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9 hours ago, Aura said:

Alez was completely unaware that the phone was tracking and scanning her body, even in her ethereal form. Normally, man-made cameras and other similar tools couldn't detect her in her ethereal form. however, it was quite possible that this phone had been modified to detect divine beings such as herself. She'd merely assumed it was nothing more than a typical mortal cell phone and had no reason to suspect anything further. Even if the camera was running, she'd only assume the images the camera could pick up on were those of the city beneath her as she flew over the buildings.

After a short while, Alez managed to find her way back to Mr. Enron's building. The sense of dread in her heart only grew as she could feel demonic presence in much greater numbers. Even more shockingly, she found not a single Celestial presence in the area. "Wh-what!?" She clenched her fists. After she'd gone out of her way to report her findings to Caelisia, her request for reinforcements had gone completely ignored!?

She took a moment to catch her breath to avoid reverting back to her human form. Perhaps there was an explanation for the lack of action on Caelisia's part. But this situation was dire. She quickly lowered herself onto a nearby building's rooftop and crouched down with her hands held together in front of her chest. "Oh, Mother Caelisia. Please, please help me with this. I know you told me not to interfere, but I'm being left with no choice. I have no idea what's happening in there, but every second I waste I fear I'm endangering more innocent lives. Please forgive me and I hope that you would hold true to your word and send reinforcements to aid me." 

 With that prayer behind her, Alez could feel Caelisia's Blade materializing within her hand. It was a weapon that only members of Caelisia's troop could call in times of need. It was a blade that was incapable of causing any damage to mortals and would banish demons it comes in contact with to limbo for judgment. She'd only called the blade once before and that ended extremely poorly for her. She could only hope that this time would be different. With the blade in hand, she spread her wings and flew straight into the building toward Mr. Enron's office, completely oblivious to what horrors she was marching directly into.

*As it would turn out, Alez was not the only one heading to Mr Enron's office. Though she would not be able to phase through walls like Alez, since she was just flesh and bones really, Cassandra found herself in the backrooms of the building again. While she did spot someone flying the sky earlier, she had no idea it was the same person she had bought time for earlier by her intervention. While Cassandra did not know that the girl she had helped earlier was coming back into the building, she was not actually there to help her out. In fact, Cassandra was here for a completely different reason. She was here to investigate more into Mr Enron and most likely deal with him in a most violent fashion. She had gotten enough intel off the various demons she had dispatched on her way here to have a good understanding of what Mr Enron was doing. It seemed that her earlier hypothesis that the DSS system was being handed out like candy by some central agency was not accurate. In fact, when she interrogated the demons she had encountered after beating the stuffing out of them, the intel they gave her suggested that perhaps another scenario was being played out...a scenario she was all too familiar with. From the admissions made by the demons she had beaten...and then proceeded to dispatch, these demons were being promised this planet as a new domain by a higher power. This was different from her original guess that humans in this world had discovered the DSS and tried to use it to gain power over one another. Unfortunately, no demon would reveal what higher power they were serving...being uncharacteristically afraid to mention them...even with death hanging over their heads. Needless to say, this worried Cassandra a fair bit. A threat that even cowed demons into blubbering messes. While she could think of quite a few things that might do just that, there were actually only a few beings or powers that would be able to take technology such as the DSS, which was not from this world or even perhaps time and then transplant it here.*

I suppose you are under the impression that They Whom Represent Despair are here. echoed Helheim's voice in Cassandra's mind. It seems quite likely that they are here, this kind of activity is truly indicative of them. 

"How many times does that make it now?" Cassandra asked Helheim rhetorically, as they both knew that answer to that. "Truly, they are persistent evils." 

Persistence has nothing to do with that. You know as well as I do that they will exist and continue to do so for as long as sapients...

