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Blackberry Falls Extra Information

It is the modern day, and the place this roleplay finds itself in is Blackberry Falls, a city situated on a large island that is perhaps a little larger than the United Kingdom. This fair, bountiful land is split between two separate countries; Ashaea, and the United Federation of Families which has settled in on the island in recent years. The Capital cities, Blackberry Falls and Xantall’ar, sit on opposite ends of the island, separated by other, smaller cities and a wide expanse of forest that dominates the island. The cities have settled on the southern end of the island, and just to their north is a large cliff that runs from one side of the country to the other. Beyond the cliffs is the rest of the island, dotted here and there with towns and villages. The river that spills down the cliffside splits into two large rivers, with one headed towards Blackberry Falls and the other heading into UFF country, so that both reap the benefits of the strange water.

For the moment, the relationship between the two countries is an uneasy peace. They mostly stay out of each other’s business, although there is limited trade between the two. Between the borders of the two countries is a de-militarised zone, that prevents either side from being able to send any kind of military into the other country. This has helped maintain the delicate truce that the two countries share.

Blackberry Falls is a large, modern city, filled with large skyscrapers, which displays the wealth and development of this human metropolis. One of the things that Blackberry Falls is famous for is its BlackBerries, due to their high quality and abundant Blackberry harvests. There is something in the water of the island that causes the BlackBerry bushes to grow far larger than normal, and the berries to be the most delicious in the world. It also helps the inhabitants of the island stay healthy and helps them live longer.

The time of Blackberry Falls is the early 21st century, and despite the violent economic climate, Blackberry has fared extremely well. This is largely in part thanks to the trade that Ashaea has had with the UFF and their major corporation, Keza Corp. Ashaea has their own corporation, EDAN Industries, that has filled Blackberry Falls with technology that suppasses any that other human countries, although it is a few steps behind what Keza Corp has been able to produce, because the UFF tends to keep their own technology to themselves. With the combination of the trade with the UFF, their own self-sustaining ways and EDAN Industries, Ashaea has remained prosperous while other economies have faltered. 

For humans, Blackberry Falls has turned into a technology empire, and there are thousands of jobs available for the citizens to apply for. They are also in the lead for the latest medical technology for humans, and it is home to one of the most state of the art human hospital, Blackberry General Hospital. The UFF is home for the most advanced technology in the world, and they actually have the most advanced hospital in the world, Keza Corp Hospital, however due to their restricted borders and lack of interest in sharing what Keza Corp produce, their technology (medical or otherwise) is not available to those in Blackberry Falls. Even if it was available, the UFF is made up of species that have a different biology to humans, Neko’s and other species, so the technology would not even be of any use.

As with any city with a large population, crime does still exist and there is even a Black Market there. However, Blackberry Falls keep their prison population low by only putting the most violent offenders in the state-run prison. This keeps the most violent people off of the street, while leaving in peace those who do something as benign as smoking weed in their own home. 

Blackberry Falls is a place where people come and seek their fortunes. Everything about the city is something that most people can only dream of. However, like every city in the world, it has its poor, run-down areas where people live in poverty and where the crime rates are the highest on the entire island. For those who are unable to make the fortunes they dreamed of, this is where they usually end up. The city does all it can to improve the areas, however with the current rising house prices due to the demand, there is little they are able to do apart from support numerous charities that help out in the impoverished areas. 

One thing that the UFF and Ashaea do share in common is that both of them are quite strict when it comes to immigration and customs. The UFF is a lot more strict than Ashaea, with the chances of getting in if you’re a non-UFF species being only slightly higher than the chance of getting to the moon as an untrained Astronaut. Ashaea is less strict than the UFF, however they have similar restraints as Australia and New Zealand, especially when it comes to the importation of food which has the potential to destroy their agriculture and bring the economy to its knees. The currency that is used in Blackberry Falls, is the Blackberrian Dollar. It’s one of the most valuable human currencies on the planet, which speaks of their strong economy. 

Relevant links:

Here is a rough map to see what Blackberry island looks like:

[New map coming soon]

Notable Laws:

  • Ashaen Rights Charter
    • Freedom of Speech, expression, press and religion
    • Citizens have the right to carry firearms (As long as they are not a convicted felon. A concealed weapon requires a permit)
    • Citizens have the right to defend themselves
    • Right to privacy
    • The Right for a Fair Trial by Peers
      • Innocent until proven guilty by a Court of Law.
    • Property Rights, as well as Search and Seizure Rights
  • Drug laws:
    • Possession with Intent (To sell) for most Narcotics, is illegal.
    • Simple Possession of a Personal Amount is decriminalised, so someone in possession of a small amount of Meth will not be charged for it. 
      • It is illegal for someone under the influence of any narcotic drug (With exception to Nicotine) to be operating a vehicle, or heavy machinery.
      • A crime committed while under the influence of narcotic drugs (With exception to Nicotine) will have additional charges such as "Committing a Misdemeanor/Felony while Under the Influence".
        • Just because it's legal to consume drugs does not negate any responsibilities from the individual.
    • Cannabis is Legal to possess in any quantity and it is also legal to grow at home for personal use. 
      • The selling of Cannabis, along with Alcohol and Tobacco requires a license.
      • The age in which it is legal to purchase Alcohol, Tobacco and Cannabis is 18. 
        • It is illegal to supply either of the three to minors.
  • Prostitution is legal, under the following guidelines:
    • You do not solicit minors under the age of consent (16)
    • Within a fully legal and licensed brothel.
      • Brothels have a duty of care for their prostitute staff such as medical screenings, contraceptives and security.
    • It is legal to prostitute in your own home.
    • If a prostitute is out on the streets, they can only solicit between the hours of 10PM and 6AM.
  • Citizens are responsible for their actions, even under the influence of drugs
  • Age of consent is 16 years of age.
  • Obviously, things such as murder, rape, fraud, etc, are illegal. So characters will be sought after by the Police if these crimes are committed, and the Police alerted to. Otherwise, the Police are very active in the communities and other places and have a very good relationship with the other civilians.

