ashaea, they had settled in the forested hilly regions about two hundred miles west of modern day Blackberry Falls city and four hundred miles east from modern day relocation of the UFF. Approximately five miles from the beach surrounded by the infamous forest this small town today was once a loose Federation, a country in all but official regards and would have been the second smallest country if it was an official country. Of course after the UFF relocated in twenty-ten they sold the land directly to Blackberry Falls City, and moved further west, and formed on the other side of Ashaea Island.
      The cost of the location was slashed, and the buyer had to be aware that they would be required to fund their own search mission as the town was listed officially as ‘Missing’. Why? Well, unfortunately after successfully selling the town to the Blackberry Falls City, after the inspection before sale, of course, the town seemingly disappeared, and no one could find or access it. Of course not many people wanted to be alone surrounded by the infamous forest so perhaps no one looked hard enough. How do you lose an entire town you ask? This was caused by the only road in and of the town being buried under rubble from a landslide off a nearby large hill which covered the road. Vegetation that grew on it made it look like the road had completely disappeared, and the tracks ended.
      There were all kinds of rumours on the internet about the “Lost UFF Town”, which was rumoured to contain treasures or even UFFian technology and it was there for anyone to find. It seemed like a fantastic opportunity albeit a not very well thought out one.
      In twenty-sixteen; Temaelrin and Neptune, a couple that had fled their homeland in Europe due to the ever increasing spectres of tyranny disguising itself as ‘Social Justice’ and ‘Good versus Evil’ had moved to a small one bedroom flat on the outskirts of Blackberry Falls City, after having won the lottery, not the jackpot of course, but a nice six figure sum. They were looking to buy some property of their own, rather than renting out accommodations. At the same time, the company selling the town’s land had recently invested in drones to go and find the location by flying them up, and recording on a camera from the air, if they had found it the price would surely go back up. As the contractors were told to make it accessible again.
      Less than an hour before the contractors were to give a status report Temaelrin and Neptune decided to go to the shop and talk to them about buying the land involved, with a solicitor. It seemed the person who was selling it was rather keen to get rid of it, and literally minutes before the contractors called, Temaelrin put a pen to paper and signed the deeds to the land, whilst it was still classed as missing. The manager of the company came out to the person who sold it to them and pulled them aside for a moment before they came back over to Temaelrin and Neptune and explained what had happened.
      It felt like that they had won the lottery again, as the price of the land was going to go back up to forty times more than paid for it. But the deal had been done, and money had been transferred. Temaelrin offered up some of the houses for the manager’s business to sell on commission, out of kindness, and sorted that out before Neptune and Temaelrin went onto their new town.
      That night the two drove out there, on the motorway (or highway) that connected Blackberry Falls City to the new UFF, and everything inbetween, they followed the directions given to them by the maps they had and turned off about two-hundred miles west to head south to a normal looking single laned, bi-directional road until they came across a multistorey car park, which they parked their cars onto, as the road into town was not designed for cars. Which made sense because the UFFian species did not use oil so reliantly as humans did. From there though, they had to walk into town, which of course they did so fearlessly because they were both armed with a handgun, despite the fact that the path cut through a small section of the infamous forest. As this place fell under Blackberry Falls City laws; they were allowed to be armed for self defence purposes, much like the second amendment of the United States constitution allowed Americans the right to bear arms.
      Once they got there, they found that six years of abandonment hadn’t really done much to the town, untouched from vandals or even urban explorers. The town was relatively okay, although nature sure took over the grassy areas, letting the grass grow out of control and the bushes had began to encroach everywhere. But despite that, not even the paths or roads showed any sign of wear from six years of neglect. Not even weeds pushing up through them. It looked like as if all one had to do was cut the grass and trim the bushes back to a reasonable size, and the town would be back to its pristine condition. The buildings seemed untouched, but all of them had been locked up, and the windows were covered by a thin sheet of blue plastic that seemed to make them look brand new. 
      Temaelrin and Neptune made it to the Town Hall, of which right in front of it sat the house that used to be Talivana Eldyrannth’s. Like the rest of the town the outside of the buildings left a lot to be desired, and needed urgent cleaning up but the buildings themselves looked relatively untouched. The two walked onto the property and looked around as the gravel path split into a circle around a fountain that was not working at presently. Temaelrin made a comment to Neptune “Ugh, with this town being very car unfriendly, we’re going to get a lot of fucking hipsters wanting to move here, aren’t we?”
      “Ugh… yeah…” Neptune agreed in a resigned fashion, clearly finding very little appeal in that thought. “Then they’re going to be demanding vegan only shops, and we’re going to have the same bullshit we fled from England for. Geez… We need to make it unattractive for them.” Neptune suggested “Let's make one of the roads ‘Donald Trump Road’ or something.”