"Don't remind me, please." Cassandra replied to Helheim quietly. As she made her way through the backrooms of the building, trying to keep out of the sight of the cameras, she noticed that there were no signs of any security guards here. It was a bit odd, given that Mr Enron was quite wealthy and not very well liked though feared. One would think that one such as Mr Enron would employ night watchmen here. Something was definitely wrong here and it wasn't just the fact that she could feel the presence of demons in the building. She could feel a small number of weak demons nearby, which didn't worry her. What worried her was that there was something else where those demons were and it certainly didn't feel...right.

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Location: Blackberry Falls North Metro Police Department. 11:45 PM.

It is late enough. Things should be winding down by now.

The streets were awash with rivers of rainwater. If only it was an outdoors job. Rain mixed well with the night time, made it much easier to infiltrate locations. Instead she'd be venturing indoors. Unfortunately the target location was a police department. They weren't easy. Impossible? Perhaps, if one was looking to avoid casualties or alert. However she was gifted, not in the sense that she was more talented but instead in the sense that she had an actual gift.

At least I remembered the raincoat.

She had been sitting atop a building adjacent to the rear of the police department for what had to be at least four hours now. Even she had become just a little restless, but then it was also for very good reasons. Security cameras had to be monitored and timed. The same went for patrols, or at least those that she had eyes on. She also needed to make certain that the whole thing wasn't a trap which, thankfully in this case, it didn't seem to be. Above all she needed a plan. She'd never broken into this building, nor did she have access to the floor plans. That made it quite dangerous. If only she had some sort of hacker knowledge, or at least a friend with those skills. It would certainly help here.

Finally she stood from her position, taking just a brief moment to stretch herself out. She clicked a button upon her watch. A simple hop over the edge brought her to the street below. The rain also kept them mostly empty. That meant less potential witnesses. A brief glance around to check the camera's positions and she was off, bolting across the road and towards the thin cement wall which surrounded the facility.

Five. Four. Three.

Without slowing she passed right through the perimeter, continuing in her sprint towards the closest wall. The combination of darkness and rain would hide her from the nearby security booth protecting the back entrance. But she had to be careful of the cameras. They could probably still see well enough.

Two. One.

She slid to a knee behind a dumpster, drawing in quick breaths. Her timing was generally on point. The camera should have missed her. Now came the most difficult part of the whole operation: initial infiltration. She couldn't see through walls. Perhaps there was some device out there which might allow her to do so. In fact she was pretty sure there was. But she didn't have anything like that, nor could she afford such a thing unless she robbed a bank or something. It'd actually be easier for her to do that.

Maybe I'll look into it. But focus. Focus. Steady breaths. Lets go.

Keeping low Emi pressed herself against, into, and finally through the outer wall. Her head peaked in, darting around swiftly to check on her current location. A hallway. Or, rather, one end of a hallway. There was a camera located directly overhead. Thankfully her current position left her in a blind spot. On the other side of the hall was a trash bin.


The rest of her body followed through, feet planting carefully upon the white polished stone floor. She kept herself hunched against the corner and, very carefully, she removed her rain jacket. After bundling it in a ball she glanced back up to wait for the camera's position to be right and proper. A quick toss sent her jacket into the trash bin. Plastic bags were untied from around her shoes and also thrown into the bin. She didn't need to leave a wet trail behind her. If anything she could pick it all up on her way out and if nothing else it'd simply get tossed with the rest of the trash.

Left in her clean white infiltrator's outfit, still dry thankfully due to her careful preparations, Emi reached down to flip a switch upon a device located within her accessory belt. It was a very short range electronic scrambler. Very important for her operations. It didn't have much range: only a room or two at the most, but it'd static up a camera's feed while she passed through. As long as she moved swiftly and in unpredictable intervals then it'd most likely appear to be normal fuzz presenting itself within a briefly malfunctioning system. Not only would it protect her from anyone who might be watching security feeds but it'd show up that way on recordings too. Perfect for covering her tracks!