List of things in city:

  • Thorndown University.
  • Mercury High School.
  • Saint Arc High School.
  • Shopping Centre [ Several ] Main: Blackberry Falls Shopping centre.
  • The Blackberry Farm.
  • The waterfalls named Blackberry Falls due to its close proximity to the Blackberry Farm, just on the city edge.
  • Lots of cinema's for entertainment among other daytime entertainment.
  • Housing [ Large, rented, privately owned ]
  • Blackberry Park [ A large park with kids area as well as a large empty glass field. In the middle of the park is a large woodland area where people can walk through. ]
  • Job Centre.
  • Supermarket, Walmart (ASDA)/Tesco, as well as smaller convenience shops.
  • Blackberry General Hospital.
  • Blackberry Falls Police Station.
  • Blackberry Falls Fire department.
  • Mental Health Clinic
  • Blackberry Primary School.
  • Blackberry Secondary School.
  • Blackberry Sixth Form College.
  • Petrol Stations.
  • Bus/Coach Station.
  • Nearby Blackberry Falls Airport.
  • Nearby Blackberry Falls port.
  • Dock for cargo etc.
  • Military presence: Small Navy port, small airstrip with one fighter jet, a Helipad with a fighter helicopter and a small barracks for ground troops.
  • Office Blocks.
  • Doctor surgeries.
  • Various Religious Buildings.
  • Pubs.
  • Entertainment buildings e.g. Clubs/bars/arcades/laser quest etc.
  • Warehouses for storage.
  • Yards for Road Works etc.
  • Golf Course.
  • Farms (Other)
  • Banks.
  • Shops [Of all kinds] In and out of the Shopping centre. Especially in the City Centre of Blackberry Falls
  • Restaurants.
  • Fitness centres [ Gym and Swimming Pool etc etc ]
  • City Hall.
  • Power Plants [Nuclear and Wind Farms. Their reliance on fossil fuels is quite low.]
  • Courthouses.
  • Jail.
  • Rehabilitation Centre.
  • Museums.
  • Business Buildings [ For All Types ]
  • Lorry depot.
  • Post Office/Sorting centre.
  • Car Parks.
  • Car Wash.
  • Animal Shelter.
  • Blackberry Falls City zoo, which have a wide range of animals.
  • UFF - United Families Federation (Extra Info done by Wolfie)
  • Keza Corp HQ
  • Keza Corp Hospital
  • Keza'maraki Nightclubs (In Blackberry Falls)

This is only a brief list of what can be found. For most of these places, what they are is quite obvious, although when I do eventually create a map for it, I might label some of the places on it. Some of the places will get a bit of a description here; however, some of the much larger places will have their own Extra Information, which will be linked below as it would be far too much information to contain to this single extra information. Despite being in their own extra information they are linked to Blackberry Falls, but may have their own limits in place. As the extra information is approved before it is added to this list, then the limits must be observed to be able to roleplay in Blackberry Falls. 

List of related Extra Information: 

  • United Federation of Families
  • Keza Corp
  • Keza Corp: Housing Estate Agents (Blackberry Falls and UFF)
  • Keza Corp: Champagne Studio’s and The Crimson Moon
  • Keza Corp Metal Nightclub (KCMN) (???)
  • Promiscuous Palace
  • The Eldyrannth
  • The Neko Resistance
  • Thorndown University Brief Prospectus
  • High School Information Pamphlet
  • The Pegasus News Corporation
  • Naughty Cow Dairy

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Major places of note

Blackberry Falls Shopping Centre and the City Centre

For shopping, the place to go in Blackberry Falls is the City Centre. In the very centre of the city are several long streets that are dedicated to commercial buildings, and host shops from all over the world. It is the centre of shopping in Ashea, as you can find just about any product in the world here, from small trinkets to the latest in electrical technology. In the midst of all of this is the Blackberry Falls Shopping Centre, an extremely large building that sees hundreds of thousands of customers per day. It has over a thousand shops, and has become as much of a tourist attraction as any other location in Blackberry Falls. Along with the thousands of shops, it has numerous areas where people can rest and relax, do activities, or simply observe large waterfalls and other attractions. Security can be seen as tight, but with such a concentration of expensive shops, it does attract certain criminal attention, so they try and keep on top of it while making sure not to impose on anyone just there to shop for the day. 

The Blackberry Farm

The Blackberry Farm is one of the island's largest tourist attractions. A large farm filled with huge Blackberry bushes, it sits beside the river that runs near the demilitarised zone. Workers at the farm harvest the plentiful berries before they are sent on to supermarkets and other companies, so that they can be made into other products, such as the pies and jams that the island is so famous for. Visitors to the Farm are usually given a tour of the facility and the fields so that they can observe the blackberries for themselves, and see just how large they are compared to usual blackberries. They are also welcome to taste the berries before being offered to purchase some of the berries straight from the source. They would also take advance orders that would allow them to set aside part of the next harvest for those who want the berries just hours after they have been picked. Growing alongside the blackberries, are several types of grapes that give rise to three types of wine; a Red, White and a Champagne. All three of them are quite expensive, as they do not produce much of it, and each type has a small part of the blackberry fruit juice added to them to give them an extra taste. This has been done for dozens of years, and is a jealously guarded secret of the family that own the farm. The fields are several square miles in size, and sit close to the Blackberry waterfall. The waterfall is often depicted in images in regards to the farm due to how large and prominent it is, which has made it iconic in the fame of Blackberry Falls.

Blackberry Park

This part is located near the Blackberry Falls City Centre, which situates it in a heavy traffic area. For those who are tired of shopping, the park is open for them to enter and enjoy the scenery. The park itself is 4km2. In the centre of the park is a lake where visitors are able to view the water fowl there, and ride upon boats in the water. The park also has several areas, with most of the areas being heavily forested, as well as one large open field. In one of the forested areas is a children’s playground that is themed as a small forest city, with tree houses and numerous climbing equipment. 

The army of maintenance workers have strived to keep the park as natural as possible, thus there aren’t too many buildings or activities apart from bridges, the children’s park, entrance buildings, benches and bins. Even with these human additions, they have strived to keep the natural theme. They pick up any litter that they come across, and a person can face a heavy fine for littering in the park. Some visitors have noted that sometimes, when deep inside of the park, they forget that they are in the middle of a city, and when they see the huge skyscrapers rising from behind the trees, they become momentarily confused. This is the perfect place for a lover of nature to come and escape the bustle of the city.