      “Ha!” Temaelrin chuckled he then suggested “Or lets erect a seventy-tonne statue of a man with huge cock and balls fucking a woman, with massive tits, or something.”
      “Oh I like that one better. Either that, or just a seventy foot cock and balls. We want to trigger the snowflakes, hardcore.” Neptune snorted. “There are only two genders - avenue?” Temaelrin suggested, before peering into the fountain where to his surprise there was some fish in it.
      “Meritocracy way?” Neptune suggested with a snigger, “That get triggered at the thought of actually having to put effort into work… providing they work at all.”
      “Yeah that could be a problem… Although at the same time, and I am not saying that all of that is indicative of, I don’t want a load of fucking supremacists in any respect moving in too… But I suppose such is the nature of owning a town, if it’s truly diverse you’re going to have to have diverse set of opinions too. I don’t mind hipsters or supremacists on an individual level, they spout their shit and you have the freedom to tell them that they’re spouting shit and all, but critical mass… And oh fucking dear.”
      “Well, the problems really start is when their unreasonable and unconstitutional demands are granted… AKA they get institutional power. Something I fully intend on not doing. For any kind of extremist nutjob.” Neptune said.
      “I know! What if we call this town ‘EcchiTown’ like as in ‘EcchiDreams’?” Temaelrin asked Neptune, both of which owned the site in question, as Temaelrin grinned at her. Neptune looked back at him and said “I like it.” She then looked into the fountain and asked “How did fish get in here?”
      “I have no idea…” Temaelrin replied looking back into the fountain, he added “There is no caracasses either. Which means they get culled by outside sources eventually. Birds… Bears?” He mused.
      “Okay, fair enough… but where does their food come from?” Neptune asked.
      “Don’t fish feed off like insects as well, and shit?” Temaelrin asked. “Depends on the fish… I have no idea what type they are, but I saw a small pond not far from here perhaps we can move them over there?” Temaelrin nodded “Yeah, I’d be too grossed out to actually eat one of these… Unless I was really hungry.”
      “Well, luckily we had enough foresight to bring some food with us. So I wouldn’t worry about it.” Neptune said.
      “Yeah… Although I am going to have to hire some serious contractors to clean up the town a little. I might need to purchase a lawn mower or something too. Although at this point it’s going to need more than a mowing over…” Temaelrin said looking around the place.
      “Get a scythe! And dress up like death.” Neptune suggested before pretending to have a scythe and cut down swaths of grass, “Die, grass, die! Give me your souls!” The last part she did in a deep toned, growling voice.
      Temaelrin chuckled as he looked around, however he saw movement out of the corner of his eye, behind the blue sheet of plastic covering the glass over the town hall window, when he turned to look it at he could see the moment and immediately reached for his firearm “Movement in that window there, left hand side.” He pulled the firearm out of his holster and flicked the safety switch before his finger rested along side the trigger as opposed to actually on the trigger “Stay sharp.” He said softly before Neptune similarly pulled out her firearm and the two moved around the fountain as Neptune said “I see it too. Definately movement behind the window.”
      The two cautiously move up to the front door and Temaelrin carefully and slowly unlocked it with his free hand before putting the key back into his pocket and carefully opened the door, he put his hands back on the gun, and used his foot to open it, he quietly told Neptune “Cover my nine to twelve, I’ll cover twelve to three.” Neptune nodded “Roger that.”
      The two entered to a rather lavish looking reception; there was no movement, sounds or otherwise, just a load of dust. The quietly moved into the building before saying, “Clear.” Then Temaelrin said “Cover my six.” As the moved over to the door where there was a room that they saw the movement in. Neptune came up behind him as Temaelrin moved so that he could open the door which opened into the room and brought his gun up with his finger on the trigger pointing it to where he saw the movement “HANDS U-!”
      The moment he started saying it could see that it was just a cardboard cutout of a skeleton, it was clear from the decoration of the room that it must have been halloween when the UFF moved out, because the room was very halloween-holidays decorated. Temaelrin breathed a sigh of relief before lowering his weapon and taking his finger back off the trigger, Neptune turned to see what it was that he was looking at and said “Well… It actually spooked someone. Happy Halloween.”
      “It’s fucking August.” Temaelrin said looking at Neptune with an unimpressed glare as he flicked the safety switch again, disarming the weapon and reholstered it, as Neptune did the same. “Must have been halloween then they left.” She suggested to which Temaelrin nodded “But why is it flapping aro-” He then looked up to see that the small vent at the top of the window was open, which explained that, “Nevermind” he added before pointing to the top vent.
      “Mystery solved. No ghosts here.” Neptune said.