Next retrieved was a small dentist's mirror, the same sort used to look at people's teeth. It was perfect for her. Easily concealed, perfect for peeking around corners, and it hardly stood out! With back against the door she lifted the mirror up, pressing it barely over the edge of the door's glass corner. A larger room with more cameras. Plenty of desks. It wasn't very busy right now. Most people were kept occupied with their work. Multiple hiding spots. A cork board covered in papers. But most important were the multiple fire exit maps.

Alright! That'll help!

Timing was key. She made multiple sweeps with the little mirror. Half a minute passed. She couldn't stay too long, otherwise the camera would look suspicious. When she was ready she pressed herself back against the door, rolling quietly through the wood and behind the nearest desk. There was a fresh coffee atop it so she couldn't stay very long. Another careful roll brought her to a cleaner one, obviously packed up for the night. She tucked herself beneath the chair and caught her breath.

A hand ventured down to retrieve a small collapsible telescope. She used it for her recon but it'd help her here too. Instead of moving over to the wall she simply peeked through it to study one of the fire exit maps. It had everything she needed: rooms, room numbers, room names, exits, stairwells, even fire alarm placements! Did it have cameras? No. But she'd already neutralized that issue. Unfortunately it didn't leave her much time for studying, but then she didn't need it. Her target was marked clear as day.

Bingo. Easy access. North-east desk should do the trick.

After folding up the telescope Emi took a brief gander about with her mirror. Nobody had noticed a disturbance. They were all hard at work. She was proud of them. Here they were vigilantly protecting the city. It did make her feel a little bad, but she had a job to do and good reasons for doing it.

Another roll took her past one desk and against another. Swiftly she made her way forward, crouching low to the ground and occasionally even assisting herself with her fingertips. When she reached the target desk she drew in a breath and allowed herself to slip through the floor, falling right into the room below. She'd bypassed the break room, a hallway, a staircase, another hallway, and a smaller guarded hallway to reach her destination: the evidence locker.

Gotta make this quick. Case file 190-BCV. 190-BCV.

Swiftly she moved through the aisles in search of her target. Section 170. Section 180. Section 190. Column B. There it was: a sealed metal lock box. With a soft grunt she lifted it up, hauling it over to a nearby table. Once it was settled down she closed her eyes, focusing on what came next. It'd be difficult, painful if she failed, so she needed concentration. Thankfully she had plenty of quiet opportunity for just that.

Her hand slipped through the metal box, fingertips brushing along what lie within. She mapped it out. A thick folder and a few items held within plastic bags. Simple enough. Easier than lugging around a metal box. Now came the tricky part. With great focus she allowed her hand and only her hand to become material. After gripping the folder she reactivated the ethereal form, only now it included the folder. One quick tug and it was out of the box. Two more dips inside and she'd managed to confiscate everything within.

With seal and lock intact Emi returned the box to its original position, drawing in deeper breaths. Mixing which parts of her were material or not was still not something she'd mastered. This was good practice though. As she collected the evidence a glance was taken towards her surroundings.

I bet some of these have guns. Ammunition. I could use more. Should've checked the map for the armory. They probably have one in here though. Maybe next time. Or, I suppose, a gun store. Probably easier.

A quick search around brought her to a nearly identical map of the fire exits. This one had the 'you are here' location marked differently for obvious reasons. Otherwise it was spot on. Ultimately the easiest exit was also her entry point. Well, perhaps not the easiest. A powerful enough leap would send her right through the roof. But it was the safest route. If she left no witnesses to her crime then discovering who actually performed the job would be much more difficult. She hadn't been caught yet after all, nor did she plan on being caught now.

Thankfully the trip back was much simpler. A hop up within the closest desk. A couple of rolls over towards the door. A zip across the brief stretch of carpet towards the door. A carefully timed retrieval of her rain gear. A slip out behind the dumpster. Finally one swift dash through the outer perimeter wall. Boom. Once she was safely hidden behind a car she clicked the same button upon her watch that she'd clicked earlier.