Blackberry General Hospital

For most species in the world, the Blackberry General Hospital has some of the most advanced medical technology that money can buy, although they fall quite short of the Keza Corp Hospital standards. It is a large compound located deep within the city, that consists of several buildings. The Hospital has a very high standard of cleanliness, and will ensure that everything is clean so that patients don’t suffer from the effects of a dirty hospital. They have a standard level of care that is free for citizens to take advantage of however the medical care is not the same standard as those who have insurance. Those who pay from their own pocket or through an insurance company can get the top quality of care, that ensures that they always have a room to themselves and nurses on call. For those receiving the free treatment, they will usually be in shared wards unless theirs is a specific circumstance. The treatment, while free for citizens to use, is not strictly free. It is paid for by grants from the government, as well as advertising from corporations, so there will be things like sponsored vending machines in some areas of the hospital, or advertisement panels. 

Blackberry Falls Airport, and Port

The Blackberry Airport is located by the coast, several miles away from the Capital City. The Port is close by, and is in fact owned and ran by the same company as the airport. The airport has two landing strips, with two terminals where passengers load and unload from the planes. The staff there try and keep waiting times to a minimum, as the more passengers they can process, the faster they can load them on the planes, and the more planes they can have coming in and out. As such, while they have their usual checks, they do not have any invasive checks such as stripping people down or touching them up while searching for weapons. If they do come across anyone that is extremely suspicious, then they are taken away for extra questioning or escorted away by the Police. 

From the airport, it is possible to view the sea port that is nearby. Not only is it used for civilian passengers, but the port also acts as a means for exports and imports are traded. As such, the port is extensive, with much of the room taken up by storage of cargo containers which are either loaded onto ships to leave the country, or loaded onto lorries to be taken elsewhere in the country. On the passenger side of things, the port sees a number of pleasure ships from small sailboats to huge cruise liners, as they stop off on their path. 

Blackberry Falls City Zoo

The Blackberry Falls City Zoo is the largest zoo in the country of Ashea, and is situated close to the outer-rim of the city centre. It has extensive grounds, and has a wide range of exotic animals from all over the world. They are heavily invested in various breeding programs so they have very rare animals such as Rhinos, Elephants, various sub-species of Tigers, and Leopards among others. The zoo puts a lot of funding into providing an educational experience for their guests, teaching them about the animals and informing them of the current condition of the species. They do not do it in a preachy, emotional way. Instead they rely on giving actual facts to give a more realistic impression of the situation which, more often than not, is worse than what it is perceived. The zoo is a very popular attraction, especially for schools and tourists. This zoo is well known globally for the wide range of animals that they have, as well as their dedication towards preserving numerous species, including ones that aren’t as cute and fluffy as pandas. 

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Notable NPCs of Blackberry Falls

In and around Blackberry Falls, there are some notable NPCs that characters may reference, or even end up interacting with. This list may expand, over time, so it is a good idea to keep an eye on it. These particular NPCs are mainly roleplayed by the Game Master, @Neptune or the local RP Admin, @Temaelrin. These NPCs can also be referenced by other characters, without permission unless you reference them out of character (As in, doing something they normally wouldn't do)

Ashaean President


Position: President of Ashaea
Name: Franklin Churchill
Date of Birth: 6th June 1947
Age: 70
Species: Human (UFF Designation: Tau'ri)
Height: 6'6"
Weight: 96.5kg
Nationality: Ashaean
Information: Franklin is a direct descendant of Sir Winston Leonard Spencer-Churchill. His father, Michael (Born 13th November 1911), was one of the founders of the Country of Ashaea after the Second World War. Michael had been the leader of the Military group that escorted the UFF citizens to this unclaimed land, and set up a Military Base for the British during the War against Nazi Germany, along with soldiers stationed there from America, Canada and France. After the War, the Military Base slowly began changing as more and more people were born and/or immigrated to the country, and the civilian population far outnumbered the military population. The independant spirit of the American, and British civilians were quite strong, and eventually in 1950 they succeeded in declaring Ashaea an independent country under a democratic rule of a President, in a similar manner to the United States of America. Franklin is the current President, elected in 2016, for a term that lasts for six years. He plans a re-run in 2022 to get back into Office. Franklin is quite a determined gentlemen, and takes his job extremely seriously. He always puts his people first, and does not easily bow to outside pressures if it means harm to the people he was voted to represent. He is almost a blend of American-freedom loving, and the British stiff-upper lip, having quite a strong independant spirit and a rather sharp wit. He's actually quite friendly, and quite approachable, and treats everyone equally no matter their race, gender or orientation. He is a firm believer in meritocracy, and is a hardcore constitutionalist. Like his father, Franklin served in the military, joining when he was 18 and serving up until he was a General at the age of 40. He retired, along with several medals for his service, and has since been in the career of politics as he wants to continue serving his country as he is quite patriotic.

Blackberry Falls Mayor


Position: Blackberry Falls Mayor
Name: Claire Connor
Date of Birth: 23rd March 1988
Age: 29
Species: Human (UFF Designation: Tau'ri)
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 51.8kg
Nationality: Ashaean
Information: Claire is a career politician, and has been all of her life. Ever since she was a little girl, she had wanted to become the President of Ashaea and is hoping to become renown enough to take that title for herself one day. She started small time, going for small positions. Due to the fact that her policy is rather similar to Franklin, putting the People first, she has quickly become quite popular and it has helped further her career. In the 2016 election, she ran against another politician by the name of Will Finkleton who was quite corrupt, and was trying to use underhanded tactics in order to bring Claire down. However she remained resilient, and fiercely fought against him in the election, winning the hearts and minds of the people of Blackberry Falls and was voted into office. She aims to try and do her best, for the city of Blackberry Falls.

Chief of Police


Position: Chief of Police for Blackberry Falls Police Department (BFPD)
Name: William Coldstone
Date of Birth: 30th July 1978
Age: 39
Species: Human (UFF Designation: Tau'ri)
Height: 6'4"
Weight: 82.9kg
Nationality: Ashaean
Information: William was born in 1978, in the city of Blackberry Falls itself. He grew up on its streets, and was educated within its schools. At the age of 18, he entered the military and served there until the age of 25. He then left the military and took up a career in Law Enforcement, starting out as a lowly patrolman. He worked his way up the ranks and now serves as the Chief of Police for the BFPD. He's quite a calm, collected person that can keep his cool in stressful situations. He's quite analytical, and quite observant, noticing even the smallest of things. He's quite friendly and approachable, and despite the fact that he's at the very top of the pecking order, he likes to go out himself and spend time patrolling the streets and doing the work of those that work beneath him. He's a good listener, and will listen to the concerns of the people and those that work for him. He does not, however, take bribes or allow himself to engage in corruptive behaviour. 