      “No… Unless the skeleton doesn’t mind giving us a wave.” Temaelrin chuckled. Before they both watched the skeleton cutout for a moment which did nothing out of the ordinary. The two moved into the room and found nothing else out of the ordinary either, until they came across prosthetic green witch face that popped out of the wall resulting in Temaelrin punching it off the scissor arms as the speaker behind it cackled evilly “HAHAHAHAHAHA~!” Neptune even jumped reaching for her weapon however before she could pull it out she realised that it was a jump scare and Temaelrin had ‘valiantly’ dealt with the evil witch.
      “Now you're persecuting witches… Do you want to dunk it in the river too?” Neptune asked as Temaelrin tutted “Oh that’s not fucking funny. The bitch jumped out at me…” He picked up the witch's head and looked at it before tossing it to Neptune “Silicon. Very nicely made.” He commented then then looked at the electronic components as Neptune looked at the witch head in her hands.
      After a moment Temaelrin said “Huh. This is running off of mains electricity… There’s a motion sensor, voice box, speaker, chips mounted to the circuitboard and there’s the mains wires on a plug… And it’s plugged in obviously. There's running electricity here.”
      “So the lights should work, right?” Neptune asked.
      “Should do, yes, providing the bulbs haven’t blown.” Temaelrin replied, which as he did so, Neptune went over to the lightswitch and flicked it on, however none of the lights in the room lit up. She flicked the switch again and said “Erm? Nope.”
      “Could be bad bulbs… Or the breaker has tripped or the fuse is blown.” Temaelrin suggested to her, as Neptune said “So the if the latter two are the case then, when I plug my USB charger into the wall over there, it should charge my phone when I plug that in?” She then asked. “Maybe… I don’t know what voltage, or frequency the UFF Powergrid runs at or if it uses Blackberry Falls’ powergrid.”
      “The USB charger is rated at a hundred to two-forty volts.” Neptune replied, adding “I assume it’s universal.” To which Temaelrin nodded “You’d think that, but remember it’s usually Universal - Asterisk: Not including UFF power sources. Let’s go find the fuse box.” Neptune asked “Could we not ask someone from the UFF to come out here and help us discern what we’ve actually brought here?” To which Temaelrin shrugged “Maybe but I don’t want to bother them too much.”
      “It’ll be a good idea, they have more knowledge of this place than even the company we brought this land from does.” Neptune reasoned with him to which he nodded “Yeah you’re right… We can ask, right?”
      “It won’t hurt. I doubt they’ll bite you.” Neptune replied. “Unless they send one of their Zeta buddies.” Temaelrin replied with a chuckle. He took out his mobile phone and said “I still have reception… There must be power flowing here, because if there wasn’t then how am I picking up a signal? We’re pretty far from the nearest cell tower.” He then went online to find the number for contacts from externals to contact their illusive state, and as soon as he found it he clicked the link which loaded the phone app, and he called it.
      Putting it on loud speaker he waited for someone to pick up the phone, as apparently they didn’t like using automated menus, a real person picked up, “Hello you’re through to the United Federation of Families State contact line; how can I help you?”
      “Hello, I’m Temaelrin, I’m with Neptune and we’ve recently purchased the land that you guys originally settled on, unfortunately we got a few questions about the land we’ve just purchased, can you put me through the person who can help?”
      “Absolutely. Please note that calls are recorded; and no, there is no treasure at least that we’re aware of, or technology that you don’t have present in the town borders, that we know of. Contrary to the rumours online.” The person replied.
      Temaelrin said “Well that answers two questions… But not all of them. I don’t think… I guess you shouldn’t believe everything you read online.” To which the person replied with a laugh “No you fucking shouldn’t.” Before laughing again, the line then went apparently dead for a second as an automated voice said “Your call is being transferred, please wait…” Temaelrin blinked and looked at Neptune “Did she say ‘Fucking’?”
      “Your ears do not deceive… but then they don’t consider that a swear word. Otherwise it means the same, either sex or sentence enhancer, but they don’t really have a concept of ‘swearing’ as such.” Neptune replied. “Let me guess more knowledge imparted on you by your Mako ex-boyfriend?” Temaelrin asked. “Oh yes…” Neptune grinned.
      A female voice came through the phone. Her voice was very aristocratic, as if she was high class, “You’re through to Talivana Eldyrannth; Prime Minister of the UFF. Congratulations on your purchase of the land we used to call our home. I understand you have some questions?”
      “P-...Prime Minister?!” Temaelrin blinked before asking “You’re not pulling my leg are you?!”
      “No dear… Can I ask what species you are?” She asked.
      “Er… Human? Last time I checked.” He replied.
      “Ah. You have the same name as my Dad, it’s not a very common Human name, especially considering it’s in an Eldyrannthian style. Anyway you have other questions?” Temaelrin stuttered “Er-er-erm… Erm? Yes… Ma’am.”