Not bad. Quicker than I'd anticipated. But then I also got lucky.

A button on her belt was pressed, finally deactivating the scrambler. The rain gear was slid onto her body and the evidence tucked underneath as she stepped away, slipping from alley to alley. Normally she didn't take jobs with this little intel. It was simply too risky. One slip and her image would be captured. A good detective could work with that. It wouldn't be easy but it'd certainly venture into the realm of possibility. No, this was a rush job. There was very little in the way of pay. The nature of it also put her mood down.

I'm doing it for a good reason. Just got to remember that.

It took half an hour but she managed to reach the drop-off point. A dead drop. She took a look around to make certain that nobody was watching. Hidden behind a dumpster was a locked metal suitcase. She'd been given the combination. After opening it up she deposited the evidence, locked it up, and stored it right back where she'd found it. Then she simply turned and walked off. There was no looking into what it was, nor who it detailed. She didn't need to know anything about it, didn't even know who her exact employer was. All that was important to her was giving her parents some breathing room. They promised her that if she'd taken the job. Of course they knew she was good for it. Now it was simply a matter of seeing whether their word could be trusted.

Mission complete.

A cellphone was flipped out. She couldn't use it to call anyone but texting worked just fine. They'd made certain that it wouldn't be traced. After sending word that the package was delivered she snapped the phone in half and tossed each piece into separate dumpsters. No evidence would be left behind. She was, after all, a professional.

Time to go home and rest. I've still got school in the morning.

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      Personality, Traits and Abilities
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      Ifrit is constantly at war with herself. Being quite noticably insane in public at times and even more so alone, keeping control and understanding things is difficult. 
       Strengths, Skills and Abilities: Ifrit can change her breast size at will, as well as achieve minor flight through a combination of wing flapping and weak levitation.
      Ifrit is physically fit and extremely flexible, making it hard to break or strain her body. Despite her appearance she is also extremely durable and capable of taking a lot of punishment.
      She has enhanced senses, being a demon and all.
      Ifrit also has minor pyromancy, able to generate and throw fire. 
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      Ifrit is a very, very weak succubus. The amount of times she has had sex isn't much exceeding the bare minimum for her survival, so she is excessively weaker than most any other succubus.
      Ifrit, of course, has a very high libido and is easily aroused. On top of that her attention span is very short, so distracting her from pretty much anything is extremely easy.
      Ambitions(Hopes/Dreams): Ifrit doesn't think much about dreams, and her only real hope is that she stops being a succubus.
       Hobbies and Interests: Ifrit enjoys both writing and drawing, as well as participating in recreational sports.
      Personal Sexual Information (This whole part is optional)
      Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
      Turn ons: Biting is a massive turn on for Ifrit, both biting and being bitten is quick to arouse her. Scratching is also immensely hot to her, especially if it's rough.
      On the topic of biting, Ifrit has an extremely excessive love of blood. Drawing blood, mixing blood, cutting or being cut, licking blood, basically anything to do with it.
      The "upright straddle" is Ifrit's weak point as she is actually very fond of romantic affection. Hugging, kissing, that sort of thing, it all turns her on real fast.