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      Name: Shez Takishita
      Age: 29
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      Species: Black Kitsune
      Origin/Nationality: Japan
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      Height:  5'8"
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      Eye Colour: Blue
      Hair Colour: Black
      Physical Description: His long, pitch black tail is very warm and soft to the touch, almost like a heater. His ears are softer than velvet, partially because he likes to keep himself as clean and kempt as possible. He normally wears street clothes and a puffy parka-type jacket (He likes his warmth). His hair is clean, wild, and soft to the touch (Possible softer than his ears and tail!). He wears an eye patch on his right eye, due to an injury he received in the car crash that killed his parents. He can still see, but he has a large scar around his eye that he doesn't like to show openly.
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      Weaknesses: Public crowds.
      Ambitions (Hopes/Dreams): To get over his shyness and become a professional singer, but he's to shy to share his voice with anyone.
      Hobbies and Interests: Art, singing, long showers
      Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
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      Sensitivity:  On a scale of 1-10: 5
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      Father: Haru Takishita (Deceased)
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      House: A fairly nice house by a gym
      Car: 2007 Ford Explorer
      Pet: None
      Awards/Commendations: 1st place in the 2016 Art show
      Criminal Record: None
      Bio: When his parents were killed in a car crash, he was adopted by his grandparents. He lived there until he graduated from college, moving to Blackberry Falls for a new start. He started expressing what he couldn't say in his art, beautiful pieces of work. He's always had a phenomenal voice when it comes to singing, but he doesn't feel comfortable letting it out in front of people. Instead, he makes up for wasted time in art shows, and art competitions.
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      Character Identity Information
      Name: Rayvenne
      Date of birth: 6th June 1094AD 
      Gender: Female
      Religion: None. She is of the opinion that the God’s abandoned her long ago.
      Species: Human.
      Origin: She originates from a small village on the other side of the Dynz Desert in the lost Kingdom of Craethiel.
      Nationality: She has no nationality. Nor does she feel any loyalty to any particular country.
      Occupation: Monster Hunter and free-lancer.
      Physical Appearance
      Height: 5ft 1
      Weight: 100lbs
      Eye Colour: Black
      Hair Colour: Black
      Physical Description: Rayvenne is a small human female, with the toned and fit body of a fighter. Despite being so small (Average height when she originally born), her body is in proportion with itself with long, toned legs, curvy thighs, C-cup breasts, flat toned stomach and slender arms. She has long black hair that reaches down to her arse, straight and usually loose or tied in a low ponytail with a length of leather. She has black, glittering eyes which are slightly angled with full, thick eyelashes. The bridge of her nose curves slightly, giving her nose a slight flick. Sitting below her nose is a set of full lips. Her chin is small and she has a slender jawline.
      Her outfit is purely functional and not designed to be in anyway fashionable. Generally, the clothes that she wears is black in colour due to its stealth capabilities. She wears a skin tight t-shirt however hidden beneath it she has special armoured plates designed to protect her from injury. These plates are designed and produced by Keza Corp and are comparable to human military-level kevlar bullet-proof jackets. However it’s smaller and is much more easily hidden by the cloth of her T-shirt. Over that, she wears a tight black leather full-arm jacket that stops at her belt, showing off her hourglass figure quite easily. It has pockets on the side, as well as on the chest which are sealed with zips. She has a thick belt, with a back ouch attacked which is usually filled with spare ammo and other such objects. On her right hip she has a gun holster that usually has a gun present in it. On her other hip she usually has a sharp dagger that looks quite well worn. On her back, she usually has a silver plated sword. Her legs are covered by tight leather trousers which has more of the special plating hidden underneath to protect her legs from injury. On her feet she has heavy New Rock style boots that have steel caps.
      There is something that she will very, very rarely talking about, let alone let anyone see. However there is a small device that is embedded into her chest, between her breasts. It is diamond in shape, made from an unknown but smooth black material. In the centre of it, is a small crystal that is white in colour, which occasionally pulses. On each of the straight edges of the strange device, a claw emerges from it, digging into her flesh with a strong grip that will not relent. 
      Personality, Traits and Abilities
      General Overview: When you first meet Rayvenne, she is extremely withdrawn, and private. She will not easily offer information about herself, especially her past. She does not have many friends, and she will not easily allow someone to call her their friend. She always prefers to work alone, not accepting help or advice from others easily. While she might listen to them, she might not take their advice on board. She keeps information about herself zealously guarded, and thus it is a sign of great trust if she shares personal information about herself. Likewise, she will never ask someone anything personal, unless they trust her just as much as she would be trusting them. She will also very rarely attend public events, even if she is specifically invited. She loathes being around so many people and she hates having to be polite about it, too. She would much rather go off and do her own thing. Due to the fact that she has problems with trusting others, she is very evasive. She doesn’t tend to let her opinions known, even when asked, she doesn’t tend to show her true emotions, she avoids questions especially if they are personal in nature, and she doesn’t tend to hold a conversation with people. She is quite anti-social, in that she completely rejects existing authority figures. She feels that society is not worth her efforts to become a part of it, and only concerns herself with her own self and those close to her. She is also rather disdainful of tradition and societal rules. 
      When someone is able to get past her rather tough exterior personality, she is very honest with others. She will never tell a lie, as she knows that lies will always be found out eventually. She finds lying to be a pointless waste of time. She might hide the entire truth, but she would never lie. In tie with that, she is very honourable. She has a strong sense of personal honour. While she does not play by the rules of society, she plays by her own rules. She would never exploit someone, harm someone or take something that isn’t hers. She will always defend the weak and she will always own up to her mistakes. She also has a strong sense of Justice, and won’t stand by and watch as someone is being violated in some manner (Like mugged, raped, robbed, etc.). She is a patient person, never rushing to complete a task and taking her own time with it. She will wait for hours on end, without talking or moving, until the correct time occurs. This ties in very well with her occupation, which can involve a lot of waiting around. This is partly due to how disciplined she is. She keeps her emotions firmly in check, to the point where no one can easily tell what she is feeling at any given point. When she sets herself a task, she does not waver easily from it. She also always strives to improve her skills, to make herself better and stronger. She does not easily cave into others, as she is remarkably strong-willed. Despite her anti-social behaviour, and unwillingness to be very open, she is rather perceptive when it comes to others and she can often make connections that others miss. Although she usually keeps such observations to herself, unless it’s needed. She can quickly assess a problem and come up with a solution for it on the fly.