      “I am more than willing to answer them for you.” Talivana said politely, “So what are your questions, dear?”
      “Well we noticed that the town hall still has power… But the lights don’t work, however we don’t know what kind of electric grid is up here…” Neptune replied as Talivana said “It’s the exact same there as Blackberry Falls, two-thirty volts, same as the United Kingdom and most of Europaea.” Temaelrin asked “Europaea?” To which Neptune replied “Europe.” Temaelrin nodded “Silly question, I guess.”
      “How many of you are there, there?” Talivana asked.
      “Two.” Both Temaelrin and Neptune replied as Talivana replied “Well… That’s unusual, how is two people going to look after an entire town?” Temaelrin replied “Well we’ll be selling the houses, renting them out and shit, and hopefully building a population. If we fail I guess we’re selling it back to the company we brought it from.”
      “Ah I see.” Talivana replied before asking “Can you go back to the reception and look into the glass cabinet for me, there’s a document missing, that wasn’t here when we got here.” Temaelrin nodded although he wasn’t sure why, seeing as she couldn’t see him, the two made their way back to reception where he looked into the glass cabinets and said “Nothing…” Neptune went to the other side of the room and said “Hang on! There’s something over here.” Temaelrin then said “Oh! Hang on… Yes there’s something over here.” He said as he walked over to Neptune and blinked “I don’t understand a word of that…”
      Neptune said “The Universal Rights to Life... Charter of this Town… Right to free speech, bear arms, privacy, free thought and expression, I can only really understand some of the words on this document.” Talivana then said through the phone “Yes that’s the one. Tell me, how is it that you understand our written language?”
      Neptune replied “My ex-boyfriend taught me. He was a Mako’demeri.” Talivana was silent for a moment before commenting “That’s not normal… Most Mako’s didn’t go anywhere near Humans. I assume your ex was either Trent or Khori?”
      “Er, no? Temaelor.” She replied, as Talivana then said “Ah that will expl… Hang on, you went from someone called Temaelor to Temaelrin? You see, my dad also had a Mako form called Temaelor… This is just… Will you wait there? I need to pick up the document anyway.”
      “Whoa; hang on a minute, you can’t just take the document, we brought it with the land, it’s our property now.” Neptune said before saying “One of the rights on this document, is the right to own private property. Of which this document falls under. You can’t just take it.”
      “Correct, dear. I will offer a trade. The document is a key piece of our history, and it’s worthless outside of the UFF, it belongs in our Federal Archives. How about this: We will have an English version of the charter, given to you which if you want to make use of for your town you’re more than welcome to use it.” Talivana suggested.
      Neptune looked at Temaelrin who looked back at her and asked “What would your Ex-Boyfriend say?” To which she shrugged “Never accept the first deal you’re given.” To which Talivana replied “Of course he would… I should know; he’s my dad. Can I ask why he’s your ‘Ex’?”
      “Because he had to leave, something about only being around for a limited time. Then he was going to have to leave. I haven’t seen him since I was eighteen… Nearly ten years ago.” Neptune replied, adding “We broke up with amicable feelings. It wasn’t a nasty break up.” Talivana then said “I will be over there with a better offer. Give me an hour or so, I will be landing outside the town hall in my Eldyr form, so don’t be alarmed.”
      Temaelrin asked “Eldyr form?” To which Neptune replied “Big motherfucking dragon.” Talivana added “Indeed. I shall see you shortly. As for the lights that you said is a problem, this is most likely the breaker. It trips out every time there’s a major thunderstorm. I will bring another Eldyrannth called Kaylarvana, she can diagnose and fix the problem once and for all. I kept harping on at her to fix it whilst we lived there, but she always had something else that needed doing, this time she can bloody well do it. Because I’m sure it’s not safe. Given how people keep claiming about electrical shocks when they touch it. I do not advise touching it - at all.”
      Temaelrin said “Thanks for the warning. We’ll leave the document alone. If it puts your mind at ease, it’s in perfect condition.” Talivana replied “It does put my mind at ease. Thank you.” Temaelrin then said “Alright then, ma’am. We’ll see you shortly.”
      “See you in a bit.” Talivana replied, before she hung up. Neptune looked at Temaelrin and asked, “Are we dreaming or something?”
      “I have no idea…” He replied putting his phone down on the desk before adding “So by her words it should be okay to plug your USB charger into the outlet. There’s an outlet here under the desk, you can bring the cable up through the circular hole, there’s also an ethernet port down here, perhaps there’s some kind of place for a router or something useful… I might have to go out and buy a switch.”
      Neptune grinned “Woo~ Non-mobile based internets!” She then went under the desk plugging her USB charger in after taking it out of her backpack, and routed the cable up through the desk, “Can you hold this for me?” She asked wiggling the cable. Temaelrin took hold of the cable and said “Got it.” She then came out from under the desk and plugged her phone into it and saw that it was charging.