      Turn offs: 
      Degradation, unless Ifrit is so aroused that she can barely move, smashes the off button with a hammer so hard that the hammer breaks as well. Ifrit likes to be superior or equal, not below.
      Scat is just... Ifrit doesn't like it.
      Penis Length: N/A
      Breast Size: A cup (unaltered)
      Sensitivity: Very sensitive
      Additional Sexual Information: Ifrit is very durable and hard to bring to an orgasm, despite her sensitivity. As with all succubi, Ifrit's tail is a living, throbbing erogenous zone of excessive moaning and fun times. Touching, stroking, licking, tugging, all of it is pleasure and, if pleasured enough, it is capable of ejaculation from the tip.
      STD History: Unable.
      Extra Information 
      House: A decently sized apartment.
      Additional information:
      Awards/Commendations: None.
      Criminal Record: None.
      Medical Record: Diagnosed with cyclothymia, psychosis.
      Bio: Ifrit was just... Born. She doesn't know where from, why, how, she was just born. Her childhood is essentially forgotten, and all she is aware of is the past one hundred and fifty years. Those years have been, to put it lightly, dull. Sex was getting boring to her mind, but her body kept at it. Her mind restricted sessions to the minimum she could handle, her body enjoyed it like a delicacy when it was allowed. Ifrit didn't like thinking about sex but yet her body loved having it, and she was beginning to question why and how she could be a succubus with these thoughts. Was it a mistake, a screw up? Was she really born it was she just made? Why and when did she get voices in her head? She was unsure about most, and sad about all. Contemplating existence was just one of the many things Ifrit did during her life; she also worked numerous jobs, traveled a bit, and then decided to settle in the most interesting place she had found: Blackberry Falls. She had no trouble getting in, even if she had been known as a succubus it wouldn't have changed much, besides maybe a "now don't go draining everybody's life energy" warning. 
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      By Neptune
      Character Identity Information
      Name: Kane Hunter
      Age: 25
      Date of Birth: 15th April, 1995
      Gender: Male.
      Religion: Atheist.
      Species: Human
      Origin: Blackberry Falls, Ashaea.
      Nationality: Ashaean. 
      Physical Appearance
      Height: 185.4cm (6.1”)
      Weight: 69.6kg (11st 6lbs)
      Eye Colour: Blue
      Hair Colour: Black
      Physical Description: Kane is taller than average for his species and gender but only by a couple of inches. He has a slender body build with very little fat on him due to only being able to eat enough to keep him alive. He does have a good amount of muscle on him, on his arms, chest and legs including a six pack in his stomach. He keeps his black hair at a medium length and rather messily styled as if he had just gotten out of bed. He has deep blue eyes that are set at a slight angle, with a well formed nose and well shaped lips. He has a slender jawline, that does give him a slightly feminine look although it would be hard to mistake him for a women. All it does is give him a pretty boy appearance. He tends to wear dark clothing, usually a dark pair of trousers or top. He has some relaxing clothes that he tends to wear in his room however he has clothes that he wears outside of his room, including around the base. A set of black combat trousers that fit well and held up with a worn black belt. He has a tight fitting T-shirt with a tactical vest on top of it. He wears heavy combat boots that are laced up tightly as well as fingerless gloves that give his hands some protection. On his belt he has a couple of pouches where he keeps things like wire cutters, wires, and pliers along with a gun holster for his pistol. He also has another pouch that is tied onto his left thigh where he also keeps supplies. On the lower half of his left leg he also has a small knife holster. Around his chest and back, is a holster where he keeps his short sword in which he uses in melee combat.
      Personality, Traits and Abilities
      General Overview: Kane is a rather quiet and introverted man who prefers his own company than that of others. He can find the presence of others trying, but he will put up with it if he has to but he will find any excuse to go off to be alone with his thoughts. He is a hard worker, and can happily involve himself in his work as it brings him a sense of peace. When he works, he tends to want to work alone but will happily work as part of a team. Despite being a part of The King’s raider gang, he isn’t as ruthless or nasty and does actually have a sense of empathy. However, in trying to keep himself in ‘disguise’ he will shoot people to kill, or rape someone. In his opinion, his life is far more important than that of a stranger and in this world, and he can’t afford to risk his own life for a stranger who might not even give him a seconds thought. That said, with the sex slaves that are kept by Tobias, he is considerate of them and is never rough unless they want him to be, or if he is drunk. He can also be the brooding, pensive type, given to bouts of silence as he becomes involved in his thoughts to the exclusion of all others. 