      With those that don’t know her very well, she can be seen as very callous. She will say things in a very honest, blunt manner without thinking about the feelings that she would be hurting thus when dealing with people she is very tactless. She does not show her emotions to others easily, and she does not trust easily so she would never communicate her emotions. As such, she will never cry at a funeral, or express remorse for killing someone especially through defense. She relies solely on herself, and does not ask of anything from others or accept help. She often tries to keep people at arms reach, to prevent getting close to them but sometimes persistence does pay off with her. She is very reluctant to impart information, especially about herself. She is also reluctant about imparting her feelings and thoughts. She is deeply cynical, and does not easily trust the words, or even actions, of others. As such, she will always provide evidence to a claim that she makes. She is never surprised when she sees people committing atrocities. She always expects others to break their promises or backstab her in some way. She also expects people to try and take advantage of her in some way thus she is very suspicious of people. Sometimes she will think that someone being nice to her, has a hidden agenda. She will not commit to anything unless she knows all of the details. She will usually be very pessimistic, and usually focusing on the negative in things, and expecting the worst possible outcome. While people would find this irritating, such thinking has saved her life before as she always plans for the worst outcome. She is very alert, always looking for changes and danger, so that she can come up of means to deal with the situation.
      Rayvenne is very adventurous. She does not stay in one location for long, unless she has a long term mission to complete. She often travels from one end of the world to the other. She takes a lot of risks, especially where her occupation is concerned. If she remains in one place for too long, she becomes bored and gets the itch to move on. Thus it’s possible for people to not see her for years. She is quite confident, and always treats everyone around her equally. She doesn’t pay much attention to the opinions of others in regards to her, whether that be positive or negative. She meets challenges head on, and doesn’t back down easily. This ties in with her being courageous, and thus not backing down from danger or situations where her very life is at risk. When doing a task, she can become very focused and will not stray very easily. It’s almost impossible to divert her from what has her attention. She will strive to figure things out and to learn more. With her emotional control, she usually has a very clear, level head in various situations including new ones. Rayvenne is quite resourceful, and is able to adapt to new situations and making do with what she has been given. She’s not very wasteful; if she can make use of it, she will keep it. 
      Strengths, Skills and Abilities:
      Due to the artefact that has fused with her, Rayvenne has been granted numerous abilities and enhancements. These ensure that she is able to keep her ground with the numerous monsters that she encounters.
      Enhanced Eyesight: Her eyesight is far more powerful than that of an average human. This allows her to be able to see further, and to see details that other humans would miss such as imperfections in a surface. She also has good night vision, which allows for her to be able to navigate around in the dark with ease.  Enhanced Smell: Again, her sense of smell is enhanced far greater than that of a human, almost wolf-like. This allows her to track targets through scent alone, even several days after they have passed through. This means that she can smell things that might not even be there, such as blood and other such fluids. She can also smell when someone is sick, injured, pregnant, or even fertile. Enhanced Hearing: She has a much more advanced hearing than a human’s. She can hear tones that are both higher and lower than the human hearing range. She can also hear things from a distance away from her as well as things that are so quiet they go unnoticed by humans. This allows for her to be able to track targets easily, and keep an eye on her own sound-print and prevent herself from being loud enough to alert her enemies to her presence. Enhanced Touch: Rayvenne has a lot more sensitive sense of touch than a human. She can feel the imperfections in an otherwise smooth looking surface, like fractures in metal. She is hypersensitive to both hot and cold, and can accurately tell the temperature of something by touching it. Her enhanced sense of touch also means that she is very sensitive to the touch of others, which is one reason she doesn’t like being touched. She is more sensitive to both pain, and pleasure.  Enhanced Taste: She has a sense of taste that is superior to that of a human. Even bland foods can be tasteful to her, allowing her to be able to eat food that nutritionally good, but too bland for other humans to enjoy eating. She can also taste things that others cannot, such as foreign substances and even poisons.  Enhanced Stamina: Her stamina is much more than that of an average human, allowing her to be able to continue moving and being active for much longer before she is in need of a rest. She can run all day long with only breaks to eat. She can even remain awake for a few days before she is in dire need of sleep.  Enhanced Speed: Rayvenne has speed that far outstrips a human’s, on par with some supernatural creatures such as werewolves and vampires. This allows her to surprise her opponents and to strike before they have a chance to counter-attack. Along with her extreme stamina, she can easily out-run many opponents.  Enhanced Reflexes: While it can take humans a few seconds to react to a situation, Rayvenne will react in a fraction of the time, allowing her to respond to danger much faster and to get into the fighting frame of mind to defend herself. This has saved her life many times, and has also allowed her to escape without severe injury.  Enhanced Endurance: Despite her sensitivity to things such as heat, cold and pain, she has a remarkable endurance when it comes to them. Often time, an injury that would cripple a human, would be almost nothing to her. She can remain in environments that humans would find uncomfortable, such as a desert or arctic region, without severe effects although there is still a limit to her endurance.  Increased Strength: She is stronger than the average human male, allowing her to move objects that humans could not. This also allows her to be able to block attacks that would otherwise cause her to stumble. It also helps in the resistance to injury, as she can tense the muscle to prevent the injury from being worse than it could be. She can also jump higher and further than an average human, allowing her to take routes where humans would be unable to follow her. Accelerated Healing: Rayvenne is able to recover from injuries much faster than a human would, and is able to recover from wounds that would otherwise kill a human. For example, small cuts will be gone overnight, whereas a broken bone will take a week to repair itself, instead of several weeks. Not only does she have a high endurance for pain, but the artefact forces her body to release pain-killing hormones when she is injured, accounting for some of her endurance towards it. She is also resistant to disease, toxins, and poisons. She isn’t immune to everything, but she can resist most things, including STDs. Her immune system is artificially boosted through the artefact, which creates its own cells that fight against such things. They attack all foreign bodies within her body. They are also used in the healing process, helping to speed up the separation of natural cells, and helping to stitch a wound close. If she is very close to death, the artefact begins to expand and encompass her entire body to put her into a protective cocoon while it heals her body. Once she has been healed, the artefact returns to normal.  