      “I’ll be damned… There is power here.” Temaelrin commented, causing Neptune to ask, “Who’s paying for it? Shouldn’t it be cut?”
      “Yes.” Temaelrin replied, and added “I have no idea. We can ask when they get here.” Temaelrin then took his backpack off and opened it up before taking out his battery operated stereo and radio, which he set down on the desk. He then then turned it on, however only static came out of it, after tuning it, a rather strange signal started playing, that sounded more like a data transmission, the signal was strong, but nonsensical. Every now and then though it repeated from the start.
      Neptune looked at the radio and asked “Well that’s new.” Temaelrin blinked and said “I think this is the thing StarrFM tried to investigate in twenty-thirteen. But it’s strong here. Normally there’s static over it, yet here it’s clear.”
      “So… what? It’s nearby?” Neptune asked.
      “Certainly we’re closer to it here than we are in Blackberry Falls, aye.” Temaelrin nodded.
      “Well… We can ask about that too.” She said before adding “It’s giving me the creeps though, doesn’t help that I’m already on edge.” Temaelrin agreed with her and said “Yeah, I’m going to turn it off for now… I’m not sure what it is.” He turned the dial to try and get another signal, however there was nothing except for ‘106.6MHz’ which was StarrFM in the UFF; which at the moment was playing heavy metal.
      “That’s much better!” Neptune said.
      “Yeah. Although I really need to consider getting a digital radio, rather than this shitty, primitive analogue radio, I’m surprised the UFF still transmit FM Radio.” Temaelrin replied.
      An hour later…
      Temaelrin and Neptune were outside peeling back the plastic sheeting from over the windows. They had found that once you peeled the bottom off, you could essentially pull it and it’d come off as one sheet, although to make matters confusing, these windows definitely looked brand new, and it looked as if it was the first time that the plastic sheets had been pulled off in six years. It didn’t make sense as every house in the town had these sheets on, as if every window had been replaced, but then who knew why the UFFian species did anything.
      The sun appeared to go out, as overhead two large Eldyrs, one bigger than the other flew over the town hall, blocking out the sun. Temaelrin looked up just as he peeled off the last sheet from the ground floor windows and jumped slightly however he remembered that Talivana did say that they were coming. The two Eldyrs landed down out on the dirt path road and shimmered before changing back into their Eldyrannth forms; it was so rare that anyone outside the UFF saw an Eldyrannth up close, so Temaelrin and Neptune felt honoured, and awed in their presence. Both of them were tall, but one of the women had long wavey black hair, this, they knew was Talivana. The other however had whitish blonde hair, with a backpack and tool belt on. Talivana was elegantly dressed whereas the other woman, Kaylarvana, was dressed in blue demin overall with a black shirt on underneath.
      Kaylarvana and Talivana stopped at the fountain as Talivana looked into it, whilst Neptune and Temaelrin came over to them. Neptune said “Welcome to EcchiTown.” Kaylarvana looked up at her before looking at Talivana who said “I love the name… Strange but… I like it. Given it’s history- it certainly suits it.” Kaylarvana snorted “Yes that’s true.”
      Temaelrin came and stood next to Neptune as he folded up the plastic sheet, however both Eldyrannth seemed to be stopped in their tracks, as they stared at him “Er… He even looks a little bit like father.” Kaylarvana commented. “He does, but doesn’t feel it.” Talivana agreed. Temaelrin blinked and said in a questionative tone “Hello to you too?” He then nervously chuckled “Heheh…”
      Talivana asked “Why are there fish in the fountain? Did you put them there?”
      “No. We asked the same question actually.” Neptune replied as Temaelrin shrugged “We assumed you put them there.” Talivana replied “Fish don’t belong in the fountain. May I ask; why EcchiTown?”
      Temaelrin said “Oh because er… Um. We run a site with a similar name.” Kaylarvana asked “EcchiDreams? I’m a member there. Or should I say a ‘Dreamer’.” To which Temaelrin and Neptune looked a little nervous as Temaelrin nodded “Yes, EcchiDreams. My username is ‘Wolfie’ although I’m thinking on changing it to Temaelrin, which isn’t actually my real name, I just had it changed to keep my real identity a secret. Something my father taught me. It’s like Neptune here; Neptune isn’t her real name either. Something apparently her ex-boyfriend taught her...”
      “I’m starting to feel a pattern here.” Talivana said, before saying “Shall we go inside?” To which Temaelrin nodded “Yes, this is starting to creep me out.” Neptune looked over at him and asked “She has the same flicky nose as you, are you related?” To which Temaelrin said “I bloody well hope not. My family is complicated enough as it is.” The two went on ahead leading Talivana and Kaylarvana into the building as Kaylarvana asked, Talivana ‘This is too much of a freaky coincidence to ignore.’ To which Talivana replied ‘I know, dear… Looks like I was right to do what I’ve done for them.’