      Strengths, Skills and Abilities: 
      Marksman: He is good with a handheld weapon such as a pistol. While not the most skilled at shooting a gun, he is reasonably good and is able to hit his target most of the time.  Physical strength: While not as strong as most men in the gang, he still has a good amount of physical strength which he can use to his advantage in combat and moving objects around.  Electrical Engineering: Kane has qualifications in electrical engineering, thus he is able to build and repair electronics. He can also find good electronic scrap which he can use to his advantage. He is also quite good at using a computer which is why he is trusted with Tobias’s computer.  Basic first aid: While no medic by any stretch of the imagination, Kane knows some basic first aid that can home in useful.  Weaknesses:
      He is mortal, like most people in this wasteland. He can die from injury or disease, and is vulnerable to the N-virus.  Combat: While good with his sword, he isn't too good with hand to hand combat. He can fall prey to someone with better fighting skills and superior strength.  Ambitions (Hopes/Dreams): To one day escape The Kings and get to safety.
      Hobbies and Interests: Playing with electronics and building new toys with them. He also likes programming on the computer in his lab and playing any of the games in his selection. His work is his passion.
      Personal Sexual Information
      Sexual Orientation: Bisexual, with a preference for females.
      Turn ons:
      Unprotected sex. Being the one on top. He likes to dominate his partners.  If his partner is agreeable, then he likes to fuck rough and deep. He also likes tying his partner up and fucking them senseless.  Submissive partners, both male and female. Crossdressing male, especially if they are a trap. If female, he likes sexy clothing and has a weakness for thigh highs.  Turn offs: 
      Being dominated Being forced Being subjected to pain Gore, Vore, Scat and golden showers Penis Length: 10”
      Breast Size: N/A
      Sensitivity: Average
      Additional Sexual Information: He has a typical human like cock, which is quick thick especially around the base. He also has a reasonably quick recovery time. 
      STD History: Clean, thus far.
      Extra Information 
      Father: James Hunter (Deceased)
      Mother: Lillian Hunter (Deceased)
      Siblings: Olivia Hunter (Deceased)
      Children: Lily Hunter (Deceased)
      Pet: None
      Additional information: He smokes and tends to drink a lot. He also takes other drugs on occasion although nothing serious like heroin or meth.
      Awards/Commendations: Masters in Electrical Engineering.
      Criminal Record: Clean before the outbreak. After… well, it's a lawless land.
      Medical Record: Quite good. Not even been infected with the N-Virus. Diagnosed at the age of four with mild autism.
      Bio: Kane was born and raised in Blackberry Falls City in the suburbs. His father was a software engineer and his mother a lecturer at Thorndown University for English. As such he had a very easy childhood, with plenty of food and toys. He had a young sister, Olivia, who was a couple of years younger than he was. The two would sometimes fight, but they loved each other a lot and would always make up afterwards. From a young age, Kane was fascinated with electronics and would always pull things apart to look into them. This did cause him to get into trouble with his parents a lot, especially when he pulled things apart like their current family computer. One of Kane’s difficulties when growing up was that he was never good at being able to articulate himself. He couldn’t communicate properly with his family, and when they missed what he was trying to say, he would become frustrated and angry, often leading to a massive tantrum. His parents took him to a child doctor, who after examining him for a while, came to the conclusion that he was mildly autistic. This allowed them to help Kane to better speak for himself, and for his family to practice better patience and understanding with him which improved things tremendously at home.
      Kane started elementary school, but due to his introverted nature he didn’t make many friends and he was often picked on while at school. Not that he cared. He just bent his head down and did his work without giving them the attention that they were craving, even when they became physical. The few friends that he did have, didn’t like to see him bullied but Kane always shrugged it off. He genuinely didn’t care, and would openly call his bullies to their face, cowards and pathetic people. If they tried to get him into trouble for it, he would shrug and say that they were trying to intimidate him and he thought it was cowardly. Kane also told the teacher that she shouldn’t be bothering him with it since, if she had been doing her job properly in the first place, none of this would ever of happened. He had a bit of a nasty habit of telling people the truth even if it hurt. And it got him in trouble with the Principle, who was a lot more understanding than his teacher.