Extended Life Span: Thus far, Rayvenne has almost reached the age of a thousand and she has yet to physically age. This is due to the fact that the artefact has greatly extended her Life Span, and preventing her body was shutting down through overuse. She is unsure as to how much her life has been expanded by but it appears as if it is quite expanded. Combat: Rayvenne has had many years of combat experience. She is most skilled with swords, and it is her preferred way of fighting, although she is quite skilled with a gun. Due to her increase speed and strength, she can hit a lot faster than a human, and can move her weapons a lot faster, making her more than a match for some of the most seasoned human swordsmen. Her vision also makes the use of guns far easier for her, and makes her accuracy far beyond what a human is able to accomplish. For a battle that she knows is coming, she always plans ahead, and always plans for the worst. If a battle comes on suddenly, she is able to think quickly on her feet to come up with a plan to overcome her opponents. Her enhancements make her a tough opponent to fight against as her stamina and endurance will allow her to outlast many opponents. She usually has one silver sword strapped to her back, a gun on her right hip, and a dagger on her left hip.
      Magic: Due to the time that she spent with a witch, she has learnt a few rudimentary spells. None of them are particularly powerful, however they do give her an edge in a fight. She knows a simple fire spell, that allows her to summon forth small fires, as well as a force spell that allows her to push things away from her.
      Alchemy: She has some skill with alchemy, and is able to produce various potions for healing, increased stamina, increased strength, increased speed and an energy boosting potion that can revive someone from even the worst battle weariness. These potions are not fit for human consumption.
      Survival Skills: Rayvenne knows how to take care of herself out in the Wilderness. She knows how to quickly make a camp, find water and produce food for herself. Rayvenne know many medical herbs, and has a decent knowledge of edible plants. She can defend herself against most dangers, so she has no real problems when travelling about. 
      Despite the advantages that the artefact grants Rayvenne, there are downsides to the artefact and the changes it has made to her.
      Enhanced Eyesight: Despite how enhanced her eyesight is, there is still a limit to its range. She also cannot see through objects, so targets can hide themselves behind cover to escape her gaze. With how sensitive her eyesight is, a sudden bright source of light would rend her temporarily blind, which can cause temporary disorientation. Several seconds in which someone can take advantage and strike. Enhanced Smell: Due to how sensitive her sense of smell is, she can not only smell things she wants, but also things she really doesn’t want to such as the stench of death, disease and filth. Sometimes she finds these smells overwhelming and can sometimes cause her to become sick. Enhanced Hearing: Loud noises can impair her hearing and make her temporarily deaf. Due to the fact that she has a hearing range beyond that of a human, she can hear sounds that they cannot and come of them, especially the high pitched ones, cause her a distressing headache.  Enhanced Touch: If someone is able to breach her pain barrier, she is very susceptible to pain as well as pleasure. Both of which can be used against her, especially pleasure as she does not have the same tolerance towards it as she does pain.  Enhanced Taste: Rayvenne doesn’t like unpleasant tastes, and will often vomit if she encounters it. An unpleasant enough, or strong enough, taste can cover up the taste of anything like poisons, meaning that she would not taste the poison and thus be vulnerable to its effects.  Enhanced Stamina: If she runs all day, she will need a good night’s sleep to recover from such a run. If she continues doing this for a prolonged period of time, it will take her a little longer to recover each time until it comes to the point where she would need several days to recover. If she remains awake for several days, then it’s not unheard of for her to sleep for an entire day. Enhanced Speed: Her speed can be slowed down in numerous ways, such as fighting on uneven, or marshy ground. Wounds in the correct places would also slow her down and leave her vulnerable to attack. Tiredness can also be another factor in slowing her down. Enhanced Reflexes: Like with the speed, there are numerous ways to slow down her reflexes. Wounds and tiredness are the easiest ways to slow her down and leave her vulnerable to attack.  Enhanced Endurance: Her endurance does have its limits, and she can still suffer from the effects of being exposed to the environment, if it is harsh enough or she is exposed for too long. This can leave her in a weakened state. Increased Strength: Tiredness can have an effect on her strength, as she does not have the energy to be able to keep up with her strength. This also affects her speed and jumping distance.  Accelerated Healing: As her healing needs for her to be at peak health, if she is weakened, in ill-health or malnourished, then her healing will slow down. A serious wound can take a while to heal, leaving her in a vulnerable state. Even though she is resistant to disease, she can still become ill to something serious that could still kill her. Also, even though she is resistant to poisons and toxins, she can still be affected if a large enough dose is administered.  Extended Life Span: Even though she has lived for almost a thousand years, or so, she is convinced that if she lives for too long, she will go insane. Combat: She can fall prey to someone with superior fighting skills, who uses magic or abilities that far outstrip her own. She will not give in easily, though, and will continue to fight even if heavily injured. She is also vulnerable to long range attacks such as guns, which not even her speed and reflexes would allow her to dodge.
      Magic: Her simple spells take up energy which can be draining after a while. If she does not have the energy, she cannot use her magic.
      Alchemy: If she lacks the ingredients needed, she cannot make anything. Her potions only have a limited use rate, and she can only carry a few on her at all time.
      Ambitions (Hopes/Dreams): Currently she doesn’t have any real dreams to aim towards. She is content moving about to move about Craethiel and earn her money through the slaying of monsters.
      Hobbies and Interests: Rayvenne spends most of her time travelling about the world. She doesn’t remain still long enough to really pick up a hobby. Her only interest in life is her work, and travelling to see new sights and to see new places due to her adventurous nature. She will happily talk about the finer points of swordsmanship, and she does like to read on new subjects. She always enjoys having something new in which to read. 
      Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual.
      Personal Sexual Information
      Turn ons:
      Making love with someone she has a deep emotional bond with. Giving her lover pleasure and making them feel good. Having rough sex which is intended to relieve urges from both partners. Being close to her love; being touched often. No strings attached sex where neither she, nor her partner expect anything to result form their union.  Turn offs: 