      Once inside Talivana could hear Phoenix's voice over the radio and said “Ah you get The UFFian StarrFM here. You shouldn’t be able to.” Temaelrin said “We get something else too, something strange. We assume that there is a radio repeater near by.”
      “There is and there isn’t. There’s a radio transmitter in the valley between the hills, a small single unit building with a massive antenna sticking out of it. It used to allow us to communicate with people all over the southern part of the island. But it can also pick up signals and repeat them, so it’s possible that’s why, especially seeing as you apparently still have running electricity here. What is this strange ‘thing’ you picked up?” Talivana asked.
      Temaelrin went over to the radio and tuned it back to ‘99.6MHz’ and the strange signal started playing as loud and clear as day itself. Talivana frowned “That’s the clearest we’ve ever heard it. It started in twenty-twelve, in December, and StarrFM tried to locate the source in twenty-thirteen, but we never found it. It looks like you have come closer than we did. My first instinct is to check the radio station in the valley. Kaylarvana will you go and sort the electrical fault out?” To which she nodded “Yes, mum.” Talivana said “Oh and Kaylarvana; please use the rubber gloves, I know you’re like, dear. That breaker switch has given me enough shocks than I’d like to admit.”
      Kaylarvana gave an abashed look before grinning “Okay mum.” She then went off through one of the doors taking a torch out and turning it on. After she left Talivana said “Okay you two… For that document, we have this one, in English.” She said reaching to a cylindrical container on her belt, which she opened up and pulled out a laminated document which she put out onto the desk she then also pulled out two passports and said “And Citizenship to the UFF.” She held the passports up to them and added “For use to come and go as you please out of the UFF, and if you decide to leave EcchiTown you can easily convert your money to our currency and get a house to live in the UFF, if you don’t have enough I will put you both up until you do. We had to pull some strings to get your identities but we’ve put them down as Wolfie and Neptune Taru’zenari.” She then asked “Is that a good enough deal?”
      Temaelrin was gobsmacked as Neptune said “Speaking for myself here… But- HELL FUCKING YES!” Temaelrin mutely nodded when he could find words to say, he said and asked, “Very much so, can I, read the document?”
      “Of course dear.” Talivana replied, she then handed the passports over to them and said “Accepting does not rescind your Ashaen citizenship by the way.” The two took their passports and said “Thank you.” At the same time. Temaelrin went and looked at the document as Neptune looked at the passport, she then asked “Should the power be working here?”
      “If the city hasn’t cut the supply, then yes. They should have, because we’re not paying the bills, we told them to cut the supply when we left. So if they haven’t, that’s on them, not on us.” Talivana replied before they heard Kaylarvana shouting “FUCK!” Talivana sighed and said “I did tell her to use the gloves.” Neptune nodded “You did. I take it she didn’t.”
      After a moment she replied “Apparently yes. But she grazed her arm against the case of the box. Whomever installed that unit would have a lot to answer for, if they were alive.” Neptune asked “Let me guess, died of electrical shock?”
      “You must be psychic dear…” Talivana replied semi-sarcastically as Neptune laughed, before then saying “I’m sorry for your loss, and for appearing to be laughing at someone’s death.” To which Talivana said “I know you weren’t laughing at their death dear. But thank you, he was a good person regardless.”
      Temaelrin said “This document is awesome… Yeah we’re going to use it as the town charter. Thanks! We accept the trade.”
      Talivana bowed and said “Thank you.” She then went over to the glass cabinet, which she didn’t appear to need to use a key to get into, she took the original document out and said “This is in pristine condition.” She carefully rolled it up and put it into the tube as Temaelrin asked “How did you get in there without a key?”
      “They can manipulate metal, she probably warped the catch.” Neptune replied as Talivana said “Indeed, I will put the catch back into it’s original position as the key should be in my old office, along with all the keys to the houses here.” Temaelrin gave a slow nod “Ah! Well can I put this in there before you close it?” To which Talivana nodded “By all means.”
      Neptune asked “Why do all the windows have these plastic sheets over them?” As Temaelrin went and put the document up in the glass cabinet. Talivana replied, “To preserve them. We cleaned up the glass and put them on before we left, it doesn’t protect them indefinitely, but it will preserve them up for upto ten years. Nature finds ways of reclaiming land that was taken from it.” Neptune then asked “So the windows aren’t new?” To which Talivana shook her head “No, dear. They are just cleaned inside and out. You’d be surprised, in twenty-ten it increased the value we got for the land by four percent, it only cost us point-one percent to implement it, and Tripp; the CEO of Keza Corp told us that we needed every penny so it was a worthwhile investment to make. Considering it got us a bit more than a few pennies, I agreed. How much did you buy it for?”