      After that incident, his bullies realised how fruitless it was to even bother bullying him and Kane was left alone to his own devices. He worked well through elementary and middle school, before moving onto Mercury High School. It was at this school that he was really able to start getting engrossed in his passion; Electrical Engineering. Before this point, he had been taught by his father about software engineering and computer programming, which he did on a regular basis on his computer at home. But at school he was able to take a dedicated course in electronics which he absolutely loved. He didn’t pay attention much to the sneaking of students to and from the Saint Arc High School, until one of his friends dragged him on such an adventure. It was on this incident that he first lost his virginity. He couldn’t remember her name, but he did remember that she had blonde hair and blue eyes and smelt like roses. His friend had encouraged him to let the girl fuck him, so he did. He had her over some boxes inside of a janitor's closet. It was unprotected as well, and he loved the feeling of the flesh on flesh contact. From that incident, he frequently went with his friends to fuck the girls from Saint Arc. He was also taught from this young age by his father how to handle and fire a gun, as his father felt that the more Kane knew about guns the less likely he was to injure himself or someone else with one.
      Once Kane finished high school at the age of eighteen, he immediately went on to Thorndown University to do a degree in Electrical Engineering, which ultimately finished when he was twenty one. He left University and immediately secured a job with a company that was designing and creating a new kind of solar panel that would be more efficient and far more durable and cheaper than current designs. It was at this company that he met a woman by the name of Jane Williams whom he immediately fell head over heels in love with. The feelings were mutual, and the two started dating and having sex. At the age of twenty two, Jane gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, Lily, whom Kane absolutely adored. His parents were thrilled that they had a Granddaughter, and lavished their love in her. Kane thought that everything was going perfectly, and he didn’t want anything to change.
      However, then the meteor struck. Like most people, he didn’t pay it much attention. He had watched the news report from his suburban home with his girlfriend. Other than thinking of it as mildly interesting, he didn’t really comment on it and neither did his girlfriend. But then the illness began to spread and Kane began to get mildly concerned. Then, all hell broke loose. As Kane was in Blackberry Falls City, he knew that the dock was the quickest route off of the island. He took his girlfriend and tried to get there, but the army hampered their progress, forcing them to take a longer route which frustrated and angered Kane. While he and his small family were waiting to get past a checkpoint, a horde of zombies attacked the entire group. His girlfriend, who had Lily on her lap, was torn screaming from the car and Kane was helpless to watch the two of them be torn apart and eaten by the mindless horde. He tried to use his gun to kill the attacking zombies, but he was too late. Jane and Lily were dead, and he was forced to flee back into the city. He spent several months trying to survive on his own, grieving for his lost family. He tried to visit his parents home, only to find the corpses of his parents and little sister, meaning that he had no family left in the world.
      It was then that Tobias stumbled upon him, along with a group of his raiders. Things were tense at first, but when Kane mentioned that he was an electrical engineer, Tobias offered him a place in his gang. In exchange for food, water and safety, Kane would take care of all of their electrical needs. As Kane was struggling to survive by himself, he agreed and was taken by the gang back to their base. He helped set up the electrical circuits, and the power generation plants that they had on site to power not only their spotlights, but their entertainment systems. He was also able to fix Tobias up a computer for him to use which got him a position of being a ‘special’. It wasn’t all fantastic for Kane, though. He hated Tobias’s demands and learnt very early on that to refuse Tobias meant pain. He usually kept out of the man's way and usually used sex slaves a means of putting a shield between himself and the leader of the raider gang so for the most part, he’s escaped that method of payment. But he hopes to be able to get out of this raider gang and to leave Ashaea for good.
    • Neptune
      By Neptune
      This is an image of Tobias King, the leader of The Kings. He is a ruthless dictator that rules with an iron fist.
    • Neptune
      By Neptune
      This image is a representation of part of The Kings main encampment in Kalath.

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