      Scat, Necrophilia, water sports, Gore and Vore. Being degraded and humiliated. Her partners being violent. Penis Length: N/A
      Breast Size: C-cup
      Sensitivity: Due to the artefact that has fused itself with her, she is very sensitive to the touch, and very sensitive to pleasure.
      Additional Sexual Information: It is very hard to get the trust from Rayvenne in order to be in a relationship with her, she will have NSA sex with people. Also, due to the artefact, she cannot have children as it has made her sterile. 
      STD History: Clean.
      Extra Information
      Father: Unknown
      Mother: Unknown
      Siblings: Unknown
      Grandparents: Unknown
      House: She does not own a home. She travels far too frequently to settle down anywhere or to make the effort of having a home. She only stays in a place long enough to do contracts before she is moving on again.
      Car: None. She tends to rent them due to the fact that she moves about the world so much.
      Pet: A Familiar Raven, called Raeghan. He used to be a familiar to a witch Rayvenne once knew. When the witch died, Raeghan decided to remain with Rayvenne. He is slightly larger than a normal raven, and his eyes are a blood red in colour. He is as intelligent as a human, and is even able to speak. He’s a good philosopher and he likes to read literature. He likes to debates a vast array of subjects, including morals and ethics. He often likes to take a devil’s advocate position in debates to make a conversation interesting. 
      Additional information: None, for the moment.
      Awards/Commendations: None.
      Criminal Record: Clean.
      Medical Record: She has lost her first child in a miscarriage. 
      Bio: Rayvenne was born into a small, poor village, called Vennerr. It is located beyond the Dynz Desert, and consists of primitive wooden houses surrounded by fields of crops. Rayvenne didn’t know who her father was. At the beginning there was only her mother and even then she doesn’t remember much of her, other then the sound of her voice singing a soft lullaby. However, her mother died while she was very young, leaving her as an orphan. The village made sure that she was fed, clothed, and allowed her to use their barn as somewhere to sleep. In return, they also expected her to watch their cows, to prevent them from straying. It was not a hard job, and it allowed Rayvenne plenty of time to pretend that she was some great warrior in a distant land. When she was seven, one of the villagers decided to take her into their home. He allowed her to sleep in her own room, made sure that she was fed and clean. He expected her to help him with his little scientific experiments. But otherwise, he left her alone. He rarely talked to her, if at all and he never showed her any form of affection. Sometimes he would use her to test his experiments, which sometimes resulted in her being hurt or sick. But she was stubborn, and continued to live there as it was certainly more interesting than watching cows.
      As she grew older, and began to mature, she began to notice the men in the village. In particular, she saw a handsome young man called Beag. She wanted to attract him, so that she could marry him and bare him a lot of children. However her position of being a poor orphan did not grant her a very high position on the social hierarchy and thus he never saw her as a potential wife. She tried as best as she could to attract his attention, even going so far as to allow him to use her for sex. But he was still not interested. She had no inheritance, and thus was nothing more than someone for him to get his urges out. It was not long until she discovered that she was pregnant with his child. Thinking that it would get Beag’s attention, she informed him that she was carrying his child. She expected him to promise her hand in marriage, however that was not what happened. He called her a number of names that boiled down to her being a slut and whore. He did not believe that he was the father of her child and tossed her out onto the street where everyone could hear them. Humiliated and shamed, she retreated back to the old man that had taken her in and cried for days. There was no way she could get rid of the child, as they lacked safe techniques to abort a pregnancy. She and her child were doomed to the lives of paupers.
      There was a lot of talk around the village about her, mainly rumours and some indignation that she had tried to trick Beag into marriage. People would glare at her in passing, and some would outwardly spit at her. Thus she spent most of her time inside, where her caretaker was playing with a strange triangular artefact that he had bought off of a travelling trader. One day, he approached her and asked her to help him with an experiment. Knowing that she couldn’t really refuse as she needed his kindness, she agreed. He got her to lie down on a table and open up the front of her dress. He then put the artefact down onto her skin, causing it to latch into her skin. Immediately she was assaulted by intense pain all over her body which caused her to scream out. Her caretaker tied her down to the table, gagging her to quieten her screams as this pain continued on for six days, and six nights and she was aware of each passing moment. When the pain finally died away, she collapsed and slipped into unconsciousness. When she woke up, she found herself in her own bed. She noticed immediately, that things were different. Her senses had been enhanced, and the world looked slightly different around her. Getting up, she sought her caretaker who seemed delighted that she had woken up. He did a number of tests, muttering to himself as he did so. But then he retreated to his lab again and poured over his work, leaving her to her own devices. Rayvenne discovered numerous things about that strange artefact. For one thing, she could heal faster, and she was a lot stronger than she used to be. Thinking that these new abilities would allow her to help her villagers and hopefully Beag’s attention, she began to help around the village. However the villagers grew scared of her strength and prowess. So scared that one day, they decided to gather and ambush her, with Beag leading the charge. They caught her by surprise, violently beating her up and screaming at her that she was sent by the devil and that she was demonic scum.
      She broke free of them, fleeing the village with them in pursuit although they fell back after a time. But the damage had already been done. She had been chased out of her childhood home and, despite the faster healing she now had, she had also lost the baby. She grieved for days, trying to remove the artefact, however nothing she did was working. It could not be removed. This caused her even more anger and grief. She was forced to continue living with it on and any attempts to end her life were stalled as well. Sometimes she would encounter other villages, and hoped that they would take her in and allow her to live there, but every time her abilities showed themselves they would chase her out with curses and screams. Her mind reeling with grief and pain, she began to travel blindly, stumbling into the Dynz Desert. She hoped that the extreme environment that few could cross, would allow her to meet some kind of end. But that didn’t happen. The artefact forced her to continue living as she moved across the blistering expanse of the desert. Time meant little to her. The days came and passed, and she only slept every so often. She passed the barrier into the Kingdom of Craethiel without knowing it. Finally, near the edge of the desert she collapsed, thinking that she was close to death. However, it was not to be. The artefact enclosed her within a protective cocoon and began to heal her body.