      “Well… Heheh…” Temaelrin started, as Neptune said “Quarter of a million Blackberry Falls Dollars. They lost the land, and couldn’t find it. They then finally contracted someone to send up a drone, to find it, and found that the hill near the road had some kind of landslide, which covered the road and made it look like a dead end. As you said, nature takes over. Whilst they were doing this, we purchased it. Only after we brought it, we found out that they had found it, cleared it up and it was to go on sale for ten-million, which we don’t have. We got a very good fucking deal.”
      “Yes dear, it seems you did. That’s a steal. That’s certainly less than what we sold it to them for, but mind you so is ten million.” Talivana replied with a smile. Neptune replied “You know they’re not very good at economics; I’m surprised with losses like that, that the company is still up.” Temaelrin added, “Yeah I told them that they can have some houses which they can rent out, or sell for comission. Because I felt like I was kinda screwing them over. I don’t think they expect-ed-” His speech slowed down as the reception area suddenly lit up, as the lights turned on, he then paused for a moment before finishing his sentence “-that we’d have power… Of the electrical kind. I suppose I’d better get on the phone to the Utility companies in Blackberry Falls City.”
      “That might be a good idea, yes.” Talivana replied. Kaylarvana came back through the door and said “There you go. It wasn’t wired properly, and was arcing against the casing. You’re going to need to get a contractor in to replace the casing with something that isn’t metal, because that’s quite literally the most stupidest thing I’ve ever seen. But the wire was exposed and unshielded. Not a good combination, at all. I replaced the wire and now everything’s working, and shouldn’t go out during an electrical storm either.”
      “Thanks. We really appreciate it.” Neptune said.
      “No problems, Neptune. Did you know you have running water here too?” Kaylarvana asked.
      “Er… no?” Neptune asked with a blank look. “Well, surprise. You do.” Kaylarvana replied, adding “I’d advise running the water for a good ten minutes on full whack before drinking from it though.”
      “We’ll do that… thanks.” Neptune replied.
      Temaelrin said “I need to get internet access… I take it that this ethernet port on the floor goes down to the utility room too?” He then asked. To which Kaylarvana nodded “Yes, there’s a router, switch down there already in the cabinet, but you have no internet with it. You have a fibre optic system that’s actually for the whole town, down there too, already installed. It was installed in ‘oh-nine. So it should work still. You just need to speak to the internet service provider for a ‘sub-provider’ line, so you can provide internet access to everyone else. Although I’d advise checking if there are any updates for the router first.”
      Temaelrin nodded “Thanks very much.” Talivana said “If you need to ask anymore questions, please don’t hesitate in calling or texting me directly. Here’s my mobile number.” She handed over a small business card with her contact details on it, to which Temaelrin took it and asked “I… I’m gobsmacked that we have the Prime Minister of the UFF’s ear.”
      “Well, don’t give that number out. We wish you luck with your new town, and we hope that your residents will enjoy living here. Although; if you’re looking for contract work, getting your electric boxes replaced, trimming the hedges and even mowing the lawns and re tilling the fields, send me a text and I’ll text you back some numbers you can call in the UFF; to businesses that will do this cheaper and better than anyone in Blackberry Falls.”
      Temaelrin nodded “Thank you. I’ll text you so you have my number.” Neptune nodded “Me too.” Talivana and Kaylarvana bowed at them again as Temaelrin and Neptune decided to bow back, although they weren’t as graceful, it seemed that Talivana and Kaylarvana knew that they were trying to be respectful and didn’t correct them, instead Talivana smiled, and the two left.
      A year, a month and several days later…
       •´¯`•. The Roleplay .•´¯`•
      Temaelrin left through the front door of his home and went to the town hall, as today was the day that they opened up to the rest of the island again. Many changes had been done to the town, it was much cleaner, and well maintained. Talivana had been correct, it was much cheaper to go through the UFF Companies than Blackberry Falls Companies, although their method of payment felt like outright prostitution, as they wanted something in return for their services. But seeing as it was cheaper and money was fast running out they saw very little choice but to accept. Near the multistorey carpark, a petrol station was constructed which supplied petrol or diesel to cars. Although there was no where to charge electric cars, because they were not very common, and there was no demand for it. Electric and water was supplied through the Blackberry Falls Municipal Services company, and they insisted on installing cut off points throughout the town, but after Temaelrin asked them “Can you cut off the entire town, if I refuse?” and replied “No.” Temaelrin charged them to do so to generate some kind of income whilst they were still setting up. They weren’t happy about it, but if they wanted those cut off points they had to deal with it, however after checking the contracts he told them that under no circumstances can they fit one to the whole town, they can fit one manually at every home, but they can’t just fit one that cut off the entire town, because he didn’t want a situation where they just cut off the entire town for no reason what-so-ever, and coming in to stop all of the cut of points was going to be a little troublesome for them because the bill payers could be armed, and getting at the cut off points means getting onto their property, which had to be done with Police permission.
      Temaelrin wanted the rights of his residents to be protected, but at the same time, he didn’t want to be unreasonable or unfair. Of course they now had internet too, every home here had their own gigabit connection, in both upload and download speeds, the router down in the utility basement of the town hall was upgraded and the internet company involved made sure that all the connections worked, and Temaelrin made sure all the water had been ran from every tap in every home for ten minutes - although that was done before they called the water company.
      Temaelrin opened the picket fence gate to his and Neptune’s property and walked out before closing it, and walking over to the road to the town hall. Of course their roads had been upgraded too, but like the UFF they weren’t too keen about letting cars roll around. Unfortunately people would be using trucks to move their things into their homes, so they had to allow it, which they could. The commerce part of town, which also had a road built for it, to allow the import and export of goods for the shops, had an actual road which they could enter the town on. A sign on the road outside of town made it clear that it was not for cars, but for lorries or commercial vehicles.
      Part of the contract of buying or renting a house here as a town bylaw, said that motor vehicles had to be parked at the car park, bicycles were allowed in the town though, which meant anyone moving in had to accept, otherwise they find somewhere else to move to, they were not allowed to drive their cars on it. Anyone caught doing so, would be fined. It seemed reasonable enough, but the two had never run a town before so this was all new to them. The forest between the paths from the car park was culled back and a fence erected to stop any unpleasantness coming out. Instead the pathway into town was lightly decorated with flower beds and smaller trees, to hide the fence, thus separating the infamous forest off, yet keeping the look and feel of it.
      Temaelrin crossed the road and walked around on the gravel path to the front door of the town hall before unlocking the high security door, with a high security key, which contained a chip as well, before entering the building. He went over to the office, where Neptune was already sitting and said “Morning; love.”
      “Morning, darling. How’s it looking?” Temaelrin asked.
      “Pretty good, we got a few people interested and will be coming out today to look at homes, some of them will be moving in today too, I think. So it’s all good. Ten renters, all paid up, and a few actual homeowners.” She replied before asking “Coffee, love? You look like you still should be in bed.” She smiled sweetly, adding “Your shirt is inside out and on backwards.”
      Temaelrin let out a “Mm?” Before looking down at his shirt and saying “Shit! Fucking hell… Thanks for the heads up, and yeah-no… I know it’s first thing in the morning, but since when has that ever stopped me, Coc-” Neptune let out a “Ah! Coca-cola Vanilla with a shit load of ice. You sort your shirt out, and I’ll sort you out a drink.”
      “Thanks, my darling wife.” He replied, to which she replied back “No problems my handsome Husband.” She got up from her seat and came over to him, giving him a kiss on the cheek, and he kissed her back, before she left the room to deal with his drink. He went over to his desk, which was next to hers and sat down, pressing a button on his mouse to wake his computer up, as he typically didn’t bother shutting it down until Friday, so he usually booted it back up on Monday. However as today was the eighteenth of September, twenty-seventeen, it was indeed a Monday, and thus his computer did nothing. He frowned and then facepalmed as soon as he realised and said “You stupid idiot…” Before pressing the power switch on his computer which caused it to start booting up. As it did so, he took off his shirt and turned it the right way in, before turning it around and putting it back on. By the time he did this the computer had booted up and was at the secure login screen, he pressed ‘CTRL’, ‘ALT’ and ‘Delete’, which brought up the login box and he went ahead and logged in, typing his username and password as he disabled the welcome screen Windows 10 usually came with in favour of the old NT style login system.
      Neptune came back with a pint glass, filled with ice and vanilla coke, along with a thick straw poking out of it. In her other hand, she held a smaller glass, again filled with coke but it lacked the ice and lacked a straw. She also had the bottle of coke tucked under her arm, which was half full. She came over to Temaelrin’s desk and put the pint glass down on a drinks mat before putting the bottle of coke down next to it so that he could refill it when he needed to.
      “Thanks, Neppy.” Temaelrin said before admitting “I tried clicking my mouse to make the computer wake up… Again, before realising it was Monday.”
      Neptune giggled, “Silly Temie is silly.” She told him. “Mmhm.” Temaelrin said before taking his vape box and taking a strong hit out of it and exhaled it into the room, “I’ll wake up eventually.”
      “Eventually.” Neptune snickered as she went to her own desk and sat down. She took a sip of her own drink, before putting it down on her own drinks mat.