      When she emerged, she was unsure how much time had passed but one thing she was immediately aware of was that she was no longer in the desert. She was in some kind of home that was filled with many plants, and pots of strange bubbling liquids. Feeling confused, she tried to figure out where she was but she did not recognise anything around her. There was no visible way that she could leave this room, either. She was trapped here. So she explored every inch of the room that she was in, but could find nothing to aid her escape. Just as she was considering punching a hole through the wall, a wall of ivy suddenly shifted and a small figure came into the room.
      Rayvenne demanded to know who she was, and where she was, when the woman grinned toothily at her, “My name is Maede. I’m a witch.” Was all the introduction she was given. The witch proceeded to feed her, and began talking up a storm about how she had found a strange cocoon in the desert and had brought it back. She mentioned that she had heard about the artefact before, but she didn’t know its name. The most she knew about it, was that it was some kind of way for a distant King to have a strong army but for one reason or another he was unable to use it in large scale. But one thing she told Rayvenne, was that it could not be removed from its host, meaning that Rayvenne was resigned to keeping it. She would have to adjust to a new kind of life. Maede offered to give her some teaching in the arts of magic and alchemy which Rayvenne decided to take up. Maede also gave her new clothes to replace the tattered rags of her previous dress.
      Rayvenne stayed for some time, getting to know Maede and her familiar, Raeghan. During that time, she had also found swords that Maede had hidden away as she no longer needed them. The witch told Rayvenne that she could keep them if she wished as she had no need for them. And thus Rayvenne began to train in the use of these swords, with Raeghan telling her how to use them as he seemed to know how to. He claimed to have watched numerous Master Swordsmen, and thus was able to pass down the methods onto Rayvenne. She wasn’t going to complain; he was good teacher that gave praise and criticism where it’s needed. It was also during this time that Rayvenne learnt how to read, as no one in her village could do so. She loved reading, and read her way through Maede’s entire library with had subjects ranging from the seasons to the monsters that inhabit the world. She was fascinated, and she began to realise what she wanted to do. She wanted to travel the land and earn her money by slaying monsters. 
      Time passed quickly for Rayvenne, and she remained with Maede until she was roughly sixty-six years old. Then disaster struck as the witches home was attacked by some group of bandits. They destroyed the small home, and succeeded in killing Maede. Rayvenne tried to defend the only friend she had ever had in her life, but the wounds Maede had suffered were too much to heal. Enraged, she slew the attackers and dumped their bodies in a hole in the ground. She returned back to the home and buried Maede and left a grave in respect for her former friend and teacher. She then gathered up as many supplies as she could and took one of the horses that the bandits had left behind. Raeghan, now without his mistress, decided to tag along. 
      Rayvenne headed deeper into Craethiel, taking odd jobs in various villages and towns, ridding them of various monsters. She began to garner a reputation as a strong warrior, and was often met with a mixture of fear and awe from people. Not many people wanted to make friends with her, and she hated the way they either cowered away from her, or fawned at her feet. She continued to move about the Kingdom, slaying beasts and monsters from all over, including taking some contracts for the human King himself to deal with monsters that troubled his people. 
      When she was eighty, she encountered a Duke within the Castle at Selil. He spoke in a charming manner, and didn’t seem to treat her with the same distance as others. She found herself quickly becoming friends with him, and would do some extra jobs for him. This went on for a few years, until she began to notice some rather disturbing things. Sometimes the ‘bandits’ that she was asked to get rid of, were small communities that lived in tents. There were children there, as well as some farm animals. They never looked like raiders. At first, she tried to deny it, but as she began looking deeper into the situation, she found that he was using her to get rid of human settlers so that he could utilise the land for his own selfish gains. She felt very cruelly tricked, and confronted the man in front of the King, resulting in the Duke getting arrested. Afterwards, she had some assassins that were sent after her, but she managed to keep them off of her tail until they eventually stopped. She vowed to never let someone take advantage of her like that again, and was always wary and suspicious of those that seemed to be friendly towards her. Her reputation in the Craethiel continued to develop, marking her as a cold, aloof, but strong person that should not be crossed.
      While the events that happened in Craethiel can’t be spoken about at length (On account of not yet been roleplayed) Rayvenne was involved in world-changing events that occurred as she met up with the survivors of Vorserend and participated in the Battle of Devlyn’s Keep. But afterwards, she continued her work much in the same way, but kept in contact with Talivana and her family. She then began to travel the world, going from one corner to the next to be hired for her services to eradicate problem monsters and pests. As the world grew more modern, the need for her services have become less so she has done other odd-jobs and hired herself out as a mercenary. She has watched the world grow from medieval times into the technology era. 
      In the year of twenty-ten before the defences of the Promiscuous Palace were properly in place, she stumbled upon Diomedes tracking rumours of strange monsters hidden within the Palace. Since then she has become his friend, and he has hired her numerous times to do jobs for him and to act as his representative within the UFF and Ashaea, as Talivana granted her not only visitor visas to the UFF as she refused citizenship, but also permission to go to the Palace to visit Diomedes. 
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      Non-Playable Characters
      This thread has several purposes. The first of which, is to inform you of how Blackberry Falls deals with NPCs, and even Featured NPCs. While NPCs are often random figures such as a woman at a reception desk of some office building, a Featured NPC is an individual that is owned by a Roleplayer but isn't a fully formed character. This individual serves the purpose of driving a roleplay forward and for helping in the development of our characters, thus they are roleplayed only in specific circumstances. These featured NPCs, depending on how the owner wishes for it to be, can either be generally roleplayed by all players or restricted to the owner.
      The first place that NPCs can be found are Lore threads, such as the Blackberry Falls one which has images of the Ashaean President, as well as the Mayor of Blackberry Falls. These are featured NPCs of the roleplay and are restricted to being controlled by the Game Master; Me. But these are figures that can be referenced by other characters, as well as spoken about.
      Another place to find featured NPCs would also be Locations, where these NPCs would be tied to the location, such as CEOs, or even the Dean in the case of schools, or simple clerks in a shop. Featured NPCs can also be tied to a character within their ID.
      However this thread is for NPCs that don't fall into any of these categories. At the moment, it's the only solution to keep them in one place since I currently cannot create a single album which allows everyone to post pictures in it. So post the images in the Extra Information Images, and post them up in this thread along with this simple template:
      Date of Birth: 
      Of course, you are free to add or change any of the fields if they are more suitable to your NPC.